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Guide and Walkthrough by GavLuvsGA

Updated: 07/02/2002


FAQ for the Genesis

by GavLuvsGA

2 - 7 - 2002

If you have any questions or suggestions, please e - mail GavLuvsGA@aol.com or
XPhileScaper1121@aol.com, and I will rerad them as long as you put "Bubsy" in
the subject heading. And please don't send me IMs or attachments.


1 Introduction
2 Items
3 Baddies
4 Walkthrough
5 Passwords

1 Introduction

Well, this is an old game, but I saw on the requests page at GameFAQs that
someone had requested a walkthrough. I've had this game for 4 years or so, so
here's my attempt.

2 Items

Yarn Balls

Some stay the same colour; others change colour rapidly. Some colours are more
valuable than others; the ones that change colour give points based on the
colour when you touched it.

Colours are worth this number of points:

Green: 10 points
Purple: 20 points
Yellow: 30 points
Red: 40 points

Wool - Gas Matron

This gies you anywhere between 1000 and 7777 points.

Yarn Crates

Hold 25 yarn balls and are worth 500 points each.

1 ups/2 ups

Come in form of T shirts. The number of lives you gain is shown on it

Shadow T Shirt

Makes you invisible to enemies - comes i the form of a black T shirt with a !
on it


Looks like the Shadow Shirt only is white; makes you invincble - almost (only
water and spiky objects can kill you)


Looks like a recycle symbol.

TNT Crate

Can be used to boost you up really high.

Banana Crate

Bananas come out and you will slip if you're not careful.

Tack Crate

Tacks come out; don't touch them or you'll be killed.

3 Baddies

Beaver (500 points)

Found on Chapters 10 through 12, these fire missiles in a straight line.

Bee (500 points)

Flies around in circles, often in groups. Hard to avoid.


They come in two varieties; yellow and red. You can kill the yellow ones (but
you bounce very high), but avoid the red ones. These are convertibles and when
you get in, you will be trapped inside and will be carried off screen to meet a
nasty end.

Carousel Figures (300 points)

Chapters 4 through 6 feature carousels, all with dangerous figures on. They can
be killed when heading right to left (when going the other way they're in the

Duck (700 points)

Flys overhead and drops eggs on you.

Eel (800 points)

Very irritating; this will ram your raft in the Lake chapters, and try to drown

Firecracker (200 points)

Can be used to cross beds of spikes by jumping on them, but it is hard to avoid
being hit accidentally.

Flying Fish (500 points)

Leap out of the water in various patterns.

Giraffe (N/A)

They appear on the train carraiges - mostly. They are pretty harmless and you
can bounce on their heads. But don't ask me what one is doing living in a
gopher hole in Chapter 9. Invulnerable.

Gopher (200 points)

Appear out of holes in the canyon and shoot guns. They jump up and down and are
easy to kill. Most gopher holes lead to secrets.

Grumbleweed (600 points)

Very annoying; these roll across the canyon and can catch you unawares.

Gumball Machine (N/A)

Fire gumballs at you. Avoid their shots; they cannot be destroyed.

Horny Toad (N/A)

Found on the train, these just get in the way. Invincible; do not touch.

Hot Dog (100 points)

Jumps around erratically.

Ice Cream (100 points)

The only enemies that cannot kill you. This simply freezes you for a few

Lightbulb Bug (300 points)

The only problem with these is that they move around erratically, making taking
them out a pain.

Mole Pilot (500 points)

Flies in a small plane in the Jungle levels; these can be killed and their
planes used as transport.

Moth (600 points)

These fly around erratically, and when hit once turn into a caterpillar and
take one more hit to kill.

Piano (800 points)

Only two exist. They are pushed down a hill in Chapter 2. You can hear them
coming before they hit you.

Sand Shark (800 points)

I hate these; they live in the desert and can sneak up on you. Very hard to
avoid in gopher holes.

Snapagator (300 points)

Found in the lake; they like to eat Bubsy's raft.

Snorkel Turtle (200 points)

These will get in your way both in the air and on the lake. They tend to push
your raft in the wrong direction.

Spaceship (800 points)

Flys overhead, beack and forth.

Spider (400 points)

Like so many other baddies, this jumps around a lot. Be careful if one is above

Stalactite (N/A)

Found in Gopher holes, this falls from the ceiling and explodes when you get

Starfish (100 points)

They leap out of the water in the lake.

Train (400 points)

Only seven appear, out of the tunnels in Chapters 1 and 3. They can be
destroyed by a hit to the head and their tunnels can be entered by pressing up;
they will usually warp you to another location.

Tree Frog (200 points)

These run very fast indeed, and also climb trees and vines.

T - Rex (400 points)

Very rare, and quite small, these simply run about the place.

Woolies (500 points)

They appear on every level and come in different forms. Some will stand still
while others jump around. Some roll cheese or fire eggs at you. The final level
has woolies who fire guns at you.

Other things to look out for.


Anything spike will kill Bubsy; this includes tacks, and also cacti and spiky


You will drown; water is common on the village and lake areas; you are only
safe on waterslides.


Glide whenever you fall a long way or you'll splat on the ground.

Manhole Covers

They open the way to secret routes (sometimes), but if it its you when it
shoots up or down, it kills you. You can bounce off them by standing on them

Roller Coaster Trains

Though they are fun to ride, they can also be dangerous. They can run Bubsy
over (for some reason, and it may be a glitch, just running into one that is
stationary is fatal. Also, jump off as soon as it reaches a sudden cliff, or
it's curtains for you.

Red Lights

For some reason, when on the Woolie Spaceship, Bubsy cannot enter a room with a
red flashing light or he melts.

4 Walkthrough

Area 1: The Village

Includes -

Chapter 1: Cheese Wheels of Doom
Chapter 2: Forbidden Plummet
Chapter 3: A Bridge Too Fur

This is an easy area to start off in; there are plenty of caves to explore and
water slides. Jump on the roofs of houses to find yarn balls. You can also
raise bridges by jumping on the wheels next to them; these alow you to cross
sections of water. Not a lot is needed to say here.

Special Stage Locations

Special stages are to collect extra points. You leave them by falling off the
screen. There is no target. You cannot re - enter them. The main methods of
travel within are waterslides and moving platforms.

Chapter 1

When you reach the first steep hill, jump across on the platforms and then kill
the duck and jump on the waterfall. Go right and reach another platform. Use a
tree to spring onto another waterfall; at the next junction you will see a 2
life jumper on the left; go left and glide down (use A). Head right to a clff
face with a door in it. Press up to go in and emerge higher up. Go back in to
enter the special stage.

Chapter 2

Head right and go dowsn the waterfall; manoevre yourself so you end up at the
bottom right (not in the cave), and you will be in front of a large area of
water. Head right and kill the Woolie throwing cheese at you and go up to the
door. Go in, then when you emerge, re - enter to find a special stage.

Chapter 3

At the start of the level get to the bottom of the screen and head left, then
glide over the lake. There are four tunnels with trains coming out; kill the
trains and enter the furthest to the left. It takes you to the special stage.


Two spaceships appear and hover around. All you need to do his each one on top
twice when the woolie inside looks out. They speed up after being hit, but are
still easy to take out.

Area 2: The Fair

Includes -

Chapter 4: Fair Conditioning
Chapter 5: Night of the Bobcat
Chapter 6: Our Furless Leader

This is more fun than the first level; all three levels are slightly repetitive
and all include several roller coaster tracks at the top of the screen. Use the
strongmen to reach the top; these have a button in beteen them, so jump onto it
(you should jump from above), and press B when you hit the button to bounce
higher. A carousel always appears in the middle of the screen along the bottom;
other common features are cheese huts, which always have some kind of prize
inside but tend to have a woolie standing on top with an unlimited supply of
cheese to throw at you. The end of Chaper 6 consists of a huge maze; there are
lots of passages you can take, but the quickest route is to go through the
first door then head left, killing baddies. Jump over the boot (this will kick
you into a wall and delay you otherwise) and enter the door on the other side.
Enter the door nearest to you in the next room and then enter the red door in
the one after that. Then head right, killing enemies and enter the last door
and then run and jump the gap and go through the large door (N.B. You cannot go
back through this door). Run down the slope to meet the boss.
You can, however, take time to explore it and get all the items. If you do this
you may run short of time, so kill yourself and return to the restart point,
then take the quickest route through. This will save having to restart the

Special Stage Locations

Chapter 4

Around the middle of the level are several planes flying aorund at the top of
the screen use these to reach a high up platform with a door on. This leads to
the special stage.

Chapter 5

Go along the bottom of the level and past the carousel. You will see a door
that is blocked by crates. Go up and ride the roller coaster train, jumping off
before it falls. Repeat with the next train. Jump the gap and jump onto the
moving platform that you see. Cross a series of these (the final one falls
under your weight so be quick) and then take out the egg - hurling Woolie. Ride
on another floating platform to a series of wooden ledges (and another Woolie).
There's also a 1 up T shirt. At the end, glide through the small gap with a
door behind it, get the yarn ball crate and enter the door. It takes you to the
door under the boxes (and a continue). Re - enter the door to find the special

Chapter 6

In the maze area, head left and enter the far left door. Enter the door nearest
to you, but in the next room enter the purple door. In the next room is another
door, so enter that, then at the other end, re - enter it.


Similar to the previous Boss, only they go round in circles and are faster and
harder to hit.

Area 3: Wild West

Includes -

Chapter 7: The Good, The Bad and the Woolies
Chapter 8: A Fistful of Yarn
Chapter 9: Dances With Woolies

This area is different from all the others; the first section of each level
involves navigating your way along a steam train (a little like Indiana Jones
and the Last Crusade) to pull a lever in the engine compartment. When you reach
the engine be sure to explore it first, as there are loads of items, including
on the bumper and inside the engine itself. Don't fall off the train as you
fall to your death. A detailed walkthrough is included below for each train top

Chapter 7

Drop down straight away for some yarn balls below you, then go right. Avoid the
horny toad and jump to the next carraige. Drop inside this one for some more
yarn and then get out using the floating platform. Next, get to the dynamite
crate between two horny toads and get some more yarn. The next carraige has a
tack crate and some spaceships. Jump over and push the crate towards the high
wall, avoiding toads. Next is a giraffe wagon, so use their heads as springs
and activate the restart point. This is followed by a trailer full of woolies
and a toad, then more giraffes (use them to get a 1 up). Then use the moving
platforms over the spikes to the right in order to reach the yarn balls. The
next trailer has five Woolies in and at the end is a lone yarn ball. Jump over
to the edge of the next if you're brave and get the one there. Do a big jump on
top of the next carraige, which is huge, then jump the spikes and kill the
cheese throwing Woolie. The next section has a yarn crate, a dynamite crate
(use this to boost yourself upwards) and a crate to help you jump over the
wall, though this can also be done by bouncing on the Woolie's head. Get to the
restart point, then go down and get more yarn (look in the whole truck), then
come out using the moving platform. Next is the coal wagon, followed by the
engine. Cross the engine for a yarn crate on the bumper, then head to the
driver's cabin, which holds a Woolie and some yarn. Pull the lever and jump
into the canyon.

Chapter 8

Drop down again and kill a woolie and get two yarn balls. Thjen go up and
right. Kill the two Woolies and smash their egg supply, then get more yarn
balls from below. Then make a big jump over the pyramid of Horny Toads. Bounce
on the Woolies and use the dynamite crate to get to the next carriage. N.B. Bec
areful going in this one as there is a dynamite crate to get out. If you miss
or fall back in, you will be trapped and must wait for time to run out. The
next carriage has a restart point on top and some items inside. Two easy 1 ups
follow, which can be gained by gliding over spikes. A cart full of Woolies
follows, followed by one who is throwing eggs from a raised platform. There is
another restart point. Jump on the platform above and it will start to move
erratically. Use it to jump and glide to the next carriage and use the
giraffe's head to bounce up to the Shadow Shirt. Kill the T - Rex. The next
carriage is identical, exceot bouncing on the giraffes gets you another easy 1
up (you can slo get three yarn balls between the carriages using the giraffes).
Jump the next gap and avoid spikes and more eggs. Make a big jump and get all
the yarn balls and kill the next set of Woolies. Make a large jump over to the
next high wall. Avoid the toad on the low wall, then simply jump the high one
(you don't need the crate). A Woolie tries to throw cheese at you on the coal
truck. Kill him.  Cross the engine, killing the Woolies and the Gopher and get
the three yarn balls on the bumper. You can go further into the engine this

Chapter 9

Go down for a dynamite crate that shoots you up to a 1 up. Watch the toads
though.  On the other side is a shadow shirt, but also a tack crate. The next
carriage has Woolies and yarn balls inside. Then comes a flat carriage and then
two giraffes. then another carriage with Woolies. An egg - throwing Woolie
lurks on the next one after that so be careful, but there is also a restart
point. Kill five Woolies and a spaceship in the enxt truck then use a moving
platform to get the 1 up under the carriage, watching out for another Woolie
with eggs. Jump the high wall after the Woolie and gross another giraffe
carriage. This is followed by a banana crate placed conveniently near osme
tacks; avoid and use the dynamite crate to reach the next truck (you can also
jump this). This has tacks and three Woolies, followed by a truck with two
banana crates, a Woolie and two ducks. Take a running jump to the top of the
next truck and get the yarn inside. A T Rex is running around on the Coal
Truck; kill it. Three Yarn Balls appear on the bumper again if you run over the
engine. Grab the 1 up inside the engine and pull the lever.

After the train sequences, Bubsy jumps off and ends up in the Canyon. This area
is full of gopher holes that lead to secret passages. The main hazards are
cactuses and bones (don't touch these) and also rolling rocks. There are lots
of places to explore but you should be careful not to run out of time.

Special Stage Locations

Chapter 7

At the end of the level, go up a hill past a restart point and kill an egg -
throwing Woolie. Head up and left and glide to a lone platform with a door. Go
through it; head right for a continue (you have to push the crate onto the
bones and then jump up and across). Re - enter the door to reach the special

Chapter 8

Go right, avoiding the cacti and you will see three Gopher Holes. Enter the
middle one and go down and left (beware of the shark) and through the door.
Glide right to reach a ladder. At the top jump to the platform with arrows on
and head left across a series of platforms. Climb the ladder and kill the
Woolie at the top. Jump left to the door and enter it.

Chapter 9

Gard to describe, but go right until you find three balls rolling around all at
once. Right of this there should be a  cliff. You land right of a door. Go up
and right to a reastart point, then go down and you will see a wall on the left
you can run into and you reach a hill you can slide down. Slide left and enter
an area with skulls (don't touch) and stagmites. If you jump high enough you
will reach a passage overhead. Go right and find a door to the special stage.


This is different. Just one spaceship appears, but it is bigger and drops
Woolies. Kill the Woolies and the ship; you beat the level only when every
Wollie is killed, in addition to the ship, which takes FOUR hits to kill.

Area 4: Canada

Includes -

Chapter 10: Beavery Careful (groan)
Chapter 11: Rock Around the Croc
Chapter 12: Claws For Alarm

I'm not sure if it is meant to be Canada, but it looks like it is (and it has
beavers). Anyway, this is perhaps the toughest section of the game as there are
millions of ways to die, not least drowning in the water (even standing in it
when it is up to your ankles will kill you). You can also be attacked by a sea
creature, flying paddle or hit one of the spiky trees or beds of spikes. Some
switches (run into these to throw them) will lower the water temporarily, but
it is safest to take the route along the top of the level.

Special Stage Locations

Chapter 10

Make your way to the very end of the level and you will see a door to the left
of the end of level marker. Enter it and you will be warped back a considerable
distance. Re - enter and repeat until you find yourself entering the Special

Chapter 11

Very hard to explain, but take the top route straight away and go along the
waterslides. Keep jumping and you should find a door with a restart point by
it. Go through it to another door; go through this and kill the bveaver to the
right (this is hard to do). Go right until you find a restart point and lever.
This lowers the water. Go down and head left, killing flying flish (who still
behave like there's water there) and starfish and jump over spikes until you
reach a door. This takes you to a door that you can't get to by any other means
at it is surrounded by deadly thorns. Get the continue and re - enter to find
the special stage.

Chapter 12

There's a section with several branching waterslides. I'm not quite sure how I
got there, but by jumping past that bit you should find a door nearby, which
leads to another door with a 1 up above it. Re - enter for the Special Stage
(terrible directions, I know).
Okay, easier way; go along the bottom until you find two moths (or whatever
they're meant to be) andglide down to the door nearby; this leads to the same
door I mentioned above.


This is a nightmare as you're on a raft floating on the water, that you cannot
control. A spaceship appears and drops missiles at you. Dispose of it FAST. The
best technique is to wait until it goes under once and flies to the left. The
raft goes right. As it returns, over thje waater, jump up and start gliding and
hit it four times. It you take too long its missiles will destroy your raft (it
slowly loses segments).
N.B. If you run to the end of the level with the water lowered, you'll hear a
glitchy sound and the water will automatically rise with a raft for you to
stand on and the boss will appear.

Area 5: The Jungle

Includes -

Chapter 13: Eye of the Bobcat
Chapter 14: No Time To Paws
Chapter 15: Lethal Woolie

This is one of the best levels in the game; climb through the tree tops to
reach the end. For some reason this level makes me think of Predator and
Apocalypse Now. On Chapter 13, if you fall out of the trees, you will have to
run along to the left and climb up again. On Chapters 14 and 15, falling too
far is fatal as there is no ground. There are some annoying baddies that jump
around on platforms overhead so look before you leap. Spider's webs can be used
as springs.

Special Stage Locations

Chapter 13

Wow, this was easy to find. Go up into the treesat your first chance and kill
the spiders. Head right, under a spider's web and enter the door ahead of you.

Chapter 14

This one is about halfway through the level; it's just right of a spider's web
which has a 1 up over it.

Chapter 15

Another easy one. Go straight up and you come to some vines. Go up them and to
the left and you see a door. Go in and get the yarn balls when you come out,
then re - enter and you find the special stage.


This is TOUGH. Two large spaceships appear and drop giant yarn balls (no, you
can't collect these) and also bees. I usually rely on luck here.

Area 6 - The Woolie Spaceship

Includes -

Chapter 16: A Farewell To Woolies

The best level of the game! This level does not have the multiple routes that
appear in others, so I can provide a full walkthrough.

Go up the ramp and kill the Woolies (how come they need spacesuits and Bubsy
doesn't???) There are a few overhead missiles watch out for. At the end of the
corridor, go up and head left, entering the teleporter like you would a door.
In the next room activate the restart point and jump over the flashing red
chamber - its deadly. At the end of this corridor is the first bubble gun -
toting Woolie. You need a well timed running jump to kill this one, then take
out the spaceship and enter the teleport. Jump over to the switch and
immediately jump back. Enter the teleporter for the final special stage.
When you leave the stage, enter the telporter again and return to the chamber
you couldn't enter before. The red light is gone so you can go in. Continue on
through the teleport again and drop down the hole; head left using springs for
a Wool Gas Matron and then glide down to the next switch. Go right and use the
spring to enter the next section of the spaceship and kill the Woolie and hit
the next switch (on the left). This allows the next teleporter to be
accessible. Run right and jump on the floating blue platform. Before it falls
away, take out the spaceship and the Woolie and then collect all the yarn
balls. Enter the teleporter after hitting the switch that opens the way ahead,
but unfortunately brings three Woolies out of  cryogenic suspension. They have
lightning guns which they will attempt to kill you with. Once you've killed
them collect all items and then head upwards, avoiding stray cheese.and kill
some more lightning gun Woolies.  Enter a teleporter, which takes you to a room
containing a restart point. Re - enter and you will reach a room with some
tacks and a yarn crate; the teleporter will then take you to a room with a
Woolie and Wool Gas Matron. In the next room, head right and down, killing a
Woolie with a lightning gun, then drop down. Kill the spaceship and jump on the
moving platform, killing the Woolie with the bubble gun, and his companion and
pulling another switch to allow you to progress. Make your way along the
corridor, taking a detour to get a 2 up, guarded by a Woolie with another
bubble gun. Kill two more and enter the last teleporter, then hit the last
restart point. Ahead are three Woolies, at different levels - two with bubble
guns and one with a lightning gun, whom you must take out individually buy
jumping just high enough, then gliding (to avoid being hit by the one above).
Then run along the corridor, killing spaceships. Get the 1 up and face the
final boss.

Special Stage Location

See the walkthrough above.

Final Boss

The final boss is the two - headed Woolie leader and he is hard! He will float
across screen, throwing bananas, organges and cheese at you. Jump at him and
hit him on the head, avoiding his laser shield and land on the other side of
the room. Keep doing this and he speeds up. I have only beaten this boss once.

5 Passwords

Chapter 2: CKBGMM
Chapter 3: SCTWMN
Chapter 4: MKBRLN
Chapter 5: LBLNRD
Chapter 6: JMDKRK
Chapter 7: STGRTN
Chaper 8: SBBSHC
Chapter 9: DBKRRB
Chapter 10: MSFCTS
Chapter 11: KMGRBS
Chapter 12: SLJMBG
Chapter 13: TGRTVN
Chapter 14: CCLDSL
Chapter 15: BTCLMB
Chapter 16: STCJDH

END. See above for e - mail address.

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