2D ArtistMike Grills
2D ArtistMarc Holmes
2D ArtistSung Kim
2D ArtistJono Lee
2D ArtistMike Leonard
2D ArtistSean Smailes
2D ArtistRob Sugama
2D ArtistDerek Watts
3D ArtistNolan Cunningham
3D ArtistMike Grills
3D ArtistLindsay Jorgensen
3D ArtistArnel Labarda
3D ArtistJono Lee
3D ArtistKalvin Lyle
3D ArtistChris Mann
3D ArtistTobyn Manthorpe
3D ArtistTrent Oster
3D ArtistAlex Rodrique
Additional ArtRyan Blanchard
Additional ArtMatthew Goldman
Additional ArtKelly Goodine
Additional ArtTodd Grenier
Additional ArtYunkyung Kim
Additional ArtSherridon Routley
Additional ArtElben Schafers
Additional ArtCass Scott
Additional ArtJason Spykerman
Additional DesignMike Geist
Additional DesignCori May
Additional DesignBob McCabe
Additional DesignDan Whiteside
Additional ProgrammingRob Babiak
Additional ProgrammingDavid Falkner
Additional ProgrammingRyan Hoyle
Additional ProgrammingCharles Randall
Additional ProgrammingJustin Smith
Art DirectorMarc Holmes
Assistant Lead ProgrammerDon Yakielashek
Associate ProducerAlan Miranda
Audio ProducerAlan Miranda
Cinematics Additional ArtTodd Grenier
Cinematics Additional ArtMike Sass
Cinematics Additional EffectsChristopher Mann
Cinematics Additional EffectsSherridon Routley
Cinematics Additional EffectsTony de Waal
Cinematics AnimationRyan Blanchard
Cinematics AnimationCarman Cheung
Cinematics AnimationChris Hale
Cinematics AnimationMark How
Cinematics AnimationRick Li
Cinematics AnimationEnrique Deo Perez
Cinematics AnimationJohn Santos
Cinematics AnimationLarry Stevens
Cinematics AnimationHenrik Vasquez
Cinematics Art DirectorSherridon Routley
Cinematics DirectorDavid Hibbeln
Cinematics DirectorDavid Hibbeln
Cinematics Lead Effects AnimatorRyan Blanchard
Co-Executive ProducerRay Muzyka
Co-Executive ProducerGreg Zeschuk
Co-Executive Producer/Joint CEORay Muzyka
Co-Executive Producer/Joint CEOGreg Zeschuk
CompositingSherridon Routley
Core Design Team MemberRob Bartel
Core Design Team MemberDave Gaider
Core Design Team MemberDrew Karpyshyn
Core Design Team MemberLuke Kristjanson
Core Design Team MemberKevin Martens
Core Design Team MemberAidan Scanlan
Core Design Team MemberPreston Watamaniuk
Core Game DesignRob Bartel
Core Game DesignMark Brockington
Core Game DesignScott Greig
Core Game DesignMarc Holmes
Core Game DesignBrent Knowles
Core Game DesignTobyn Manthorpe
Core Game DesignDon Moar
Core Game DesignJames Ohlen
Core Game DesignTrent Oster
Director of ArtDavid Hibbeln
Director of Conceptual ArtJohn Gallagher
Director of Promotional ArtMichael Sass
Effects ArtistAlex Scott
Game AnimationCarman Cheung
Game AnimationSteve Gilmour
Game AnimationChris Hale
Game AnimationMark How
Game AnimationRick Li
Game AnimationJohn Santos
Game AnimationLarry Stevens
Game AnimationHenrik Vasquez
Game AnimationTony de Waal
Graphics LeadJason Knipe
Graphics ProgrammerJohn Bible
Graphics ProgrammerPeter Woytiuk
Lead AnimatorEnrique Deo Perez
Lead Character ModelerChristopher Mann
Lead Cinematics AnimatorTony de Waal
Lead DesignBrent Knowles
Lead DesignJames Ohlen
Lead ProgrammerScott Greig
Lead Research ScientistMark Brockington
Lead Technical ArtistTobyn Manthorpe
Lead Tools ProgrammerDon Moar
Line ProducerKeith Soleski
ModelRyan Blanchard
ModelNolan Cunningham
ModelTodd Grenier
ModelJono Lee
ModelSherridon Routley
ModelMike Spalding
Music Composer and PerformerJeremy Soule
Original Graphics Engine DesignStan Melax
ProducerTrent Oster
ProgrammingNoel Borstad
ProgrammingRob Boyd
ProgrammingHoward Chung
ProgrammingMark Darrah
ProgrammingMike Devine
ProgrammingRoss Gardner
ProgrammingBrenon Holmes
ProgrammingDan Morris
ProgrammingPaul Roffel
ProgrammingSophia Smith
Project DirectorTrent Oster
Project Director/ProducerTrent Oster
Promotional ArtTodd Grenier
Promotional ArtMarc Holmes
Promotional ArtSung Kim
Promotional ArtMike Leonard
Promotional ArtMike Sass
Prototype ArtistMarc Holmes
Prototype ArtistCasey Hudson
Prototype ArtistLindsay Jorgensen
Prototype ArtistTobyn Manthorpe
Prototype ArtistTrent Oster
Prototype ArtistTony de Waal
Scripting and Data EntryAndrew Nobbs
Scripting and Data EntryJohn Winski
Sound Design and IntegrationDavid Chan
Sound Design and IntegrationJohn Henke
Sound Effects DesignFrank Bry
Sound Effects DesignCreative Sound Design
Sound Effects DesignDuff Studios
Sound Effects DesignPaul Gorman
System DesignRob Bartel
System DesignPreston Watamaniuk
Tools ProgrammerMarc Audy
Tools ProgrammerOwen Borstad
Tools ProgrammerPat Chan
Tools ProgrammerChris Christou
Tools ProgrammerNeil Flynn
Tools ProgrammerAaryn Flynn
Tools ProgrammerSydney Tang
Tools ProgrammerDarren Wong


Data and credits for this game contributed by Scottie theNerd, Skye7707, odino, Shadow., BartSmith, and LTPofficial.

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