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Build a powerful civilization that will thrive and dominate - and then travel to new worlds to continue your epic journey of conquest into the unknown.
Civilization II: Test of Time takes you where no Civilization game has ever ventured, and the challenge awaits those who dare to reshape history, legend and the future.
Build, conquer and defend. Lead the world through clever diplomacy and ruthless strength
Addictive, epic, intuitive: command your armies, build cities and create wonders of the world to stand forever.
Danger is no longer just on four sides. Civilizations threaten from above and below on multiple worlds within each game.
Multiplayer compatible for up to seven people - play over the Internet or LAN.
Three epic games cover 10 worlds: all new Civilization adventure, strategy and gameplay.
- The Original Civilization II now extended into the Centaurus Star System
- The Universe of Lalande 21185
- The World of Midgard
Join the 2.5 million Civilization enthusiasts from around the world with this, the final chapter of Civilization in this millennium.

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