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    A Harsh MistressColonize a Barren world
    A Shining PlanetColonize a Paradise world
    After EarthWin as Humanity
    All Must ServeCapture a Slave
    An Impressive FleetBuild 200 vessels in one match
    Before the Ancient ThroneWin as the Ashdar Imperials
    Better to be Feared Than LovedDefeat a revolt
    Come With Me if You Want to LiveAssimilate a refugee population
    ConquerorSuccessfully invade a planet
    Cool, I Have My Own TerminatorBuild a Super-Dreadnought
    Cure For Star HarpiesWin a space monster engagement
    Delving Greedily and DeepBuild 6 Mines on one planet
    Die, Slaver Scum!Defeat a Marauder base
    DisharmonyDe-Harmonize colonists
    Don’t Buy Guns; Hire MenHire a mercenary
    Don’t Need no Stinkin’ UndoWin a game with Undo disabled on Normal difficulty or higher
    Door to HeavenBuild an Ancient Stargate
    Drive the Enemy Before YouWin as the Yoral Khaganate
    Enemy of My EnemyWin an Allied Victory
    ExplorerDiscover 98 star systems in one playthrough
    FarmvilleBuild 6 Farms on one planet
    FascinatingEarn a Science Stations bonus
    Foundation of a New EmpireWin as the Ashdar Colonials
    Free To Be You and MeLiberate an enslaved population
    GalaxianWin a game on a map with more than 80 stars
    HardcoreWin a game on Hard difficulty or higher
    Harder Better Faster StrongerRefit a vessel
    HarmonyHarmonize colonists
    HeraldryMeet the Herald
    I Call That EffectiveDestroy 100 enemy vessels in one match
    I Feel Something Terrible Has HappenedDestroy a planet with a Stellar Surge Cannon
    If You Kill Enough of Them, They Stop FightingEliminate a Major Faction
    Imperial PardonAs the Gremak, convince a Marauder company to join your empire
    Information SingularityResearch every standard technology in a single match
    Interstellar CantinaHave a planet with colonists of 8 different races
    IronicWin a Conquest Victory as the Phidi
    Liberty Must be EarnedLiberate a Pirate-guarded world
    Market PenetrationSign 6 different Trade Charters in one playthrough as the Phidi
    MenagerieAs the Gremak, perform Experiments on slaves of 6 different races
    MetropolisBuild 6 Factories on one planet
    No Kill Like OverkillBuild 6 Dread Stars in one match
    No More Worlds to ConquerWin a Conquest Victory
    Nothing PersonalEnslave one of your own race’s population
    Now That’s What I Call an InternetSign 6 different Research Agreements in one playthrough as the Orthin
    One Small StepEstablish a colony
    Paradise FoundDiscover Gaia
    PaybackCapture the Gremak homeworld as one of the Ashdar factions
    PeacekeeperWin an Allied Victory without eliminating any major factions
    Per Aspera Ad AstraColonize 25 planets in one match
    Planet ExchangeReceive a planet in a trade
    Population BoomGrow a colony to 25 population (that is not Gaia)
    Prize ShipCapture an enemy vessel
    RedemptionAs Humanity, convince the Death’s Hand to join your empire
    Resistance is FutileWin a game as the Tinkers
    ReunitedFind and reconnect lost Tinkers refugees
    Saturn 3Create an Outpost at a Gas Giant
    Science ParadiseBuild 6 Labs on one planet
    Seahorse MafiaAs the Phidi, hire mercenaries from 5 different free companies in one match
    Some Like It HotColonize an Inferno world
    Stronger TogetherGet a Minor Faction to join your empire
    That is the Sound of InevitabilityWin as the Gremak Empire
    That Which SurvivesEstablish a colony on a planet with a derelict colony
    That’s No MoonBuild a Dread Star
    The Great BazaarBuild 6 Markets on one planet
    The Needs of the ManyWin a Galactic Council Victory
    There Can Be Only OneCapture Ashdar Prime as the Gremak
    They Blinked FirstForce a fleet to retreat with a parley threat
    To Dream of InfrastructureBuild 100 improvements in your empire
    Triple EntenteMake an Alliance with 3 Major Factions at once
    Triumph of CapitalismWin as the Phidi Combine
    UpliftEstablish a colony on a planet with a primitive species
    Victory Is LifeWin a tactical battle
    We Come in PeaceDestroy a colony with orbital bombardment
    We Did It For ScienceWin as the Orthin Conference
    World BuilderTerraform a Barren world all the way to a Paradise world
    You Can’t Buy Fate… Or Can You?Buy a Peace Treaty with Influence

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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