Complete Chapter 1
The Call of Shadows
Complete Chapter 2
Chimes of the Past
Complete Chapter 3
The Shaded Woods
Complete Chapter 4
The Great Lake
Completer Chapter 5
Mausoleum of the Fallen
Complete Chapter 6
Complete Chapter 7
The Old Sage
Complete Chapter 8
The Last Captain
Complete Chapter 9
Military District
Complete Chapter 10
The Sixth Talisman
Complete Chapter 11
Complete Chapter 12
Twin Souls
Complete Chapter 13
Just the wind
Obtain a ‘Yurei’ medal
Obtain all 'Yurei' medals
There's always a choice
Obtain a 'Kami' medal
Obtain all 'Kami' medals
No witnesses
Obtain a 'Oni' medal
God of Death
Obtain all 'Oni' medals
Find a Scroll
Shadow Master
Find all Scrolls
God Eater
Use 'Shinen' to swallow 3 guards at the same time
Face Off
Get killed by an arrow while throwing a 'Kunai'
Gravity Rush
Perform an aerial kill from a 10m height
Wombo Combo
Concatenate multiple stealth kills
The Darkness
Perform your first Shadow Kill
Perform 100 Shadow Leaps
Paint It Black
Summon 100 shadows
Fear the Aragami
Kill 100 enemies
Aggressive Climbing
Perform a Ledge Kill
Up and Down
Perform a Ceiling Kill
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Aragami!? Aragami!!
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
I don't care!
Lights out
Destroy a Light Orb
The first step
Unlock a Skill
Unlock all Skills
Their own medicine
Use an explosive light to kill a guard
Make a guard suspicious 3 times in a row
Fading Shadows
Complete Nightfall: Chapter I
The Soul Alchemist
Complete Nightfall: Chapter II
Hunting for Answers
Complete Nightfall: Chapter III
The Fall
Complete Nightfall: Chapter IV
The Shadows Remember
Recover all Nisshoku katanas
Kill two enemies at once with the help of Twin Shadow (Single Player)
Explosive Death
Kill 4 or more enemies at once with the Explosive Kunai
Obtain all “Kami” medals in “Nightfall”
Obtain all “Oni” medals in “Nightfall”
Obtain all “Yurei” medals in “Nightfall”
What Was I Thinking?
Kill the Alchemist's messenger
I Bring You Darkness
Blind 4 or more enemies with a Shadow Grenade

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