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Close X FAQ/Walkthrough
by GoldenSun

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FAQ/Walkthrough by GoldenSun

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 06/23/18

Chapter X


  1. Find a Legendary Weapon
  2. Destroy Whatever Dwells at the Heart of the Volcano
  3. Obtain an Obsidian Weapon
  4. Create a Master Workstation
  5. Summon the Avatar of a God
  6. Survive the Heat of the Volcano
  7. Equip an Epic Armor Set
  8. Explore the Entire Exiled Lands
  9. Defeat the Mummy of the Ring
  10. Escape the Exiled Lands

You've finally made it: THE FINAL CHAPTER!!!

Obviously, some of these will be difficult, such as boss battles.

Others will take a lot of time.

But you've come this far, so let's do this!

For Objective #1 (Find a Legendary Weapon), you can either craft one or earn one.

You earn one by defeating the huge bosses (Giant Crocodile, Giant Spider, etc.), and looting the corpse. You will get a Skeleton Key, which will unlock a chest found near the boss. Inside the chest (which can only be opened with the Skeleton Key) you will find a Legendary Weapon.

Next, let's work on Objective #4 (Create a Master Workstation). I would do these in order, for the final Chapter, but I want to make sure you are well-equipped to win the game and fight the final bosses.

This Objective should be pretty straightforward: create a 'master' workstation, also known as an 'improved' workstation. I've seen a lot of people complain about bugs, stating that in order to pass off this Objective you need to create an 'Improved Oven'.

Let's do Objective #7 (Equip an Epic Armor Set) next.

Simply craft epic armor using an Improved Armorer's Bench.

Next, we'll do Objective #5 (Summon the Avatar of a God).

This will take some work, as you need to make a lot of sacrifices. You may as well work on each of the gods, just to be stronger, but you don't necessarily need to.

Make a Tier Three Altar OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOUSE and summon the avatar of the god. Pretty straightforward, once you have the Altar made.

The last 'easy' one is Objective #8 (Explore the Entire Exiled Lands).

This one will take some time, but once you've done it, you only have the hard stuff (yay!).

Use the map found at:


I have no affiliation with the site or creator of this map, I've just found it extremely useful.

Obviously, you need to visit each and every location shown on the map. Yikes. Be prepared for a lot of travel.

Next, we have Objectives #2, #3, and #6 (Destroy Whatever Dwells at the Heart of the Volcano, Obtain an Obsidian Weapon, and Survive the Heat of the Volcano).

These are somewhat difficult, but the boss won't be too bad, as long as you are strong enough.

Take note that this is the second-to-last boss, so be prepared.

Just being inside the volcano will kill you if you don't have the proper clothing and armor for it, so be careful. Create a save point outside, stocked with plenty of clothing and armor. You should also stock up on food, to keep you cooled down and to help your HP stay up.

Next, you'll need to find the center of the volcano and defeat the boss: The Degenerate. Again, he really isn't too hard, but still, be careful!

Once you've defeated him, loot his corpse and head behind him. Here you will find a tablet that will give you Obsidian recipes! Technically you can access the tablet without killing the Degenerate, but you need to kill him anyway, so you may as well just do it.

Finally, keep going in the volcano and find the Volcanic Forge. This is the only place you can work on Obsidian Weapons (no other place is hot enough to melt rock). Make one and equip it, and you're all set!

You've only got two Objectives left. Are you ready?

The penultimate quest is Objective #9 (Defeat the Mummy of the Ring).

Once you have the items you need, place them in the vessel and the Servant of the Ring will appear to take them from you. Defeat him to complete the Objective.

It's time for the finale: Objective #10 (Escape the Exiled Lands)

For the final Objective, you'll need to bring several items with you: Essence of the Serpent Ring, The Diadem of the Giant-Kings, The Star of the Champion, The Shining Trapezohedron, Mask of the Witch Queen, Tears of Two Races, and The Heart of the Sands.

To get the Scourgestone a.k.a The Heart of the Sands, you'll need to have defeated the Giant Crocodile, the Pirate King, and the Spider Queen. You'll need to take the fragments of it from each of them, and take the three pieces to Sandswept Ruins, where you will find Petruso. Trade the pieces with him for the Scourgestone.

For the other five items, you'll need to have defeated and looted them from the Witch Queen, the Barrow King, the Undead Dragon, the Kingscourge, and the Snake Priest.

Take the six items to the Altar of Chaosmouth. Place them on it to create the Keystone.

All you need to do now is take the Keystone and use it. You will remove the bracelet and leave the exiled lands forever.