Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Cheats


  • Blitzball Easy Win Bug

    Whenever you are playing Blitzball, and currently are winning (i.e. your score is higher than the other team's) just swim behind your own goalie. Stay there and everyone else on the field will go to the other side and swim in circles. Sometimes, a member of the opposite team will follow you. Just shake him loose (breaking through him is an easy way) and he too will just leave you alone. Stay there for the remainder of the game and you will win.

    Contributed By: Sweetoothtkc.

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  • Skip Djose Temple

    When you initially arrive at Djose Temple, you'll find Lucil riding a chocobo. You need to get in her way so as she approaches the temple; if done correctly, Tidus will glide to the area where a cutscene occurs. Skip Lucil's text box and you should be able to freely move during the cutscene. If you move toward the other road next to the one leading to the temple, you can skip Djose Temple: however, note that this will prevent you from getting Ixion and the treasures within the temple.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Additional Aeons

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AnimaSolve the Destruction Sphere-related puzzle in each of the main five Cloisters of Trials. Then go to the Baaj Temple.
    The Magus SistersObtain the Blossom Crown and Flower Scepter and then open the door at the back of Remium Temple.
    YojimboEnter the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth in the Calm Lands after getting the Airship

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Airship Passwords

    Late in the game, you will gain access to the airship. While selecting a location to go to, you can also opt to input a password, as below.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Allows you to reach Auron's Murasama katanaMURASAME
    Allows you to reach Rikku's Godhand Celestial WeaponGODHAND
    Allows you to reach Rikku's Victorious armorVICTORIOUS

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    12    11

  • Hidden Airship Locations

    When you gain control of the airship and can navigate to whichever location you desire, you are also given the choice to search for new locations manually. Below are those locations' approximate X and Y positions.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Baaj TempleX=11, Y=57
    Besaid FallsX=29, Y=73
    Mi'ihen RuinsX=33, Y=55
    Omega RuinsX=69, Y=33
    Sanubia SandsX=12, Y=41

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    13    8

Easter Eggs

  • Secret Farplane Scene

    After you get the Airship go back to Guadosalam. Follow Tromell up to the Farplane. Talk with Lulu to view the secret scene.

    Contributed By: GenmaNinja.

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  • Blitzball Easy Experience

    During a blitzball game go to one of the corners on the right side of the arena so that the other team's players leave you alone (also referred to as the easy win bug). While there pass to the player nearby and have them pass the ball repeatedly between each other. Each pass gives you 1 EXP which can rack up a lot of experience by half-time already.

    Contributed By: omega memo.

    4    2

  • Defeating Evrae Atlana easily

    When you fight Evrae Atlana underwater in Bevelle, simply use some Phoenix Downs on her and she should die quickly. If you don't have any Phoenix Downs, X-Potions and Elixers work wonders against her as well.

    Contributed By: Majestic_Arts.

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  • Get Yojimbo at a reduced price

    To acquire Yojimbo at the lowest possible price, do the following - When he asks you why you wish to have him join you, select the 3rd option "To defeat the most powerful of enemies". His initial demand will be 250,000. Offer him 125,001. He will counter with 225,000. Offer him 112,501. He will counter with 202,500. Offer him 141,751. He will give his final offer of 190,350. You can now acquire him at 190,350 or offer him 571,050 to get him and 2 Teleport Spheres.

    Contributed By: SpirasDeadlySin.

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Enemy/Boss Tips

  • Easily defeat Defender X

    Use Provoke on him. As long as you don't switch out the character who used Provoke (this includes by summoning), Defender X will only attack them and no one else, and only with Blast Punch, which cannot kill you, making it impossible to lose.

    Contributed By: Riverstone30gm.

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Secret Items

  • Overdrive: Energy Blast for Valefor

    Valefor also has a second Overdirve that you can acquire once Yuna join the party. Return to Besaid and speak to the little girl with a dog standing next to the temple, and you'll receive an item that gives Valefor the Overdrive Energy Blast. If the little girl isn't near the temple, then look for her inside the item shop. Energy Blast inflicts greater damage at the cost of a higher recovery time.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster Cheats


  • Colosseum Cups

    Speak to Shinra on the airship to enter in the fiend arena and enter yourself in a colosseum cup

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Aeon CupRequires capturing and training a specific succession of demonic creatures.
    Almighty Shinra Cup (temporarily replaces Fiend World Cup)Complete Omega Weapon's Fiend Tale.
    Cactuar CupAfter beating Grand Cup: Hard thrice (3 times), beating it once again (while defeating the Cactuar team).
    Chocobo CupAfter beating Grand Cup: Hard once, beat it once again (while defeating the Chocobo team).
    Farplane CupBeat every other tournament once (not including Almighty Shinra Cup)
    Fiend World CupRequires capturing and training a specific succession of demonic creatures.
    Grand CupBeat Standard Cup: Hard, once
    Grand Cup: HardBeat Grand Cup, thrice (3 times).
    Standard Cup: HardBeat Standard Cup, thrice (3 times).
    Youth League TournamentBeat Grand Cup: Hard, 6 times.

    Contributed By: Tsuruke.

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  • Endings

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Ending #1 ("Bad")Take too long during the final boss sequence
    Ending #2 ("Normal")Hear no whistles in the Farplane during Chapter 3, and complete the game with any level of completion
    Ending #3 ("Sad")Get four whistles in the Farplane during Chapter 3 AND have a file completion of under 75%
    Ending #4 ("Happy")Get four whistles in the Farplane during Chapter 3 AND have a file completion of 75% or higher, but not 100%
    Ending #5 ("True")Get four whistles in the Farplane during Chapter 3 AND have a file completion of 100%

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    2    4

  • New Game+

    By beating the game, you will unlock a New Game+ feature so that you can start the game again using myriad features from your game-clearing file - these include items, Dresspheres, Garment Grids, accessories, Gil, progress towards learning abilities, Creature Create progress, and file completion percentage, mostly importantly.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    2    3

  • Unlocking the Aeon Cup

    To unlock the Aeon cup, you must complete the Fiend Tales for the monsters listed in this section. Capture them, get them five levels' worth of EXP, then release them in the Creature History menu to complete their Fiend Tales. Upon release, they evolve into aeons. Once all of these monsters have been attended to, the Aeon cup will be available.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Chapter 1-4 (Besaid Island)Large trap pod - Flame Dragon (Ifrit)
    Chapter 2 (Moonflow, Bevelle, Calm Lands)Small trap pod - Flan Blanco (Shiva)
    Chapter 3-5 (Mi'ihen Highroad, Zanarkand Ruins)Small trap pod - Mycotoxin (Valefor)
    Chapter 5 - after clearing at least Cloister level 20 (Bevelle)Large trap pod - Aranea (Anima)
    Chapter 5 - after clearing Thunder Plains (Thunder Plains)Large trap pod - Machina Striker (Ixion)
    Chapter 5 (Bevelle)Medium trap pod - Critical Bug (Yojimbo)
    Chapter 5 (Bevelle)Large trap pod - Azi Dahaka (Bahamut)
    Chapter 5 (Bikanael Desert - after completing mission)Large trap pod - Jumbo Cactuar (Magus Sisters)

    Contributed By: Tsuruke.

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