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Kill 1 of every enemy
100 Enemies
Kill 100 Enemies
5000 Enemies
Kill 5000 Enemies
1000 Enemies
Kill 1000 Enemies
I Like New Things
Try every weapon
Open Playing Field
Clear the map of obstacles
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Farm Fashion
Unlock all the hats
Combo Master
Gain a combo of 10x
Top Dog
Gain a score of 30000
Master Dodger
Gain a score of 10000 in 1HP mode
True Survivor
Survive for 10 minutes
Back From The Dead
Get back to full HP after having less than 10HP
Have 100 enemies on screen at the same time
Have 5 powerups active at the same time
The Unit
Have 160 max HP
Fire Against Ice
Kill a frozen enemy with fire
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal

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