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by GoldenSun

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Guide and Walkthrough by GoldenSun

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 06/23/2018
FAQ of the Month Winner: June 2018 | Official GameFAQs Guide Official GameFAQs Guide

Main Menu

Booting up Conan Exiles, the main menu will read:

Selecting Play Online, you will be given two options:

Player VS PlayerServers allow players to directly engage in combat and destroy each others buildings and, depending on the rules of the server, take their loot.
Player VS EnvironmentServers allow players to play together against the harsh environment and creatures of the Exiled Lands, but not to directly engage one another in combat.

Selecting Singleplayer/CO-OP, you will have four options:

Civilized Mode:

Decadent Mode:

Barbaric Mode:

Custom Mode:

By choosing Settings, you will have access to a large number of Audio, Video, Gameplay, Controls, and Keybindings. Feel free to change these to conform to your PC settings/quality, controllers, and other in-game experiences, such as nudity.

By choosing Mods, you will be allowed to enable and disable any mods you have. This area begins empty, and you are allowed to upload the mods you want.

Barbarian Edition is an extra-cost expansion pack.

Help will open your internet browser to the Help page for Conan Exiles, on their website.

Credits will roll the credits for the game.

Exit will close the game window.