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by GoldenSun

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FAQ/Walkthrough by GoldenSun

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 06/23/18

Chapter IV

Chapter IV:

  1. Put an Enemy in the Wheel of Pain
  2. Sleep in a Bed
  3. Craft an Iron Tool
  4. Obtain a Potion
  5. Show Your Religious Zeal
  6. Mine all the Iron in a Node
  7. Dye an Item
  8. Catch a Fish
  9. Plant Seeds
  10. Earn a Perk

Working on these next ones will mostly be easy. Once again, you should have already finished one by now: Objective #6 (Mine all the Iron in a Node).

Next, I would start by working on Objective #5. This one is easy, as all you need to do is go to your altar and make an offering, or craft an item. After playing with it for a bit, you should finish the Objective.

The next easy one is Objective #3 (Craft an Iron Tool). You've already built your Furnace and Blacksmith's Bench, so all you need now is Ironstone or an Iron Bar.

Might I recommend both an Iron Pick and an Iron Hatchet? Both will make obtaining raw materials much easier.

For your next project, how about we put some of your enemies to work? We can do this by building the Wheel of Pain. From the 'Feats' page, you can unlock the Lesser Wheel of Pain, along with the Truncheon and the Fiber Bindings.

Gather the materials to make the Lesser Wheel of Pain. I recommend placing it a bit away from your house, as the moans, coughs, and grunts of your enemies are loud and annoying.

Next, get to work on the Fiber Bindings.

After you have these two built, you'll actually need to build a Tannery next.

Once this is built, you will need plenty of Bark and Hides. Throw them in, and start it up to make Leather and Tar.

Using the Leather and the other ingredients, you can now make your Truncheon. Equip this and your Fiber Bindings and head out to the nearest enemy camp. Use the Truncheon like a normal weapon, knocking out your enemies instead of killing them. This is very difficult, and may take a few tries.

Once they are knocked out, using the Fiber Bindings, drag your captive back home. Keep in mind that you cannot swim while dragging an enemy.

Bring your captive to the Lesser Wheel of Pain, and put them in it. Viola, you have completed Objective #1 (Put an Enemy in the Wheel of Pain), and you also have someone to work for you.

Next, let's do another easy one. Objective #9 (Plant Seeds) is very easy. You've gathered a lot of Seeds from the brush outside, so it is time to put them to use.

I'm actually going to go much more into detail than I need to. All you need to do is place the Seeds into the Crude Planter and you're good, but if you actually want to learn to use a Grinder and Compost Heap, and how to plant Seeds, read on.

Get the recipe for the Crude Planter, Compost Heap, and the Grinder. Create all of them, but not in your house (flies are loud). Feel free to throw your Seeds right into the Crude Planter, which will pass off the Objective. Next, throw some Bones into the Grinder and let it turn them into Bonemeal.

Once you have this, throw some Putrid Meat, Bonemeal, and Plant Fibers into the Compost Heap. This will take a while, so be patient. You can tell that it is done when the bin fills up with crap.

Once you have the Compost made, throw that into the Crude Planter with the Seeds from earlier. Again, this will take some time, but soon a plant will start to grow!

Your new plant will grow you items, such as Plant Fibers, which you can collect and use. This helps you in a few ways, as you don't have to go searching as far when you need the materials.

Next, let's do another easy one: Objective #8 (Catch a Fish).

To do this, you must get the recipe for the Fish Trap. This isn't hard to make, so do so and head down to a river or lake (try to find somewhere without crocodiles).

Simply place it in the water and wait. Fish will come, and you won't have to work for the food! Just do a little swimming every once in a while. This is a great source of food/health, as it is quick, easy, and simple. You should catch a few at a time. Plus, they are actually quite filling (to your health bar!).

I actually used Sandstone Foundations and Thatch Sloped Roofs to make a ramp on the side of a cliff. This way I could easily run up and down without needing to climb down and risk falling to my death. It doesn't take long, but it will take a lot of Stone and Branches.

Using my ramp, I was able to get to a safe area on the beach, where I set my Fish Traps. This ramp was not far from my home near Shaman's Rise, and the fishing area was not far from an enemy camp (far enough). This way, if I ever wanted to go on a raid or capture an enemy, I had a quick access to the area. The ramp makes dragging captured enemies easy as well, since you have to walk home once you have them.

We now have four Objectives left: #2, #4, #7, and #10.

These are actually pretty easy. You may have already finished Objective #10 (Earn a Perk). If not, let's do that now.

You earn Perks from the 'Attributes' page of your menu. From the seven categories, each has five Perks. You see how each category has a bar that slowly fills up as you spend your Experience Points? On each bar are five circles. Once you have upgraded a category to reach one of the circles, you will earn that Perk, which are listed on the right side of the 'Attributes' page.

Simple as that. You've completed the Objective.

Next, let's do Objectives #4 and #7 (Obtain a Potion and Dye an Item). These both require the Firebowl Cauldron, so unlock the recipe if you haven't already.

To craft it, you may need to head back out to get some more Ironstone, so if you're out, do that now.

Once you have all 50 Iron Bars ready, as well as your 20 Twine, go ahead and craft your Firebowl Cauldron. Put it inside or near your home, so we can get started on crafting.

For most of the potions, you need a Glass Flask, or a Water Filled Glass Flask. These can be created by gathering Crystals (you can usually find them by killing a Rocknose, so you should have some). The Crystals are then put into your Furnace, which turns them into Glass. From there, use the Blacksmith's Bench to craft a Glass Flask Mold, which can then be put into your Furnace along with the Glass to create Glass Flasks.

From there, if you need a Water Filled Glass Flask, just run down to the river or lake and fill it up. Simple as that.

There are lots of things you will learn as you go, such as that you can get Ichor by cooking fish. Ichor can then be used in crafting potions and dyes.

Once you have made a dye, you'll need to dye an item. You should have armor by now, so you won't need to worry about that. Simply take the dye and put it into your inventory. Select it, and under 'More' you will see the option to 'Dye'. Select the clothing (you must be wearing it) and dye it. Save and you will have completed the Objective.

For the potions, things are a bit trickier. You'll need rarer items, such as a Yellow Lotus Blossom. These can be found in the wild, but there is a good chance you haven't found one yet. You can find them in the brush near water, so wander around for a while on the shore until you see a yellow plant.

If you can't find any, I know that I found a lot near the southern shore of where the river (heading east) begins to turn northeast. Try looking there, but watch out: there are a lot of enemy camps. Or you can search near the river near your path to mine Ironstone. You'll find some there too.

Once you have them, however, you can finally make a potion! Return and do so, and you will have passed off yet another Objective.

This leaves us with just Objective #2 (Sleep in a Bed). You can find the Bed recipe under 'Feats' on the fourth tab over, in 'Survivalist'.

Once you have this unlocked, simply make a Bed. Sleep in it. Just like that, you have completed Chapter IV. Congrats!