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The Fool
Completed the Fool challenge.
Completed 2 challenges.
Completed 5 challenges.
Completed 10 challenges.
Protector of the Realm
Completed all 22 challenges.
Unlocked 7 Gold challenge tokens.
Dungeon Master
Unlocked 22 Gold challenge tokens.
Card Sharp
Got Huge Success in 10 Chance Gambits.
Won 20 Dice Gambits.
Long Shot
Got Huge Success in 10 Pendulum Gambits.
Got Huge Success in 10 Wheel Gambits.
Jack of all Trades
Got Success or Huge Success in a Chance, Pendulum and Wheel Gambit in a single challenge attempt.
Dice Master
Won 5 Dice Gambits in a single challenge attempt.
Unlocked The Magician companion card.
Unlocked The Hero companion card.
Unlocked The Ally companion card.
Unlocked The Rebel companion card.
Completed 3 combats while taking no damage, in a single challenge attempt.
Thief Bane
Defeated 50 Thieves in combat.
Northern Scourge
Defeated 50 Northerners in combat.
Empire's Bane
Defeated 50 Imperials in combat.
Cure for Corruption
Defeated 50 corrupted in combat.
Unlocked 3 Equipment tokens.
Leap of Faith
Knocked 20 enemies off of ledges during combat.
Completed 3 Brimstone tokens.
Won all 3 games against Thomas in a single encounter attempt.
Money Bags
Had 200 Gold on completing Hierophant.
Completed the Star challenge without any Curses.
Killed 5 or more enemies with a single artefact attack.
Devil Dice
Rolled three 6s during a Dice gambit.
Master of Arms
Completed a combat in under 15 seconds.
Killed an Assassin with the Reaper's Arrow.
Combat Ready
Completed a challenge with one of each equipment type that you gained during the challenge.
Close Shave
Won a combat with less than 10 health remaining.
Cursed Soul
Possessed 7 Curses at once.
Killed multiple enemies with a single Weapon Ability from a One-Handed weapon.
Killed multiple enemies with a single Weapon Ability from a Heavy weapon.
Flurry of Fury
Killed multiple enemies with a single Weapon Ability from a pair of Light weapons.
Stuffed Potato
Completed the Lover's challenge with Oswin fully healed.
Broken Heart
Defeated Oswin's Lover.
Draknar's Bane
Defeated Draknar the Mighty.
Thomas' Bane
Defeated Thomas in combat.
Final Death
Defeated Theophilus.
Got Huge Success during Dealing with Thieves encounter.
Peaceful Coast
Completed The Empress with the Encrusted Mace.
Completed The High Priestess with 12 Blessings and the Holy Mace.
Smiths Honour
Completed Strength with the Jousting Armour.
Well Equipped
Unlocked all equipment cards.
Well Travelled
Unlocked all Encounter cards.
Completed 5 Adventures in a single challenge attempt.
Completed 10 Adventures in a single challenge attempt.
Completed 15 Adventures in a single challenge attempt.
Completed 20 Adventures in a single challenge attempt.
Possessed 20 Blessings at once.
Possessed 30 Curses at once.
Possessed 300 Food at once.
Golden Child
Possessed 500 Gold at once.
Possessed 300 Max Health at once.
Completed 20 Trials in a single challenge attempt.
Completed 10 Adventures in a row without refusing a Trial.
Supply Mule
Possessed 40 Equipment cards at once.
Lord of Sorrow
Accepted 25 Curses from the Keeper of Sorrows in a single challenge attempt.
Sacrificed 30 Blessings.
Humble Spirit
Offered 50 Equipment to the gods.
Completed an Endless run with 1000 or more Endless Points.
Game Master
Completed an Endless run with 25000 or more Endless Points.
Fused first Token from Token Shards.
Memories Restored
Fused 10 Tokens from Token Shards.
Endless Adventures Achievements
Completed 50 Adventures.
Completed an Endless run with 10000 or more Endless Points.
Fractured Memories
Fused 5 Tokens from Token Shards.
Outlands and Outsiders Achievements
The Mournful Wastes
Completed the Mapmaker challenge.
Through the Portal
Unlocked the Mapmaker gold challenge token.
Unlocked the Brave companion card.
Hubie's Big Day Out
Completed an Endless Adventures attempt with Hubie and scored over 7,000 or more Endless Points.
Bomb Specialist
Restored 50 Artefact charges using Hubie's campfire ability.
New Horn
Used Hubie's Portal ability at the campfire 10 times.
Mischief Managed
Defeated 50 Goblins in combat.
Captain's Protection
With the assistance of a companion, defeated 50 enemies with the Hali's Ward artefact.
The Servant and the Beast Achievements
Blood Pact
Wielded the Blood Crescent.
Uneasy Alliance
Completed the Servant challenge.
Blood Pact
Unlocked the Servant gold challenge token.
Lord of Shadow
Unlocked the Lord companion card.
Shadow Run
Completed an Endless Adventures attempt with Veles and scored over 7,000 or more Endless Points.
Into Darkness
Revealed 30 Encounters using Veles' campfire ability.
Stranger's Hunger
Had Veles finish 25 enemies affected by Knockdown.
Completed 8 combats while Veles has Blood Madness.
Freed 5 Gnomes from 10 Goblin Chiefs.
Completed Grobben's Training encounter and win the Shadow Shard.
Bright Light
Defeated 50 Shadows in combat.
Shadow Agent
Fused the Shadow Shards and unlocked the Token.
Humble Servant
Completed the Servant challenge with Disciple's Guise helm equipped.
Cold Hearth Achievements
Locked and Loaded
Unlocked the Haunted companion card.
Endless Hunter
Completed an Endless Adventure's attempt with Keturah and scored 6,000 or more Endless Points.
Completed 10 faction bounties using Keturah's campfire ability.
Dead or Alive
Completed 5 named bounties using Keturah's upgraded campfire ability.
Bleeding Edge
Caused Bleed to 50 enemies in combat.
Defeated 25 Enemies with Crossbow or Gun Artefacts in combat.
Warranted Reward
Fused the Bounty Shards and unlock the Token.

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