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Guide and Walkthrough by anarcho_selmiak

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 05/21/2017

 M...:..MMMP.... MMM' ,.    'MbM'            'M'     'M'     'M'   'M. M'    'M
 M      MMP      MMP  MMt    1MM              M.      M       M     :MMP ..  MP
 M      MM      dMM' .MM5    :MM              M.  ..  M  ...  M:.... MM.....7M 
 M    . MP     ,M M   @MM:    MMMMMb      dMMMM   ..  M  .... MB..::.MM.::.:M' 
 M      M'    ,M  M  .MMMM    MM   M      M   M   ..  M  .....MMb::::7M::::MP  
 M  ... '     MM ;M  7MMMP    :M   M      M   M  ..   M ....:.M'M::::::::::M   
 M   ..      :M  MP   8MMM:    M   M   .. M   M  ..... ..:::::M 1M::::::::MP   
 M  ...      :M  M:   :MMMP.   M;  M. .   M   M  ......:::::::M  M::::::::M    
 M .::......  tM M    :MMMM.   MM  M. ..  M   M  :::.:M..:::::M  1M::::::MP    
 M:::...M....  MMM    iMMM .   :M  M. ... M   M...:...M..:::::M   M::::::B     
 M  .:. Mb ... 'MM   .M.,M  .   M  M. .:: M   M....:::M.::::::M   M::::::M     
 M ..:. MM .,.  MM   M:  M ...,,Mb M::::: M   M:..::::M:::::::M   M::::::M     
 M .... MMb ..  'M  7M:MMMMMMMMMMi M...::.M   M:.:::::M:::::::M   M::::::M     
 M......MMM . .     8M. 1MMMMMP' M M. ... M   M:.....:M:::::::M   M::::::M     

          dMMMMMMMMMMMMbu   .dMMMMMMMb.   dMMMMMMbdMMMMMMb dMMMMMb             
          M             Mu  M .:,:::.,M   M..::..MM ....:M M...::M             
          M   .  ,.      MMMP .::::::..M  M.::: .MM .::..tMM..:::M             
          M  ... MM:     :MM..:::::::, M  M::::..MM .:::..MM .:::M             
          M ...  MM;  ..::MM .:::;;::::Mb M:::...MM .::.. 'M.::::M             
          M  ... MM' ...:dMP ::::tt::::tM.M::::..MM ...:...::::::M             
          M......   :::::MMP.::::MM:::::MMM.:::..MM ..::::::::.::M             
          M..::::,,..:::MMMt::::;MM;::::7MM..... MM :::::::::::::M             
          M::::::MM::::::MM:::::dMMb::::tMM .::..MM :.:::::::::::M             
          M::::::MM:::::::M::::::::::::::8M.::...MM ::..Mt:::::::M             
          M::::::MM:::::::P::::::::::::::7M.:::..MM .:..MM;::::::M             
          M::::::MM:::::::t::;;:;MM;:::::tM::.:..MM  .: MMb::::::M             
          M:::::;MM;::::::::::::dMMb::::::M::::::MM .:. MMM::::::M             

                               FAQ / WALKTHROUGH

                        ---+---{(( FOREWORD ))}---+---                          

Kathy Rain is your detective game set in the 90s without cellphones and inter-
net but with a lot of talk and follwing clues. It is very moody (exactly my 
mood!) and beautifully painted. The pixelart characters by Shane Stevens are 
absolutely fantastic, the background by Nauris Krauze non the less.
The voiceacting is pretty good and directed by Wadjet Eye Game's Dave Gilbert 
who already released various adventure games with this voiceacting like 
Shardlight and Technobabylon.
Everything else, like the coding of the whole game and the cool puzzles and the 
very interesting writing that draws you in from the very first minute is 
handled by Joel Staaf Hästö and his one man indie dev studio Clifftopgames. And 
just for your interest, after playing Kathy Rain, check out Joel's new game 
called Whispers of a Machine! (formerly known as God's Algorithm)

Now play the game and investigate what mysterious things happened to your 
granddad all these years ago! 


                    ---+---{(( TABLE OF CONTENT ))}---+---

       [AA]     Foreword
       [BB]     Table of Content

       [WT]     Walkthrough

       [WT.01]    Day 1
       [WT.02]    Day 2
       [WT.03]    Day 3
       [WT.04]    Day 4
       [WT.05]    Day 5

       [CC]     Steam Achievements
       [DD]     Credits / Thanks / Legal

I have implemented a search system into this text file.
Use  Ctrl+F in your browser and enter the code with bracket to quickly jump to 
the desired chapter.

                       ---+---{(( WALKTHROUGH ))}---+---  

                          ---+---{(( Day 1 ))}---+---

So Kathy comes home and is a bit drunk. Her roommate doesn't let her sleep and 
tells her that her grandpa just died. So Kathy better falls asleep now. The 
next day you turn off that annoying alarmclock and then leave for the funeral.

Kathy Rain comes home to her birthplace after a long time to bury her granddad. 
Just walk over to the burial and listen to the calming words of the priest. 
After the ceremony talk to Mrs. Rain, your grandmother. After getting familiar 
with her you have a new spot on your map, the Rain Residence. After rejecting 
the priest pick up your bike and ride to your grandmother's house.

Enter the living room and listen to your grandmother's stories. This is all 
important backstory for the plot and your investigations so get familiar with 
the controls when investigating. Just check off the topics you want to know 
more about on Kathy's notepad. To be in the know you should check out every 
topic. But then, you are reading this great walkthrough, so I will guide you to 
the right places anyways...
After asking Grandma everything about the incident the Sheriff's Station gets 
added to your destinations, so you should go there and investigate further 
about what happened to Grandpa.

At the Sheriff's Station you sadly can't just walk in on the Sheriff but have 
to deal with Lenny Marks before. So ask him about the incident in 81 before he 
refers you to the Sheriff. Now it is getting interesting. The Sheriff is a 
grumpy tough guy, but talk to him anyways. Ask if you can see the police report 
and get rejected, no matter what you say. Lenny won't help you here, not even 
when you talk to him directly. As Kathy says, you have to take matter into your 
own hands.

So open that double door in the background and get through it. Kathy has such 
good timing, she only enters once Lenny turns around and talks to the Sheriff 
and can't see you entering the jail.
Behind the double doors in the Sheriff's station is a bum who has very bad 
excuses, but also bad hearing. So first turn off that small TV, so he can hear 
you. Talk to him and ask him to distract Lenny. Leave the jail and Lenny will 
go away to look after his guest now. In the meantime we can scan those files 
behind his desk and read about some mysterious happenings some years ago in 
which Grandpa Rain was involved. The tape grandpa had with him should be 
useful, so Kathy already has that key to the locker where it is now.
Enter the jail the same way you did before while Lenny is talking to the 
Sheriff and open those evidence lockers on the right end of the room. Use the 
dictaphone and listen to your granddad's thoughts. He mentions the attic, so 
the attic gets added to your list of topics and Kathy should get back to the 
Rain Residence.

Ask Grandma if you can take a look at the attic and she will lead you upstairs. 
Try to switch on the light or take a look at the lightbulb to find out it is 
burnt out. Get downstairs and take the lightbulb from that table lamp next to 
the telephone. Back in the attic use the new bulb with the broken one to 
replace it and finally turn on the light. Take that book about maths and take a 
look at it.
Remember what your granddad said on the tape. The perfect bouquet consists of 
three red roses, a blue violet and two yellow tulips.
The colors of the flowers are the colors of the bookmarks and the number is the 
number of numbers you take from these pages. Combined these numbers form the 
combination of the locked briefcase on the left end of the attic. Got it? No? 
You want the perfect solution while reading this solution without using your 
head a little bit. Okay then, you asked for it, just use 235131 as a 
combination on the briefcase.
Open it and take the envelope with you. Curious as we are we take a look at 
that envelope now. You find 2 pictures, a newspaper clipping, a key and a tape.
Take a look at the Photo of Soldiers to find out about the McConnell Airforce 
Base and take some notes about it on your notepad.
Also check out the newspaper clipping to read about the drowned teenage girl 
and take some notes about this too. That poor girl will keep us occupied for 
some time now.
Finally put the new tape you found into the Dictaphone to hear some old 
messages from the Rains' answering machine. Besides Kathy's mom screaming on it 
someone called Cocky called, so Kathy also takes notes of him.

Get back downstairs and talk to grandma again. Talk about everything with her 
and especially about this Cocky person. She gives you the clue it might be an 
Airforce call sign, so maybe we should investigate the airforce base now. Get 
out of the living room and use the phone and phonebook. In the close up view of 
the phone search the phonebook for the number of the McConnell Airforce Base. 
And now of course use the phone to call the McConnell Airforce Base. Talk to 
the soldier all you want, but especially ask him about the Cocky callsign. This 
gives you a hint to the rich Charles Wade. But investigating further from here 
is no good.

So we better just head off to the cemetery again. There is a little boy hanging 
around here. Talk to him. He is not that talkative. A bit like Kathy herself... 
He claims his mother is around somewhere, but only Kathy is here... As soon as 
you get away from him and come back he will be mysteriously gone. But since we 
are here already we should take a look at all these graves around here. 
Especially the one tombstone exactly to the left of the mausoleum. This is the 
grave of Lily Myers. The dates fits, she is the girl that drowned and is 
mentioned in that newspaper article.

Get to the police station instead now and ask Goober, the bum in jail, to 
distract that poor Lenny again just like you did before. Then use Lenny's phone 
to call the McConnell Airforce Base again. This time ask the soldier about 
Charles Wade and pretend to be a cop. He sees on his side that you call from 
the Sheriff's Office and thinks you are indeed a cop and answers you. Act as if 
he was sexist towards you and he will tell you everything. He will give you the 
number of Charles Wade. And you should call this number now, but the woman at 
the other end of the line is not very friendly and doesn't want to talk to you.
And since we know the name of the drowned girl we can snoop around in the files 
some more and find out more about Lily Myers and the circumstances of her 
And who else could know more than grandma. Go to the Rain Residence and ask 
grandma about Lily Myers. Of course she remembers the whole family and tells 
your everything about their tragedy. Now we only need to find out where the 
Myers family lives. So just get to the telephone and look up their address in 
the phonebook.

Now we pay a visit to the Myers family at the new location on the map called 
Lakeside Cabin. Knock on the door and talk to Mrs. Myers. She is a bit pissed 
but also talks a bit before closing the door on you. But we haven't found out 
something new yet, so knock on the door again but don't talk to her, rather 
offer her some cigarettes via the pack in your inventory. After they have a 
smoke together Kathy can enter the cabin at the lakeside and also meet Nathan, 
the special kid. But we now rather want to talk to Mrs. Myers again.
Take a seat on the couch and talk about everything. That weirdo art collector 
is added to Kathy's list instantly, but you should investigate further. Ask her 
about that art collector and then show her the photo of the soldiers and she 
will pin down the art collector as Charles Wade. In case you haven't called the 
Wade Residence yet, do so now from wherever you find a telephone.

Afterwards you go home to your flat and your roommate annoys you. After some 
sleep and a nightmare about abortion (does this have anything to do with the 
little boy on the cemetery?) it's a new day to go investigating.

                          ---+---{(( Day 2 ))}---+---

After waking up on day 2 and deciding what not to do today we should find out 
what to do today. Take a look at the computer to get the number of Eileen's 
hacker friend and get a clue about the login details we need.
But first we call Dave via the phone and try to convince him to give us some 
hacker software. Suddenly an envelope gets dropped off at the door. Open the 
envelope and read the instructions at the back of the floppy disc to know what 
you are doing and to get Clyde's number.

Easy, just cram the disc into the computer and start it. Use the first option 
to crash the master boot record (MBR). Then call Clyde and ask him for help 
with the computer. He will be there in no time, but he wants you to log in and 
doesn't want to log in himself. So we have to fail hard at this. Eileen's 
username is esummers, as her full name is Eileen Mildred Summers and Clyde 
tells you via the phone that you use the first letter of the first name and 
then the surname. Just type it in and type in some wrong password 4 times and 
you are totally logged out from this machine. Gladly Clyde is already around 
and can help...
As soon as Clyde is gone put in that mean hacker disc again and boot up the PC. 
Use the second option: Extract admin password. Username is admin, password is 
gadget. Nice.
Now Exit and shutdown the PC and immediately restart it (without the bootdisc). 
Use the admin login details to gain access to the network settings. Browse 
through these settings to find Dorm B Port 8. Turn this room on and Dave will 
be online again.

Then call Dave again and he will more or less grateful deliver the software you 
need to your door. Pick up the new envelope and open it. Cram that new Tools 
disc into the computer and turn it on. Log in with whatever account you have, 
admin is probably even better. Click the disc icon to install the Voice Forge 
and the Image Analyser Software.

Now put that overexposed picture onto the scanner, log into the computer and 
click the scanner. A new bmp file will appear that Kathy renames to 
bright_picture.bmp. Grab it and drag it to the Image Analyser Software. Play 
around with the levels until you can see what is hidden on that picture. Just 
drag every lever until the picture doesn't get any darker with that lever. If 
it gets brighter move the lever back a bit to the darker setting. Kathy will 
tell you when you are ready. Also use the analyze image tool to zoom in on the 
center of the image where the 3 glowing balls are and hit that analyze button 
once more until you get a message and a triangle forms on the screen. Also zoom 
in all the way to the red flower on the left and print this flower.
Leave the computer for a moment and pick up the printouts from the printer. 
Kathy mentions the smokey lights remind her of something... just combine the 
printout of the whole restored picture with the church flyer and you will have 
a new topic to talk about...

After this Eileen comes in and you talk with her for a while. Talk about the 
completely restored picture, the picture of the flower and the church flyer. 
After this we need to find a way to make Erica Wade want to talk to us. Gladly 
the scanner on the desk can also scan tapes. So put the answering machine tape 
on the scanner, log in to the computer and activate the scanner. A new audio 
file appears that Kathy renames to tape_ans_mach.wav. Drag this new audio file 
onto the Voice Forge software. The second voice is Charles Wade's voice. And 
now we have to cut his words into a complete sentence to make Erica Wade want 
to talk to Kathy. The finished sentence reads: HELLO ERICA IT'S YOUR FATHER 
you want to have some fun, try to listen to yet another, the 3rd voice on the 
tape now... then put the tape into Mr. Dicto and call Erica Wade. Play back the 
message for her, Kathy then calls her again as herself and soon leaves the 

Once she is back Eileen already found out about the flower and we can 
investigate that. And suddenly the phone rings. Who might be at the other end 
of the line? It's Erica Wade. Talk with her about everything possible and 
especially about her father, Charles Wade. You'll find out he is in the clinic 
in Conwell Springs, so why no go there?
Well, we'll better get there tomorrow, tonight is reserved for some weird 
dreams for Kathy about a red man...

                          ---+---{(( Day 3 ))}---+---

Wake up Kathy, it's a new day. Talk to Eileen if you want and have some topics 
left, otherwise just leave the flat and drive to the nature reserve and meet 
some weirdo guy with makeup in a suit that talks even weirder stuff. And all of 
a sudden you are back at the Rain Residence. Gladly you are not covered in dirt 
and wet but at least you can't remember how you got there. Talking to grandma 
is no use at the moment, so what better thing to do than check out the nature 
reserve again to see if it all was a dream or so.
You'll find a piece of paper that wasn't here before. Pick it up and take a 
look. Is this creepy already? No, but it's forming a clue.

So who draws easy stuff like this? Either a 3 year old or someone special like 
the brother of Lily Myers, Nathan Myers. So drive to the cabin at the lake (not 
in the woods) and look at Nathan's drawings. There is the missing part of the 
greater picture, just combine the two parts of the image to see the complete 
picture. Nathan sure has some explaining to do. But where is he? Better ask Sue 
about the red man. She ensures Kathy it is just the imagination of her mentally 
disabled son. Really? Also show her the restored picture with the smokey lights 
and she will remember a picture Lily did draw.

Then head off to the clinic. Get inside and talk to the nurse. She is very 
unfriendly but we have to talk to her once to make some dialogs with Goober 
So we get outside again and meet the bum again. Talk to him and you can get 
some information from him. Maybe not. He talks a lot of funny stuff... But he 
knows serious things about the past of the church of the holy trinity so ask 
him about this weird church. Then ask him about his story, his Showbiz career 
and about the movie called The Usual Surprises. Then get back one dialog option 
and ask him for a live performance of The usual Surprises for the nurse. Once 
he is inside and does his thing stun him with your stun gun. That is quite the 
distraction for the nurse and she takes care of poor Goober now. And we have 
all the time in the world to look through her computer. But of course the nurse 
logged out of her account and we don't know her password. When checking out the 
board behind the desk you'll find out that the nurse's name is Carlita Mendez. 
But still no password. So we better use Hacker Dave's disc and extract the 
username and password we need. The usename is cmendez and the password is 

Search the database for Wade to find out Charles Wade is in room 6B here. 
Gotcha. Just for fun you can also search for the medical records of Joseph 
Irving Rain by just searching for rain. But finally we can get upstairs in the 
clinic and know where we are headed.
So talk to Charles Wade about everything on your list. Ask twice about Lily 
Myers art to find out that it was stolen, and only her paintings were stolen 
and to be able to talk to the Sheriff about it. Also ask twice about 
Cocky/Jimmy Cochran.

Now visit the Sheriff again and ask him questions. Especially about Lily Myer's 
art. Read that report Lenny hands you and you'll find out about Franklin 
Goldfarb. And of course grandma knows everyone from that time, so visit her and 
ask her about Jimmy Cochran and what she knows about Franklin Goldfarb. Turns 
out Franklin Goldfarb is indeed Goober, the friendly bum.

But where do we find him? Pay a visit to the hospital and ask the nurse about 
him. She says he was talking about god and divine experience so where do we 
search for him now?
Just take a ride to the church, and there he is, just sitting there on the 
bench. So ask Goober about him being a witness by asking him about his real 
name. He drops a lead to a ring with the letters B + another one on it. So just 
show him your lighter with the BH on it and he will recognise it. But he can't 
make any more sense from it.
While we are here we can ask the priest some serious questions. This is just 
for backstory at the moment, so you can just skip him for now.

Rather visit grandma again and ask her about the BH. She tells you about the 
Black Hats, the biker gang, but then she refuses to talk more about them. So 
just visit the police station and finally Lenny is actually useful. He shows 
Kathy where to find the Black Hats. So what about we visit these guys now...

The bikers are friendly and welcoming as biker are supposed to be and greet you 
with a hug. But since Kathy doesn't like hugs you should just stun the biker 
with your stungun. And now we can talk to Beau, the biker boss. Well, somehow, 
but he wants proof that Kathy is really who she claims to be, so just show him 
granddad's lighter and he will be content. Kathy has a lot with her Granddad in 
common, doesn't she?
Go ask him about Lily Myer's stolen art, but he won't be telling you much. So 
show him the picture with the smokey lights and he kind of tells you something 
After quitting talking to Beau Emmett joins in and tells you to make a Bloodier 
Mary to make Beau more cooperative. Some red spice should be the special 
ingredient. Haven't we seen a red herb that gives hallucinations somewhere 
Pay a visit to the nature reserve for a moment there and pick that Red Scythe 
flower. Get back to the Black Hats and give that flower to the bartender. He 
will mix it into a normal Bloody Mary and give you the Bloodier Mary. Now it's 
time for a drink with Beau.
He gets really talkative and gives you clues that the priest from the Church of 
the Holy Trinity might have ordered the biker gang to steal Lily Myers 
paintings from Charles Wade. Now that is interesting. And the dream Kathy has 
afterwards is also interesting. Maybe she should stay away from the Red 

                          ---+---{(( Day 4 ))}---+---

A new day dawns and Kathy is up in grandma Rain's house. Pay grandma a visit 
before leaving. Oh, what a suprise, Eileen is here and chatting with grandma 
already. After talking to Eileen and making her visit the priest of the Church 
of the Holy Trinity rather than yourself you decide to visit Jimmy Cochrane in 
his institutional home.
Jimmy is a weird guy and talking strange but maybe he is the only one that sees 
everything clear.
He wants you to ask about the chronicler, so you better ask about Lily Meyers.
Then Jimmy Cochrane is next to be asked about.
The Black Hats are the ones that break the rules.
The man in red is the man reunited with his family. What did you do Kathy? Is 
this only about that picture?
The first thing you can think of is the first item on the list, the incident in 
The misguided faithful is of course the Church of the Holy Trinity.

After that Jimmy stops the whole conversation rather abrupt and warns you of 
Eileen being in danger. So where could she be? Maybe we should just visit the 
Church of the Holy Trinity. Enter the door on the left that is open now. This 
is Isaac's office. It is filled with lots of uninteresting church stuff, but at 
least you find a key when searching his desk. But that's all there is to steal 
before getting arrested.

And now it's Kathy who is in jail. We need to get out of here. What else?!
Reach for that mop and kick it over to the bulletin board. Now grab some 
paperclips from the bulletin board. Form them to some lockpicks in your 
inventory and then of course use the lockpick on the lock to open the door. No 
fiddely mouse action is needed, just click the bolts in the correct order. Mine 
was 3 5 1 2 4, but it seems to be a random combination every time.
Now get out of the jail cell and get back all your stuff from the evidence bag 
on the desk here. The TV turns on now, probably a broken magnet or so... And 
now get out of the Sheriff Station!

And since we are good at opening doors now, we should head to the Cemetery now. 
Isaac's family has their own mausoleum there. And guess what, that old key we 
found in the church fits that lock, so we sadly won't have to lockpick this 
door. Inside we take care of Isaac pretty fast, but Eileen is in a bad state of 
mind. Untie Eilee to get the rope and make it easier for her. Then search Isaac 
to find another small key. Look at the key to add the storage facility to your 
notes. Then tie Isaac up with the rope and then we can leave this place to get 

Back at grandma Rain's Residence she will take care of Eileen and we can leave 
the room and check the phonebook for a storage facility. What a lucky 
coincidence, there is one in town.
Of course we will go there now to see what this key unlocks. The key with the 
tag on it opens the very first storage room here. Enter it and take the paint 
thinner with you. The paintings around here are all ruined by the paint 
thinner. Leave this storage unit now.
Grandpa's key fits into the 3rd storage unit. Conwell Springs really is a small 
town. Enter that storage unit and search the boxes for a tape and a custody 
form. Listen to the tape for some more scientific or military descriptions and 
a very weird dream described by your grandpa. Maybe the same thing happens to 
us soon enough too and that change in temperature is important.

As Kathy said, the last painting left is in the Cabin at the lake, so why not 
pay a visit to the cabin now? Sue is not home, but her door has a tumbler lock, 
so we can open it with the makeshift lockpick. One bolt after the other.
Inside the cabin pour the paintthinner over the last remaining painting to 
uncover some weird fantasy to become reality. Step outside the cabin and you 
find Nathan and some even stranger events start to unfold. We'll meet the 
smokey lights and the man in red again. He is running around in a negative 
version of Isaac's office, makes Father Bill bleed and talks about this room 
holding the key... now that's interesting... and a bit creepy!

But Kathy is afraid of nothing, so get to that very room in reality where you 
just happened to be in your dream. I mean, drive to the church and enter 
Isaac's office. Open the painting of Father Bill and you'll find a safe and a 
weird poem scribbled on the back of the picture. But you can't make much sense 
of it yet. As Kathy says, the combination might be some important date for 
Isaac. Try pressing some buttons on the safe to find out it's indeed a 6 digit 
code which totally hints at a date.

What do you know, there are a lot of dates in the Price mausoleum. Let's head 
over to the Cemetery. When you enter the mausoleum Kathy takes out the notes 
already and wants you to solve that puzzle for her. Can't she figure it out 
alone this time, this looks really complicated? Okay, let's help her.

I lie in the center
of the mark of the lord
My wife gazes down
as my son stands below

As Father Bill himself wrote this he must be the center of it all, that old 
selfish man. Tilt your head 90° to the left and draw a cross (mark of the lord) 
with Father Bill in the center of the cross. This includes Agatha, Henrietta, 
Father Bill himself, Joshua, Isaac and the empty spot below Father bill (in 
normal view... untilt your head now!).

I witnessed three dawns
felt warmth on my skin
Their radiant bronze
Lay nearby, not within

The three dawns are 3 birthdates and we need the birthdates around Father Bill, 
not within himself. So select the birthdates of Agatha, Henrietta and Joshua.

From East to West
I touched every soul
From lasting to brief
Their parts made a whole

So check the dates from east to west, from right to left and use a descending 
order of the dates. In the end this turns out to be 61 11 22.
Could it be this is the combination to the safe in the Church of the Holy 
Trinity? Let's find out by riding there and punching these digits into safe to 
find a new tape and some torn out bible pages. Read these pages and listen to 
the tape and now let's find that abyss.

Where could it be? We should get to Isaac in the jailcell now and play that 
tape for him. He mentions north of the woods, but Kathy wants to know exactly 
where to go before riding through the woods on her motorcycle. Even though we 
have a new location on the map now it is of no use to run around aimlessly in 
the woods. You will only get lost or come back to the start somehow...
Now drive to the Lakeside Cabin one last time and grab that Thermometer next to 
the door. I mean, ... borrow it for a while.
Of course grandma knows something that somehow helps us, but also not, but go 
visit her and ask her about the Crimson One.
Then finally drive to the Conwell Woods. Take a look at that thermometer to 
make it appear on screen. Now approach every exit to the scene and see where 
the temperature falls. Exit through this side of the screen and do the same on 
the next screens over and over again until your reach that abyss.

Smell that sea of Red Scythe flowers to get dizzy and be able to see the 
Crimson One. Is he the Green Fairy of the flowerpowery kind? Is this real or is 
Kathy vividly hallucinating? He explains himself and wants you to descend. Okay 
then, let's descend down into the red rabbit hole and to the next day and 

                          ---+---{(( Day 5 ))}---+---

And here we finally are. Some dark underground place (in Kathy's soul?) that 
remotely looks like the Rain Residence but also completely different. Not much 
happening down here though, so we better check out that lamp to find a pen 
hidden inside. Now look at the book and sign it with the pen.
A Doppelganger appears and suddenly disappears again, but at least that 
elevator door is open now.

Ride up that elevator to the 2nd floor and enter the door on the right. You'll 
meet your mom or what is left of her or where she has ever been. Use that pen 
on the bloody wall on the left to open it up and find a well hidden, but not 
hidden good enough scalpel. Use that scalpel to free this momster thing tied to 
the wall. Then use it again to free her again. From her life. Or whatever that 
zombie life is called.
Now open the refridgerator that is uncovered once mom died. You get a heart 
scarab from it. On the fridge are some magnets, but you can't use them or 
rearrange them. But you can take notes of their numbers.

Leave the mental cell and pick up the postcard on the floor out there. It has 
some cheerful holiday greetings from dad on it. And soon after that, you meet 
your doppelganger again and on top of that your zombie dad. Run away from him 
and cross these shaky floorboards. Make him follow you and walk over these 
shaky boards too. Make him walk over it twice and he will fall into his own 
sinkhole and be gone for good. His mean message turns into something better 

Ride down the elevator to the 1st floor again. Look at the padlock on the door. 
So, do you remember the fridge magnets? Just replace the letters from the word 
NEAR with their corresponding numbers.
N=3 E=2 A=1 R=5
This leads us to the final conclusion that the code of the padlock is of course 
3215. Put it in and open the first padlock. Take that padlock with you already.

Ride up to the 3rd floor now. Put the padlock as the missing link into the 
chain on the left end of the room. Now you can pull up the cage with the crank. 
Put that small red heart scarab into the indentations from the cage and let the 
cage smash onto the scarab by operating the crank again. Now look at that, 
there was a key hidden inside the scarab. Get it and draw the cage up again. 
Open the casket with the newfound key and meet the little kid again. He tries 
to scare you but don't be scared.
The dweller in the lake appears too and seems to be a nice girl. She prepares 
you to meet... him. So pick up that key the kid dropped and ride the elevator 
down to the 1st floor again.

Put the brass key into the padlock and open it. Pick up that new padlock. Sadly 
the door is locked or bolted close so we should put one chain onto the door, 
the other chain onto the elevator and then combine them with the padlock. Let's 
hope this work, let's ride up the elevator. Enter the now open living room door 
and meet someone you've been searching for a long time. And you know what to do 
now, burn them all! This is always a good idea!
Take the escalator up to get out of this hellhole. And guess what, burn all the 
Red Scythe flowers around here with the paint thinner and the lighter.
And then you can watch how it all ends and the credits roll!

     THE END

                   ---+---{(( Steam Achievements ))}---+---

* Get on the Katmobile
Complete Day 1 in the game

* Wow, they're hypnotic...
Complete Day 2 in the game

* We've met before, haven't we?
Complete Day 3 in the game

* Down the rabbit hole
Complete Day 4 in the game

* Been there, done that
Complete Day 5 in the game and thus complete the game.

* Procrastinator
Examine 10 objects in Kathy's dorm room. This only works at the very beginning 
of the game before leaving for the funeral.

* Enjoying the scenery
While on the map / katmobile just keep on rolling until this unlocks.

* Hotwheels
Use the ride wheelchair command on the wheelchair in the Rain residence.

* Aaw!
Turn on the TV again after talking to Goober in jail.

* Undateable
When Lenny wants a date with you on day 1 chose the last option, rather eat a 

* Mr. Bear, reporting for duty!
Take a look at the Teddy Bear on the attic.

* Nocturnal
Turn off the light in the attic after repairing it

* How YOU doing?
On Day 2, when using Voice Forge, try to save HELLO BABY to the tape.

* Resting scowly face
While in the dorm room with Eileen at the end of day 2 or at the start of day 3 
look at the mirror on her locker and listen to her comments.

* Pyromaniac
Try to burn the pink bear on Eileens locker with your lighter.

* Passive smoking
On day 3 when reaching the clinic smoke next to Goober, the bum

* Film buff
Let Goober explain all his movie plots to you and then make him perform them 
all. You should be present inside the clinic while he is acting it up.

* Heretic
Try to burn the bible with your lighter in the church.

* Trigger happy
Once Goober appears in the church again, try to stun him again with the stun 

* Hooked on Corleys
Use the lighter on the cigarettes to smoke a lot of them. 

                ---+---{(( Credits / Thanks / Legal ))}---+---

        JSH             for writing and coding Kathy Rain 
        Raw Fury        for publishing this game!
        That blue cup   you know who you are!
        bplaced         for hosting my homepage over all these years!

        GameFAQs        for hosting this document and lots of other FAQs for 
                        all and especially old games.

        me              for writing all this

        you             for reading this and enjoying old games.
This guide is written by and copyrighted to selmiak in 2017 and was exclu-
sively written for your personal use only.

You can download or print this guide but you  are not allowed to profit from 
my work  in any  way.  As soon  as you  earn  money  with  my work  you  steal  
my intellectual property and commit a  crime which  I will not tolerate  and 
start legal issue against you.

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www.gamefaqs.com  please ask me for permission  before hosting it unauthorized.
I will most likely give you  the  permission,  as  long  as  the  file  stays 
unaltered,  but  for unauthorised   posting or even selling of  this guide I 
will act  as stated above.

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          /|____|  /|/__    ___  \  ___ \__\  [    \  /|___    ____/ /
    |  / /   ___| /   __\  /  /__ \/   \/\  \ \____/ /     \  /   / /
    .\/ /\  '---\/ /+  __\/  /---\/[--/-----]\/ /  \/   :   \/ [----\----]
    °/\ \_______/\/______/\______/\__/\__/\\_/\     \___|___/\____\_/
    |  \___  ___|/__[----] \            |   \_______///||[   ] [---]--->
          ____  /   ]----+----+         |    /   /     :
               /    [   ____ \____ _____|   /   /\     |
                    |         \       -----'  ( )[-----|---]:   :[]
                    |          °°oo..

that's it folks, end of the FAQ                                          [eof]

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