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Bread is the staff of life
Find some stale bread before night falls.
The explorer
Find the chest hidden near your house.
Who is that person?
Find the castle's wall at day.
Animal friend
Outdoor picnic
A known tomb
Bloody home
Save soul
An interesting clue
Find J.F.'s most important note.
Another way
Enter the fire room from a secondary door.
A red light
Use the snake ring at the best place.
Golden donkeycorn
Animal trap
Catch Eisbein.
Grotesque party
Kill the old woman and Eisbein.
Ham day
Let her be dead
Hide and seek
Guess the kobold's name without using the letters.
Lucrezia's toy
Open the garden chest.
A weird name
Guess the kobold's name using the letters.
Feed the worm from the depths.
Crown jewel
Catch the butterfly in the depths.
Ending: The kobold's trick
I don't believe a thing
Discover the truth in the throne hall.
Ending: The pact with the kobold
Could it have all been just a dream?
Now you are rich
Find the hidden treasure of the Count.
From apprentice to master
Get the treasure hunter badge from Giulia.
Shit happens
Ending: Poor but happy
Ending: Wealth without answers
Ending: A prosperous future
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Burning Man
Get the fire room letter without using the bucket of water.

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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