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  1. Ideal stats for the Nameless One, also what is best a fighter or mage? And when to multiclass between the 2?

    User Info: kornbeefncabage

    kornbeefncabage - 9 years ago

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  1. The Nameless One should have high wisdom as most of the guides say (just max it out and then add one point to it when you level up so you get the 19 bonus). Intelligence is good, but you'll want to take strength instead if you're a fighter or thief. Charisma is also good, but mages can cast "Friends" to add quite a lot to the stat, so I wouldn't raise it past 13 (you'll get a few good bonuses to it as you go along).

    There is no best class. You can't have more than one class, but you can switch back and forth between the three. You should pick one to stick with most of the time, though, as spreading out your experience between more than one class will gimp you later in the game.

    A mage is weak early on, but you can kill just about anything (and large groups of said anything) later on. Fighters are pretty much always good but can be kind of boring, and thieves are like weak fighters with some extra utility and surprise attacks. I don't suggest being a thief, as you'll get one who can handle all the thief utility stuff for you.

    User Info: POINGjam

    POINGjam - 9 years ago 2 0

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