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by GoldenSun

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FAQ/Walkthrough by GoldenSun

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 06/23/18

Chapter V

Chapter V:

  1. Craft an Exceptional or Flawless Item
  2. Destroy the Abyssal Remnant
  3. Upgrade a Building Piece
  4. Obtain the Head of a Boss Creature
  5. Ride an Elevator
  6. Scout a Black Hand Camp
  7. Decorate Yourself with Warpaint
  8. Fire a Trebuchet
  9. Combine Orb Effects
  10. Climb the Tower of Bats

Well these all sound lovely. The Tower of Bats? Yay.

Well, some of these are more difficult than others, so let's knock out those first.

Let's work for Objective #10 (Climb the Tower of Bats) first. Also at the top of the Tower of Bats is a giant bat, guarding the Altar of the Bat. Although you would think this demon would count as a 'boss creature', he actually doesn't. This is unfortunate, as if he did, you'd be able to get his head and pass off another Objective! But alas, we must go elsewhere for that quest.

Be sure to bring plenty of food (for your health) and a good weapon, preferably something long-range such as a bow or spear.

Also, feel free to bring Plant Fiber, Spoiled Meat, and Bonemeal. The Altar of the Bat works as a compost bin, strangely enough.

You should also remember that you can choose to spawn at your Bed or Bedroll now, and since you have a Bed...you can bring a Bedroll! This will help you as if you die, you won't have to climb back up again. You'll be right there to continue your fight.

The Tower of Bats is located in the same location you mined Ironstone earlier. Head up there and you will see a somewhat short tower on top of the cliff overlooking the field of Ironstone. Climb this, and once you have reached the top, you will have completed one of your Objectives.

Next, continue up the tower. You'll find a central platform with your monster on top, called White Death. If you head up the stairs, he will move to attack you, so don't do this just yet. Instead, find a good, safe place to put your Bedroll, and also set up a Campfire. This way you can cook up some food for your health.

When you're ready, head out and do your best to kill White Death. If you leave it alone for long, it will heal so you've got to do this in pretty much one go. If you die, which you probably will, you'll have to hurry. Run back to him before he can heal, and attack again. My first time, I died five or six times before he finally died. But that's pretty much just due to my sub-par fighting skills.

You may as well fight him, just for the experience. This will help you get used to fighting these monsters, as we're going to tackle a boss pretty soon.

Next, let's go exploring.

Head east, where the river ends and the earth turns darker (looking at the map). This is The Dregs.

Just outside of The Dregs, however, is an enemy camp: Skulker's End. There are about a dozen enemies here, so be prepared.

I would recommend finding a good place to build a Wooden Box or two, and perhaps a small shelter. Set up your Bedroll and a Campfire, and you'll be set.

Next, head on inside to Skulker's End. Practice looting it by killing everyone inside. I say 'practice' because you will likely have to fight them multiple times, as they will respawn, just like everywhere else.

Head back and cook any meat you got, and heal yourself. Store your items and head back into the fray. If they've respawned, kill them again. If not, just waltz on through toward The Dregs.

You'll find a stone circle, and you will see the spirits of those who have gone before, killing someone in the circle.

Now that you have explored this place, make sure you have plenty of food. If not, set up a fish trap in the water nearby. This will get you plenty of food easily, without needing to fight for it. Also, don't forget a hatchet or some other tool to use when you harvest corpses.

Once you have A LOT of food, then you can proceed. But before you do, I would recommend scrolling down and reading the bolded paragraph below. If this sounds like something that will happen to you, run around and gather a ton of arrows!

You'll need to allow your enemies to chase you to the stone circle, where you will kill them. With their blood shed on the circle, it will open up, allowing you entrance. Head inside.

Here you will find the Abyss. You will find yourself at the bottom of a staircase, with the entrance to a cave opening up before you. At the right of the entrance, you will see a spirit and an ancient tablet, which you should inspect. This will give you more recipes!

In the middle of the stairway heading into the cave, you will find a journal: Adventurer's Note #1. Feel free to read this, as it talks about an ancient treasure. You'll find several of these along the way.

At the bottom of the stairs, you will find a water pit with ghostfire burning above it. Dive down to the bottom of this and collect the plant matter: Glowing Goop. Also open the Wooden Box and collect the items inside.

To the far left of the cavern, you will find a wooden platform with another Wooden Box on top of it. Loot this and continue to explore the cave, looking for boxes and goop, and other water pits.

You'll hear some creepy/scary noises and voices, but just ignore them for now. Nothing *should* hurt you until you go up the stone stairway at the opposite end of the room.

But at some point, you'll probably have a creepy pale crocodile thing sneak up on you. This is a Komodo, and they are somewhat hard to kill (about as difficult to kill as a human).

If you die here, you'll respawn back at your Bedroll, so be careful.

Head up the stone stairs and run toward the spirits. The door will rise, and you will find another room with another stairway. More creepy voices, and you will find yourself in seemingly a dead-end, as you can't climb the walls.

For this, you'll have to build a bow and shoot the circular stone at the end of the platform, up high. You should have stolen plenty of arrows from the enemy camp before this, but if not you can just build some.

Once you've shot it, the room will fill with water, allowing you to swim up to the next area. Your new creepy voice friend will continue talking, so ignore her and proceed to the next door. This one will raise as well, and you will see you have a path to the left, right, and straight ahead.

This can be tough to figure out. Once again you'll need your bow and arrows. Head down to the end of the path (straight ahead) and to your left you will find another stone disk to shoot. Once you've shot it, the water will rise again.

I would recommend heading to both the right and left platforms (in the area where you shot the disk), as you will find a Wooden Box on each. It won't have much, but it's something.

Once you have them, head up to the higher ledge and the door will open upward.

In this next room, the disk is obvious, in the center of the room. Shoot it and swim to the next platform.

Next, on either side (right and left) you will find another disk. You'll need to shoot them both in order to proceed. Once they have both been shot, you'll find you can swim your way across to the next doorway, which is a stairway leading down.

Here you will meet a new enemy: skeletons.

If you want, you can just run past them, saving your health. But if you want to fight, be my guest.

In the next room, things are a little tricky. You'll need to work your way past the rocks on the platform ahead of you, and at the end, take out your bow and make a long-range shot at the disk to the right of the room.

With this done, swim over to the left side of the room, where you will find an open pipe to walk through. This is where things get ever creepier, and a new voice is heard. Yay.

Climb the stairs. If you go to the right, you'll find a chest with some items in it, but you don't really need them.

At the top of the stairs, you'll find a boss: the Abyssal Remnant. He is also known as 'the Sewer Abomination'.

If you want to take an easy way out, you can shoot the Abyssal Remnant with your bow and arrow before it ever sees you. Just hang out at the bottom of the stairs where you can see it's head. It'll take about 300-600 arrows, but it will eventually die, and you won't ever need to face it. I would recommend this method if you're weaker, meaning either a low level or low health.

If you want to fight it normally, be careful -- the water it is in is actually acid, so you can't get close. Long range weapons only...such as a bow and arrow. But this time, if he's noticed you, he'll be spewing acid and other attacks at you, so be careful.

So, it may just be easier to gather a ton of arrows. Choice is yours.

For some context, I took it out using four Hunting Bows and about 500 Bone Arrows. I've also done it with two Hunting Bows and about 300 Flinthead Arrows. That's how I beat it without losing a single health point. I fought alone and was at level 28.

If you need the materials for arrows, you can either fight the Darfari outside and steal their Bones, and collect the Bones in the Wooden Boxes at the bottom of the water pits. You can also fight the skeletons and harvest their corpses.

Or, you can head east of The Tower of Bats, where you will find a desert full of birds to fight. They're mean, but they drop a lot of Feathers when you harvest them.

Once you've defeated the Abyssal Remnant, you will have completed Objective #2 (Destroy the Abyssal Remnant).

Quickly head up to the dead monster and you will find the acid has gone down. At the bottom of a short stairway is a red book, examine it for some new recipes. Then, harvest the corpse of the Abyssal Remnant.


Next, head back to your Bedroll to collect your things. Once you have them, head back home to drop off your extra stuff.

We've done a lot of hard things now, so let's work on some easy ones.

Let's start with Objectives #3 and #5 (Upgrade a Building Piece and Ride an Elevator).

For both of these, you will need to build a Carpenter's Bench. It won't take too much work, but you'll need a lot of Wood.

Once you have it built, use it to build a lot of Shaped Wood. Once you have a supply, you can use the Carpenter's Bench to make either a Vertical Elevator or a Horizontal Elevator.

Install the elevator wherever is best for you, and take a ride to pass off the Objective. When you're done, you can even return it to your inventory, to put in a Wooden Box for later.

Next, head to your Blacksmith's Bench and make at least 4 Iron Reinforcements. Take these, your Shaped Wood, and a few Bricks, and you can make a Stonebrick Wall.

To upgrade a building piece, you need to take your Stonebrick Wall and overlap it onto one of your old Sandstone Walls. Easy as that, you've completed the Objective.

Next let's work on Objective #7 (Decorate Yourself with Warpaint). This is pretty easy, but will involve a bit of a journey. In order to create Warpaint, we need to head north. Those are where we will find wolves and mammoths, that will drop the Fur we need.

You can find wolves in the woodland area before the snow to the north, so I would just explore and hunt there. It may take a while, but eventually you'll find enough and take enough Fur to make it worth your while. Addtionally, you'll have explored a lot of new places! You'll be coming back up here eventually for other Chapters, but that will come later.

Once you have the Fur, you can use your Firebowl Cauldron to make a Warpaint.

Now we have five Objectives left: #1, #4, #6, #8, and #9. These actually aren't too bad, except for #4 (as you need to fight yet another boss).

Let's work on the two 'difficult' ones first, to get them out of the way. These will be Objectives #4 and #6 (Obtain the Head of a Boss Creature and Scout a Black Hand Camp).

These will both require some more exploring.

For the Black Hand camp, you will need to look at your map and, following the river, find a small, eye-shaped island to the northeast. This is where you will find the Black Galleon, the main ship of the Black Hand (who are essentially pirates). You should know where this is, so you may as well find it now.

Along the way, you'll be in the area of several bosses, even if you don't realize it. I sure didn't, at first. In fact, you've already been near some of them. So, I'll have you head to a specific one, so we can move forward together (all those who are following this guide).

There are a few to choose from, but let's head over to a crocodile boss first. From your map, you will see a small circular-shaped body of water to the east of Shaman's Rise. Head over there, and you will find your boss.

It really isn't far, so luckily you won't need to make a huge journey of it. But you should find a safe place nearby to set up your Bedroll, so if/when you die you can respawn and quickly get back into the fight.

You should also consider placing a Fishing Trap and a Campfire nearby, to get food/health.

Once it is defeated, head up and scavenge from its corpse, taking its head. This will complete your Objective.

Next, head home and unlock the recipe for a Trebuchet. Build it and fire it. Easy. That completes Objective #8 (Fire a Trebuchet).

Now all you need to do is Objectives #1 and #9 (Craft an Exceptional or Flawless Item and Combine Orb Effects)

First, I'm going to need to teach you about Thralls. These are the captives/prisoners you take from enemy camps, who each have a different skill/task assigned. Did you ever notice that when you were fighting? Your enemies have a little ID above them, such as: 'Darfari Archer 2'.

There are thirteen different types of Thralls:

  1. Alchemists
  2. Archers
  3. Armorers
  4. Bearers
  5. Blacksmiths
  6. Carpenters
  7. Cooks
  8. Entertainers
  9. Fighters
  10. Priests
  11. Smelters
  12. Tanners
  13. Taskmasters

To complete these last Objectives, I would find and capture a Blacksmith and an Alchemist. Your Lesser Wheel of Pain can only hold one prisoner at a time, so don't forget the one you already have on it. If you already have a Blacksmith or Alchemist, you're already set.

To tame/break Thralls on the Wheel of Pain or Lesser Wheel of Pain, you need to use it just like any other station, such as a Campfire or Forge. You need to put something in, and start it up. For a Wheel of Pain, you need Gruel.

Gruel can be made by putting 5 Plant Fibers and 1 Seed into the Campfire and cooking it. You'll need a LOT of this, so get cooking!

Once you have it, put it into the Wheel of Pain with your prisoner, and start it up. Once they have been broken, take them out and attach them to a station in their category (such as Blacksmith to the Blacksmith's Bench).

So, head out and capture and break both a Blacksmith and an Alchemist. As I just said, the Blacksmith goes to the Blacksmith's Bench. The Alchemist will go to your Firebowl Cauldron.

Now that you have a Thrall attached, you will have access to a few more recipes, and you will also have someone to do your work for you. Have the Alchemist make a Demon's Fire Orb and a Grease Orb, and then head out to a safe place.

Throw the Grease Orb, then throw the Demon's Fire Orb onto where it landed. This will combine the effects, making a huge, firey mess. Congrats.

Next, check your new recipes from the Blacksmith. You should now have access to Exceptional or Flawless items, so go ahead and craft one.

Simple as that, you've completed the last Objectives, as well as Chapter V. This Chapter was harder than the others, wasn't it? But now you're halfway there! Just five more Chapters to go.