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by GoldenSun

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FAQ/Walkthrough by GoldenSun

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 06/23/18

Chapter VII


  1. Survive a Sandstorm Outside of a Shelter
  2. Explore the Unnamed City
  3. Survive a Purge
  4. Destroy a Dragon
  5. Visit Sepermaru
  6. Attune an Obelisk
  7. Create a Map Room
  8. Recruit a Unique Thrall
  9. Equip a Raider Armor Piece
  10. Cleanse Corruption by Watching an Entertainer

Most of these are actually pretty easy. You've probably completed one or two without meaning to, but if not, we'll walk through them all anyway.

Let's start with some of the 'further' ones. These really won't be too hard to get to, especially if you are stationed at/near Shaman's Rise, as I suggested.

First, we'll work on Objectives #2, #5, #6, #8, and #10 (Explore the Unnamed City, Visit Sepermaru, Attune an Obelisk, Recruit a Unique Thrall,and Cleanse Corruption by Watching an Entertainer).

Yep, you read that correctly. We're working on five at a time.

For Objective #2, just head to the giant red area on the map. This red sand covers the Unnamed City, and just by entering it you will pass off the Objective. Simple.

Next, for Objective #5, to the west of the Unnamed City, all the way out to the edge of the map (you will find it near a small white road you can see on the map if you zoom in), you will find the friendly trading city of Sepermaru. Feel free to have some fun here. The people around won't try to kill you!

For Objective #6, you will need to find an Obelisk. There are ten of them in Conan Exiles, and they are large stone obelisks surrounded by dark clouds of 'corruption'. If you get near the clouds, you will be tainted by the corruption, so be careful. You can clear the corruption by watching an entertainer, which we will be doing soon.

These are the locations for the ten Obelisks:

  • The Black Keep
  • Dagon's Eye
  • The Dregs
  • The Pens
  • Mounds of the Dead
  • The Sinkhole
  • Shattered Springs
  • The Temple of Frost
  • The Unnamed City
  • Upper Staging Area

Most of these areas you won't have heard of. If you are strong enough to search the Unnamed City (which you should be, just watch out for skeletons and scorpions), do so. If not, work your way south to The Dregs, where you have been before. You may as well do both, as doing so will be very beneficial to you in the future. Over the course of the game, locate and interact with all ten. I'll explain why in a moment.

To 'attune' an Obelisk, simply walk up and interact with it. Once you have, you will be able to teleport directly to the Obelisk from a Map Room, which you will be making in this Chapter. Awesome right? Now you won't have to walk as far to get to obscure places!

I'm currently working on fully labeled map of Conan Exiles, to show you everything. But for now, while I do so, you'll have to read my guide or Google a map of where you need to go. I'll do my best to describe places, though!

Objectives #8 and #10 kind of go hand in hand. You'll need to start recruiting a lot of Thralls, if you haven't already. Eventually, you'll get lucky and find a 'unique' one. Find, capture, break, and employ as many as you can find, as this will benefit you greatly.

You can find entertainers in many locations, and all you need to do is find one and watch them to cleanse your corruption. Personally, I did this by watching entertainers in The Summoning Place, which is a huge, dark place directly east of The Tower of Bats. It's not too far, but it is still a walk.

Be careful, though. The area is SWARMING with angry NPCs, and they will shoot and attack you just like any other group of enemies. There is no way to avoid this, and the entertainer is a ways inside, up several flights of stairs. After watching him, even the entertainer tried to attack me. Yikes.

But in the end, once you find one, it will be beneficial if you capture an entertainer, to keep at home. This way, you can cleanse your corruption whenever you want!

Next, let's work on Objective #7 (Create a Map Room). This will be extremely useful, especially for future expeditions.

To do this, just unlock the recipe, if you haven't already. Build it, and voila. You have a Map Room. Feel free to set it in its own little room if you want, to make it an actual 'map room'.

Use it if you feel like it. If not, move on to the next Objective.

We only have four Objectives left: #1, #3, #4, and #9.

Both Objectives #1 and #9 (Survive a Sandstorm Outside of a Shelter and Equip a Raider Armor Piece) require that you build something. Well, technically you could survive a sandstorm with a bunch of food, but it is much easier with a Sandstorm Mask. Build one and wear it next time a sandstorm starts up. Don't go inside, just weather the storm.

Next, for a Raider armor piece, simply make it at an Armorer's Bench. Pretty simple stuff.

For Objective #3 (Survive a Purge), you will need to join a clan. Clans have purges now and then, and all you need to do is be present and survive the onslaught. Pretty straightforward: DON'T DIE!

Finally, for Objective #4 (Destroy a Dragon), you need to find and kill a dragon. Simple. Except for the dragon part.

You can find some small dragons in the Unnamed City, with some pretty weak ones near 'The Breeding Pools'.

Just like that, you've completed yet another Chapter of the game. You're actually almost done!