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    There are 85 achievements for FF9's PC release.

    A Clean Bill of HealthHave a single character affected by all status ailments (good and bad)
    A Healing TouchUse white magic spells 200 times
    A Pillar of SupportAcquire all available support abilities
    A Round of ApplauseHave the nobles demand an encore during the staged swordfight
    A-Hunting We Will GoWin the Festival of the Hunt as Vivi
    All Washed UpDefeat Kraken
    All's Well That Ends WellComplete Final Fantasy IX
    Another Man's TreasureReceive certification as a Rank S Treasure Hunter
    AuctioneerWin 10 items at Treno's auction house
    Back OnlineRepair the machine at Mognet Central
    BackstabberReceive 30 back attacks
    Beach BumVisit every beach on Gaia
    Beating the Ragtime BluesAnswer all of the Ragtime Mouse's questions correctly
    Bring on the ThunderSummon Ramuh
    Bringing Down the HouseSummon Atomos
    Close But No CigarObtain "The Tower"
    Coming Together ISynthesize 10 items
    Coming Together IISynthesize 30 items
    Cracking the CodeUncover the secret of the Eidolon Wall
    Diggin' ItFind all hidden treasures on the world map
    Dragon LadyAs Dagger, defeat the Behemoth in Treno's weapon shop
    Driving the Hard BargainPurchase all of Stiltzkin's items
    Earning the Queen's FavorEarn 10 rewards from Queen Stella
    End of the RoadReach level 99 on any character
    Femme Fatales?Form a party of 3 women and Quina
    Firin' Mah LazerSummon Ark
    Follow Your NoseRaise your chocobo's beak level to 99
    Found in the ShuffleDefeat the Nero brothers' shuffling minigame 9 times in a row
    Frog WranglerCatch 99 frogs
    Getting EmotionalEnter trance for the first time
    Going for the GoldCatch a golden frog in Qu's Marsh
    Gone With the WindsDefeat Tiamat
    Hail to the KingObtain the "King of Jump Rope" key item
    Heat of the MomentSummon Ifrit
    Here to HelpSummon Carbuncle
    Hitting Rock BottomDefeat Lich
    I'm So BlueUse blue magic spells 100 times
    It's All in the Cards IWin a Tetra Master match
    It's All in the Cards IIWin 10 Tetra Master games
    It's All in the Cards IIIWin 100 Tetra Master matches
    Kain's LegacyObtain Kain's Lance
    King of DragonsSummon Bahamut
    Let the Bodies Hit the Floor IDefeat 100 enemies
    Let the Bodies Hit the Floor IIDefeat 1000 enemies
    Let the Bodies Hit the Floor IIIDefeat 10,000 enemies
    Mister Nice GuyGain the favor of all friendly monsters
    Movie CriticView 79 Active Time Events
    My Little AirshipObtain a miniature replica of the Prima Vista
    One Nag Too ManySummon Moguo repeatedly until he pulls a tantrum
    Out of Harm's WayGuide all of Cleyra's residents to safety
    Over the MoonObtain 4 Moonstones
    Overly EmotionalEnter Trance 50 times
    Path of the SamuraiObtain a complete set of Genji armor
    Peek-a-BooFree Kuppo from the wall in Fossil Roo
    Putting Out the FireDefeat Maliris
    Rise from the AshesSummon Phoenix
    Skip to My LouJump-rope 100 times without tripping
    Sticky FingersUse the Steal command 50 times
    Still I RiseActivate Phoenix's Rebirth Flame when all allies are KO'd
    Surf's UpSummon Leviathan
    Sword of KingsObtain Excalibur
    Take to the SkiesObtain an airship
    Taking the BlackPlay the blackjack minigame
    That Old Black MagicUse black magic spells 100 times
    The B-TeamForm a party with four male characters
    The Best OffenseUse the Defend command 50 times
    The Dim MakSummon Odin
    The One RingObtain a Madain's Ring via mining
    The Ultimate ClawsObtain the Rune Claws
    The Ultimate Dual BladeObtain the Ultima Weapon
    The Ultimate FluteObtain the Angel Flute
    The Ultimate ForkObtain the Gastro Fork
    The Ultimate MaceObtain the Mace of Zeus
    The Ultimate RacketObtain the Tiger Racket
    The Ultimate RodObtain the Whale Whisker
    The Ultimate SwordObtain Excalibur II
    To Ozma and BackDefeat Ozma
    Track StarObtain the "Athlete Queen" key item
    Well LubricatedObtain the Superslick key item
    What's Your Sign?Obtain the Hammer
    Wolf in Mog's ClothingSummon Madeen
    Wolf InsanitySummon Fenrir
    You Called?Summon eidolons 50 times
    You're Cold as IceSummon Shiva
    Your Lucky DayObtain a "very good omen" from the color fortune in Dali

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