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Collectibles Guide by matticgreek

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/20/15

Episode 3: Ones & Zeroes

Collectibles Guide (iOS version)
by matticgreek

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Woo! It’s my very first GameFAQs guide! No flashy formatting.

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Unless otherwise noted, locations are identified by the name of the camera
from which you can spot the item. You can see this in the corner of the
screen, outside of OMNI view. Sometimes multiple cameras would work; I just
list the one I used. The names are usually abbreviated in the game (and
always in CAPS); "Pacific" would appear "PAC," for example. Sorry these
aren't written exactly as they appear in-game, but I was dictating.

 -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - 


These suckers lie about the environment, often hidden in plain sight among
all the junk on desks, or secreted away in dark corners. They glow slightly,
and flash when the OMNI view “pulseâ€￾ passes over them, so they do stand out
if you're looking for them, but they're easy to miss.

01 - "Howl" - Atrium Elevator Access 1
02 - "Ulysses" - Checkpoint Lower 6
03 - "Nothing to Hide" - Media 1
04 - "A Clockwork Orange" - Media 2A
05 - "We" - Pacific Front Supervise 2
06 - "Huck Finn" - Pacific Front Lower Storage
07 - "Heart of Darkness" - Atlantic Catwalk Central 3
08 - "Frankenstein" - Atlantic Catwalk Upper 3
09 - "Slaughterhouse 5" - Control 7
10 - "Native Son" - Control Female Analysis

 -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - 


Like the Banned Books, these are also hidden about the environment and hard
to spot.

01 - At the beginning of the episode (in the Lobby), go the wrong way, back
toward the elevator; you'll find the tape just outside (along with a certain
02 - Pacific Back Server
03 - Atlantic Back Confine Outer
04 - Control Lobby 1
05 - Media 6 [*]

[*] Thanks to [jpharris]'s own list for help with this tape (http://

 -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - 


The commentaries, in the form of icons floating about the world in OMNI view,
are only visible if a) you have the game's Season Pass and b) the icons are
turned on in the Settings menu. They don't count toward 100%; however, they
do have a statistic in the Data menu tracking how many you've scanned (and
they're fun to listen to if you're interested in game development). They are
full of spoilers, so consider finishing the episode then listening to them.

01 - Lobby Access
02 - Checkpoint Confine
03 - Terminus F1 Atlantic 2
04 - Media Reception 2
05 - Media 6
06 - Media Office Owl Cam
07 - Media Office Owl Cam
08 - Media Office Entry
09 - Missing Room (a Zager room, accessible from the vent in Media 6)
10 - Missing Room
11 - Pacific Server
12 - Pacific Server
13 - Atlantic Server Room
14 - Atlantic Server Entry
15 - Control Lobby Confine
16 - Terminus F2 Reception 1
17 - Control Staff Analysis 1
18 - Lobby Elevator Overlook 1
19 - ?? [Can't find this one! Help!]
20 - ?? [Can't find this one! Help!]

 -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - 


Access the Zager room, with its cassette player, from the vent in Media 6.
There's a screwdriver hidden in a container nearby.

 -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - 


Scannable Items - not covered. These are the intel things with bright orange
icons you can scan in OMNI view. It would be hard to tell which ones you
already have unless you were keeping track, so a guide wouldn't be much help,
and anyway those bright orange icons are hard to miss. Just check all the

Hope's Inventory (spare batteries, key items, etc.) - not covered. They don't
count toward 100%, and you'll find the ones you need.

Game Cartridges - not covered. These are only carried by the Prizrak (guards),
and you can bet that every single guy has one. The guards are easy to find
and easy to scan, so as long as you're diligent about it (and picking their
pockets), you'll find all of the cartridges.

 -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - 


Camouflaj's “Republiqueâ€￾ is a pretty incredible game, even more so to be
playing on a mobile device. It's deep and complex, with a lot of optional
collectibles. I like to get 100%, and if you're here, you probably do, too.
I've played through the first three episodes now, and am consistently amazed
(and distressed) at the lack of coverage in the guide world!

As of right now there is some incomplete coverage of Episode 1's collectibles
scattered about various Web sites, but virtually nothing on Eps. 2 and 3.
It's like the Internet took notice when the game was brand-new, then forgot
about it. And this is really frustrating when you're trying to find that last
Banned Book or Zager Tape. I had this problem in Episode 2, unable to find a
certain Banned Book. I scoured the Internet over months and finally found a
solution on (of all things) a Facebook thread. Big thanks to the good souls
on that thread.

Anyway, I've decided to step in and fill the void as much as I can. I've been
keeping notes as I play through each episode of the locations of the
Developer Commentary icons, so that once I finished the episode I could
easily go back and listen to the (spoiler-heavy) commentary. I don't have my
notes for Eps. 1 and 2 anymore, sadly, but it occurred to me while playing 3
that I could write down the collectibles' locations too and then turn
everything into an Episode 3 guide. Here we are. May it save you some trouble.

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