Additional Art and AnimationMike Cronin
Additional Art and AnimationMatt Lind
Additional Art and AnimationSean McMenemy
Additional Art and AnimationKurt Mitchell
Additional Art and AnimationDan Owen
Additional Art and Animation / Level Construction / Scene Scripting / Lip Sync / Technical SupportGus Peterson
Additional Level Design / Additional Art / Animation / Level ConstructionRobb Schoenbacher
Additional Level Design / Backgrounds / Movie Production / Scene Scripting / Lip SyncChip Sineni
Additional Level Design / Backgrounds / Movie Production Lead / Scene Scripting / Lip SyncDave Pindara
Additional VoicesBrian Babendererde
Additional VoicesKeith Beu
Additional VoicesCathi Court
Additional VoicesRoger Dubbs
Additional VoicesTerry Kaney
Additional VoicesAlisa Kober
Additional VoicesTonya Lyle
Additional VoicesGrace McCutcheon
Additional VoicesBarbara McCutcheon
Additional VoicesMarcie O'Donnell
Additional VoicesMarty O'Donnell
Additional VoicesGus Peterson
Additional VoicesDave Pindara
Additional VoicesJarod Pranno
Additional VoicesKatie Salvatori
Additional VoicesMike Salvatori
Additional VoicesRebecca Salvatori
Additional VoicesTerry Schmidbauer
Additional VoicesRobb Schoenbacher
Additional VoicesChip Sineni
Additional VoicesKye Wan Sung
Additional VoicesKathy Tootelian
Additional VoicesJim Weisz
Additional VoicesStan Xidas
Additional Voices (German)Frank Baloch
Additional Voices (German)Massoud Baygan
Additional Voices (German)Patricia Bellantuono
Additional Voices (German)Bettina Blum
Additional Voices (German)Claus Boysen
Additional Voices (German)Reginald Dehoff
Additional Voices (German)Torsten Eikmeier
Additional Voices (German)Susanne von Grumbkow
Additional Voices (German)Uwe von Grumbkow
Additional Voices (German)Christopher Heisler
Additional Voices (German)Peter Martin Jacob
Additional Voices (German)Ralf Kellen
Additional Voices (German)Stephan Kronenberger
Additional Voices (German)Gila von Leienbach
Additional Voices (German)Susanne Meo
Additional Voices (German)Edith Mutha
Additional Voices (German)Gerhard Piske
Additional Voices (German)Friederike Poschel
Additional Voices (German)Jan Prohl
Additional Voices (German)Jean-Michel Raber
Additional Voices (German)Wolfgang Rositzka
Additional Voices (German)Bianca Schafer
Additional Voices (German)Monika Margret Steger
Additional Voices (German)Beatrix Teffner
Additional Voices (German)Tim Timmermann
Additional Voices (German)Gernot Wassmann
Additional Voices (German)Alexander Weigold
Additional Voices (German)Christopher Weigold
Additional Voices (German)Lutz Wessel
Additional Voices (German)Susanne Windisch
Additional Voices (German)Michael Witt
Additional Voices (German)Daniela Zahl
Art & AnimationKeith Beu
Art & AnimationTonya Lyle
Art & AnimationIvan Moy
Art & AnimationMary Kay Omelina
Art & AnimationDave Pindara
Art & AnimationJarod Pranno
Art & AnimationTerry Schmidbauer
Art & AnimationChip Sineni
Art & AnimationKye Wan Sung
Art & AnimationKathy Tootelian
Art Production DirectorAlisa Kober
Backgrounds / Movie Production / Scene Scripting / Lip SyncTerry Schmidbauer
Character ArtMary Kay Omelina
Character Art / Scene Scripting / Lip SyncTonya Lyle
Character Art / Scene Scripting / Lip SyncIvan Moy
Character Art /Animation / Scene Scripting / Lip SyncAlisa Kober
Character Design / Concept Sketches / Story Boards / Additional Level Design / Character ArtJarod Pranno
Character Design / Concept Sketches / Story Boards / Backgrounds / Interface Visual Design LeadKathy Tootelian
Character Design / Concept Sketches / Story Boards / Character Art / Movie ProductionKeith Beu
Character Design / Concept Sketches / Story Boards / Character Art / Movie ProductionKye Wan Sung
Character Design / Concept Sketches / Story Boards / Combat System DesignBrian Babendererde
Combat System Design / Architecture Lead / TerrabuilderRoger Dubbs
Engine PrototypeJoe Hellesen
Engine PrototypeMark Manyen
Game Designer / Original Concept / Story / Script / Level Design / Additional Art / AnimationBrian Babendererde
Game Engine / Effects / Animation ToolsJim Weisz
Game Scripting / LogicAnthony Loquercio
Game Scripting / LogicDave Pindara
Level ConstructionDave Casso
Localization Assistant [Topware Interactive]Mariella Schutz
Localization Assistant [Topware Interactive]Claudia Walter
Movie ProductionKathy Tootelian
Original Concept / Game Scripting / LogicAlisa Kober
ProducerCathi Court
Programming/TechnologyRoger Dubbs
Programming/TechnologyBruce Dubbs
Programming/TechnologyJim Weisz
Scene Scripting / Lip SyncKeith Beu
Scene Scripting / Lip SyncJarod Pranno
Scene Scripting / Lip SyncRobb Schoenbacher
Scene Scripting / Lip SyncKye Wan Sung
Scene Scripting / Lip Sync / Game Scripting / LogicBrian Babendererde
Sound Design/Music CompositionMartin O'Donnell
Sound Design/Music CompositionMichael Salvatori
Sound Engine and ToolsBruce Dubbs
Special Effects / Enemy Logic / EndBossesJarod Pranno
Studio Director [Topware Interactive]Patricia Bellantuono
Studio Director [Topware Interactive]Frank Heukemes
Studio Technician [Tonstudio Mannheim]Alexander Theodossiadis
Studio Technician [Topware Interactive]Matthias Kahlmann
Studio Technician [Topware Interactive]Markus Kamin
Studio Technician [Topware Interactive]Michael Witt
TerrabuilderAnthony Loquercio
TerrabuilderGus Peterson
TerrabuilderRobb Schoenbacher
Translation [Topware Interactive]Armin Claus
Translation [Topware Interactive]Mario Nowak
Translation [Topware Interactive]Ulrich Smidt
Voice Actor - AlisaAmanda Philipson
Voice Actor - AraymTom Ciappa
Voice Actor - AspertineTim Dadabo
Voice Actor - AzzizDon Stroup
Voice Actor - BalcaamNorm Woodel
Voice Actor - CampbellTom McElroy
Voice Actor - ConnorDave Kappas
Voice Actor - CorganTony Mockus Jr.
Voice Actor - DoskiasPete Stacker
Voice Actor - GrubbHoward Friedland
Voice Actor - GunnarSteve Downes
Voice Actor - KalebJason Court
Voice Actor - LaylaRengin Altay
Voice Actor - LedEmmy Blume
Voice Actor - LoboJeff Lupetin
Voice Actor - MayaKaren Anglin
Voice Actor - SelinaJill Shellabarger
Voice Actor - ToriMarcella Mencotti
Voice Actor - UncleRuss Reed
Voice Actor - VariousHarlan Hogan
Voice Actor - VariousLarry Moran
Voice Actor - VariousBob O'Donnell
Voice Actor - VariousMichal O'Donnell
Voice: Araym (German)Massoud Baygan
Voice: Corgan (German)Peter Martin Jacob
Voice: Doskias (German)Torsten Eikmeier
Voice: Grubb (German)Jan Prohl
Voice: Led (German)Sandra Jong-Ries
Voice: Lobo (German)Gernot Wassmann
Voice: Maya (German)Bettina Blum
Voice: Selina (German)Gila von Leienbach
Voice: Tori (German)Andreas Tangl


Data and credits for this game contributed by Black Rabite, BGoldTLE, ZeroXXoreZ, oliist, and misschu.

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