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by GoldenSun

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FAQ/Walkthrough by GoldenSun

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 06/23/18

Chapter VIII


  1. Visit New Asgard
  2. Defeat the Kinscourge
  3. Get Extremely Drunk
  4. Enter the Palace of the Witch Queen
  5. Drink the Yellow Lotus Potion
  6. Drink the Black Lotus Potion
  7. Discover All of the Lemurian Lorestones
  8. Harvest a Fallen Star for Ore
  9. Build or Upgrade Your Building to the Highest Tier
  10. Discover What Haunts the Sanctuary Ruins

Third to last Chapter! Awesome, right?

These ones aren't too hard.

Let's start with a couple of easy ones: Objectives #3 and #9 (Get Extremely Drunk and Build or Upgrade Your Building to the Highest Tier)

You've probably gathered some alcohol by now, but if not, build a Fermentation Barrel. You'll need to drink five of them to get 'extremely' drunk.

Next, since you're probably home and building the Fermentation Barrel anyway, let's keep going by upgrading your building some more. This one is pretty simple, and you already know how to do it. Just unlock the Master Mason and build it!

Next, let's continue with some easy ones: Objectives #5 and #6 (Drink the Yellow Lotus Potion and Drink the Black Lotus Potion).

You should have plenty of Yellow Lotus Blossoms, gathered from around water. All you need to do is make the potion with your Firebowl Cauldron and drink it.

But you also need Black Lotus Blossoms. These are found in a place called 'The Black Garden'. This place can be found to the east. Looking at the map, you can find a huge ruin in a horizontal rectangle-ish shape. To the west of it, the buildings start to turn sideways, and inside the dark part of one of these is the Black Garden. Be careful, as this place is full of gorillas.

For the next project, let's tackle five at once. Four of these are completed simply by entering/discovering a location, and one of them is done by mining.

I'm talking about Objectives #1, #4, #7, #8, and #10 (Visit New Asgard, Enter the Palace of the Witch Queen, Discover all of the Lemurian Lorestones, Harvest a Fallen Star for Ore, and Discover What Haunts the Sanctuary Ruins).

These will take you all over the place, so saddle up for a long ride.

You will find New Asgard/Asgarth in the circular stone-looking thing on the map, in the green area of the map. See that big circle? Go there.

The Sanctuary Ruins are located in a kidney-shaped island, also in the green area of the map. All you need to do is learn what haunts it, not actually fight it. But, if you choose to fight, you will also learn a lot of backstory for the game, so I highly recommend this. Try to build a Bedroll as close to the boss as you can, and do your best! You've already got a few boss battles under your belt, so use the skills you have developed!

For the Lemurian Lorestones, you need to find 13 of them:

  1. Black Keep - This one is located near the entrance. On the map, you can find it to the north (slightly northeast) of New Asgarth. For those that know how to use coordinates, it is at: (-61, -136).
  2. Black Keep - This one is on the west peak of Black Keep.
  3. Circle of Swords - This place is located above the Forbidden City, north of the red part and north of the tadpole-shaped river. It's not far above the river, on top of a plateau, seen from the map.
  4. The Great Dam - Looking at the map, directly south of the crater to the north you will find a river. In the green area, it becomes a thin little river, but at the north end of this thin part you will find the Great Dam.
  5. Icespire Chasm - North of the Great Dam, with a slight northwest direction, you will find Icespire Chasm. It is in the snowy area. If you're still at the river, you need to head further north, and if you're at the volcano, you need to go south. This one is on a plateau.
  6. Icespire Chasm - This one is northwest of the other one, north of a building.
  7. Lian's Watch - This place is actually to the southwest of the Great Dam. It's really not far at all, just along the river.
  8. Meltwater Crag - This one is northwest of Lian's Watch, to the south of the snowy point where the river connects both land masses. You'll find it along the ridge.
  9. New Asgarth - You've already been here, just explore until you find it. It is in a pond to the southwest.
  10. Nordhof - This is north of New Asgarth. You see that little rocky bit that juts out to the south? Head east of that.
  11. The Passage - This place is located east of the kidney-shaped island from earlier. You see how the jungle area moves northwest, and then stops? In that corner you will find the Passage.
  12. Ruins of Xullan - North of Asgarth, you will find the river, with a sword-shaped bridge across it. It points directly to Xullan.
  13. Sanctuary Ruins - These are on the same kidney-shaped island you've already been to.

You've already found the Passage, so just head south a bit to find the Palace of the Witch Queen. Not too hard.

This next one will be the 'hardest' on this list. Not that what you just accomplished wasn't hard, but it really wasn't too bad, was it? It just took forever. At least you got to use your new Map Room to teleport everywhere, to help as you journeyed all over the map.

The next project is to find Star Metal Ore. This can be a bit difficult. You can do it by stealing it from an enemy, harvesting it from a monster, or by using explosives to mine it out of a Star Metal Node a.k.a. meteorite.

These meteors will crash into the mountain ridges in the western region of the Frozen North. They can be a bit difficult to mine, but are definitely worth it.

All you have left to do now is Objective #2 (Defeat the Kinscourge).

Near the Ruins of Xullan, you will find the Black Keep. Here you will find a huge maze with an army of undead. At the center you will find the Kinscourge, who is a bit of a difficult and nasty monster. I'll give you some tips later on, for those having trouble.

Just like that, you've completed yet another chapter. Just two more to go!