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The battle rages on in W!ZONE II: Retribution (payback really sucks!!). In tradition of designing awesome add-ons for your favorite entertainment software, WizardWorks gives you an all new collection of battlegrounds for Warcraft II. Every battleground has been custom designed for Warcraft II players who just can't get enough. And, for those of you who want to pit yourself against other Warcraft II gamers - included are over 15 battlegrounds specifically designed for multi-player play.

Supports two player via modem or direct link and two to eight players via network.

Choose to play as a noble Human o evil Orc.

Allows for head-to-head play by installing battlegrounds to your harddrive.

Combined tactical combat on land, sea and air.

Over 50 New Battlegrounds ALL W!ZONE battlegrounds are play-tested by the leading Warcraft II experts so you are assured of high quality, great game playing battlegrounds.

In every W!ZONE II game box you will receive FREE W!ZONE II TIPS & TACTICS GUIDE

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