• Cast mage spells as a fighter or thief

    You must have previously been trained as a mage and scribed and memorized some spells before you can use this glitch.

    - Select Dak'kon, Grace or Ignus, then right click to display his or her quick menu.
    - Now, either press = or click on the "select all party members" button at the bottom left of the screen while still keeping the quick menu open.
    - Press the select spell button of the quick menu (little explosion graphic), and The Nameless One's memorized spells will be displayed instead of those of the caster you initially selected. Selecting one of these spells will make TNO cast it normally even if he isn't currently a mage.

    Note that you cannot access your spell book, so if you ever want to change your memorized spells or scribe new ones, you will have to switch to mage. Resting as a fighter or thief will still rememorize your spells properly, however.

    Credit goes to Christopher Leigh Dodd for initially discovering this glitch, and I for refining the steps.

    Contributed By: PGoyet.

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  • Duplicate Lim-Lims

    To duplicate Lim-Lims and have an unlimited numbers of pet Lim-Lims, place a Lim-Lim in your inventory first. Pause the game, and select the Lim-Lim in the inventory and select to talk to the item. You will return to the Game World. Go back into the inventory and select the Lim-Lim, and place it on the ground. Return to the Game World and unpause the game. You will be prompted to choose what to do with the Lim-Lim immdiately. Select "Put your Lim-Lim down to allow it to run around a bit." Now as well as the Lim-Lim that you allowed to run around, there will be another Lim-Lim for you to pick up and add into your inventory. You can repeat this process to duplicate as many Lim-Lims as you want.

    Contributed By: Andros.

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  • Infinite Exp

    After doing the quest to help Karina in the marketplace (see one of the walkthroughs for the quest) go back and speak to her and go through the dialogue (you only have 1 choice). After speaking with her it will give you 500 exp. Simply initiate dialogue with her again to get another 500 exp. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    Contributed By: Blackjack7960.

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  • Infinite Experience from Trias

    After gaining Trias' sword and initiating the conversation that leads to you freeing him, you gain 306,250 experience points. But, if you break the discussion off with the answers 1-1-2 and address Trias again, you can once again get the substantial 306,250 points of experience. A lot more rewarding than other experience glitches.

    Contributed By: The_Pip_Boy.

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  • Infinite Wisdom & Experience

    When you meet Ravel, make sure you pick the dialogue choices that flatter her whenever possible, and don't threaten her. Talk to her for as long as you can, and MAKE SURE that you ask her about herself and who she is. When you tell her that you need to go, accept her boon. The instant that the dialog box goes away, pause the game, and click on Ravel. The conversation should resume from just after she returns to her own form, so keep going from there. You can repeat this as many times as you like, and you'll get 180,000 experience and 2 Wisdom for every time that you do.

    Contributed By: K Project.

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  • Infinite XP for Nameless One

    Play nice with Byron Pikit in the lower ward the first time you meet him and ask about thieves, he will direct you to speak with Lenny. After speaking with Lenny and telling him Byron sent you, you can train as a thief and gain 2500xp. Each time you train you will receive the XP.

    Contributed By: Kagetto.

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  • Infinite Gold

    Go to the imposter in the right hand side of the smoldering corpse bar. She is dressed like a dustman. Choose the dialog that makes her give you 50 gold coins. (Threaten that you will give up her identity). You can choose this dialog tree over and over again. This cheat wont work if you've downloaded a patch that fixes the problem, obviously.

    Contributed By: Asher.

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  • Unused Movie

    Open the Torment.ini file with notepad. Under [Movies] add the line INTROH=1 and save. Now when you view the movies from the main menu you will see added to the list Flame Transition which isn't played during the game.

    Contributed By: SKARDAVNELNATE.

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