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by GoldenSun

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FAQ/Walkthrough by GoldenSun

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 06/23/18


There are 25 Achievements in Conan Exiles:

  1. By this Axe I rule! (Get a Dedicated Weapon)
  2. The Scarlet Citadel (Create your First Building)
  3. O Sleeper Awake (Sleep on a Bed or Bedroll)
  4. The Road of Kings (Complete the First Chapter of the Journey)
  5. Hither Came the Exile... (Reach Level 10)
  6. ...A Scavenger... (Reach Level 20)
  7. ...A Reaver... (Reach Level 30)
  8. ...A Slayer... (Reach Level 40)
  9. ...A Warrior... (Reach Level 50)
  10. ...A Champion... (Reach Level 60)
  11. The God in the Bowl (Use a Religious Altar)
  12. What Do I Know of Cultured Ways? (Put an Enemy in the Wheel of Pain)
  13. The Gilt, The Craft, and the Lie (Craft an Exceptional or Flawless Item)
  14. The Hour of the Dragon (Defeat the Undead Dragon)
  15. It is the King, or His Ghost! (Defeat the King Beneath)
  16. The Devil in Iron (Defeat the Kinscourge)
  17. Gods of the North (Defeat Hrungnir of the Frost)
  18. From What Hell Have You Crawled? (Defeat the Giant Spider)
  19. The Snout in the Dark (Defeat the Giant Crocodile)
  20. The Haunter of the Pits (Defeat the Sewer Abomination)
  21. Wolves Beyond the Border (Reach the Highlands)
  22. Dying Embers (Reach the Volcano)
  23. The Cliffs Reel (Fall For Three Seconds Without Dying)
  24. Iron Shadows in the Moon (Reach the Skies Above the Exiled Lands)
  25. The Tower of the Elephant (Kill Something By Standing on its Head)