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Paragon God Eater
Collect all trophies.
God Arc Compatible
Pass the aptitude test.
The Distant East
Reach the Far East Branch.
Pray for the soul of a fallen comrade.
Overcoming Grief
Deliver the final blow against Marduk.
The Spiral Tree
Unite the world to stop its end.
Cradle of Humanity
Work with Cradle to defeat the Kyuubi.
Return of the Defense Unit
Forge unbreakable bonds of friendship with the Satellite Defense Unit.
Distorted Balance
Witness a change in the Spiral Tree.
Take down a Chrome Gawain alongside Livie.
Clash of Wills
Confront the one whose aim is destruction, and defeat an Einherjar.
Meet your scattered companions once more.
Strength to Carry On
Continue Blood's fight in a world of destruction and renewal.
The Power of Blood
Use a Blood Art for the first time.
Sanguine Liberation
Activate Blood Rage for the first time.
Install a skill for the first time.
Teach an ally a new ability.
Exploiting Weakness
Use a typed attack to devastate an enemy.
A Moment's Respite
See an event activated by an ally's support skill.
Divine Fodder
Gain strength by devouring an Aragami.
The Brink of Death
Perform link aid on an ally.
Shared Power
Successfully use a Link Burst.
God Arc Tuning
Upgrade equipment for the first time.
New Gear
Craft equipment for the first time.
Special Mission Accomplished
Clear a special mission for the first time.
Broken Bond
Break your first enemy bond.
Born of Misfortune
Defeat the Magatsu Kyuubi
Ultimate Attack
Use a fully-evolved Blood Art in combat.
Technical Mastery
Learn every Blood Art for a single melee weapon type.
Elite Unit
Clear 50 special missions.
Legendary Unit
Clear 100 special missions.
A Real Treasure
Obtain your first piece of rank 15 equipment.
Unstoppable Armament
Obtain a complete set of rank 15 equipment.
Discover a rare Abandoned God Arc.
Skill Master
Activate 10 or more skill effects simultaneously.
Thy Strongest Ally
Teach an ally all abilities.
Complete all of an ally's Character Episodes.
Priceless Friendships
Complete all Character Episodes.
Peerless Support
Clear a mission with four link support devices.
Far Over the Red Line
Activate Blood Rage at 500% God Arc Rage.
Visions of Dread
Clear a Perilous Challenge mission.
Proud Survivor
Clear a difficulty 15 survival mission alone.
Far East Collection
Own 400 articles of clothing.
Most Trusted Ally
Use one type of equipment for 500 missions.
Break 100 bonds.
Devouring in Style
Spend at least 10 minutes trying on clothes.
Swift Gatherer
Pick up three items after clearing a mission.

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