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    Beginner's Guide by 0rion79

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    *** Planescape: torment - FAQs for beginners by Orion79 ***
    Planescape: Torment (P:T) is one of the best PC RPGs ever, and is worthy of
    being playerd despite of its age.
    Still, it has some sides that are not very intuitive so that this document
    provides essential hints for the best game experience, starting a new game
    in the best way, ...
    This guide is made to give the best starting hints, and may be used together
    with other walkthrough made by other players.
    First of all, P:T is an interpretation game. It is better if you enjoy
    it SLOWLY, playing one quest per time. Read the dialogues, very beautiful,
    and take your time to explore all possible situations, missions and so on.
    Always remember: together with Nameless One's memories, you are trying to
    recover even his virtue.
    Before starting, special thanks to Dan Simpson for many details about
    party members and alignment changes. Download his guide for a complete
    walkthrough, if needed.
    Chapter 1 - ability scores & enhancements
    Chapter 2 - how to improve your character - fighter or mage? AD&D rules
    Chapter 3 - how to choose party members
    Chapter 4 - the importance of being Lawful
    Chapter 5 - how to enhance Armor Class without armors nor shields
    Chapter 6 - notes, hints & tips; about spells. VERY IMPORTANT - NO SPOIL!
    Chapter 7 - Spoil-less quests list.
    Chapter 1 - ability scores (often known as "stats"):
    In PT, Wisdom rules. It is the most important value, since it allows better
    dialogue options, that are rewarded with higher experience points and or items,
    and every point above 12 increases by 2-5% the Experience points (XPs) gained
    by defeated monsters.
    PT is a game extremely based on dialogues and talking, and doing so allows to
    earn much more experience than killing monsters or moping up
    the whole area.
    After wisdom, there is intelligence and, then, charisma, which are both very
    useful in dialogues.
    Some guides suggest the following initial distribution:
    STR 9, DEX 11, CON 9, Int 15, WIS 18, Car 13.
    I suggest to keep DEX 9 and rise INT to 17, so that you should be ready to
    obtain all the best dialogues with the game.
    Stats may be even increased in two other ways:
    - at level up, since Nameless One gains an extra ability point to enhance any
    of the previous ones
    - with special items that permanently boost stats, or by special non-playing
    characters (NPC).
    - with equipment, including tattoos.
    About specialization, those are the effects:
        Fighter: (total: +3 to STR, +1 to con, up to 5 proficiency)
          7th            + 1  STR, able to have 4 proficiency in a weapon
          12th           + 1  STR, + 1  CON, + 3  HP, able to have 5 proficiency
        Mage: (+3 to Int, +2 to wis, +5 lore)
          7th            + 1  INT
          12th           + 2  INT, + 1  WIS, + 5  Lore
        Thief: (+3 dex, +1 luck).
          7th            + 1  DEX
          12th           + 2  DEX, + 1  Luck
    Other Places the Nameless One Can Gain Extra Stats:
       Mortuary, Starting Level        -- Ei-Vene               -- MaxHP +1
       Smoldering Corpse Tavern        -- O                     -- WISDOM +1
       Drowned Nations, Tomb           -- Tear of Salieru Dei   -- CONSTITUTION +1
       Lower Ward                      -- Sebastian             -- CHARISMA +2
       Mortuary, after Dead Nations    -- Xachariah's Heart     -- DEXTERITY +1
       Clerk's Ward                    -- Nemelle               -- MaxHP +3
       Clerk's Ward, Brothel           -- Vivian                -- CHARISMA +1
       Clerk's Ward, Vrischika's Shop  -- Tear of Salieru Dei   -- CONSTITUTION +1
       Clerk's Ward, Festhall          -- Qui-Sai               -- AC +1
       Godsmen Foundry                 -- Sarossa               -- WISDOM +1
       Ravel's Maze                    -- Ravel                 -- WISDOM +1
                                                                   MaxHP +3
                                                                   WISDOM +1 or 2
       Curst Prison                    -- Vhailor               -- STR +1,2 or 3
                                                                   DMG +1,2 or 3
       Carceri Warehouse               -- Ancient Scroll        -- Any STAT +2
       Fortress of Regrets             -- Practical Incarnation -- WISDOM +1
                                                                   INTELLIGENCE +1
       Fortress of Regrets             -- Paranoid Incarnation  -- STRENGTH +1
                                                                   CONSTITUTION +1
       Fortress of Regrets             -- Good Incarnation      -- WISDOM +1
         Max Total Possible: (ancient scroll can give a +2 anywhere)
         Strength     +4 (6)
         Dexterity    +1 (3)
         Constitution +3 (5)
         Intelligence +1 (3)
         Wisdom       +7 (9)
         Charisma     +3 (5)
         AC           +1
         MaxHP        +7
    Remember that you will enter Fortress of Regrets nearly at the end of the
    game, when those bonuses will be almost useless except for the final fight.
    Even more, if you can have Ignus (see below for party members) to join your 
    party, you may trade up to 7 HPS for spells and fire resistance.
    Later in the game, you may even find a nice whip that grants a permanent +2
    to charisma and -1 to wisdom, when used by a fighter, and several items
    that can boost a character attributes, like tattoos, belts or rings.
    So, succeeding in all missions and ignoring scrolls and the whip, a player may
    obtain the following "base" stats (accordingly with my suggested ones):
          Fighter*		mage			thief
          Strength     15	Strength     13		Strength     13
          Dexterity    10	Dexterity    10		Dexterity    13
          Constitution 13	Constitution 12		Constitution 12
          Intelligence 18	Intelligence 21		Intelligence 18
          Wisdom       25	Wisdom       25(+1)	Wisdom       25
          Charisma     16	Charisma     16		Charisma     16
    Few words must now be spent about AD&D rules, which are broken and obsolete.
    In AD&D, in fact, stats usually grant some kind of bonus only from a score
    of 15+ and it is important to know how to invest ability points to obtain
    the best results.
    Programmers have been wise enough to add many items in the game that boost
    each character stats, like belts, ring, tattoos, spells and so on.
    Remember that you are starting as a level 3 fighter and, even multiclassing, 
    you just will gain only 1 stat point at every new level above 4th, regardless 
    of your class.
    Now, considering that there is no limit to how many levels you may gain, it
    is clear that it is easy and possible to greatly customize your Nameless One,
    obtaining very good scores at the end of the game.
    		*Hints about every single stat:*
    - Strength: every advancement above a score of 15 will give you some bonus do 
    deal damage and/or to hit foes.
    Those bonuses may be huge but there is a bad "trick".
    When you reach a score equal to 18, you gain +1/+2 (hit/damage), and for
    every further point that you spend to increase your strength, you DO NOT
    reach the score of 19, but will gain the benefits of extraordinary strength
    (like when you roll the % die to determine it), so 18/01 18/51, 18/76, 18/91
    and 18/100, and only THEN Nameless One will reach the score of 19.
    It is not a great deal to invest more points in strength over pure 18, because
    you have to spend a lot of points for minor bonuses and it is just better to 
    wait for some greater power that will boost it to 19+.
    Vhailor or the Ancient Scroll can do it, otherwise you'll find several items,
    like tattoos or belts, that can boost your strength even more.
    - Dexterity: it is probably the less important attribute in the game, if your
    N.O. is not a rogue/thief.
    Even if he is not, you will have no reason to increase it over 18, since at
    19 you get a bonus for ranged weapons, that are just missing in the game,
    and the next armor class bonus will be at 21.
    If you are a rogue instead, every point will increase your thieving skills
    and may be important to gain more experience by rogue-only quests.
    - Constitution: a very important attribute, that is worthy of being boosted
    using the points that N.O. gets each new class level.
    Every score between 15 and 19 gives you a bonus, which retroactively
    increases your hit points, then again from 21 to 24, but from the score of
    20 every character begins to regenerate his/her own life points (higher the
    stat, faster the regeneration rate), which means that Nameless One do it even
    Note that there is a ring that increases it by +3, so a score equal to 22 would
    be a very good goal when planning your character customization, but it even 
    depends by your class: if you are a mage, you may want to keep hands free
    for magic rings that boosts your spellcasting abiltiy.
    Note that, with such a constitution, Nameless One is really immortal, since
    no foe is strong and fast enough to overcome his regeneration rate.
    - Intelligence: a total score of 18 is reccomanded for dialogues only, 
    otherwise intelligence is important for spellcasting only.
    Mages need a score no greater than 19, since 19 allows a mage to write an
    unlimited number of spells in his/her spell book and there is no limit to the
    spell level that can be mastered by the mage.
    - Wisdom: if you start with a score of 18, there is no reason to increase
    it even more, since you'll already gain a +7 total bonus while venturing.
    You may want to increase it to 19 only if you plan to use that lovely charm,
    that permanently reduces your wisdom by 1 to increase your charisma by 2
    (fighters only, but you may always ask Dak'kon to multiclass you again).
    If you plan to use the charm, boost your wisdom to 19 at 4th level.
    Still, it is a very good idea to buy tattoos from Fel, that boost your wisdom,
    so that Nameless One may gain experience faster.
    Even more, high wisdom grants immunity to some spells, but they are quite rare
    in Torment, so don't care about this side effect.
    -Charisma: in dialogues, it usually the total score, not the charisma bonus,
    that influences available answers. If you care, you get your first "+1" with
    a score of 13, then another bonus for every score thereafter. I never have had
    troubles with a starting Charisma equal to 13, thanks to tattoos, but it is
    really a good idea to go and talk immediately with Sebastion (+2, Lower Ward)
    and to Vivian (+1, Clerc's ward) as soon as you can, even because it makes
    trading with merchants much easier and will save you a lot of gold.
    At last, there is something else that must be known:
    - the path of the warrior (and, marginally of the thief) must be lawful,
    because the bonus to Strength and to constitution may be obtained only by
    lawful characters. That sucks? perhaps... but if you are going to get rid
    of a curse that is forcing you to resurrect, it sounds pretty obvious that
    you have to fight chaos with law.
    Chapter 2 - how to improve your character.
    A - What happens when I change class? What about proficiencies and Thac0?
    First of all, you must know this: Nameless one can level up only one class per
    time, and does not gain the benefits from the "dual class" option, like other
    humans do.
    In AD&D, when a human chooses a new class, the previous class becomes inactive
    as long as the new class level is higher than the previous class level. At this
    point, the character re-gains all previous class abilities, like weapon 
    proficiency or backstab damage.
    When Nameless One switches to a new class instead, this does not happen.
    For example, if you begin to train as a mage, you won't get back the
    fighter's class abilities, like the weapon proficiency, even if Nameless One's
    mage level is higher than his fighter level. 
    The same happens if you train as a rogue.
    Still you keep your weapon specialization (that grants extra speed, damage,
    attacks per round and so on), but it must match the weapon proficiency owned by
    the "active" class.
    For example, if the new class is the mage one, you may use daggers made for
    mages AND the specialization earned as fighter, but you can't use fist weapons
    allowed to fighters only.
    About Thac0 (To hit armor class Zero = attack rate. The lower, the better!) and
    saving throws, you keep using the ones granted by your best class even when
    the class that grant more benefits is inactive. This means that, if you 
    multiclass to mage, you keep the same Thac0 granted by your fighter levels as
    long as it is better than the one granted by the mage class.
    	For a quick reference, remember that your class Thac0 is...
    	Fighter: 21 - your fighter level; no lower than 1
    	Rogue: 21 - 1/2 of your rogue level, rounded down, no lower than 11
    	Mage: 21 - 1/3 of your mage level, rounded down, no lower than 14.
    So, at level 6, before specialization, your fighter class grants you a Thac0 of 
    15 (21-6), while rogues and mages will grant their fist bonus at level 13 and 
    at level 19. you may even want to gain a couple of rogue levels just to enhance 
    your sneaky skills, but then it is such a mess to switch from one class to 
    another, just to disarm traps or to open doors ONLY if you have a really good
    strength score that, in some cases, may just not be enough.
    Unlikely AD&D, you may ask Dak'kon or other characters to re-train you into
    one of the classes that you already master, assuming that you already found a
    teacher that trained you in that class.
    Dak'kon can re-train you as a fighter or a mage, Annah as a rogue/thief.
    This means that you may become a mage, talk to Ignus and Dak'kon to obtain
    enhancements and then come back to your previous fighter class, if you don't
    like to be a mage.
    Even remember that asking Dak'kon to re-train you to fighter, without spending 
    your Experience Points acquired when in your second class, will just waste 
    those XPs, that won't be added to the fighter class.
    			*    cheat     *
    Dan Simpson, Christopher Leigh Dodd and Aaron Denney spoil that there is a bug
    to make The Nameless One a multi-class Fighter/Mage or Thief/Mage.
    First, you have to be either a Fighter or Thief with a spell caster in your 
    party (Dak'kon, Fall-From-Grace or Ignus), then select one of them then bring 
    up the "Quick Bar" (by right-clicking). Select spells then select the entire 
    party (Note: must do this while "Quick Bar" is still on screen),the SELECT THE
    SPELL AGAIN and you should have the Nameless One's spells, inside the 
    previously selected spellcaster Quick Bar. The button will be gray, but it will
    still work and Nameless One will cast the chosen spell.
    Even more, you MUST be trained as a mage and you can still memorize spells if 
    you are a different class.
    This is very helpful especially if you may cast "friend" spell, to enhance your
    charisma when talking to very important characters, or other nice spells that
    may be cast only on Nameless One, or the caster himself. Mage's armor, Shield,
    Friend or Strength are all good choices.
    Usually, as long as Dak'kon's (or Ignus') mage level is higher than yours,
    there is no reason to use this cheat for the most common spells, while you may
    want to switch to mage in some areas with endless foes (Modron's Cube, Curst
    revisited, outlands or Sigil undergrounds) to rise even your mage level, to
    enable the casting of high-level spells, maybe venturing alone to quickly do it.
    Still, remember that every Experience Point that you will gain as mage will not
    be earned as fighter, so it may hamper you more than advantaging you.
    B - Mage or Fighter?
    Know this: being a thief won't give you any effective advantage: do it only if
    you really like this class.
    In AD&D, Thief are really poor warriors and, even if P:T there traps and locked
    containers, there are not enough of them to justify a class change, nor
    thief-only missions, except than enhancing Annah a little bit.
    If you want to optimize your character, remember this: being a mage will grant
    you a bit more experience points, greater powers, and a very, a VERY nice bonus
    both to intelligence and to wisdom, making more or less useless your strength
    value and enhancing your diplomatic skills, that are absolutely essential in
    the game.
    Even more, in P:T there are NO ARMORS OR SHIELDS for you. None at all. At the
    same time, there is only a very limited set of melee weapons, and very few are
    powerful like the ones from Baldur's Gate II. Even more, there are no bows, 
    slings or crossbows to use, so your character may stay away from battle only 
    if he uses spells. Even more, being a mage will grant you the use of some 
    "pretty" kind of equipment, like bracers of armor & co.
    At last, some dialogue options are reserved to mages only, like gaining the 
    fire resistance from Ignus or enhancing Dak'kon and, unlikely 3.5 edition, 
    "friendship" spell (that enhances your charisma, very useful!) may be cast 
    by a mage only upon him/herself, so you can't have Dak'kon or Ignus to cast 
    it for you.
    The back draw is that mages get exhausted pretty easily in combat, sucks in
    melee fights and can't use many of the nice weapons and equipment pieces
    available in the game for fighters (nor your other friends will do, since
    none of them can handle axes, clubs or hammers).
    Not to name the fact that the Ancient Scroll is a "Wish" scroll that may be
    used ony by Nameless One, if he is a level 12+ mage and a good intelligence!
    Even more, without considering Ignus, Nameless One may be become the only
    true "pure" mage, having access to high-level spells, which have a devasting
    power, dealing mass-damage to multiple foes at once.
    From the other side, being a fighter grants several advantages, first of 
    all the fact that all the Experience Points that you'll earn will be added to 
    only one class, reaching earlier the second specialization level and not 
    slowing you down while earning experience in new class.
    In fact, remember that, as long as your mage or rogue level is equal or lower
    to your fighter level, you won't gain any new life point, saving throw or
    extra points to increase your stats.
    Being a fighter make you more resistant (much more Life points), you will 
    gain new levels faster (because the fighter has a faster level progression
    than the mage) and will allow you to use a lot of very nice items, including
    some of the best weapons in the game.
    Being a fighter will grant greater improvements for Nordom, more XPs and a 
    better resistance against monsters, will make fights faster and, matter not
    to underestimate, monsters will be slain faster because spells have usually
    a slow animation that, even if nice, will become tedious after a while and
    high-level mage spells are even worse!
    Even more...
    there is no way to change Nameless One's position in your current formation,
    so that he will always be in the first line and the mage's puny d4 for life
    points is not a deal.
    NOT being a mage will allow you to keep all the good spells for your primary
    spellcaster, that may be Ignus or Dak'kon, instead of being forced to
    split them among several spellcasters and, to be honest, I never felt the
    missing of "friendship" spell to build up my charisma.
    	*Not to name that in P:T you just CAN'T REST IN DUNGEONS.*
    This is very important, since it will forbid you to rest in the same place to
    recover your used spells and, in dungeons, there are really a lot of foes that
    will force you to use all of them, being very soon without resources and forced
    to enter melee combat.
    At the very end, perhaps being a fighter is easier, while playing as a mage is
    more challenging.
    My suggestion is to play the game once as a fighter, saving the game when you
    reach the 6th level as fighter, end it and then start over from that point,
    as a mage, using Vhalior and Nordom, but NOT Ignus, just to taste all the
    chances offered by this wonderful game.
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    C - further stats and weapon optimization.
    My advice is that it is really better to be big than strong. A high 
    constitution allows a fantastic regeneration rate, that will make Nameless
    One really hard to kill. After it, it depends from your class.
    Strength for fighters (untill pure 18), then dexterity; dexterity for mages,
    since you'll hardly need an intelligence higher than the one granted by your
    For thieves, dexterity is more important than constitution, while strength is
    the last one to increase, only after obtaining a good dexterity and 
    Strength is not so important since fighter's specialization in weapons already 
    allows to deal a lot of damage and fighter's Thac0 is so good that you won't
    feel the missing of a very good strength, even because both Dak'kon and Ignus
    have spells that may greatly boost your strength if you want to.
    Even more, if you really want to build up your character, there are some areas
    in the game where monsters respawn constantly and that you may fight to level
    up and to enhance furthermore your character.
    Sadly, until level 10, you will have to save & re-roll for your life points
    until you get a decent score, since P:T has a weird tendency to roll 1 a bit
    too often....
    With "decent", I mean a score that goes next to half of the top score that
    a die may roll for that charactre class. In other words...
    Class:	Die	Average score
    Fighter	d10	5-6	
    cleric	d8	4-5
    mage	d4	2-3
    thief	d6	3-4
    Saving & leveling up to obtain almost the top (10, 6 or 4) is almost cheating.
    If you want to do so, just download a save editor and use it.
    About weapons, hammers are usually too slow and uneffective.
    If you plan to be a fighter, fists and axes are the best choice while, if you
    plan to become a mage, remember that mages can use only edged weapons like
    daggers and almost nothing more.
    For rogues, it is a bit different: fist weapons are always very important, but
    even clubs should not be underestimated and neither daggers.
    Just for the records, I spent a lot of time with a "fist" weapon, called
    the Dagger of Morin, that is a +2 weapon, with a +1 luck bonus and a -2 bonus
    to Armor Class, and that is just great.
    Chapter 3 - how to choose party members
    You can have only 5 extra fellows, while you'll meet 7 characters in the game.
    the choice depends even by your main class. In fact, if you  have chosen to be
    a thief, you won't need Annah while, if you have chosen to be a mage, you 
    won't need Ignus (but you may be trained by him) and, at last, if you have 
    chosen the path of the fighter, you may be interested in Vhailor only to build
    up your strength and for training, but not as a party member.
    Here are described useful information about your allies, taken by D.Simpson's
    guide, Version 1.81
    Morale Note:  Every character that joins you has what the game calls "Morale."
    This reflects how happy they are.  Mostly this just affects their 
    conversations, however, in some cases (Dak'kon being the most notable) it 
    affects more tangible items, such as weaponry and skills.  Morale is an 
    integer value, the nicer you are to the person in question, the higher this 
    value will rise.
        Chaotic Good
        Stats:      HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                  20/20      4       19    12    16    16    13     9     6
        Upgraded                           16    18    18    13     9     6
        How to get:  You start the game with Morte.  Just don't misplace him
        How to Upgrade:  Talk to him after that he has been "kidnaped" in the
                         upper wards and he will have a new spell-like ability.
                         Once you have Fall-from-Grace talk to her about Morte.
                         Baatorian smell.  Confront Morte about this and you will
                         recover a memory and upgrade Morte.
                         She tells you that he isn't a Mimir and that he has a
                         Baatorian smell.  Confront Morte about this and you will
                         recover a memory and upgrade Morte.
                         This must happen after meeting the pillar of skulls.	
    personal note: Morte is a very nice character: funny, really part of the game.
    It is even a very powerful character, since he (it?) has an outstanding damage
    resistance, that makes him really hard to kill. Sadly, he can't equip any gear
    except extra, magical teeth, but he is really worthy of.
        Lawful Neutral
        Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                  33/33     6       18     17    16    16    13    13    13
        Upgraded                           18    18    18    13    13    13
        How to get:  You will find Dak'kon coolin' his heels in the Smoldering
                     Corpse tavern, which is one area south of the Mortuary area.
        How to upgrade:  Once you have become a Mage, talk to Dak'kon about 
        learning the Way of Zerthimon from him. You must be a mage, then complete 
        all 8 circles (requires a high intelligence and wisdom) and then Dak'kon 
        will be upgraded.
        Most likely, you must wait to meet a spellcaster that may train you in the
    personal note: Dak'kon is very effective, a nice and interesting character and
    has a strong interaction with the adventure.
    Even if he is a multiclass character, that in AD&D are quite weak, Dak'kon
    is a great melee character and a great aid to you, thanks to the spells that
    he may cast, boosting party's strength and your armor class.
    Even more, it gives you spells and XPs when you upgrade him and his blade
    is morale-dependand, becoming really a great weapon (-6 BONUS to Armor Class!)
    if you talk to him wisely, bringing his morale to the top.
    Tip: Once Dak'kon is upgraded, give him a tattoo that gives at least +2 CON.
    This will enable him to regenerate Hit Points, just like the Nameless One, 
    though not as fast.
        Chaotic Neutral
        Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                  38/38     4       17     14    18    16    12    10    13
        How to get:  You gain Annah after you have found Pharod and given him the
                     Bronze Sphere
        How to upgrade:  Not as dramatic as the others, but you can teach Annah a
                         few thieving tricks.  If your main character is a Thief,
                         and has a thieving stat over 50, then you can teach Annah
                         a thing or two about thieving.  Each time you do that she
                         gains +3 in that thieving skill.
    Personal note: Annah is a very good character, but difficult to use in combat,
    since you need to hide her in shadows each time. This grants her a nice bonus
    to hit and her backstab damage does its job more than fine.
    The main problem is that she is a multi-class character and, for this reason,
    she is pretty slow to level-up.From the other side, her fighter skills allow
    her to be more useful in battle, and, as thief, she may use a lot of nice
    thief-only items.
    She is useful, since it is always better to have a thief in the party than to
    bash all locked items in the game ( pretty tedious ).
    If your Nameless One is a thief too, it is still worthy of to travel with her
    for a while, just the time to reach the Wards and to be trained by her.
    Even more, if you are a good enough thief, you may obtain a pretty nice dagger
    talking with her about thieving.
    Unlikely many other characters, Anna's may equiped and enhanced with Fel's
    tattoos but, sadly, she can't use anything else than fist weapons.
        Lawful Neutral
        Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                 42/42      2       16     13    16    16    16    16    19
        How to get:  Once you get access to the Clerk's Ward, visit the Brothel,
                     talk to Grace and she'll have you talk to her 9 students.
                     Return when you've done that to get her.
    Ppersonal note: Grace is an essential but weak character. You just need 
    somebody that heals wounds in your party, but her succubus racial bonuses,
    including some nice special ability, won't be so useful when fighting foes:
    the lack of shields lowers her Armor Class, while the fact that she can't
    handle any weapon forces her to rely only upon spells for dealing damage,
    making her not very effective.
    She says that she can't hold metal items for a long time, but I wonder why
    she can't hold at least wooden clubs!
    For some unknown reason, she won't wear any tattoo and, for some unknown
    reason, when using Dak'kon to boost her strength, sometimes his spells may
    just have no effect on her. Maybe a game bug?
    Still, her spells are essential for a balanced party and she is a nice aid
    with her bolts, to deal damage to multiple foes at once.
    Her Sensory Touch will heal up to ten points on whomever is the subject, at a 
    cost of transferring that much damage to the person who uses the ability.
        Chaotic Neutral
        Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                 28/42      5       18     13    16    20    19    8     3
        How to Get:  You can find Ignus in the Smoldering Corpse Bar (SE Hive).
                     Getting him into the party is a little more work.  First you
                     need the Decanter of Endless Water (Drowned Nations), then
                     you get the Word from Nemelle (Clerk's Ward).  Finally you
                     can use it on Ignus to free him.
    Personal note: Ignus is POWERFUL, really. Not only he has outstanding stats,
    but several resistances to elements, and very useful spells. He even has a 
    natural ranged attack with little fire spheres but don't get too excited for
    this: he uses his normal mage attack rate, that is pretty low, preventing
    him from striking enemies both with those spheres, both with ranged touch 
    attack spells, like Ice Dagger.
    He is the character that looks most evil among all the ones that you may meet.
    You may want him only if you really like pure "spellcasters" and/or flames,
    otherwise, imho, he is just boring.
        Chaotic Neutral
        Stats:     HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                 60/60      4       15     16    16    16    16    8     8
        Upgraded Stats:     2              18    17    18    18    8     8
        How to Get:      You'll find Nordom in the Hard level (somewhere) in the
                         Modron Cube.
        How to Upgrade:  Once you have Nordom, you must clear the mage Construct
                         out of the Modron Cube.  Then you tell Nordom that you
                         are the new Director for his first upgrade.  You get his
                         second upgrade by pointing out that his separation from
                         the Source is what makes him loopy.  His final upgrades
                         come when you give him direct orders as the Creative
                         Director.  Beyond what is listed above, there are also
                         class specific upgrades (depending on the Nameless One's
                         class). If you're having trouble getting the upgrades,
                         kick Morte and Fall-From-Grace from the party.
     	1st Upgrade	Tell him that you are a new director
          +1 INT		+1 INT
          +1 CON		+1 DEX
        Now it's time to give Nordom some orders.  Once you've figured out that
        he must do what you tell him to do you can make him a better fighter: (the
        Nameless One must be a fighter and have 17 STR, even magical, or better)
          36,000 experience
          -2 INT
          +1 DEX
          +1 CON
          +2 AC
        Or, you can order him to do a "memory dump" (if you are a mage and have a
        17 INT or higher):
          36,000 experience
          +2 INT
          Creates the Twisted Gear of Enoll Eva (spell)
        There is also the sneakiness upgrade (if you are a thief with at least
        17 DEX):
          36,000 experience
          -2 STR
          +2 DEX
        And finally if you have a CHA of 17 or higher there is the motivational
          +2 AC
          +2 STR
          +1 CON
          +1 Luck
    Personal note: Nordom is really a funny character, very nice and useful. Not 
    only he can detect portals, but it is the only sniper in the game.
    In fact, it is equipped with two crossbows and, even if it doesn't have such
    a great range, it is still very useful to deal a "first strike" to foes AND
    to keep striking them without the mess that happens quite often, when too many
    characters are involved into a melee fight and some of them don't "find" the
    space to reach & hit a foe.
    It may be equipped with lens and rings, but nothing else.
    Nordom has the only back draw that it is not so easy to find a great
    quantity of special ammos for its crossbows, useful only against foes 
    with damage reduction, but Coaxmetal sells some.
        Lawful Neutral
        Stats:      HP      AC     THAC0   Str   Dex   Con   Int   Wis   Cha
                 100/100     2       12   18/51   13    18    10    10    10
        How to Get:  After Trias tells you of the Portal out of the Curst prison,
                     instead of entering the portal, go around it to find Vhailor.
                     As long as you don't remind Vhailor that he wanted to kill
                     you, he'll join just fine.
    Personal note: Vhalior is a weird character.
    It is strong and he starts with a decent armor class, since it *IS* an armor.
    he may be equiped only with rings but he has a great magic axe and is a very
    effective fighter.
    Vhailor may train you if you are lawful, will increase your experience points
    against Trias, and may be a great aid if you choose to fight the last foe in
    the game.
    Still, you have to be very careful when talking to him and to other NPCs when
    he is in your party, since his blind quest as punisher against chaos may make
    him to attack you.
    What follows are the benefits that you may gain from his training, if you are
            SOMEWHAT LAWFUL - STR +1
                              +1 DAMAGE BONUS
                              90,000 experience
            VERY LAWFUL     - STR +2
                              +2 DAMAGE BONUS
                              120,000 experience
            SUPER LAWFUL    - STR +3
                              +3 DAMAGE BONUS
                              150,000 experience
    At the very end, the only character that you really need is Morte, and Grace 
    too, for healing. I like very much Nordom, for tactical reasons and fun, 
    while you may get Ignus if you want, or need, a main spellcaster and Vhailor 
    if you miss a pure fighter.
    Just remember this: high-level spells are not so essential even at the end of
    the game, while Dak'kon's ability to cast nice enhanced magic missiles and a
    better version of strength spell, together with mage's armor, is very useful.
    All those characteristics made him to be really a great deal, with a greater
    endurance in fights where Ignus would have been less useful, especially later
    in the game where fights last longer, without any chance to rest.
    Chapter 4 - the importance of being Lawful.
    This is something that power-players may NOT like. Except Vhalior, I don't 
    understand why Tear of Salieru Dei may be used only by lawful good characters.
    Still, if you, reader, gain satisfaction from succeeding in all quests and 
    completing the game under every point of view, including obtaining the best 
    weapon in the game ever, you must be VERY careful to choose the lawful path 
    whenever you'll have the chance.
    Being good is pretty easy, but being lawful is NOT.
    Of course, you'll be more lawful every time that you can tell the truth, and 
    chaotic when you lie, but there are other actions that may change your 
    alignment without that you may understand it.
    Here are some samples... 
    *spoiler warning*
    -if you lie or taunt anybody, including Morte, especially about being a simple
    - generally bluffing, acting as a crazy person (barking, telling bad jokes),
    breaking previous vows you made and so on.
    -Bugging the skeletons will make you more Chaotic.  By bugging, I mean asking 
    them stupid questions about their smock, and whatnot.
    -If you lie to Deinoarra and say that her name sounds familiar, then you 
    become both more Evil and more Chaotic.
    - Pestering the corpse with cobblestone about how much worse it looks than 
    you makes you more Chaotic
    -signing more than one dustman contract
    - If you tell Emoric the Truth after promising Pharod that you wouldn't tell,
     then you become more Chaotic, otherwise you become more Lawful.  If you lie
     to Emoric you also become more Chaotic.
    -If Awaiting Death asks why you signed the Contract you say 'Truth: "Well, 
    considering that death and I aren't on speaking terms anymore, I considered 
    it a no-lose proposition."', then you become more Chaotic.
    - When Sere asks 'what do you see' in the bar, if you answer 'a bunch of 
    fun-loving dustmen'; If you 'Lie out of kindness' you are more CHAOTIC and
     more GOOD.
    - Doing pretty much anything with Barking Wilder will make you VERY, VERY 
    - If you start howling with the Barking Dog Thugs then you become more 
    - If you reply that 'it doesn't really matter' to Moruns-4-trees, or say any 
    other bad thing, then you become more CHAOTIC.
    - If you 'throw your voice' with Marta you become more CHAOTIC
    - Telling around that your name is Adan.
    - Revealing that the Silent King is TRULY silent makes you more CHAOTIC and 
    EVIL, IF you promised Hargrimm that you would keep their secret, otherwise 
    nothing happens.
    -After that you have to TRUTH or BLUFF him into getting your items, and most of 
    these make you more CHAOTIC or EVIL. If you didn't promise not to tell anyone 
    about his secret earlier, then you can safely threaten to Karina, in the 
    market, that you think she isn't a bad person makes you more GOOD. Saying "well
    I can understand why" makes you more CHAOTIC.
    -Eating Quell's candies (I wonder why!?)
    - in the foundry, if you left Saros alive, go talk to him, ask him about the 
    Anarchists. Then if you have 14 INT or more, you can tell him this: "That 
    defeats the entire point of anarchy, Saros. You're supposed to be your own 
    person."  Which gets you 200 exp.  Wow.  This also makes you more CHAOTIC. 
    Not a good deal.
    -Bedai wants to know if you are up for sticking it to the Godsmen by 
    sabotaging that war machine they are building. Saying "I'll do it" makes you a 
    little more CHAOTIC and EVIL.
    -If you play with the mini-modron cube like a child, or with the lady of 
    pain's doll.
    - At pillar of skulls, giving up Fhjull makes you more EVIL.  Lying about his 
    location makes you more CHAOTIC (and can only be pulled off if you have an 18 
    CHA anyway).  I found Lying about Fhjull to be the easiest price to pay.
    - Killing trias after the Vow of not killing him (but Vhalior may do it for
    you at no price).
    Chapter 5 - how an hell may I increase my AC (Armor class), if I can't find 
    neither armors nor shields?
    It is easier of what you may think: yes, in AD&D IIed there are not spells like
    "cat's grace", that will increase your armor class, but mage's armor, even if
    it is destroyed after X damages, lasts for really a LOT of time, while 
    shield and similar spells/effects will help you to increase your AC against
    the strongest monsters.
    Even more, there are a lot of items in the game, like tattoos, charms, rings
    and even weapons, that may enhance your armor class.
    But, over all, remember that Nameless One regenerates so, if you are in danger,
    just send More ahead with his strong damage reduction and give time to N.O.
    to heal by himself.
    Chapter 5 - notes, hints & tips
    This part gives generic hints about the game or helps to deal with specific 
    situations, where the answers are not intuitive or where it is easy to do
    the wrong thing. Feel free to read (and remember!) the spoil-less strings,
    while read at your own risk the "spoiler" ones. "light spoiler" strings give
    you precious hints about specific moments, while "spoiler" strings have a
    heavier impact about the game plot and exploration, but may be very useful in
    completing some sub-quests in the best way.
    ALWAYS save before important dialogues with NPCs. Especially with Nordom, 
    Vhalior and the Which Ravel (a very difficult dialogue, that may earn you A 
    LOT of experience points).
    Talk really with everybody that has a name, without missing ANY dialogue
    string. Talk once even to harlots and dabus.
    Whenever a new person joins your party, engage them in conversation at the 
    earliest opportunity, and grill them about everything. You learn a lot of new 
    things this way, and sometimes acquire valuable items.
    More, talk to your companions whenever something happens to them in the game or
    when you learn something news about them (by object or because another
    character gives you hints about your companions).
    If you need more specific examples, talk to Morte about his special skills
    after that you save him when he is kidnaped, to Annah when Pharod is killed
    and so on. The reward may be important.
    ALWAYS remember that AD&D is NOT D&D 3.5 and so many items with similar effects
    will stack together. for example, you may use at the same time Strength spell,
    Tattoo of might and Tattoo of Greater might to boost your strength at the same
    Switch tattos accordingly with the situation: when fighting, use the ones that
    may increase your fighting skills or armor class, when in a city use the ones
    that increase your charisma and/or intelligence (if needed). But always wear
    the items that increase your wisdom.
    The Sensory Touch will heal up to ten points on whomever is the subject, at a 
    cost of transferring that much damage to the person who uses the ability.
    Of course, when it's the Nameless One who's using sensory touch, health 
    returns very quickly.
    *** light spoiler ***
    Don't miss to talk to Deinoharra in the mortuary. She will give you your 
    first special ability, that will be very useful even at the very end of the
    when you get the cursed box, get rid of it as soon as you can, since it may 
    drain your HPs.
    Soon or later, you may (or even may not) face a unique demon. Know that it 
    may be hit succesfully only by +2 weapons or better, and that it CAN be 
    defeated. It is just very strong, but an exciting fight.
    Absolutely remember to talk with Mebbeth, Ei-Vene and Marta. Ei-vene is in
    the mortuary, while you'll find the others in the Buried Village and in 
    Ragpicker's Square. They are essential to obtain furhter bonuses, later in the
    The Grimoire of Pestilential Thought makes you more evil even if you just keep
    reading its advices. Just don't buy it.
    Cranium Rat charms are very useful for two reasons: they may enhance 
    Dak'kon's intelligence, used together with tattoos, to allow him to learn more
    spells OR you may use them to increase Nameless One's Intelligence, granting
    him better dialogue's options when talking with very important characters.
    A small hint is to rise it to 18 when talking to Puzzled Skeleton.
    Note that when you or your party members use Thief skills to steal something, 
    you can't subsequently sell it to anyone because all the merchants will know 
    it's stolen goods. So, don't bother to steal anything you're not going to use.
    ** very light spoiler **
    Feel free to join any faction inside the game: you may always change it later.
    Even if there are more factions, you are allowed to join only Dustmen,
    chaosmen (NOT reccomended), Sensates, Godsmen and Anarchist (NOT reccomended)
    but not the Harmonium. The best choice is to join in order Dustmen, Sensates
    and Godsmen. Selling your body to dustmen has no consequence for you.
    Note that, even if you are no longer a Sensate, you just miss the Sensory Touch
    but you will still have access to the services offered by that faction.
    The main, and only, advantage of becoming a Godsman after a Sensate is that 
    Godsmen sell godsmen-only weapons, that can be used only by their faction
    Even dustmen are a good faction for the same reason. More, they buy even old
    Tatoos while nobodyelse does.
    When you reach the Lower Ward, it is NOT a good idea to sell your stuff to the
    trader just outside the market building. Seek instead the couple of old 
    traders inside the huge, round building at the bottom of the screen.
    The Vrok's feather found in the Maze does not call any Vrok. Just sell it.
    If you forgot, the one with which you have to talk to enter in the Tower, is
    Lazlo, inside the Market Area.
    If you really can't find Modron's cube combination, it is:
    extend the Left Wing, extend the Right Wing, rotate the Right Arm.
    The best way to identify items is with Charms of Infinite Recall. When you
    completed the exploration of an area, or a mission, put all unidentified items
    in a single character's inventory and a Charm in his/her quick Item Slot,
    then use it from the round, right-click menù.
    If you have few items, you may use "identify" scrolls, or change your mage's
    spells to identify as many items as you need, but it is a bit slower.
    To speed up healing, if you have Grace in your party, use all her spells to
    heal your party members. They will be back after resting for 8 hours, saving
    your time and moneys.
    ** very light spoiler **
    When you are in the catacombs, don't enter the cranium rats area (top north
    est) BEFORE entering the undead area. If you discover Soego's secret first,
    then you'll obtain free access to that area and a talk with many-as-one with
    less efforts, less tedious fighting and more XPs as rewards.
    After exploring the catacombs, you should have found your arm. In order to
    activate new dialogue options for Dak'kon, you must ask him to translate for
    you, when in Fell's shop. If you talk directly to Fell, nothing will happen.
    ** light spoiler **
    When you reach the wards, after Morte's sub-quest, don't forget to visit
    Pharaod again, to discover what happened to him and take back the sphere.
    When you enter the wards, buy all items in Vrischika's Curiosities Shop, 
    except the Grimorie, the cheat-related items and the container: you will need 
    all of them, and it is worthy of to get all of them soon, instead than moving 
    from a side of the city to another to pick them up for every single quest.
    There is no way to interact with the super lim-lim and there is only one use
    for the lim-lim that you may buy, and it is to turn it into stone to sell it.
    It is a pretty cruel and sad fate, even pretty useless, but I don't know
    if it makes Nameless One to be more evil or chaotic.
    ** light spoiler **
    Dealing with the Godsmen, if you accept to betray them you become a bit more
    chaotic and evil, even if all this is a bit confusing, because, if from one
    side you are doing something against demons, you are even killing the workers
    that, by fact, are not guilty.
    Since your goal may be to be as much lawful as possible, you can do that
    quest (that changes only lightly your alignment) when you come BACK from
    Carceri, so that you may be sure to obtain the best boost from Vhailor.
    Talking to Ravel is relaly difficult since, to maximize the Wisdom bonus, to
    get all the items and to obtain the best XPs reward, you must flatter her as
    much as you can, sometimes even lieing to her. Dan Simpson's guide is really
    useful about this point.
    The Ancient Scroll is in Carceri Warehouse. It is inside a really small spot,
    inside some wooden branches on the very left of the door so you have to look
    very carefully to find it, but it is really worthy of.
    It can be used only by a mage with very high intelligence (19 for me was fine)
    and grants different choices: healing, gold, spells, better stats or a magic
    item. Gold and healing should not even be considered, the spells are nothing
    special and you should have already found almost all of them.
    Then it is between +2 to any stat of yours or a magic ring. The ring is very
    powerful, but can be used by mages only (so Nameless One IF mage, Dak'kon or
    The ring grants a -4 to Armor class and a -4 to saving throws (lower =
    better) but remember that you can't reduce your armor class less by -10 and,
    considering all the good items that you got along the game, including a ring
    that grants -3 to AC and +3 to Constitution and and Enhanced Deinoharra's ring,
    that grants another -3 to your AC and Saving throws, you may be probably more
    interested in boosting one of your stats, but this depends even by your
    party formation.
    ****Spoiler**** Vhailor and Trias:
    If you really want the top of the top, there is an hint to both obtain the 
    celestial sword and kill Tias. Help Tiras to open his heart and seek for 
    redemption but, if Vhailor is in your party, he'll kill Trias before he can 
    leave.  And once again this is worth 375,000 experience. Therefore, you can 
    Redeem AND Kill him!
    The only problem is that Vhailor would be your 6th party member, but you may
    have only five in your party. Honestly, I would feel remorse in dismissing
    one of my party members in the lonely prison where Vhailor is met, since there
    is no way to come back later to take back that character, not even with the
    Modron cube, and that character would be lost forever.
    If you really want Vhailor, the only choice is to travel to Ravel's maze with
    only 4 characters in your party, keeping one free slot for Vhailor.
    Otherwise, another good solution is to talk to Vhailor, obtain the Strength
    bonus, persuade him to rest in peace forever and then kill trias yourself, if
    you really want the celestial sword (great weapon, really!).
    Doing so will give you the same experience of redempting him, won't make you
    more evil and, probably, you should be already "good" enough that the 
    "redemption" option may be pretty useless except if for your personal
    The matter is that Celestial Sword may become any weapon of your choice and
    even a mage may like to use it as defensive weapon! Usually, if you are a mage,
    you may like more to leave Nordom in Sigil and to take Vhailor in your party.
    ****spoiler***: back to Coaxmetal
    When you come back to Sigil, after completing the Modron cube sub-quest,
    Coaxmetal will ask you to free him. He will give you a powerful blade, that is
    powerful but nothing if compared with the celestial sword. Still, it may be
    used by any character, with no alignment restriction, but freeing Coaxmetal
    will make you MUCH MORE evil and chaotic. Save the game before talking to him,
    buy a lot of ammos for Nordom if you need to, then see if the new weapon is
    worthy of for you. For me was not.
    When venturing outside Sigil, looting for rings & stuff is still worthy on, 
    since you'll soon have the chanche to buy more tattoos and magic ammos for 
    Nodrom, see Coaxmetal.
    When you come back to Sigil, be sure to visit Fell for the last tattoos and
    Sigil underground, since there will be new, rare demons with a lot of very
    nice items tha you can loot. They spawn rarely and randomly, but it is
    really worthy of to hunt them down.
    Back to Sigil, Nameless One should be strong enough to venture in Sigil
    underground completely alone. If you move around killing only larval worms
    (8000 exp each + wisdom bonus to XPs), Nameless One may level up damn quickly,
    boosting his stats as much as you want. He should be so strong to kill alone
    even one of the new demons lurking in the underground.
    Inside Sigil underground, move stealthy and seek for the demons: they can
    *** spoiler ***
    At the very end of the game you may obtain a further enhancement for Vhalior
    and Dak'kon and, if you always disliked him, there is a chanche to deal with
    *** spoiler ***
    At the end of the game, the portal for the Fortress of Regrets is near the
    table where you've started the game.
    Remember to bring the golden sphere with you: to use it, you must
    discover the true identity of the good incarnation, when you meet all 3 of
    them. Save before taking with him and the paranoid one.
    Warning about dilution of XP. Remember that you split any XP gained among 
    all the members of your party. While having a bigger party is more fun, it 
    definitely makes the going tougher, as characters will gain new levels at a 
    much slower rate.
    	********** spells **********
    Let's start with Grace's spells, since she is the only available cleric.
    She has a limited number of spells, but even few of them are useful, including
    the healing ones.
    In addition, remember this:
    blessing, bane and prayer may be useful against large bounch of monsters or
    against very strong enemies, but are useless when exploring dangerous areas,
    like Sigil underground, since they won't last enough.
    Memorize them only once and then use all of your other spell slots for
    healing spells.
    Spiritual hammer will eventually become a +3 magic weapon and, even if its
    damage is limited, it always strikes foes and may be a nice aid.
    Lightning bolt is a "double-cut" spell: it deals really A LOT of damage to
    multiple foes (there is no fireball spell in this game), but it is pretty slow
    to cast and, since in P:T there is no graphic icon at all, that clearly marks
    the area of a spell effect, you may harm your party members by mistake.
    Still, it is VERY useful against foes that won't move, like spellcasters, or
    when you ambush large monster packs or gangs (sending Annah as scout).
    So, you can eventually send Grace to cast the spell, dealing a lot of damages
    before that the real battle begins.
    About arcane spells for mages...
    it depends from your party formation.
    Usually, the spells with a short persistence in time are useful only against
    very strong foes, but not when exploring or venturing.
    If you have used a walkthrough, you will already know when those fights occur,
    but you may just image when they will be if you carefully read dialogues in
    the game.
    The advice, then, is to ready those spells that last for several hours, like
    Strength or Mage's armor, and to cast them right before entering dangeours
    About damage spells, Magic missile and Reign of Anger are very powerful
    spells, while you must be a bit careful with spells that deal mass damage
    (check casting time to understand where and when you may
    cast them), like fire and ice, since you may hurt even your party members.
    Read carefully the spell description, because some of them deal damage
    ONLY to foes, leaving your friends unharmed.
    One last note is about Insect swarm: it is one of the few, truly working
    2nd level spells: it deals mice mass damage delayed in time and it prevents
    spellcasters from casting any spell.
    At last, if your spellcaster is a primary spellcaster like Ignus, just ignore
    all spells that force your spellcaster to roll the 20-faces die to hit foes,
    since their attack rate is so low that they probably will always miss foes.
    Even more, mages just have more spells than Grace and it is a good idea to
    often change them accordingly with the situation. For example, when you come
    back to a city after a mission, delete all 1st-level spells and replace them
    with "identify", to identify all your new magic items. Then, select again
    your spells for venturing and rest again to be ready for battle.
    Chapter 7 - Spoil-less quests list.
    What follows is just a printable quests list, to be sure of NOT missing 
    anything, without the need of a guide or walkthrough.
     •Find "Pharod"
      LOCATION: X=1500 Y=2350 (The Mortuary, 2nd Floor)
     •Find your missing journal
      LOCATION: X=1500 Y=2350 (The Mortuary, 2nd Floor)
     •Fetch Embalming Fluid and Needle for Ei-Vene
      LOCATION: X=3150 Y=790 (The Mortuary, 2nd Floor)
     •Fetch Embalming Key for Vaxis
      LOCATION: X=3550 Y=1530 (The Mortuary, 2nd Floor)
     •Find Craddock for Baen the Sender
      LOCATION: X=1000 Y=2340 (The Hive, NE Area)
     •Find a way to help Ingress
      LOCATION: Varies (The Hive, NE Area)
     •Help Sev'Tai get her revenge
      LOCATION: X=980 Y=1450 (The Hive, NE Area)
     •Free Angyar from his Dead Contract and return it to him and his wife
      LOCATION: X=440 Y=320 (Angyar's House)
     •Find the "source" of Pharod's bodies for Emoric
      LOCATION: X=610 Y=570 (Gathering Dust Bar)
     •Talk to Norochj for Emoric, and do what Norochj asks of you
      LOCATION: X=610 Y=570 (Gathering Dust Bar)
     •Look into the matter of the mausoleum's walking dead
      LOCATION: X=1130 Y=860 (Gathering Dust Bar)
     •Track down a thief disguised as a Dustman
      LOCATION: X=1130 Y=860 (Gathering Dust Bar)
     •Speak to Awaiting Death on behalf of Emoric
      LOCATION: X=610 Y=570 (Gathering Dust Bar)
     •Speak to Sere on behalf of Emoric
      LOCATION: X=610 Y=570 (Gathering Dust Bar)
     •Find Soego for Emoric
      LOCATION: X=610 Y=570 (Gathering Dust Bar)
     •Defeat the intruder in the Mausoleum for the Guardian Spirit
      LOCATION: X=980 Y=580 (Mausoleum)
     •Resolve a bar tab
      LOCATION: X=500 Y=880 (Smoldering Corpse Bar)
     •Find Jhelai for Craddock
      LOCATION: X=2090 Y=1040 (The Hive, SW Area)
     •Remove Reekwind's "curse of stench"
      LOCATION: X=2660 Y=1000 (The Hive, SW Area)
     •Find a tombstone for the Crier of Es-Annon
      LOCATION: X=530 Y=1860 (The Hive, SW Area)
     •Deliver box to Ku'atraa
      LOCATION: X=1110 Y=1440 (The Hive, NW Area)
     •Retrieve Porphiron's necklace
      LOCATION: X=1970 Y=880 (The Hive, NW Area)
     •Get rid of Nestor for Arlo, the Flophouse Slumlord
      LOCATION: X=520 Y=470 (The Flophouse)
     •Find Nestor's fork
      LOCATION: X=200 Y=310 (The Flophouse)
     •Deliver box to Brasken
      LOCATION: X=500 Y=500 (Ku'atraa's Warehouse)
     •Deliver box to Shilandra
      LOCATION: X=290 Y=410 (Brasken's Kip)
     •Go to cathedral located at the center of the Hive
      LOCATION: X=350 Y=430 (Shilandra's Kip)
     •Blackrose wants Krystall dead
      LOCATION: X=1330 Y=480 (Alley of Dangerous Angles)
     •Blackrose wants Rotten William dead
      LOCATION: X=1330 Y=480 (Alley of Dangerous Angles)
     •Rotten William wants Krystall dead
      LOCATION: X=2460 Y=1870 (Alley of Dangerous Angles)
     •Rotten William wants Blackrose dead
      LOCATION: X=2460 Y=1870 (Alley of Dangerous Angles)
     •Krystall wants Rotten William dead
      LOCATION: X=670 Y=650 (Alley of Dangerous Angles)
     •Krystall wants Blackrose dead
      LOCATION: X=670 Y=650 (Alley of Dangerous Angles)
     •Rauk needs you to fetch three rings from his tent
      LOCATION: X=650 Y=700 (Burnt Building)
     •Talk to Mar about the box
      LOCATION: X=420 Y=360 (Ruined Cathedral)
     •Find Amarysse for Nodd
      LOCATION: X=1710 Y=2300 (Ragpicker's Square)
     •Find out where Pharod's corpses are coming from for the man in Ragpicker's 
      LOCATION: X=600 Y=250 (Sharegrave's Kip)
     •Find a spell ruby for Jarym
      LOCATION: X=300 Y=270 (Jarym's Hut)
     •Learn the ways of the Art from Mebbeth
      LOCATION: X=230 Y=240 (Midwife's Hut)
     •Find the herbs that Mebbeth needs
      LOCATION: X=230 Y=240 (Midwife's Hut)
     •Get Mebbeth's wash from Giscorl
      LOCATION: X=230 Y=240 (Midwife's Hut)
     •Get ink for Mebbeth from Kossah-Jai
      LOCATION: X=230 Y=240 (Midwife's Hut)
     •Find Meir'am, get the ink for Mebbeth
      LOCATION: X=1600 Y=1190 (The Hive, SW Area)
     •Deliver ink to Mebbeth
      LOCATION: X=1970 Y=1980 (The Hive, SW Area)
     •Find and return Uhir's 'lucky knife.'
      LOCATION: X=3510 Y=1910 (Buried Village)
     •Recover Ku'u Yin's number from Radine
      LOCATION: X=2020 Y=1490 (Buried Village)
     •Get Quint's poison charm from the body of Gris
      LOCATION: X=300 Y=420 (Quint's Shop)
     •Find bronze sphere for Pharod
      LOCATION: X=2090 Y=950 (Pharod's Court)
     •Find the Decanter of Endless Water
      LOCATION: X=1100 Y=1600 (Weeping Stone Catacombs)
     •Discover the weakness of the Silent King for Many-as-One
      LOCATION: X=1180 Y=1070 (Cranium Rat Collective)
     •Seek out and slay any cranium rats in the Dead Nations
      LOCATION: X=700 Y=720 (Dead Nations)
     •Give Hargrimm a reason to remove Soego from the Dead Nations
      LOCATION: X=700 Y=720 (Dead Nations)
     •Find the Nameless Zombie her name
      LOCATION: X=1840 Y=1940 (Dead Nations)
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