How do i beat Dyaus Pita?

  1. So i bought this game just recently and started playing through it with relative ease.
    Then i reached difficulty 6 and the boss Dyaus Pita just starts tearing me appart.
    And the Prithvi Mata in the mission doesn't exactly make it any easier.
    Any tips on how i should handle it?

    User Info: JallaJava

    JallaJava - 4 years ago


  1. I tend to just stock up on "Restore Pills" (Health Potions in this game) and give it my best shot (for any mission). In the higher difficulties I tend to get knocked down alot but the restore pills help keep me up a bit longer so I can whale on the enemies, lol.

    For that specific mission, I'd try to focus on Mata first since it'll be the less annoying of the two. (Once the Pita activates or whatever, he has a annoying dash attack like the Gboro-Gboros do. So personally I'd suggest getting rid of Mata so that you won't have double duty when the Pita starts doing that.) You'll know when he activates since his wings spread out and have a reddish tone to them. So just focus on the Mata and let your teammates get tossed around by the Pita in the meantime, lol. They'll probably split their attention and help you out more so, but the whole point is to avoid the Pita until you clear out the Mata. If he attacks, just try to dodge or block and keep whaling on the Mata.

    User Info: RyanEsau

    RyanEsau - 4 years ago 0   0

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