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Guide and Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/07/2016

Version 1.3 1/7/2016

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Aviary Attorney
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2016

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Walkthrough
003.  Walkthrough
  003a. Case One: A Cat with Claws
  003b. Case Two: A Fox among Wolves
  003c. Case Three: The Sleeping City
  003d. Case Four A: Liberté
  003e. Case Four B: Égalité
  003f. Case Four C: Fraternité
004.  Credits

001.  General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called "Aviary 
Attorney". This game is about bird lawyers, in France in 
1848. To contact me about this guide, use my email address, 

Thanks to jgs, for drawing the ASCII Art picture, at the 
top of this guide.

002.  Video Walkthrough

Do you want to see a video of how to beat the game, rather 
than read how to do it? You're in luck! I made a video 
walkthrough for this game, which can be found here:


The videos come complete with my live commentary.

003.  Walkthrough

003a.  Case One: A Cat with Claws

Day One

The game begins on Jan 1, 1848. Our lawyer heroes, Jayjay 
Falcon and Sparrowson, have been hired to defend a 
bourgeois kitten named Dame Caterline, who is being accused 
of murder.

Go to La Conciergie to meet her. Talk to her about 
everything to get the details of the case.

Her father, Baron Rorguiel and Grenwee are all business 
partners. They had dinner together, a photograph was taken, 
and not long after, Dame Caterline discovered Grenwee's 
dead body in the garden. The dinner was a bloody rare 
steak, served without any utensils.

Day Two

On Day Two, you can either go to the estate where the 
murder took place, or you can visit the photographer's 

Outside the estate, you meet some poor kangaroos. You can 
choose to give them money.

At the estate, you can pretend to be police investigators, 
if you wish. The Baron generously gives you full reign of 
the estate, which is made up of three areas.

First, the garden. You want to examine the fountain here to 
find part of a cigar. This is added to your evidence. You 
can also examine the stairs and the horse statues.

Next, the lounge. The maid, Couline, steals something right 
before you arrive. Ask her about the photograph, and she 
notes that a clock without any hands was in the photo. Ask 
her if anything is wrong, and you can confront her about 
her thieving ways. If you do not, she will confess to 
stealing the silverware as you leave.

Finally, the main hall. You must visit the other two 
places, before visiting here. You can talk to the Baron 
about his housemaid and reveal that she is a thief. You can 
talk to the Baron about the night of the murder, but if you 
accuse him of being the murderer, he kicks you out.

Day Three

On Day Three, you visit the location you did not visit on 
Day Two, which is either the estate or the artist's studio. 
Robittio de Robinio is not here right now. You can either 
respect the note he left, or you can break into his studio 
and get a copy of the photograph that he took.

Day Four

On Day Four, go to the Palais de Justice to start the 
trial! Inspector Volerti is the first witness, and he is a 
hard-nosed rooster who has the utmost respect for enforcing 
the law. He testifies that Dame Caterline was found 
standing near the corpse, with blood on her paws.

During the cross-examination, ask about the bloodied paws, 
then ask whose blood it was. Claim that you have reason to 
believe the blood was not the victim's, then present the 
bloody steak. Perhaps the blood on her paws came from her 
meal! Volerti admits this is possible, but Rabbington the 
prosecutor claims it is not, since Caterline would never 
eat with her paws. Present the missing silverware to prove 
she had no other choice.

The second witness is the photographer. He presents the 
photograph, which proves that everyone except the defendant 
and the victim had an alibi for the time of the murder. If 
you stole a photograph earlier from Robinio, you'll notice 
that the photograph presented in court has been altered.

Ask about the photograph, then say you see a mistake. 
Select the clock, then present the clock with the missing 
hands. Why is it that the clock has no hands in real life, 
but it has hands in the photograph? Robinio confesses that 
he altered the photograph, on someone else's orders.

The baron comes in to testify about the murder. Ask about 
the garden and ask him when he last visited it. The Baron 
lies and says he has not been there in years. Say he is 
lying and present the cigar to prove that he was in the 

Baron Rorgueil tries to cover his lie, by saying he DID go 
to the garden after the murder. Falcon presses the matter, 
because the cigar butt was deliberately hidden. Almost like 
Rorgueil committed murder, and was trying to cover his 

Falcon gives an impressive speech, which outlines 
Rorgueil's means, motive and opportunity. Rorgueil's 
violent reaction convinces the jury that he is the 
murderer, and Dame Caterline is cleared of all charges.
After the trial, our heroes celebrate and Dame Caterline 
confesses the truth about what happened on the night of the 

003b.  Case Two: A Fox among Wolves

Falcon hasn't shown up to work in some time. Choose to look 
for him, at the Baron's chateau. The maid tells you that 
Falcon is at Le Canard Joyeux. Go there, and go to the 
drinking room to find Falcon. Pour a drink on his head to 
wake him up.

A mouse named Mousey arrives at the offices, and he asks 
you to defend his friend, Prince Juan Querido of Spain. The 
Prince has been accused of murder.

Go to La Conciergie, to meet with the fox, Prince Juan. Ask 
him about the murder to learn that a Major Howl died from 
poison, shortly after pricking his finger on the prince's 
rose. Ask about his book, to get a copy of it. Ask why he 
is in France, to learn more about his background as a 

The trial is in six days, and there are three lines of 
inquiry to follow: Prince Juan's background, the scene of 
the crime, and the woman who sold the rose.


At the Louvre, you meet Séverin Cocorico, the rooster 
prosecutor who is something of a rival to JayJay. 
Sparrowson takes Cocorico's map at the Louvre, as Cocorico 

Visit the garden in the Louvre to meet with Robinio, who is 
working as a groundskeeper. Ask about his groundskeeping 
duties, to learn he found a page from Prince Juan's book. 
Promise to talk to Judge Maxime, in order to get the page 
as evidence.

Go the Salle and examine the urn on the left for a 
chocolate wrapper, eaten on the day of the murder. Go to 
the Grand Gallerie, and a porcupine gives you the calling 
card of a private investigator.

Go to the Place, in order to leave the Louvre.


To learn about Prince Juan's background, you should go to 
La Canard Joyeux. Go to the drinking room and ask about 
Prince Juan. The people there tell you to visit a library. 
Go to the entrance and leave. Then, go to the library and 
talk to the librarian about the Spanish royalty. The 
librarian reveals that Prince Juan is a fraud.

Return to the prison, and you can talk to Prince Juan about 
his real identity. He explains that he faked the identity--
and took the blame for the murder--in order to help a poor 
woman who was being blackmailed. He asks you to talk to 
Mousey, about the birds flying south for the winter.

Provided that you have met the porcupine in the Louvre, you 
can go to the R&M offices, and tell this to Mousey. In 
return, he gives you two train tickets, showing that two 
members of the Cynge family have gone to Vienna.


To meet the girl who sold the murderous rose, go to Les 
Halles market. She is a swan named Cynge. If you talk to 
her about Prince Juan, you shouldn't pressure her, or she 
ends the conversation early and leaves. When the 
conversation ends, you can buy some flowers from her, if 
you so wish.


On Monday, January 17, the trial begins! It is possible to 
lose the trial, because you did not collect the correct 
evidence while investigating. In this case, the evidence 
you want is the chocolate wrapper and the book page from 
the Louvre.

A wolf named Judge Romulus is running the trial today. The 
first witness is Inspector Volerti. Ask about poisoning, 
then ask how he was poisoned. Say that the pricked finger 
has no relation to the poisoning. As it turns out, the 
police did not test the rose for poison, and the rose has 
been destroyed. So we don't know for sure if the rose was 
the murder weapon. Present the chocolate wrapper here, as a 
possible means of poisoning someone.

The second witness is a kingfisher named Toussaint. He 
claims to have seen Prince Juan, acting suspicious on the 
day of the murder. Ask about the Pont des Arts, then ask 
which entrances to the Louvre can be seen from there.

Ask if Prince Juan used another entrance. Say he used the 
garden entrance from the left. Present the book page to 
prove that he did.

Trial ends shortly after this, as you have run out of the 
time. Judge Romulus says it will continue, in three days.


The investigation here is the same as the previous 
investigation section, and you can continue investigating 
things from the first investigation.

The one exception is the Choclat Emporium, which appears 
once you find the chocolate bar in the Louvre. Go there, 
and ask the elephant who purchased the chocolate bar. The 
buyer was Judge Romulus! It's impossible to make this 
deduction in the first investigation section, since you 
haven't met Judge Romulus yet. The elephant gives you a 
receipt for the chocolate, written in distinctive green 

On the 20th, Sparrowson foolishly eats the chocolate bar 
wrapper, in order to prove it was poisoned. His plan works. 
Not long after, the culprit attacks Falcon and throws him 
in the Seine.

Falcon wakes up, with the culprit's pen in his pocket. He 
shows up late to the trial. The Judge wants to end the 
trial early, but the king is here to testify. You can't 
disappoint the king, can you?

Ask about the Salle du Tibre, ask what he saw there, and 
ask him to elaborate. He says a swan offered him some 
chocolates. Suggest that the swan is Mademoiselle Cygne. 
The victim ate this chocolate, but the court does not like 
the insinuation that Cygne is the murderer.

Sparrowson arrives just in time, with the evidence that the 
chocolate was poisoned. This evidence is a doctor's note. 
Sparrowson also bring Cygne into the court, and she gives a 
full confession.

You can end the case here, or you can continue to find out 
the truth. The Judge gives you a chance to show something 
to Cygne. Show her the train tickets, which prove that her 
parents are okay. She now feels safe, accusing her 
blackmailer: Judge Romulus!

Support her story, by presenting the receipt. The receipt 
directly ties Judge Romulus to the crime and the poisoned 
chocolates. Judge Romulus tries to claim the receipt 
belongs to someone use. Present his distinctive green pen, 
to prove that he is the one who bought the chocolates and 
signed for them.

Judge Romulus confesses, and the king has him arrested.

003c.  Case 3: The Sleeping City

Inspector Volerti summons Falcon and Cocorico to the 
Bastille. He wants you to work on a special case. 
Revolutionaries are in the city, and they are working with 
someone known as the Croque-Monsieur. Your job is to find 
the rebels and the Croque-Monsieur.

Agree to work on the case, and you are paid fifty francs up 
front. Alternately, refuse to work on the case, then ask 
for money to barter for more money. Even if you refuse to 
work on the case twice, Falcon decides to investigate on 
his own. 


Like the previous case, you can pursue the various 
investigations in any order.


To find the Croque-Monsieur, go to R&M. Ask Vulpes about 
the Croque-Monsieur, and pay them thirty francs to find 
this arms dealer. It will take at least three days.

While you're waiting, go to Le Canard and visit the 
drinking floor. Ask about the Croque-Monsieur, then ask 
about Fontaine's weapon. He will give you a book, 
containing the secret passphrase that lets you speak with 
the Croque-Monsieur.

To get the passphrase, go to Notre Dame. There is a friar 
here named Remus, who is the brother of Judge Romulus. Ask 
him to look at the book, and he says the secret phrase is 

That took three days, so return to Vulpes. He says that the 
Croque-Monsieur appears on Fridays, on the Rue des 
Marmousets. You need the password to meet with him.

The way the calendar works out, the only day you can meet 
with the Croque-Monsieur is on Friday, February 4. Give him 
the password, and ask about the rebels. Cocorico shows up 
at the wrong moment. Croque-Monsieur runs away.

Cocorico asks if Falcon ever changed his name, which Falcon 

There are two pieces of evidence to collect here. There is 
a receipt which the Croque-Monsieur dropped, and there are 
pieces of glass from the broken street lamp. The receipt 
mentions the Sleeping City. You can go to the library to 
learn that the Sleeping City are the underground catacombs. 
You can go to Notre Dame and ask about the catacombs, but 
the friar refuses to help you. Sparrowson steals a fountain 
pen from the friar, which is added to evidence.

A Familiar Face

Go to the Louvre to see Judge Romulus, who appears to be 
talking to people about the Cult of Reason. Enter the Grand 
Galerie and ask about the cultist to learn that Romulus is 
going by the name Silvius nowdays. You get a cult guide, 
signed by Silvius.

Sparrowson's Hospital Bill

The third line of investigation is paying Sparrowson's 
hospital bill. Go to the hospital, and the doctor offers 
you a discount if you collect on an inventor's bill.

Visit the inventor at the Atelier, and he offers to build a 
fantastic device. First, he needs a copper pot and string. 
You can buy these at Les Halles. Alternately, you can buy 
fishing line string from Toussaint at the Pont des Arts, or 
offer him chocolates as bait for the fishing line string.

Return to the inventor, and he gives you a device which 
finds and extracts bullets.

End Investigation

There is more to investigate, if you want. The evidence you 
need are the inventor's explorer-extractor device, the 
broken streetlamp, the fountain pen and the signed cult 

Investigation ends on Wednesday, February 9th. On this day, 
the Croque-Monsieur is murdered, while Cocorico is nearby.

Falcon's reaction will depend on your evidence. If you have 
all four pieces of evidence, he is confident of saving 
Cocorico. If you do not, he is sure that Cocorico will die.

Go to the Rue des Marmousets, and examine the blood. It 
leads to Notre Dame. It goes to the entrance to the 
underground catacombs, which is guarded by Kwark. You can 
bribe him with chocolate from the chocolate store, you can 
pay him money, or you can threaten physical violence. 
Either way, he lets you go to the catacombs.

In the catacombs, go through the breezy passage and the 
passage with light. The rebels are here! They are Fontaine 
the hunting dog, Pierro the parrot, Friar Remus and a 
lioness named Beaumort. She wants to shoot Cocorico, as he 
prosecuted her father many years ago.

There are three ways this can end! First, you can stay 
silent twice. When this happens, Cocorico is killed and 
Falcon leaves. This puts you into Case 4a.

Second, you can speak up and start a trial, to see if 
Cocorico killed the Croque-Monsieur. If you win the trial, 
this puts you into Case 4b. If you lose the trial, this 
puts you into Case 4c.

Falcon acts as the defense attorney in this trial. Beaumort 
is acting as prosecutor and jury, while Remus acts as 
judge. Pierro is the first witness.

Question the fact that Pierro saw the crime as clear as 
day. Point out that it was nighttime. Say it would have 
been too dark to see. Present the glass shards to prove 
that the lamps were not lit that night.

Fontaine testifies about the guns found at the crime scene. 
Ask about the Croque-Monsieur's Turnover pistol, then ask 
about the ammunition. The pistol has two bullets, both 
minié-balls. Ask where the other bullet is. They don't 
know, so suggest that the bullet is inside the real 
murderer. Present the explorer-extractor as a way to find a 
bullet inside the murderer's body. Use the minié ball to 
demonstrate how it works.

Falcon tries the device on three people, to no avail. 
Falcon is given a chance to name the real murderer, here. 
Pick Judge Romulus, who is hiding in the catacombs. As 
proof, Sparrowson presents a pamphlet found in the 
catacombs. Prove this is Romulus' pamphlet, by presenting 
the signed cult guide, then by presenting the fountain pen.

The rebels find Romulus, AKA Silvius, inside the catacombs, 
and the explorer-extractor finds a bullet inside of him. 
Extract the bullet to prove it is a minié-ball. Beaumort 
lets our heroes leave with Cocorico, as Cocorico did not 
shoot the Croque-Monsieur.

003d.  Case 4a: Liberté

Sparrowson is turned into a prosecutor, and he is asked to 
prosecute Beaumort. There are three charges: killing 
Cocorico, planning a revolution, and killing Dame Caterline 
in an explosion.

You can go to the jail or the place where Caterline was 

At the crime scene, you can purchase a photograph for 20 
francs. The photo was taken near the time of the explosion. 
Sparrowson goes outside, where you can find a note from 
Falcon inside the fountain.

At the jail, you can read Beaumort the charges against her. 
She has no idea who Dame Caterline is, but she seems to be 
fine with taking the fall for this crime.
Place where killed—buy a photograph for 20 francs. Go 
outside. A note from falcon is inside the fountain.

After visiting both places, the trial begins. Sparrowson 
wants to look into the bombing and murder of Dame 
Caterline. Inspector Volerti testifies, and he presents a 
burned piece of paper. The name on it is partially visible, 
and he believes it is "Fontaine and Pierro".

You can question the torn corner of the poster, and present 
the message from Falcon to indicate that the message was 
torn from the poster. You get to indicate who the culprit 

Alternately, question the fact that Faontain and Pierro 
wrote the poster. Present the photograph or the message 
from Falcon to show someone else was at the crime scene. 
You get to indicate who the culprit is.

The trial is interrupted at this point, and everyone flees. 
Sparrowson tells Volerti about Falcon's connection to the 
Viridian Killer. A duel ensues. You can choose when Volerti 
turns and shoots during the duel.

The next day, Sparrowson and Falcon talk, near the 

003e.  Case 4b: Égalité

In order to stave off the inevitable rebellion, our heroes 
decide to put the king on trial. They go to the royal 
palace, but the king throws our heroes in jail.

You can look for an escape route in the cell, but there is 
none. Cocorico shows up at this point, and he lets you out 
of jail. He agrees to help with the trial.

You have six days to find evidence, and six places to 

At R&M, you learn that the king gave financial advice to 
the poor and needy. Kind of.

At the Palace of Justice, Judge Maxime agrees to help with 
the trial. He also reveals the name of Falcon's famous 

At Pont des Arts, you learn that the king supports the 
local fishing industry. Kind of.

At the library, you learn that the king is a well-read and 
intelligent man. Kind of.

At Les Halles, you learn that the king cheated a poor 
family, by taking their most valuable product and giving 
them a foreign coin in return.

At Le Canard, you can find Volerti in the drinking room. He 
is quite drunk, but not drunk enough that he agrees to help 
with the plan of putting the king on trial.

The investigation is interrupted, when a mob forms sooner 
than expected. Enter the royal palace and tell the king 
there is a trial he must attend. Then go to the Palace of 

The king's trial is swift. The first accusation is that the 
king mistreats the poor. Present Reynard's story to 
disprove this charge. Kind of.

The next charge is crushing small businesses. Present 
Toussaint's story, to disprove this charge. Kind of.

The final charge is that the king is a fool. Present 
Neighthan's story, to disprove this charge. Kind of.

The king is found guilty and sentenced to be exiled, just 
as the rebels arrive. Various scenes follow, and the game 
ends with Falcon and Sparrowson at the Aviary Attorney 
003f.  Case 4c: Fraternité

The rebels have Sparrowson and Falcon with them. You want 
to create a distraction, so Sparrowson can escape. After 
that, Beaumort decides to not let Falcon out of her sight 
for a minute.

You follow Beaumort the next few days. At the Palais-Royal, 
she wonders if violence is inevitable. At the Tuilieres 
Garden, she wonders how to get a large crowd through here.

At the Les Halles market, you learn about the murder of an 
innocent rat, at the hands of a corrupt police officer. 
Reynard is investigating the case, so visit him. He charges 
30 francs, to know what Sparrowson asked him. Sparrowson 
asked if Falcon is the Viridian Killer, which prompts a 
conversation about this killer. 

On the last day, you can go to the Pont des Arts. The 
revolution begins here. Beaumort wants to start peacefully, 
but the wolves want violence, so they kill a woman and 
frame Volerti for it.

Examine the body to find a bloody handprint on the back. 
Examine the wound to get the bullet, although that is not 
necessary. Then, begin a short trial for the death of the 

Question the fact that the woman was shot, point-blank, 
through the chest. Say she was shot in the back, then say 
it does matter. Present the bloody handprint to prove the 
murderer was close to the victim, at the time of the 

Volerti is exonerated of this murder, but Beaumort brings 
up the murder of the rat at Les Halles. Present the 
eyepatch, to show that someone was trying to frame Volerti.

Remus is caught, and you have the chance to kill or spare 
him. Either way, Remus is tricky and starts the revolution 
with a gunshot. Sparrowson moves to Vienna, whereas the 
fate of Flacon and Beaumort is unknown. 

005.  Credits

This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2016.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).

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