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by GoldenSun

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FAQ/Walkthrough by GoldenSun

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 06/23/18

Chapter III

Chapter III

  1. Equip a Piece of Light Armor
  2. Use a Skinning Dagger to Skin an Animal
  3. Scout a Darfari Camp
  4. Obtain an Iron Bar
  5. Find Somebody to Talk To
  6. Shoot an Enemy
  7. Venerate the Gods
  8. Get a Head
  9. Throw an Orb
  10. Use a Pick to Gather Bark from Trees

Some of these are easy to complete, others are harder. You've actually already completed Objective #5 (Find Somebody to Talk To). Remember the cannibal you met at Shaman's Rise?

For your next ones, let's start with some easy ones: Objectives #6, and #8 (Shoot an Enemy and Get a Head).

For these, you'll need some more tools and weapons. Let's start by making a Hunting Bow. You'll need 7 Branches, 7 Plant Fibers, and 7 Twine.

You'll also need some arrows. When you unlock the bow recipes in your 'Feats' page, you'll receive the recipes for three different kinds of arrows: Flinthead Arrows, Bone Arrows, and Ironhead Arrows. Pick whichever one you have the materials for.

I would recommend heading west of your home and finding the pack of hyenas that live next to a huge tree. Standing on a rock, take out your bow and shoot one of them. This is useful, as shooting your enemies from above means they can't hurt you. Use this hunting technique if you are low on Health, but other wise it is faster and more efficient to use a melee weapon.

Shooting one of them will complete the Objective, and once you have done so feel free to hop down from your rock and finish the animals off with your sword. Once they are all taken care of, take out your Stone Hatchet or Stone Pick and harvest the meat. You are more than likely to harvest a Hyena Head while doing so, thus completing your next Objective.

Next, check off another easy one by heading out and using your Stone Pick to attack a tree. This will give you Bark, which is useful in crafting. Feel free to store some away for now. This will complete Objective #10 (Use a Pick to Gather Bark from Trees).

For your fifth Objective, let's complete Objective #7 (Venerate the Gods). For this one, you'll need a lot of raw materials such as Wood and Stone, so look in your 'Inventory' page for the recipe. Each altar is different, so depending on the religion you chose, you'll see how much material you need.

If you want, you can also/only craft an altar for Yog, as you learned the religion from the cannibal earlier. Personally, I would work to build an altar to each and every god, so you can worship them all, and receive blessings from each of them. This will take a while, so do whatever you choose.

An altar is huge, so head outside of your house to build it. I would prefer to be close, for easy access, but this is up to you. Don't worry about putting down a foundation or anything, this will just take extra time and materials that you don't need to waste. In the end, if you want to put your altar(s) in a building, you can always place a foundation surrounding them, and build walls from that.

Once the altar is complete, use it. This will complete the Objective.

Next, we should work on Objective #1 (Equip a Piece of Light Armor). This can be done by crafting the Armorer's Bench.

Build it inside your house, so you can use it in privacy, without worrying about an attack.

Once it is built, you will see that you need a lot of Hides. Don't worry. By scrolling to the bottom of the recipe list, you'll see that you can make Hides out of pelts and skins! If you've fought the hyenas like I suggested, you should have plenty of Hyena Pelts. Throw these into the queue, and turn them into Hides.

Once you have them, you'll also see that you need a fair amount of Twine. If you don't have a large amount of this, head out and gather the Plant Fibers to craft some.

Once you have all of the ingredients, I recommend working to craft all of the light armor pieces. You have the recipes to make a full set, so do so and equip them. This will complete the Objective.

We are now left with four Objectives, #2, #3, #4, and #9. These are different in their own ways, and some are more difficult than others.

Objectives #2 and #4 are connected, so we'll work on those together. We're actually going to save them for last though.

Let's work on Objective #9 (Throw an Orb). I'm currently unsure of how to craft an orb, so we're going to steal one from a corpse. There are camps near your home, to the north and to the east, so head out there and find them. You should be familiar with the eastern one by now.

At some point (I get them pretty often), when you kill a human they will be carrying an orb of some sort. The type doesn't matter, the fact that you have one is the point right now.

Take your orb and hold it in your hand. In somewhere away from your home, throw it. It will explode, and your Objective will be completed.

If you want, you can save it and throw it at an enemy for some damage. This will be helpful in battle, but if you just want to complete the Objective, find somewhere deserted and simply throw it.

Let's go on an adventure and complete Objective #3 (Scout a Darfari Camp). The closest one (I know of) to Shaman's Rise is quite a ways to the north. Look on your map, and see how the river flows to the northwest? Right at the spot where the river begins to go north again, before curving northeast, you will find a Darfari camp.

If you need a map, I recommend this one:


I have no affiliation with the website or creator of the map, I simply find it to be very useful.

Careful though, it is full of fighters just waiting to kill you. Crocodiles and spiders will also chase you up the hill, so without some form of food you probably won't survive the encounter. But at least the Objective will be complete!

For Objectives #2 and #4 (Use a Skinning Dagger to Skin an Animal and Obtain an Iron Bar), you'll need to head to the menu and the 'Feats' page. From here, you will see eight different icons, each bringing you to a different page.

Under the fourth icon (looks like a campfire), you will find the 'Survival' items. Below 'Stone Tools' you will find the Furnace. Unlock it to get the recipe.

Back in the game, gather 540 Stone, to craft the Furnace. Once this is done, place it in your home and get to work.

For the next step, you'll need 242 pieces of Ironstone, and 500 Stones. I found a few Ironstone fairly easily, and you may have found some as well. If not, you will find a minimal amount by breaking up rocks. This is very ineffective, so I will tell/show you where to go for easy mining.

Head back to the area that you found the Darfari camp. Stay away from them, obviously, and head to the east of their camp (around the mountain). Here you will see a large square structure (not the city, some sort of abandoned tower) with large tower and wheel-type things on top.

Surrounding this strange structure you will see dozens of darker rocks. Mine away! Get as much Ironstone as you can carry.

Be careful in this area, however. You will see a few scary demon-monster things,called Rocknose. They will attack you no matter what. You'll just have to fight them, you can't do anything about it.

Once you have it, use the Furnace. Throw some Wood and both pieces of Ironstone inside, and start it up, just like the Campfire. It will quickly create an Iron Bar. Pick it up and you will have completed Objective #4.

Next, still using the Furnace, throw all of your Ironstone and at least 500 Stones into it. This will make Iron Bars and Bricks, which are both needed for the next craft: a Blacksmith's Bench. Feel free to head outside and let the Furnace do its work, as this will take quite some time.

Once you have all of the Iron Bars and Bricks, it is time to craft the Blacksmith's Bench. Your house is probably getting pretty crowded by now, so feel free to place it on a new foundation outside, and build another room around it. Make it big, as you'll want to put more things inside eventually.

Once it is built, use the Blacksmith's Bench. One of the new recipes you will see is for an Iron Skinning Knife. You'll need 20 Bricks and 5 Branches for this, which you should have. Throw them in and craft it!

Now set out and kill something. I recommend a hyena, as they will be numerous and easy. Once you have littered the earth with their carcasses, equip your new knife and skin them! Easy as that. You'll now have more material to make armor with, and you'll also have finished the Objective and the Chapter.