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First encounter
Make contact with a demon.
Apprentice exorcist
First attempt at banishing a demon.
The cleansing
Clear Blackwood from its demons.
Fallen leaves
Find Foras' opposite sigil in Eldwitch Forest.
Buried whispers
Find Bune's opposite sigil in the Fields of Stone.
Ghost town
Find Paimon's opposite sigil in Oakmarsh.
Scattered memories
Find Naberius' opposite sigil in the Silver Labyrinth.
Blackwood reunited
Gather Annie's sons four objects.
Discover the power of Vision.
Strength of character
Discover the power of Strength.
Crossing the Styx
Discover the power of the Ferryman.
Explore every place in the game.
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The fall of Blackwood
Finish the game without fixing Annie's sons objects.
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Finish the game after fixing Annie's sons objects.
Read the entirety of the books, journals and notes in the game.
Solves every puzzle in the game.

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