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by GoldenSun

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FAQ/Walkthrough by GoldenSun

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 06/23/18

Chapter VI

Chapter VI:

  1. Use an Explosive
  2. Modify a Weapon
  3. Scout a Dogs of the Desert Camp
  4. Lure an Enemy Into a Trap
  5. Modify a Piece of Armor
  6. Squish Something in a Fluid Press
  7. Drink Water From a Well
  8. Cripple an Emeny
  9. Sunder an Enemy
  10. Make an Enemy Bleed

Some of these you may have already completed, such as Objectives #8, #9, and #10 (Cripple an Enemy, Sunder an Enemy, and Make an Enemy Bleed). If not, let's go ahead and do those now.

To cripple an enemy, use a heavy attack from something like a sword. You've probably been fighting with one anyway, so just use the 'heavy attack'.

To sunder an enemy, you'll need a heavy attack from something like a mace, hammer, or axe. If you haven't already, make one and use it when fighting.

To make an enemy bleed, use a heavy attack from Paired Daggers. This will do the trick, and just like that, you've completed three Objectives.

You also may have run into a Dogs of the Desert camp on your journey to hunt wolves. These enemies hang out around The Den, which, if you look at your map, you will find to the west of the two circular structures at the north. Kinda looks like a penis, or a sideways % symbol. Yep, that thing. The Den is in the structure to the west, which is also visible on the map. If you haven't found one already, head up and explore that area.

It's not hard, and you'll complete Objective #3 (Scout a Dogs of the Desert Camp).

Next, let's work on Objective #2 (Modify a Weapon).

To do this, go to your Blacksmith's Bench and make a Simple Reinforcement Kit or a Simple Weapon Damage Kit.

Full repair one of your weapons, and then drag and drop the kit onto the weapon to modify it. Pretty simple.

Next, let's complete Objectives #1 and #4 (Use an Explosive and Lure an Enemy Into a Trap).

For both of these, head over to your Alchemist Thrall, and have them make an Explosive Jar and some kind of trap, either a Vapor Trap or an Exploding Trap.

Next, find a clearing and place your Explosive Jar. Interact with it to set it, and then run away before it explodes.

Once you've done this, head down to a nearby enemy camp and place your trap. Find an enemy and lead them to it, letting them get caught. Don't accidentally step onto it yourself though!

Now we just have Objectives #5, #6, and #7. This Chapter is a lot easier than the last one, right?

Objective #5 (Modify a Piece of Armor) is just as easy as Objective #2.

Just head to your Armorer's Bench and make a Thin Armor Plating. Drag and drop it onto a piece of armor to modify it. The end.

Next, let's build a Water Well. If you haven't already, unlock the recipe and build one near your camp. Drink from it to pass off Objective #7 (Drink Water From a Well).

Lastly, we have Objective #6 (Squish Something in a Fluid Press).

If you haven't unlocked the Fluid Press yet, do so. Build it and put some Tar in it to make Coal. You can also put Ichor into it to make useful things such as a Serpent Venom Gland, Putrid Meat, a Volatile Gland, Abysmal Flesh, or a Sand Reaper Toxin Gland (That's right! Ichor can make any of that! It's a useful substance. You can get it from cooking a fish on your Campfire).

Just like that, you've completed another Chapter. Congrats! You're more than halfway through the Journey.