• Steam Achievements

    A New LeaderAssume the role of 1st Unit Leader.
    A Power UnleashedActivate a Control Unit's effect for the first time.
    A Real TreasureObtain your first piece of rank 14 equipment.
    Beacon for RetaliationOvercome adversity and succeed in reinstating the 1st Unit.
    Blue MoonThwart Schicksal's ambitions and succeed in preventing the Devouring Apocalypse.
    Broken BondBreak your first enemy bond.
    CamaraderieTeach an ally a new ability.
    DestroyerDestroy 100 bonds.
    Divine FodderGain strength by devouring an Aragami.
    Don't Run Away From LivingConfront all hazards head-on and succeed in rescuing your comrades.
    Elite UnitClear 50 Urgent Missions
    Enigmatic God EaterComplete the Challenge Mission that unlocks Ren.
    Exploiting WeaknessUse a typed attack to devastate an enemy.
    God Arc CompatiblePass the aptitude test.
    God Arc TuningUpgrade equipment for the first time
    Guardian of the Far EastWade into danger to rescue the Far East Branch from its predicament.
    JackpotDiscover a rare Abandoned God Arc.
    Legendary UnitClear 100 urgent missions.
    Master PredatorActivate five types of Control Unit effects at the same time.
    Most Trusted AllyUse one type of equipment for 500 missions.
    Mysterious Masked AristocratComplete the Challenge Mission that unlocks Masked Ogre.
    New GearCraft non-clothing equipment for the first time.
    Proud SurvivorClear a survival mission on the highest difficulty alone.
    ResonancePerform a resonance between New-Type God Eaters.
    Shared PowerSuccessfully use a Link Burst.
    Skill MasterActivate 25 or more skill effects simultaneously.
    The Brink of DeathPerform link aid on an ally.
    The Edge of TruthVanquish Dyaus Pita and avenge your comrade.
    The Legend BeginsCollect all trophies
    Unstoppable ArmamentObtain a complete set of rank 14 equipment.
    Until We Meet AgainUnite with your comrades and settle your grudges.
    Urgent Mission AccomplishedClear an urgent mission for the first time.
    Visions of DreadClear a Perilous Challenge mission.

    Contributed By: RyanEsau.

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