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Sacred Line Genesis is a brand new Graphic Adventure game which was developed exclusively for Sega Mega Drive / Genesis console. Its an extended version of the original Sacred Line game.

It tells the story of Ellen, a private detective, who is trying to survive in Eastern Europe. Lately detective business, which she inherited from her missing sister Sarah, almost ceased its existence and one day before she was going to close her office she got an anonymous call. The unknown asked her to find some hidden forest outpost and told her about its position. That was just the beginning.

- High quality 3D graphics (highly recommended to play on CRT TV)
- WAV soundtrack (which sounds like a GBA output, it also wont be slow for PAL users)
- Unique and memorable setting, story and environments
- Text-based dice fighting system (ideally you need a dicebut you can also play without it)
- More than 20 endings: normal, secret and deaths, deaths, deaths
- Dont be frustrated: if you die, youll start from the last checkpoint
- In-game enclyclopedia will help you learn more about characters

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