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by GoldenSun

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FAQ/Walkthrough by GoldenSun

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 06/23/18

Chapter II

Chapter II

  1. Spend Knowledge Points
  2. Get a Dedicated Weapon
  3. Eat a Filling Meal
  4. Find Shelter
  5. Perform a Heavy Finisher with a Weapon
  6. Use a Torch
  7. Scout an Exile Camp
  8. Store Goods
  9. Create a Home
  10. Block an Attack

These next ten Objectives are pretty simple as well. You'll be learning a lot about Conan Exiles by completing these.

The easiest ones to start with are Objective #4 and #9 (Find Shelter and Create a Home). At some point in the game, you're going to need to create a recognizable home area to come back to, where you will be safe and can craft your items.

Crafting stone floors and walls takes a lot of Stone, so be prepared. Find an area (preferably near Shaman's Rise, as this is easy to find) near water, with a lot of rocks and trees nearby. This way you can venture out and mine your resources, and you won't need to travel as far to bring them home.

Your home will need to be near shelter, such as a mountain or cliff. This completes Objective #4. Create your home there and you will quickly pass off Objective #9 as well.

Next, let's work on Objective #6 (Use a Torch).

Inside your home, craft and place a Campfire. Next, craft a Simple Torch and equip it. Move close to the fire and use it to light it. This completes the Objective.

To help you as you fight and explore, I would complete Objective #1 (Spend Knowledge Points) next. By going to the menu, you will find a page called 'Feats'. From this page you can upgrade various attributes: Construction, Decoration, Survival, Weapons, Armor, and Religion.

As you gain experience, you will earn Knowledge Points. These KP can be spent to increase your abilities in each of these six areas.

By now you should have a few KP, so go ahead and upgrade yourself in an area of your choosing. This will complete the Objective.

For your next one, let's work on Objectives #2 and #8 (Get a Dedicated Weapon and Store Goods). For this, you will need to go scavenging again.

To get a better weapon than a Stone Hatchet or Stone Pick, you'll first need to get the recipe and materials for either the Stone Sword or the Two-Handed Stone Sword. These weapon will help you to kill monsters and humans much easier, and will enable you to finish the rest of your Objectives without any problems. If you have the Stone Sword, you can also carry a shield, further helping you to evade enemy attacks. You'll need to be carrying a shield for a future fight anyway, so you may as well craft one.

Stone Swords cost 5 Branches, 20 Rocks, and 5 Twine.

Two-Handed Stone Swords cost 5 Branches, 30 Rocks, and 5 Twine.

Bone Shields cost 24 Bones, 16 Wood, and 4 Twine.

Next, you will need to craft an Wooden Box to keep your excess materials. Build it and keep the Wooden Box in your house, so you always know where to find it. Store large numbers of Rocks and Wood inside, as you'll need a lot of them to finish your home and to survive.

With that, you will have completed two more Objectives.

You now have four Objectives left: #3, #5, #7, #10.

To complete these, head to the northeast of Shaman's Rise. Here you will find an exile camp. There are also crocodiles everywhere, so be careful. I would start by creeping up and taking down a few of these monsters, so less of them will be after you when you raid the camp. Try to stay far enough away from the camp that you don't alert them to your presence. By scouting the camp, you will complete Objective #7 (Scout an Exile Camp).

Next, using your new weapon and shield, try blocking an attack, and using your attack keys make an attempt at a 'heavy finisher'. These shouldn't be too hard to complete, and you will pass off Objectives #5 and #10 (Perform a Heavy Finisher with a Weapon and Block an Attack).

Your last one is Objective #3 (Eat a Filling Meal). To do this you will need meat, so try killing some animals. You can kill a human and eat the Human Flesh, but that just seems wrong in my opinion...but it's up to you. In order to actually harvest the meat, use your Stone Hatchet or Stone Pick to easily cut up the corpse of the animal. This will give you Pelts, Hides, and different kinds of meat.

However, eating raw meat will give you food poisoning, and you will lose a lot of health because of it. It really isn't worth it, so we're going to have to cook the meal. You can do this by heading home and using your Campfire. You will need some Wood for this, so have some on hand.

Once you are at the Campfire, use it and place your Wood and meat in the spaces. On the bottom of the screen you will see directions, depending on your controller or keyboard settings this will vary. Use the button next to: "Toggle On/Off". This will heat up the fire and cook your meat!

Unfortunately, it will usually take a substantial amount of meat to fill your Health Bar. Keep hunting and always try to have some meat on hand, but also remember that it will rot over time.

With that, you will have completed Chapter II. Congratulations! See you in Chapter III.