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Story Mode Script by Lei-Lei

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 12/11/2015

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Story Game Script Guide 1.00
Completed on December 11th, 2015

Written by Andrew Storm


01) Table of contents
02) Introduction
02a) Version Updates
02b) Preface and Legalities
02c) Library
02d) General Information
03) Story Game Script
03a) Prologue
03b) Chapter 01 Part A - Devastation
03c) Chapter 01 Part B - Devastation
03d) Chapter 02 Part A - Struggle
03e) Chapter 02 Part B - Struggle
03f) Chapter 03 Part A - Threat
03g) Chapter 03 Part B - Threat
03h) Chapter 04 Part A - Kaleidoscope
03i) Chapter 04 Part B - Kaleidoscope
03j) Chapter 05 Part A - Sign
03k) Chapter 05 Part B - Sign
03l) Chapter 06 Part A - Philosopher
03m) Chapter 06 Part B - Philosopher
03n) Chapter 07 Part A - Showdown
03o) Chapter 07 Part B - Showdown
03p) Chapter 08 Part A - Hope
03q) Chapter 08 Part B - Hope
03r) Chapter 09 Part A - Maelstrom
03s) Chapter 09 Part B - Maelstrom
03t) Chapter 10 Part A - Resolution
03u) Chapter 10 Part B - Resolution
03v) Epilogue
04) Full Timeline
05) FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
06) Final Words

02a) Version Updates

Version 1.00. First Update of this script.


Hi all. This is one of the longest time for me to take to complete both scripts
as I have to figure out some 'details' on both sides. I was actually doing one
of game scripts but one of the writers beat me to it but that's beside the
point. After being a fan of Guilty Gear series and the upcoming sequel to the
game, I decide to write the game script based on it. However due to a long
story script, I separate it with 'Arcade' and 'Story' game script.

I'm okay with someone post it with their 'improvise' version of it but only
with my permission. If you wish to post it please contact me via my e-mail
which is under "The Final Word" section. Please do NOT plagiarize any version
you see in this game script and use it for your personal profit.

This guide is not property of Arc System Works and is not written or supported
by them. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2015 by Wong Kah Wai, AKA Andrew Storm AKA Andrew Wong Lei Lei


For first time players and readers may not know the meaning or the history that
some of the cast are talking about. The glossary below is actually from the
Guilty Gear Xrd –Sign- Database Library. I'm only writing the important ones
based on the story. For other glossaries that are not in here please check the
Guilty Gear Xrd –Sign- Database Library.

Sol Badguy's former name. Sometimes shortened to "Freddy." Dr. Paradigm seems
to enjoy calling him this sometimes.

He was an excellent scientist, but after That Man's betrayal in 2016 he became
the world's first Gear Prototype. He escaped from the lab and developed a
method for suppressing his Gear cells and maintaining his humanoid form. Since
that day, Frederick has not aged.

He began a new life as a bounty hunter, and after some time, adopted the name
of 'Sol Badguy'. He also created the superweapon "Outrage" with the hope that
humanity could use it to defeat the Gears. Much of his energy since his
transformation has gone toward wiping Gears from the face of the planet.

He survived the Crusades and numerous other battles, and remains alive and
frowning in 2187. Until he finds That Man, nothing will be able to stop him.

Also known as United Nations Conclave.

Officially, they are responsible for advising the United Nations on difficult
decisions, but in practice their power is such that they control virtually
every aspect of UN operations. Major decisions are only made with the
Conclave's go-ahead.

In terms of political influence, they may eclipse even the Santucs Populi.

Following the inception of the Sanctus Populi, the entire membership of the
Conclave consisted of Aposties. Currently its seats are occupied by Baldias,
Chronus, Axus, and Libraria.

Despite the tremendous level of power they command, no one knows the faces or
true identities of the Conclave members--not even the heads of world
superpowers like Illyria or the United States.

Dawn of Revival
The Dawn of Revival was one of the most catastrophic events in the history of
humankind, and accelerated our transition from a world based on technology to
one based on magic.

On an otherwise unremarkable day in 1999, every electronic device capable of
communicating information was suddenly invaded. Television, radio, the
internet...all of them were immediately taken over. Once this force had
control, the true terror began. Across every network, on every device, in every
language, a single message was broadcast: "In a matter of days, humanity will

Several days later, all electronic devices ceased working, and machines of all
types began to malfunction. Humans, who had become far too dependent on
computers for even a simplest of tasks, quickly began to panic. Then, almost as
if on cue, several around the world were stuck by natural disasters--some of
them wiped completely off the map. Humanity could not help but feel that it was
under assault from some unknown form of advanced life.

If they were to survive, then humanity had no choice but to adapt. Frederick,
Aria, and That Man all experienced the Dawn firsthand, but Axl slipped into a
time period after it had already taken place.

Over the next several decades, the UN and the Sanctus Populi worked hand in
hand to rebuild the world's infrastructure and bring food, medicine, power,
employment, and education back to the rest of the world. During this period
several "Special Ambassadors" were dispatched across the globe by the Sanctus
Populi to spread their knowledge to the masses. It was this ambassador who
would eventually become known as the Apostles.

Justice's awakening began an all-out war between Gears and humanity that lasted
for a century before she was finally sealed away.

Justice awakens, and takes command of all Gears across the globe. Gears
suddenly turn on the very people they were created to protect and slaughter
them. Following Justice's bloody rebellion, humanity declares war on her and
all her kind. The conflict was centered around Russia and her neighboring
European nations, but the fighting quickly spread. No part of the planet was
spared the ramifications of the Crusades. Even the Status of Liberty was
destroyed. The overwhelming power of the Gears brought humanity to the brink of

Through the efforts of the Holy Order and Sol Badguy, Justice was sealed away,
and the Crusades at last came to an end, with humankind finally victorious.

The greatest here the Crusades produced, however, was undoubtedly Kliff
Undersn, the Dragonslayer.

The Second Holy Order Selection Tournament
The stage for the first Guilty Gear titles.

Although the Crusades had ended, the UN sensed that Justice's seals were
beginning to weaken, and decided to re-form the Holy Order, To that end, they
hosted the Second Sacred Order of Holy Knights selection tournament, and
invited skilled fighters from across the globe.

The tournament itself has few regulations, and even criminals were given the
option to compete, it was a violent, bloody affair, with some contestants dying
during the competition.

Among the most skilled fighters was Sol Badguy. He had sensed an ominous
presence behind the tournament, and decided to participate and see if he could
lure it out. He easily won the tournament, and completed his victory by
stopping Justice's revival and destroying her completely.

Baptisma 13
The name given to the sudden appearance of the Valentine menace.

It began with inactive or sealed Gears suddenly reactivating, followed by the
equally sudden appearance of a girl name Valentine leading an army called the
Vizuel. Their march quickly brought them to the very gates of Illyria.

Ultimately Sol and Ky were able to defeat Valentine and close the book on the
Baptisma 13 event, but the damage sustained by Illyria, and the lack of any
explanation behind Valentine's actions, made the victory feel somewhat hollow.

This chapter of history provides the plot for Guilty Gear 2. You can witness
the chaos with your own two eyes.

The term the Valentines use to refer to the Universal Will. She has attacked
humanity on countless occasions, which explains the disregard that the
Valentines have for human life. Not much else is known about it.

* Some of the time you would see yellow wordings in the subtitles. These are
actually keywords for the Library as reference to what's going on. I've picked
certain keywords for the 'Library' section in this Game Script, which the
details are from the Library in the game. For other keywords I did not add in
please refer to the Library in the game.
* The flashback scenes are always shown as a old movie film style where we see
memories of That Man who in the flashback scene is referred as ???.
* Whenever Bedman is having a conversation with characters in the real world,
he's actually talking to them in their mind thanks to the bed contraption he's
* In Bedman's realm, there's a female name '???', talking to Bedman through a
magic mirror. For a bit of spoiler, her name is Ariels but that's far as I can
go until the end of the epilogue.
* The location and date are based on the setting behind than the wordings above
the screen as some of the locations and date are inaccurate.
* This is based on the English side and not the Japanese side. I'm basing on
what they're saying than the subtitle as certain wordings are not accurate or
based on the Japanese side.
* Warning. Spoiler alert for those who didn't watch the Story mode.

Anyway... LET'S ROCK!


October 21, 2187
The Tearoom

[Before Ramlethal's invasion, she is with a group called The Conclave whom are
sitting at the table discussion on their plan. Each of the Conclave members
wears a metallic skull-like mask that bears Roman Numerals, a trench coat, and
a hat. The members present are Chronus, Libraria and Axus.]

RAMLETHAL: It's time. Are you prepared?

CHRONUS: All aspects of our plans are proceeding accordingly. Now all we can do
is wait.

RAMLETHAL: No. I meant are you prepared. Mentally.

AXUS: Mentally..? You were the last person I ever expected to hear that from.

RAMLETHAL: True. I do not understand the human mind well. However, if you are
having second thoughts, that would be a problem.

CHRONUS: You needn't waste your time worrying. In fact, I would think YOU might
be having issues with... mental preparedness.

RAMLETHAL: We Valentines have no emotion. We do not seek meaning in our
actions, or even to understand them. We do what must be done, as anyone would
desire of a cog in a larger machine.

CHRONUS: The same cannot be said for your sister though, I think.



RAMLETHAL: That was Mother's idea. It is not my business to ask why.

CHRONUS: Indeed, and it would be a problem for US should there be a similarly
weak link in this plan. We have invested a great deal. It MUST succeed.

RAMLETHAL: She was faulty, and could not fulfill her duty. She does not possess
sufficient information to sabotage this operation, regardless of her failings.

CHRONUS: Hmph. I definitely hope that is the truth.

LIBRARIA: I confess I still have doubts. The projected casualty count alone...

AXUS: This AGAIN? We have all agreed. If we miss the opportunity, who knows
when the next might be upon us? ...Assuming the world can last that long. I
fear we do not have the time required to make humankind understand why this is

LIBRARIA: ...I understand. We exist because of what we intend to do today.

CHRONUS: Precisely, and we must act before That Man has an opportunity to
undermine us.

RAMLETHAL: ...Are you done?

CHRONUS: Yes. As for you Ramlethal, are you certain you can defeat Sol Badguy?

RAMLETHAL: I am only a pawn in a much larger scheme. I don't need to defeat
him. Activating the Cradle is our common goal, and that's all I need to do.

AXUS: Hmph.

CHRONUS: Very well, then. Let's begin... The Last Dawn.


[The scene starts of from where the Cradle has been activated above the city of
Babylon. It then create a large fiery sphere that keeps enlarging at the fast
pace. The people of Babylon try to run away from being engulf into it but some
are unlucky as anyone who has enter the sphere begins to disintegrate. This is
what Leo Whitefang, the second King of Illyria, and his forces witness on the
screen in the War Room.]

October 28, 2187
Illyria Castle - The War Room

LEO: What's happening?

OPERATOR 1: Still don't know the cause, sir, but... we're getting readings from
the center of Babylon showing strong vibration and shockwaves.

LEO: Is it Ramlethal?

OPERATIOR 2: Some results are in! We've located a very large... object. It
seems to be the source of the vibration and shockwaves, sir.

LEO: But can you tell me what the hell is IT?!

OPERATOR 2: Matter analysis can't keep up, sir, and all our local contacts
aren't responding.

LEO: Son of a bitch! Send in search and rescue, NOW!

OPERATOR 2: R-Right away!

LEO: Get me the damn damage report! We need to get evac notices to all nearby
cities. I want national leaders online now, we'll need to cooperate on this one!

OPERATOR 3: Yes sir!

OPERATOR 1: The press line won't stop ringing, sir!

LEO: Later! Let the 3rd Division handle it!

OPERATOR 3: Sir, we have an incoming transmission from His Majesty!

LEO: Put it through!

OPERATOR 3: Yes sir!

[The incoming transmission comes from none other than Ky Kiske, The High King
of Illyria and the former commander of the Holy Knights.]

KY: Leo!

LEO: Ky! What in the hell is going on in Babylon? Does it have anything to do
with Japan?!

KY: Most likely yes. We're still trying to determine how to deal with... all of
this, but the situation is bad. I'm going to need your approval.

LEO: What? What the hell do you need ME to approve?

KY: I'm going to release Elphelt. Temporarily.

LEO: WHAT?! Have you lost your goddamn mind?! You know I can't sign off on
that, especially with what's just happened!

KY: No, this is exactly why we must release her. We must subdue Ramlethal and
take her into custody to control this situation. And to do that... we need

LEO: Did she suggest that? (Short pause) ...No, I can't. What if this only
makes it worse?! She can't be trusted. What if she's just stringing you along?

KY: ...I thought as much. Then I've no choice but to act on my own.

[Ky cut off his communication.]




October 28, 2187
Royal Fleet One -- Special Quarters.

[In that room, there seems to be someone being locked by some equipment like a
prison. By closer look, there's a pair of structure that has black wing each
which is connected to it by a pair of chains.]

???: Initiating bio-security scan... Identity confirmed as Ky Kiske, King of
Illyria. Executing contingency 8. Releasing level 2 restrictions.

KY: Elphelt... Can you hear me?

ELPHELT: ...Yes.

KY: Everything you predicted has taken place, just as you said it would. What
I'm about to propose may seem too convenient, but...

ELPHELT: You needn't worry. I knew this would happen as well.

KY: Can you stop her?

ELPHELT: My sister and I possess the same control restraints. I will stop her.

???: Final bindings deactivated. Elphelt Valentine is now released.

[Multiple screws are unscrewed and the locks holding it drop down to the
ground. Once done it opens the prison as the visor that Elphelt wears comes
off. Elphelt motionlessly tilt down a bit before she opens her eyes, preparing
her move.]

ELPHELT: I hope my dress doesn't get too dirty...

[After that Elphelt speed off out of the room. The scene changes to Babylon
where Ramlethal grabs Sol Badguy's neck and drags him away in full speed,
attempting to do a double suicide with her powers.]

October 21, 2187
Outskirts of Babylon

RAMLETHAL: Our plan has proven successful, Sol Badguy. However... I've
determined that you may eventually become and obstacle.

SOL: Rgh--!

RAMLETHAL: You spell trouble for my Mother. That's bad. DIE!

SIN: Old man!

SOL: (Shit...) :(

[Despite Sol calmly tries to figure out a way to get out of this predicament,
suddenly Ramlethal stop as her powers disappears, much to her surprise.]

RAMLETHAL: Huh? Why...?

[She turns her head around to see Elphelt, who just finish casting the spell.]


[With that, Sol manages to grab her neck and restrain her by slamming her onto
the ground. Soon, Ky Kiske and Sin Kiske, who's apparently running towards
them, join Sol.]

SIN: What?!

KY: Thank goodness. We got her here in time...

SOL: I'm not saying it again. Whatever's going on in Babylon, stop it, NOW!

RAMLETHAL: Impossible. I couldn't even if I wanted to. No one can stop it. Not
me, not you.

SOL: Huh. Well, don't see much point to you, then--

KY: Sol, wait! We're taking Ramlethal into custody. We have far too little
information about the situation. This is the wisest course of action.

SOL: Nngh...

[Sol agrees, unamused with Ky's words. Then both men look at Elphelt. But all
Elphelt does is look at them silently, sad about it. As the sphere finally
engulfs Babylon, all the sudden the Cradle the sphere back, follows by a
horizontal light as the screen is covered in dust. Once it clears up the Cradle
disappears as there is not a single cloud in the sky and the Babylon looks a
bit darker. Back at the War room...]

October 28, 2187
Illyria Castle - The War Room

OPERATOR 1: We-We're losing the target...! I-It disappeared!

LEO: Dis...appeared...?

OPERATOR 1: S-Sir, we're not getting anything on sonar or on the residual magic
scanner. I can't see anything!

LEO: What the hell could make something that huge disappear?!

OPERATOR 1: B-But... What should we do...?

LEO: ... We can't let people panic. Remind all divisions to maintain total
media blackout. Activate the military and local law enforcement -- we need
patrols running 24/7.

OPERATOR 1: Understood.

LEO: Damnit, we don't have time to wait... Send all the intel we've got to the
Department of Defense for analysis. The Royal University too!


LEO: What's the status on those hotlines?!

OPERATOR 2: They're all connected!

LEO: Good, patch them through. I'm heading in for a meeting.

OPERATOR 3: Wait, hold on! We're receiving a transmission from His Majesty.
He... he's saying they've captured Ramlethal!

LEO: What?! Are you sure!?

OPERATOR 3: I'll put him on.

LEO: Before you do that, make sure you tell him he's a son of a bitch. >:(


November 13, 2014
Research Lab -- Courtyard

ARIA: Hey... Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a bird?

FREDERICK: What...? Uh, no.

ARIA: Really? Not even one?

FREDERICK: What's the point? The human mind is so different from a bird's we
couldn't even comprehend their reality anyway. C'mon, you're an adult, act like

ARIA: Aww, what, you don't have dreams?

FREDERICK: I guess it would be cool to be able to fly.

ARIA: That's the same thing!

FREDERICK: No, it's not. You don't have to be a bird to fly.

ARIA: Uh, that's not what I meant.

FREDERICK: All right then, have you ever thought about becoming a cockroach?

ARIA: Ugh, definitely not.


ARIA: Because they're creepy!

FREDERICK: You sure? You never know, you might enjoy it.

ARIA: You're got to be kidding me. >.<

FREDERICK: None of the socio-political bullshit, no real natural enemies...
Plus, you're next to impossible to kill. Doesn't that sound like a pretty nice

ARIA: B-But you'd be gross...

FREDERICK: I doubt the roaches think they're gross.

ARIA: Well, true, I guess they probably don't...

FREDERICK: No guessing about it. Why would they? You and I see everything
through the lens of being human. Transforming into something else entirely
isn't that much different than death. This whole world could be one big lie.

[Just then a scientist with a green short-bob appears behind him.]

???: That seems a little narrow-minded.

ARIA: Right? No romance with him. Just nitpicking...

FREDERICK: This is science, not romance. All I'm saying is that our values are
informed by our experiences and the stimuli we have at our disposal. So the
only logical thing to do is to live our lives to the fullest, in the moment.

ARIA: Ugh, philosophy...

???: Frederick, we may be scientists, but we're humans too. Don't you think
you're prespective is a little... lonely?


???: Let's take your past, for example. Is that a memory for you? Or just a
sequence of events?

FREDERICK: Seriously? You're going to try and critique my philosophy with

???: Let me rephrase, then... If the world was going to disappear tomorrow...
What would you do today?

FREDERICK: What kind of a question is that? Stop whatever's ending the world or
die trying.

ARIA: ...You mean "spend it with someone you love"?


ARIA: All right, break's over. I'm going back, and you two should too. Just
because Vince gave the order doesn't mean you get to be late. (Leaves the area)

???: Well, you definitely made HER feel lonely. You really do like to get lost
in your own little world, don't you?

FREDERICK: Yeah, yeah, I picked the wrong answer. Rub it in.

???: That's not what I mean, Frederick. She's worried about you.

FREDERICK: What? Why would she do that?

???: Well...

FREDERICK: Well what?

???: Your world is very small, and whatever you do, you do it alone. Even in
the labarotary, all you have are enemies.

FREDERICK: What, so I should be kissing ass so I can play with the cool kids?
I've got you and Aria. That isn't enough?

???: Really? Not even one?

# Flashback end

[Meanwhile, Bedman is speaking to someone through a mirror in his dream, which
the whole area around him is completely white.]

October 28, 2187
A Dream

BEDMAN: Sol Badguy... The Flame of Corruption. A hybrid of Gear and human
cells, built by That Man. But even with all that power, you can't escape your
humanity... Still, you're one hell of a scientist. You figure out a way to keep
your real power under wraps so people still think you're human... But the
truth... the truth is something else. Heh heh heh.

???: What is it? You seem much more cheerful than usual.

BEDMAN: Yes. Yes, this is wonderful... He's the perfect protagonist for our
story. If he were art, even a third-rate curator would be able to see there was
something special about him. And your life's work... destruction of the Gears,
and revenge on That Man... A fascinating contradiction and such passion... Ha!
This has to be fate. Eventually it will become part of the mythology of the
world we'll create... A world of absolutes!

???: He he. Before we do, however, the Conclave must act.

BEDMAN: Ah, yes, of course, Ramlethal, unstable though she is, turned out
better than expected.

???: He he. Then you shall continue to direct our little farce on the silver


[The scene changes at Illyria with the opening credits. At some point it also
shows the title "Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-"]

ANCHOR: This is Kate Walther. Local time is 3:15PM. We're interrupting our
regularly scheduled programming for breaking news. We have just received word
that Ramlethal Valentine has been captured by the Knights of Illyria, only a
week after her declaration of war. Details on her capture are scarce, but it
appears to be related to the massive earthquake in Babylon yesterday. Now for
an update from Babylon, we go to our man on the scene, Mr. Kadooki.

[The scene changes to Babylon.]

October 28, 2187
Babylon Airspace

KADOOKI: Thanks Kate, this is Kadooki, reporting live. The scene here is
unbelievable... Strange gray ash is raining from the sky, and this
once-bustling city is a deserted wasteland. According to investigators, no
survivors have been found. Somehow, yesterday's earthquake resulted in the
disappearance of all Babylon's citizens. Unfortunately, at this point all we're
left with are more questions.

ANCHOR: Can you elaborate... ?

KADOOKI: Well, according to the official statement, all life in the area has
disappeared, but structures seem unharmed, ruling out an explosion.

ANCHOR: So whatever this was, it only affected animals and people?

KADOOKI: That appears to be correct. Investigators are attempting to determine
the composition of the ash as we speak, in hopes that it may shed some light.

ANCHOR: Does it apppear that this phenomenon is in some way connected to

[The scene changes back to Illyria.]

KADOOKI: The government is proceeding on the assumption, yes, although some
believe that it has something to do with a change in St. Elmo's Fire.

ANCHOR: St. Elmo's Fire...? The Thanks-Giving festival is still some time off,
but the timing seems a little close to be a coincidence.

KADOOKI: Our sources also tell us the UN is holding emergency meetings to
discuss deploying Opus units into actual combat.

ANCHOR: Could you explain to the viewers at home what exactly an Opus is?

KADOOKI: Of course. The Opuses are man-made super-soldiers, built under the
instruction of the Sanctus Populi, with Illyria leading development. During
Baptisma 13, the Illyria Army-- even armed with magic-- was easily overwhelmed
by the attacking forces, and suffered heavy casualties. The Opuses were
developed to give mankind the ability to contend with future possible Valentine

[The scene changes where a Holy Knights airship named Royal Fleet One is flying
through the sky and the scene changes to where Sol, Ky and Sin are listening to
the radio.]

KADOOKI: Maximus Ariels has been praised for championing rapid development of
Anti-Valentine defense systems.

ANCHOR: Thank you. That was Mr.Kadooki, reporting live from Babylon. What could
have possibly caused thousands of humans and animals to disappear? We'll
continue reporting as this situation develops, but our hearts go out to the
victims of this tragedy and their families.

October 28, 2187
Royal Fleet One -- Command Deck

SOL: Looks like the media finally got a hold of the story...

SIN: Hey! They don't even MENTION us! >:(

SOL: Obviously!

SIN: Why not? -_-

SOL: How're we supposed to explain we used another Valentine to get Ramlethal?

KY: If the media were to get wind of that, it would be... unfortunate. It's
more convenient to allow the Illyria Army to take the credit.

SOL: Besides, not everybody loves your dear old dad. All that crusading for
justice means he's pissed in more than his share of cornflakes.

KY: Th-That's not the point.

SIN: Ugh... politics is bullshit.

SOL: Heh. Well, as king as I get paid, I don't really give a damn.

SIN: A cool mil, right? Man, I wonder how much filet mignon that would get us...

SOL: Do the math... Wait, shit, I haven't taught you to divide yet, have I?

KY: ...Ahem. In any event, both Valentines are the key to solving this mystery.
Once they've woken up, we'll need to ask some questions.

SOL: We don't really have time to wait around. If they aren't awake yet. I got
some ideas about how to get 'em up...

KY: W-Wait! Yes, they may be Valentines, but they still need to recover!

SOL: ...Fine, whatever.

SIN: So what were they talking about? That St. Elmo thing or whatever it was?

SOL: It's a big-ass lightning bolt.

SIN: What?! Why are we supposed to care about that?!

KY: Ugh... Can't you ever actually EXPLAIN anything? =_=

SOL: I thought we agreed you didn't get to tell me how to raise this kid.

KY: *Sigh*

[Ky begins to explain to his son while Sol gives and oddly looking face at him.]

KY: St. Elmo's Fire is a bolt of lightning that strikes every thirteen years.
There is no meteorological explanation, but it always comes in the autumn.

SIN: Oh.

KY: During the Crusades, it saved several members of the Holy Order when it
struck a group of Gears. The Fire gave the Crusaders the advantage, and
ultimately allowed mankind to triumph. Since then humanity has taken to
celebrating its arrival.

SIN: So... you're saying Babylon got toasted by this lightning?

SOL: No. Ramlethal clearly knew about it before it happened, so I think we can
rule out "natural disaster" on this one.

KY: Correct. In the unlikely event that St. Elmo's Fire were to fall on
populated area, the casualties would be tremendous. In truth, it could easily
destroy an entire city. That is why mankind has built a lightning rod to
attract it.

SIN: What...?

KY: Illyria Castle is that lightning rod.

SIN: O-Oh...

SOL: Make sense?

SIN: Y-Yeah. I guess so. So basically... it's a big-ass lightning bolt. :P

SOL: Exactly. :)

KY: (I fear for his future...) 0_0

[Meanwhile back in Illyria's Castle, Leo seems to be calling someone in his

October 28, 2187
Illyria Castle -- Leo's Office.

LEO: I apologize for the sudden call, Mr. President.

VERNON: Don't worry about it. We're both short on time, though. Why don't you
get down to business?

LEO: Thanks for understanding.

VERNON: So. What's happening in your neck of the woods?

LEO: At the moment, we've managed to maintain order, and people seem relatively
calm. I admit. I'm a little surprised...

VERNON: Illyria's a big place. People on one side probably don't think
something on the other side is going to be a danger to them.

LEO: Perhaps, but the media has shown no restraint. It could be a blessing, but
I'm still concerned. No one seems to understand the gravity of the situation.

VERNON: People rarely show much concern for anything that doesn't affect their
day-to-day lives.

LEO: Is that really what you think?

VERNON: Yes. A long time ago, human civilization used science to propel itself
to dizzying heights, but sacrificed the most basic connections between people.
Perhaps now we're headed down that same path, but with sorcery in place of

LEO: I hope you're joking... Anyway, how are things on your end?

VERNON: We're regaining some stability as well. Ramlethal's declaration caused
some unrest at first, but that's died down. The press team got out ahead of it,
which helped a good deal.

LEO: No doubt those speeches from the former President helped as well.

VERNON: I certainly hope so. However, that leaves us with our most pressing
problem... the massive creature that attacked Babylon. We're still not sure
what it is.

LEO: According to the High King's report, Ramlethal called it the "Cradle."

VERNON:  Then we can be certain it's connected to her somehow. Can we assume it
won't reappear, now that she's been captured?

LEO: I wish I could tell you yes, but...the truth is...that may not be the case.


LEO: Evidently, Ramlethal's worldwide declaration was just to distract us from
what was really happening at Babylon. A diversion...

VERNON: And we fell right into her trap... So we have a bigger problem than we
thought, and someone else is pulling the strings?

LEO: Yes. Unfortunately...

VERNON: Developing a countermeasure for this Cradle and figuring out who's
actually behind all this isn't going to be easy. If there's anything we can do
to help, please, don't hesitate to ask.

LEO: Thanks.

VERNON: Which reminds me... What's the story with the other Valentine? We can't
learn anything from her?

LEO: Unfortunately not. We don't know why, but she'll only talk to the High
King. We'd like to bring her to the Capitol for questioning, but it's too
dangerous to have her near such a densely populated area. SO we're just going
to have to hope His Majesty can handle it.

VERNON: I see. Well, I have to admit I was a little concerned when I heard he'd
released, ah, Elphelt. We were lucky this time that it worked out in our favor,
but I shudder to think what might have happened if it had turned out to be the
wrong call.

LEO: Believe me, I share your sentiment, Mr. President.

VERNON: I first noticed it during the International Press Conference, but...
Lately the High King's actions have gotten more and more unpredictable.

LEO: Sir, if you looked up "problem child" in my dictionary, you'd see a
picture of Ky Kiske. :)

[Meanwhile somewhere in a middle of the desert, Slayer, Millia Rage and Venom
are discussing upon the matter.]

October 28, 2187
Illyria -- Deserted Wasteland

SLAYER: Shall we recap? We have discovered vital and disturbing information
regarding the Cradle, which could alter the course of mankind... in the right
hands. I understand time is short, so... What do you believe we should do in
this time of crisis?

MILLIA: *Sigh* Why are you doing this?

SLAYER: Is something the matter?

MILLIA: You already know exactly what you want to do right? So you're just
testing us, to see if we agree with you. I don't like it.

SLAYER: Ah, always so difficult to please.

VENOM: Be that as it may, we have an obligation to deliver this information to
the appropriate party. Even an assassin does not want the world to end. And...
above all else, I know that is what Lord Zato would do.

SLAYER: But we are guild of assassins. The ending of life is our profession. As
such, though we have powerful allies, we have powerful foes, making it
difficult to simply knock upon Illyria's door.


VENOM: What of Lord Mining, in the Post-War Administration Bureau? He still
wields a good deal of power in Illyria.

SLAYER: You forget so soon? The Bureau reports directly to the Conclave, Lord
Mining may be a friend, but that is a very risky play.

VENOM: Hm... The Conclave does have eyes and ears in councils and boardrooms
across the world. Even those we trust could be compromised. Which leaves...
America, or the Federation of China.

MILLIA: Okay. THAT is out of the question. The moment we leave Illyria, we're
going to be wanted criminals.

VENOM: We don't have a choice, I wish it could be avoided, but... Then again...
The High King, Ky Kiske... His views are often at odds with the Conclave's...

SLAYER: Hm.... Not a bad suggestion at all. We must contact him at once!

VENOM: Yes sir!



MILLIA: The Conclave hired us so they wouldn't get their hands dirty, but that
got us close to them, or at least closer than anyone else. So... why bother
telling the King at all? Why not just deal with this ourselves?

SLAYER: A clever deduction, but there's a great deal we still don't know. I
don't wish to act in haste.

MILLIA: ...You're not going to make us go straight over this, are you?


MILLIA: The Illyrians aren't that kind of people to gloss over the things we've
done for one juicy piece of information.

SLAYER: "We"? I don't believe you're in the Guild.

MILLIA: *Sigh* ...You really like to poke us to see how we squirm, don't you.
Is this some part of your "Dandyism"?

SLAYER: I have no comment on that inquiry, which you may interpret as you will.
However, on the subject of dandyism--

MILLIA: Forget it. And if I hear you even START to say "milady," I just might
have to stab you.

SLAYER: A terrifying thought indeed. My lips are sealed.

MILLIA: ...It is a mystery, though. What does the Conclave plan to do with all
that power? Hopefully not start a war just because they're old and bored...

VENOM: Who goes there?

[Both of them look at Venom's direction to see Bedman, riding on his bed
contraption machine.]


VENOM: If you have no business with us, I must ask that you remove yourself.



[The moment Millia attack him with her hair, it disappears as she soon sees him
floating above her. To make it worse, Bedman seems to be creating a large
energy ball that is about to hit them.]

SLAYER: This is bad!

[The scene ends as Bedman shoots the energy ball at them, unknown on what
happens to the trio.]


# Flashback

Unknown Date, 2015
Laboratory -- Experiment Room

FREDERICK: We're finally done.

???: Yes.

FREDERICK: Stabilized Gear cells infused with magic... This means no more human

???: I never could have done this without you and Aria.

FREDERICK: Don't try to be modest. You're about to win every achievement award
they've got, and get your name in the history books.

???: I'm... not really interested in that.

FREDERICK: Have a little pride, man. Although... this could flip the healthcare
system on its head. You're going to face some resistance...

???: I'm not concerned about that, actually....

FREDERICK: ... You're afraid someone's going to weaponize them.

???: Yes. I have decided I will turn over all of my research on Gear Cells, and
the theory behind them, to the state.

FREDERICK: You've gotta be kidding me.

???: Only if they can meet four conditions.

FREDERICK: Which are?

???: One... Any benefits derived from this research may only be used to further
peace in the world. Two... Everyone involved in further research must have
their physical and financial well-being guaranteed. Three... The current staff
will retain their jobs, and with a significant budget increase  to keep this
facility intact. And lastly... These conditions must be publicly announced, to
prevent the state from going back on them once they have been agreed.

FREDERICK: ... All right, what if they don't go for it? I hate to say it, but
you should probably be prepared for the worse.

???: If and when that happens, I'll have to put a contingency plan in place to
destroy all of our research material.

FREDERICK: Heh heh heh... Well, that would be a huge waste of our best years.

???: Not necessarily. Even if our research never sees the light of day, I
believe it can...


???: ... Frederick, listen to me. This is about Aria...

[Suddenly, Aria comes in.]

ARIA: Ah ha! I was wondering where you two were! And of course you're here in
the lab!

FREDERICK: I thought you went home.

ARIA: I'm working tonight! Unlike SOME people, these cells are very delicate.
They might die if someone doesn't keep an eye on them.

???: Actually, I believe the Gear cells are quite resilient...

ARIA: Hush! I'm not just cultivating Gear cells! Besides, tomorrow's an
important day for both of you. Go get some sleep! Gah...!

[Suddenly Aria seems to feel in pain.]

FREDERICK: What's wrong?

ARIA: N-Nothing, just a stitch in my side. I must have run here too fast...

FREDERICK: What the hell...

???: (Aria...)

#FlashBack End

[The flashback ends as the next scene shows That Man remembering the events
above. Meanwhile back at the Royal Fleet One it seems that Elphelt is saying
something in her sleep.]

October 29, 2187
Royal Fleet One -- Guest Quarters

ELPHELT: Elphelt Valentine... Eliminate all redundancies, with extreme

[She soon wakes up on her bed in joy. However it seems that it was also a dream
as Sol, Ky and Sin are standing beside her bed while she's still half asleep,
while her body is standing up.]

SOL: Finally up?


SOL: You say some pretty freaky shit in your sleep, lady.

ELPHELT: O-Oh, um, that's just something I was programmed to say when-- wait

[Upon realization she seems to be shock, complete with a shock animation.]

ELPHELT: H-How long have you been there?!

SIN: Hey! I'm Sin. Nice to meet you!

ELPHELT: Uh, okay...

SOL: Hey! What is this?! You two friends now?!

SIN: C'mon, don't be so hard on her...

SOL: Ky? You wanna explain?

KY: Of course. She appeared nearly a month ago and told me... Actually, perhaps
you should explain, Miss Valentine.

ELPHELT: Oh... ah... um...

KY: You needn't worry. I trust all of them.

[There was a short silence until Elphelt agrees.]

ELPHELT: ...All right. My name is Elphelt Valentine. Ram and I are kind of
twins. This "event" was supposed to have been ignited by both of us.

SOL: I'm guessing something went wrong.

ELPHELT: I... fell short, I suppose you could say.

SOL: What?

ELPHELT: Mother had ordered me to marry a death metal singer, but... at the
wedding I, um...

SOL: C'mon, I'm not getting any younger.

ELPHELT: D-Don't rush me! This isn't easy, you know... U-Um, anyway, the part
got pretty rowdy, people were getting excited, I was flirting with him... and
then my head went blank. Oh this is embarrassing. Um...

SOL: ...

ELPHELT: A-Anyway, I think that was when my "self" awakened, or something, and
I couldn't be a Valentine anymore.

SOL: Are there any more of you?

ELPHELT: No. my fiancé ran away too... I'm all alone now. TT_TT

SOL: ... So why are you here again?

ELPHELT: Oh, well, I thought it would be awful to kill all the humans, so I
came here to stop Ram. Ramlethal, I mean. My sister. He he... So I keep trying
to explain myself to people, but nobody would believe that I was a "Valentine."
They keep saying they "didn't have time for this" or telling me where there
hospital was. Isn't that super mean?! So I thought it might be quicker if I
talked to somebody important, and who's more important than the king?! And what
do you know, it worked out! I've got some kind of mysterious power that helps
me locate Mr. Kiske!

SOL: ... Ky, you know what high blood pressure is, right? If this conversation
doesn't end, oh, I don't know, RIGHT NOW, mine's gonna give me an aneurysm.

KY: I understand, but please, contain that anger just a moment longer.

SOL: I think this is the first time I'v ever actually respected you. What kinda
training lets you just sit through this bullcrap?

KY: You needn't look at me that way. We did every bioscan we could conceive of.
She is definitely not human, which is why I chose to listen.

SOL: Son of a...

SIN: I'm not sure I'm really getting all this but... you're pretty hot shit,
right? Like Ramlethal?

ELPHELT: Wh-What...? O-Oh! Yes! Hot shit! Very hot! :)

SIN: Whoa! Really?! Awesome! :D

ELPHELT: He he he...

SIN: Ha ha ha ha...

SOL: ... I'm sorry, Ky. There's a small chance I may have failed as a mentor
and guardian. >.<

KY: ("Small"...?) 0_O

ELPHELT: Usually we're programmed to just carry out our mission, and defying
that program is basically impossible... But on the day of the wedding I think
all the excitement just overloaded my.. my womanhood, and it broke my

SIN: What's that mean...?

SOL: ... SO, suddenly you were overcome with guilt, and decided to betray

ELPHELT: Betray?! That... that sounds so mean...

SOL: Just drop this human act, all right? Nothing good's going to come from
your kind having a conscience.

ELPHELT: I-It's not an act! My mission was to infiltrate human society... I've
been programmed to handle a lot of, um, human situations without causing
trouble. The first generation Valentine lost because she didn't understand
human emotions. I think I was created in response to that failure. And I think
Ramlethal has emotions too.

SIN: ...

KY: Now, down to business...

SOL: Business?

KY: There is a reason we took her from Illyria and put her in my custody. Our
security has been compromised, and our cabinet is in league with our enemies. I
will be blunt, then. The Cradle that attacked Babylon? It is being controlled
by the Conclave.

SOL: Seriously...? Why?

ELPHELT: They're trying to use it to take over the world!

SOL: Ha. How imaginative.

ELPHELT: Wh-Why's that funny?!

SOL: Well, I always thought those old turds were up to something. The Conclave
controls most of the damn world already, what the hell else would they want to
"take over"?

ELPHELT: Th-That's all I know, really... That's just what they were saying...

SOL: Who was saying? Are you telling me you talked to the Conclave?!


SOL: Rrrgh. Then why the hell don't you KNOW MORE?!

SIN: *back hand Sol's face* Hey! Stop it!

SOL: OW! 0o0

SIN: You're scaring her!

SOL: I'm...? What, now you're best pals?!

SIN: Of course! My heart always has, and always will be, open to all. Besides,
she saved your ass. Doesn't seem nice to return the favor by being a jerk.

SOL: Fine. Let's try this, then: What are the Valentines after? What're you
going to get out of helping the Conclave?!

ELPHELT: Our mission was to activate the Cradle, no matter what. Beyond that,
they didn't tell us anything...

SOL: You seriously expect me to believe this bullshit?!

KY: You've seen what she can do! Without her, you might not be alive right now!
If she had been lying to us, she could have easily joined forces with Ramlethal
and killed you instantly.

SOL: That's the best reason you've got to trust her? Some king you are.

KY: That isn't what I said. I just don't think it could hurt to analyze the
situation calmly.

ELPHELT: I wished you'd just trusted me sooner... Maybe we could have saved all
the people in Babylon...

SOL: ...

[Suddenly, they are interrupted by a swordsman entering the room.]

SWORDSMAN: Your Majesty! I-It's Ramlethal!

[They soon rush to in the Interrogation room where Ramlethal is being held. It
would seem that two Opuses soldiers are knocked out by Ramlethal, who's wearing
her causal black, green and white dress, as she is seen unharmed.]

October 29, 2187
Royal Fleet One -- Interrogation Room

KY: What's going on?! What?!

RAMLETHAL: You called those restraints? You should have done your research.

SOL: You really want to pick a fight with us? Now?!

RAMLETHAL: No. There is no need to fight.

SOL: What?

RAMLETHAL: We're thirty-four thousand feet up. If this ship goes down, I doubt
anyone will survive.

[Ramlethal starts to create a powerful energy ball from her left hand.]

KY: No... She's attacking the ship!

[Luckily the energy ball begins to cancel off leaving her confuse.]


ELPHELT: There's no point. As long as I'm here, you can't use your power, Ram.

RAMLETHAL: ...Why did you betray me?

ELPHELT: Why do you want to exterminate humanity?

RAMLETHAL: I don't understand the question.

ELPHELT: You have emotions too, don't you? Isn't our mission horrifying?!

RAMLETHAL: It's not, and I don't have emotions. A tool doesn't need emotions.
Are you not proud to be one of Mother's tools...? I don't understand. Why did
you create her, Mother? Or... am I the one who has failed to fulfill my role?

SOL: Hey! We're asking the questions here!

RAMLETHAL: And I'm not answering them.

SOL: Fine. You can die instead.

RAMLETHAL: My mission has been completed. I have no further purpose. Kill me if
you want.

ELPHELT: W-Wait, please! Ram...


ELPHELT: You were much more involved than I was... Do you know what's going to
happen next?


ELPHELT: Tell us.


KY: ...Soul, you're not doing us any good here, stand down. Let us see how this
plays out.

SOL: We don't have time to sit on our hands, kid.

KY: Perhaps, but the way you're handling this could ruin everything. I need to
get a proper interrogator in here...

SIN: Hey! Old man!

SOL: What?

SIN: You think I could try talking to her?

SOL: And what the hell is an idiot like you gonna get out of her? This isn't a

SIN: I can't really explain it, but... I feel like we're close somehow.

SOL: ...Hmph. Fine. Suit yourself.

[Meanwhile back at Bedman's dream...]

October 29, 2187
A Dream

BEDMAN: Heh heh heh...

???: You seem to be having fun...

BEDMAN: I'm actually rather excited at the moment. You see? Even I begin to
feel the rush of adrenaline when fighting numerous skilled opponents.

???: He he he. That smile... like you don't have a care in the world. It
reminds me of your sister.

BEDMAN: *Silently stares angrily at his visitor*

???: My apologies. Was that inappropriate?

BEDMAN: It doesn't matter to me. I was surprised you even cared about Delilah.

???: Isn't that the force that drives you?

BEDMAN: Indeed. That is why I must turn this world into an absolute one.

???: That world is almost within our grasp.

BEDMAN: Yes. Once chapter at a time, the story will unfold and just the way we
want it to. Maybe not quickly, but it's moving in the right direction. In any
event, the cast this time is very pleasant. The director should feel lucky.
Well, it's time for phase two. I should be going.

???: Good luck and Godspeed.

[Meanwhile back at Illyria's Castle, there seems to be an alert in the War

October 29, 2187
Illyria Castle -- War Room

OPERATOR 1: Massive head source detected! It's an 40.036011 by 41.904083! It's
north of the Black Sea... Something's coming in...!

OPERATOR 2: Particle analysis complete... It's a 93.2% match! There's no
mistaking it-- that's the Cradle, sir!

[Sure enough. The Cradle reappears out of thin air.]

LEO: What's the nearest division? Are they aware of the situation?!

OPERATOR 1: Nearest would be the Middle East Unit. There aren't any populated
areas in a 20km radius. Wait, hold on... I have an incoming transmission!

MAJOR LYLE: (Via transmission) Sire! This is Major Lyle of the Istanbul
Battalion! The Cyprus Platoon is here supporting us!

LEO: Ah, you're the unit en route to Babylon.

MAJOR LYLE: Yes sir! And we've encountered the Cradle!

LEO: Good. We need more information about it. What's your situation?

MAJOR LYLE: The Cradle is approximately 3 klicks away, and visible to the naked

LEO: We're going to need more detail than that... Major Lyle, I want you to
advance on the enemy, but do it slowly; we don't want to provoke it...

MAJOR LYLE: Increasing threat to Red Alert. Beginning attack!

LEO: WHAT?! NO! Major, do NOT attack that thing until we've analyzed it, that
is an order! Remain at a safe distance and report your findings!

MAJOR LYLE: Respectfully sir, if we let this chance slip through our fingers,
more people could die! WE have three ships, air support, and the Opus. We
cannot allow it to leave! All hands, prepare for assault! Battle stations!


[Unfortunately Major Lyle refuses to obey King Leo's orders as the three ships
fly closer to the Cradle.]

OPERATOR 4: Target acquired. Ready to fire at any time, sir!


[The ships fire at the Cradle but the Cradle seems to be protected by some sort
of energy shield.]

MAJOR LYLE: Damnit...!

LEO: Not good... Back off! We need to analyze the situation!

MAJOR LYLE: All vessels, full speed ahead! Air and ground units, prepare to
attack! Damnit... We can't get through?! This... Impossible! How could...?!
That's an Absolute Defense: Felion. We can't penetrate it with physical OR
magical attacks!

LEO: Retreat, soldier! That's an order!

OPERATOR 1: High energy levels detected around the Cradle! ...These are the
same as the readings from Babylon!

LEO: Do you hear that, Major Lyle?! The Cradle is charging up! The odds are
good it's preparing to use the same weapon that destroyed an entire city! You
need to retreat, IMMEDIATELY!

MAJOR LYLE: Deploy the Opus! Deploy everything! If nothing else, then perhaps
we can discover this thing's weakness!


[There was a bright flash of light as minutes later the War Room was in

OPERATOR 1: ...The Cradle has disappeared, sir. I'm not receiving any further
transmission from Major Lyle...

LEO: GODDAMNIT! *Short silence* ...Deploy a team to the site. We need to see if
there are any survivors. And see if you can find... anything that will tell us
about that thing. *realize something* ...SHIT! Were you recording all that?

OPERATOR 1: Y-Yes, sir...

LEO: Good. Give me the file, then wipe everything.

OPERATOR 1: Wh-What? Sir...?

LEO: Are you questioning my orders?! Just do it, unless you want to end up in
front of a court-martial!

[Moments later, back at Leo's Royal Chambers, Leo seems to connect a
transmission to Ky.]

October 29, 2187
Illyria Castle -- Royal Chambers

LEO: You've seen the report?

KY: Yes, just now. It's a disaster...

LEO: What about the Valentines? Have they told you anything useful?

KY: Sadly, no, I have nothing to report.

LEO: ...Major Lyle's unit was under your direct command. They also served
during the Baptisma 13 campaign.

KY: Yes, I remember. He and his unit were both brave and skilled.

LEO: I don't mean to speak ill of the dead, but I can't help but feel their
insubordination and eradication was a result of your influence.

KY: ...

LEO: ...Forget it. Please, though, don't hide anything from me. Although we do
not command equal power, we are both kings.

KY: I apologize. I do not keep anything from you without thought. We cannot
speak on this line. It could place you in danger... I need time to assess the

LEO: I've acquired some very interesting data, something worthy of an
inquistion. A recording from the most recent encounter...

KY: A recording? Of what?

LEO: I haven't given it to anyone else yet. Some of what's in here you may
already know...

KY: Understood. Send it over, and I will look. Anything else?

LEO: I want you to contact Zepp.

KY: Zepp?

LEO: Once you hear this, you'll understand. We will require President Gabriel's
full cooperation.

KY: Very well. Thank you.

LEO: Good luck.

[Ky ends his transmission as Leo thinks about the current situation.]

LEO: This is not a repeat of Baptisma 13... Whatever this is, it is no mere
invasion... Heh. Perhaps I should take a page from Ky's book... Time for a
risky bet.

[Just then an incoming transmission calls Leo.]


LEO: What is it?!

OPERATOR 1: We've received a transmission from Major Lyle's unit!

LEO: What?

OPERATOR 1: There are survivors!

LEO: They're alive...? 0_0


[Back at Royal Fleet One, Sin is interrogating her in his own way...]

October 29, 2187
Royal Fleet One -- Interrogation Room


[But Ramlethal didn't show any sign of reaction towards Sin's antics.]

SIN: Starting today, I'll be your interrogator.


SIN: C'mon. I know you've got some emotions in there, right?

RAMLETHAL: I'm just Mother's tool. I have no such thing.

SIN: I think you do. And I can prove it! *tries another method* Bleeeeeaaaah!
*This fails as he resort into calling names* Idiot! Dork! *tries another
method* Madam, would you care to join me for a pas de deux? *tries another
method* A chicken and a cat walk into a bar...

[However Ramlethal didn't show any reactions towards his antics.]

RAMLETHAL: ... I don't think I should be the one telling you this but... You're
a terrible interrogator.

SIN: Huh? Well, of course. I'm not really here to get information out of you


SIN: Uh... Man, how do I put this? It feels weird to just SAY it... I was
hoping I could make you laugh.

RAMLETHAL: ... You're odd.

SIN: Oh! Right! Almost forgot...

[Sin manifest an energy that somewhat creates a cute little dog.]

SIN: Ta-da!

RAMLETHAL: *Silently bemused on seeing the dog.*

SIN: Awww, isn't he cute? He's a magehound, but really, he's not that different
from a real dog. Their personality depends on how you raise them!

MAGEHOUND: Woof! Woof!

RAMLETHAL: Ugh. Stop that.

SIN: Why don't you pet him?

[As Sin brings the magehound closer, she tends to poke it but the magehound
seems to bit her finger instead.]

RAMLETHAL: Ow... Stupid animal... -_-#

SIN: C'mon, that can't hurt THAT much. He's just playing with you!


SIN: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

[After his 'interrogation', Sin was walking along the hallway until he stumbles
upon Sol.]

SIN: Hey.

SOL: Well? Get anything?

SIN: Hm? Oh, no, not really.

SOL: Then why don't you call it quits?

SIN: Why should I?

SOL: Doesn't matter how much they look like us, those things ain't human.

SIN: So? What's wrong with that?

SOL: What...?

SIN: I don't see why being created by somebody or being different from us makes
them bad.

SOL: ... You'd roll over for anyone who said two nice words to you. What if
Elphelt betrays us?

SIN: Huh? C'mon, now you're just being paranoid! If that happens, we'll worry
about it when it happens! As long as we understand each other we can keep

SOL: You really think that bleeding heart bullshit's gonna work on her?

SIN: C'mon... It almost sounds like you're telling me I shouldn't trust
anybody, or just go be a grumpy, lonely bounty hunter.

SOL: ...!

SIN: Your world must be real small. You could at least TRY and make some
friends. I think you'd like it, honestly. Aaaaaanyway, I'm hungry. Time to get
something to eat.

[As Sin leaves him, worried he might get hurt, Ky comes in.]

KY: Is this what they call being "owned"? :)

SOL: ...He said the same thing... -_-

KY: Mm?

SOL: Am I just trying to turn him into me...?

KY: Don't worry. Sin understands you.

SOL: ...


September 10, 2016
Somewhere inside the Laboratory

ARIA: ...Ugh ...

FREDERICK: Why didn't you tell me you were sick?!

ARIA: ...I was worried. If I told you, I knew you'd drop everything until you
found a cure.

FREDERICK: Obviously.

ARIA: ...If you did that, I'd be alone again. I didn't want that...

FREDERICK: So?! Once I'd figured out how to cure you, we'd have all the time in
the world!

ARIA: No, you don't understand...


ARIA: It's an TP infection. I don't have much time left.


ARIA: I wanted to enjoy the time I had left. With you.

FREDERICK: Stop it! There has to be a way to fix this! I'll think of
something...! ...Of course! We'll put you in cryosleep! Maybe we can't cure you
right now, but some day...

ARIA: He he. Maybe, but then I'd just be alone again. Not dying isn't the same
as living. Being alive is about having new experiences... It would be like
dying to not be able to see my friends anymore... Especially you... So I want
you there in the end, to see me off.. That is what would make me happy.

FREDERICK: No! You can find a new life in the future! You just have to live!

ARIA: He he.


ARIA: Do you remember our conversation? About wanting to be a bird? Didn't you
say that turning into something else would be the same as dying?


ARIA: Like you said, this world is where I belong. I'm the hero of my own
story, so you're not allowed to tell me what to do.

FREDERICK: ...No. This isn't okay. This can't be how it ends!

ARIA: Don't be so selfish. Try and listen to someone else, for once.

FREDERICK: No! YOU'RE being selfish!

ARIA: ...Please.

FREDERICK: No! I refuse! My world is the one where you exist! I won't let
ANYBODY take that away from me! I'll fight for my world until I'm dead! I'm not
giving up, and I'm sure as hell not listening to you!

ARIA: But that world is coming to an end...


ARIA: ...I don't have any family, and I was always kind of a bookworm. It's not
like I enjoyed studying, I was just desperate not to be left behind... I
thought that if I kept to myself and didn't trust anyone, then I couldn't ever
be hurt. But that made my world cold, small, and dark. I never felt alive
there... I didn't even have any friends until I went to college. Can you
believe that? But then I met you, and xxxxxx.... I even fell in love! For the
first time in my life, I found something I wanted to care about. I was happy...


ARIA: But once I'm gone, I'm worried you'll be alone too...


ARIA: So please, promise me. Promise me you won't be alone.

#FlashBack ends

[Meanwhile back at the Tearoom...]

October 29, 2187
The Tearoom

LIBRARIA: Our pursuers do not seem to have appeared yet.

AXUS: It was wise to pull Ky Kiske away from the Capitol. The government is
having difficulty responding to us, just as predicted.

LIBRARIA: I doubt this game of cat-and-mouse will last long.

AXUS: Agents of Zato, as well as the King, are drawing closer to us.

CHRONUS: Who knows what, is of little consequence now. Should this plan fail,
however, it will mean the end of humanity as we know it. We must be successful,
whatever the cost.

LIBRARIA: Can we meet the demands of the Universal Will this time...?

CHRONUS: Worrying will not get us through tomorrow.

LIBRARIA: But we've taken that tomorrow away from countless innocent souls. Can
God forgive us for our sins?

CHRONUS: ... A plant forms from a seed to bear fruit... and when the time
comes, it drops that fruit to the ground. The fruit provides sustenance to the
seeds, creating new life where there had been none.


CHRONUS: Humans have refused to leave their branch. Desperately, they cling to
it... I fear that our fruit will rot on the tree, never allowed to plant its
seeds. The greatest sin is that the people failed to see this truth. The
Universal Will has deemed them unfit. Perhaps that is why it has created...
something else. Humans, however, have earned the right to escape this process
of elimination. Perhaps we are fighting against gods, but nothing will stand in
our way.

[Before this event happens, the Captain of the Jellyfish Pirates, Johnny is
wandering around the village until he manages to find someone he's looking for
and brings him to the back alley. That person is Faust.]

October 24, 2187
Illyria -- A Small Village in Eastern Europe

JOHNNY: Finally... Heh. Place like this seems like the last place somebody
would find a guy like you.

FAUST: Oh...?

JOHNNY: Johnny, at your service. Boss of the Jellyfish Pirates too, if that
turns your crank.

FAUST: I know who you are, but I am still rather shocked. This is the first
time a human I do not already know has come to speak to me.

JOHNNY: Let me tell you, finding you was NOT easy, I'd heard you moved around a
lot, but...

FAUST: What can I do for you today?

JOHNNY: I'd... like you to treat someone. If that's possible.

FAUST: Ah... I apologize if I seem rude, but I'm in something of a hurry. If
your friend is ill, might I recommend visiting your local doctor? *prepares to

JOHNNY: Whoa there, bucko... Who the hell do you think we are?! You're talking
about the Jellyfish Pirates.

[Johnny's background shows a glowing light shining upon him while the camera
moves around him while ending it with his full person pose.]

JOHNNY: We can make a grown man cry! With laughter. Plus, there's the fans, and
the paparazzi...

FAUST: So you are wanted in nearly every country on the globe. =3

[The background returns back to normal along with the camera angle.]

JOHNNY: Or, yeah, you could put it that way, I suppose. Sorry, but a normal
hospital's not gonna cut it. Not for what we need.

FAUST: Which is why you sought out a less reputable doctor--to wit, me? Very
well. You may explain the details on the way.

[Meanwhile in the present time in China...]

October 29, 2187
China, Western Region -- Foothills

CHIPP: (Where the hell did she go?)

ANSWER: My lord!

CHIPP: I'm not your "lord!" How many times do I have to tell you?! PRES-I-DENT!

ANSWER: I've finished my report on the Cradle. I thought you might want to see

CHIPP: I'm kinda of busy right now. I'll look at it later.

ANSWER: Babylon is a disaster zone right now. Whatever this business of your
is, it must be awfully important.

CHIPP: Answer... What is our manifesto?

ANSWER: Never ignore the suffering in front of us. I see. Well, in that case, I
will await further contact with you.

CHIPP: Right. Do that.

[Answer ends his transmission.]

CHIPP: (Rrgh... Smartass...)

[Back in the past, Johnny explains the details to Faust, which the doctor is
surprise about what he's hearing.]

October 24, 2187
Illyria -- A Small Village in Eastern Europe

FAUST: May is Japanese?! You're certain?

JOHNNY: As a man can be, Doc.

FAUST: You needn't address me like that. Please. I'm no longer worthy of that

JOHNNY: She's been having strange headaches lately-- I decided we couldn't
ignore the symptoms any longer.

FAUST: Hm. This is a difficult problem. If you are correct, then we should
attempt to synthesize a cure as soon as possible.

JOHNNY: I'd like her to stay with us...

FAUST: I'm afraid I can't advise it. We should take her to the colony. At the
moment it may only be a mild headache... but if untreated, more symptoms may
present, and in the worst case--

JOHNNY: I know! But they say once you go into that place, you don't ever leave.
I can't imagine how she'd feel locked up in a cage like that. She'd cry, that's
for sure.

FAUST: What's more important? Her tears, or her life?

JOHNNY: ... Yeah, you're right. Just being selfish, I guess. I didn't want her
out of my sight.


JOHNNY: ...She's family.

FAUST: ...Well, that's surprisingly sweet.


FAUST: I like your answer. Very well! I confess this is not my area of
expertise, but I shall have a look.

JOHNNY: Really?

FAUST: Yes. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I HAVE treated nearly every
ailment under the sun.

JOHNNY: Then I can tell her there's nothing to worry about?

FAUST: Not a problem. Please, bring her here as soon as you can.

JOHNNY: Sure thing! I owe you one.

[With that Johnny leaves Faust while heading back to the ship. On the other
hand, Faust is checking his stuffs in his bag.]

FAUST: Let's see here... A quick look-through of the patient's records, and the
literature concerning colony residents... *Takes out the medical record attach
to his clipboard* Here we are. Hm... Oh, this is rather peculiar... This IS
odd... for symptoms like this; a simple Rank B treatment should do the trick...
No, no, this is only a stopgap measure... Oh?!

[Suddenly, something in the record catches his attention, which changes Faust's

FAUST: Wh-What the devil is this?! Since when did... How long has this been
going on?!


[The scene changes to the Jellyfish Pirates airship called May Ship II, flying
through the sky where Johnny has arrived back to his 'home'.]

October 29, 2187
May Ship II

JOHNNY: I'm home! :)

APRIL: Hey, Johnny! :O

[Johnny turns around to see April and June.]

JOHNNY: Hey, ladies. Have you all been good girls while I was out? Ah, the sky
is just a PERFECT blue today, isn't it? Where's Leap? I think it's time for a
feast... :D

APRIL: We've got bigger things to worry about!

[April explains to him the situation, which shock Johhny.]

JOHNNY: WHAT?! May ran away?! 0o0

APRIL: She heard about the "Japanese" thing from Ramlethal, and then she heard
her disease might be really rare, and she got scared...

JOHNNY: Ramlethal?! She fought that monster on her own?!

APRIL: S-Sorry...

JOHNNY: Where did she go?!

APRIL: That's the thing... We have no idea. We stopped to restock, and when we
realized she was gone... Chipp's out looking for her right now, but... Oh jeez,
what should we do? She was afraid she'd make all of us sick...

JOHNNY: Gah! That idiot! ... No, no this is all my fault. Damnit!

[He then addresses his orders to his crewmates.]

JOHNNY: All right, here's what's going to happen. We're going to split up, and
we're going to find her!

[Somewhere in the forest, May is seen at the suspension Bridge in the mountains
at night. May is still depressed upon her encounter with Ramlethal and what she
tells her.]

MAY: I'm so hungry... Ah...

[She decides to take out her box of chocolates until she accidentally takes it
out on the wrong side, causing the chocolate bars to drop down over the bridge.]

MAY: Oh man... Johnny... guys... *Sniff* T~T

[The moment she takes another step, suddenly the wood break as May begins to
drop down the bridge.]


[Luckily someone manages to grab her hand just in time. It's Chipp Zanuff.]

CHIPP: Gah! You little jerk!

[After rescuing her, Chipp and May set up a campfire in the woods while taking
a rest.]

October 29, 2187
Somewhere in the Forest Mountains

CHIPP: I can't be wasting my time like this! I've got important stuff to do!
And why the hell are you out in a creepy forest like this anyway?! You're lucky
my ninja senses are in top form or you'd have been lost forever!

MAY: Wh-What are you doing here...?

CHIPP: Your friends asked me to help you! Obviously!

MAY: No, not that, I mean... I thought you were going to Babylon.

CHIPP: What?! There's only one of me. How am I supposed to be in two places at
once? Hm? HMMM?!

MAY: Th-That's not what I...! *gives up* ...You know what, never mind. Thank

CHIPP: Good. Now, I don't have time to ask you why you ran off, but you should
really be getting back to your friends.

MAY: I can't! Ramlethal said I was a disease-- a, an infection! I don't want to
get them sick too!

CHIPP: What?! Look, I dunno what she told you, but that's not your problem to
solve. Not alone, anyway.

MAY: What...?

CHIPP: While we're wasting time here, your friends are probably out frantically
looking for you. In fact, I KNOW they are.

MAY: But--!

CHIPP: Don't "but" me! Think about it. If I hadn't found you, you think their
lives would just go on, like nothing happened? You're underestimating the power
of friendship!

MAY: What should I do then? I can't get them involved in whatever's wrong with
me! That'd be selfish! A-And... what if it affects the whole world...?

CHIPP: The whole world?! Listen, I believe no choice is without consequences,
so just stop worrying about other people and be a little selfish for a change.

MAY: But I--

CHIPP: For example! Let's say you had to sacrifice someone, one person, to save
the whole world.

MAY: ...Huh?

CHIPP: If you're a world leader, or somebody with tons of responsibility, you
might do it without a second thought. And you might not be wrong... But the
world of that leader and the world of the person they're sacrificing are pretty
different. All their memories--the people they loved, the food they ate...
Those experiences are their world. Even if they knew their sacrifice could save
so many people, could you REALLY blame them if they refused to go through with

MAY: Um...

CHIPP: So tell me, what's YOUR world?

MAY: M-My world...?

CHIPP: Exactly. What is it you love the most?

MAY: All my friends... Johnny, April... all the Jellyfish Pirates!

CHIPP: Is that more important to you than some important guy's world?!

MAY: Yeah!

CHIPP: There you go. Each of your friends has a world like yours, and you're a
part of each one of those. That means there's always a place for you.

MAY: R-Really...?

CHIPP: Gah, you're still a kid... Why don't you try thinking about stuff a
little, huh? Figure out whether or not people are lying to you. Now get out of
here! Go home!

MAY: Okay! :)

[However before they heads off...]

MAY: But... I'm not a kid, you know.

CHIPP: Fine fine... How old ARE you then?

MAY: Um... (With a low tone voice, mumbling) 22...

CHIPP: (Shock) WHAT?! N-Not possible... 0_0

[Meanwhile, the Jellyfish Pirates are still searching for her outside the

October 29, 2187
Forest Mountains - Outside


APRIL: Johnny!

JOHNNY: Did you find her, April?

APRIL: No... I went to all the nearby villagers, but nobody had seen her. This
doesn't make sense... Why can't we find her? We've looked everywhere!

JOHNNY: Damnit... Maybe she went into the mountains... It's getting dark. You
kids should be getting back to the ship.

APRIL: What about you?

JOHNNY: I'm going into the mountains.

APRIL: No! You have to rest too! You've been looking all day.

JOHNNY: Now, don't worry about me. I'm fine.

APRIL: You're pushing yourself too hard...

JOHNNY: Then I'll keep going till I collapse!

APRIL: Stop it--! What...?


[Johnny looks to where April is looking to see May and Chipp. The rest of the
Jellyfish Pirates also turn their attention at May and Chipp as well.]


APRIL: May...

JOHNNY: You...

MAY: Guys... She said I was a disease... I thought I might be contagious... I
didn't want you guys to get sick... You could all die! Th-The world could end!
But I don't wanna leave you! So... please... help me... *begins to cry in tears*


[Johnny, April and several of the Jellyfish Pirate crew comfort May about it
while Chipp stands aside while looking at the situation. Just then Faust
appears before them.]

FAUST: Oh ho ho ho, thank goodness. The gang's all here!

JOHNNY: Doctor!

[In a couple of minutes Fasut checks on May and gives her some treatment.]

FAUST: There! That ought to do the trick!

JOHNNY: You're pretty lucky, May. And you, Doctor. Your timing is impeccable. I
thought we were supposed to come to you, though.

FAUST: Ah, yes. About that... Johnny, do you have a moment?

[Johnny follows Faust to another area out of the crew's earshot.]

JOHNNY: Sure Doc.

FAUST: I don't have much time. First, take this... *pass him a small bottle of

JOHNNY: What is it?

FAUST: Her treatment. Give it to May in small doses, periodically. Here, this
is the dosage schedule.

JOHNNY: Okay...

FAUST: Also, take this. *pass him some notes* It's a prescription. Should the
worst happen, take this to any competent doctor, and they can mix you the drugs
you need.

JOHNNY: Wait... why does she have to keep taking it? 0_o

FAUST: Unfortunately even I am unable to determine the root cause of her
condition, so I was forced to develop a rather rushed stopgap treatment...

JOHNNY: Rushed? Hey now, hold on a minute here, you're actually pretty nervous.
Just what the hell's going on?

FAUST: ...I cannot say any more.

JOHNNY: Don't you trust me?! I owe you for this, I want to help!

FAUST: Your gratitude is appreciated, but I cannot accept your help. Telling
you any more would put you in danger. The Japanese have a secret far beyond
what anyone suspects.

JOHNNY: What...?

FAUST: I am on my way to meet... someone, in hopes that he might help me
further my understanding of this secret. If anyone asks what I told you, do not
attempt to cover for me. Simply tell the truth, that I refused to answer.

JOHNNY: *silently agrees but still bemused on Faust's request*

FAUST: There is one last thing. One very important thing. Do not, under ANY
CIRCUMSTANCES let May near the Colony!

[Before Johnny could ask him further, suddenly they are interrupted by Bedman
who somehow carried Millia, Slayer and Venom and place them on the ground.]


[With Bedman sudden appearance, everyone in that area turn their attention
towards him.]

October 29, 2187
Forest Mountains - Outside

CHIPP: I can feel you hatin' from all the way over here! Who the hell are you?!

SLAYER: Run away! The child is here for you! You cannot defeat him! Beware!

FAUST: A-Ah....

[Bedman uses his mechanical bed arms to grab Faust as he's in pain. He then
drops the unconscious Faust down.]


CHIPP: Some kind of hypnosis...?

[Both men attack Bedman but he doesn't seem to flinch.]

CHIPP: You. Take the girls and get out of here.

JOHNNY: Whoa, whoa, don't tell me you're planning to stay here and hog all the

CHIPP: Uh, YEAH, of course. I'm President. I dunno who this guy is, but I'm
sure I don't have to tell you we--

JOHNNY: Yeah, he's bad news. Far as I can tell he's beyond either of us. I'm
not sure we could win even if we both took him on.

CHIPP: Whoa, what're you talking about? I'm more than enough to shut down this
nerd. But who's winning and losing isn't important right now. You need to get
your girls to safety! Plus I, uh, have ZERO idea where your ship is.

[Johnny thinks for a moment and decides to go with his plan.]

JOHNNY: *To his crew* Back on the ship, ladies! On the double!

[Then Johnny carries the unconscious Faust.]

CHIPP: He's got a teleportation technique I don't recognize. I'm not sure what
the range is on it, but whatever you do, don't let him figure out where your
ship is.

JOHNNY: *starts running* You're starting a country, right? Make sure you don't
die before I get a chance to vote for you!

CHIPP: You're gonna have to get in line for a green card before you have to
worry about voting!

[However Bedman decides to chase after Johnny in full speed but thanks to
Chipp's speed, Chipp manages to stop Bedman while Johnny makes his escape.]

CHIPP: Answer, can you hear me?

ANSWER: (Via transmission) ...Yes.

CHIPP: The North Star is straight ahead, about 26 degrees above the horizon.
The Floyd Rose Tower is at one hour, thirty-eight minutes.

ANSWER: ...I've got you.

CHIPP: A couple people are down. I want you to send somebody over.

ANSWER: Understood. And you, sir?

CHIPP: I'm fighting some monster I've never seen before.

ANSWER: Can you describe it?

CHIPP: *blocks Bedman's attacks* Looks human, or at least humanoid, but he's
strapped to a person-shaped bed. Looks to be in the mid-to-late teens--the kid,
not the bed. Caucasian, short purple hair, glasses.


CHIPP: *block another of Bedman's attacks* He's sleeping, but the bed's walking
around. Too dark to tell eye color. He's wearing what appears to be a hospital
gown... Getting anything?

ANSWER: Zero hits on "person-shaped bed" but I've got 128 items that match the
boy's description. Anything else?

CHIPP: Fighting now! Kinda hard to look--gah!

[It seems that Chipp gets hit by one of Bedman's attacks.]


CHIPP: Rrrgh... I'm fine. He's got some kind of tattoo over most of his body.
Simple design, looks like thorns...

[Bedman uses his mechanical bed hand to grab him by his throat.]

CHIPP: Guh...gack!

ANSWER: Sir...? Boss?! Listen you little bastard... I know what you look like.
We're going to find you, wherever you try and hide. And if ANYTHING happens to
the boss, we'll kill you before you know we're coming.

[However Bedman decides to use his other mechanical bed hand to pierce Chipp's
body with the spike. Luckily a shadowy figure grabs his arm, releasing Chipp in
the process. The shadowy figure turns out to be Zato-One.]

ZATO: Once you see past the smoke and mirrors, it isn't difficult to counter. I
know your secret.

BEDMAN: Zato-ONE! Is it too much to ask you to just...go back to being dead? I
can't believe this. The Conclave really needs to be more careful with its toys.
This could be a huge problem...

ZATO: A problem...? To be frank, your mission does not concern me. But you have
hurt the one thing that matters to me... MILLIA! You've awoken the anger of a
dead man, child, and I will not hesitate to erase you from this world.

???: Return, Bedman.

BEDMAN: Oh? Are you worried about me? Heh, that's touching, but you needn't. I
have this situation completely under control.

???: No. There's been a shift in our priorities.

BEDMAN: Excuse me?

???: Our mission has changed.

BEDMAN: Zato knows far too much--more than anyone else. We should terminate him
now, before we lose control of the situation. And I need the entertainment...

???: Someone in Illyria has figured out the truth of the Cradle.

BEDMAN: Oh? That was quicker than expected. You're right then. We've no time to
waste on Zato.

???: Exactly. We cannot allow anyone to interfere with the Cradle's emergence.

BEDMAN: ...Understood.

[With that Bedman teleport away leaving Chipp and Zato.]

ZATO: ...He's gone.

[He then confronts Slayer, the only person who is witnessing the scene.]

SLAYER: Zato... I must apologize for that unsightly display.

ZATO: No need. Had you understood the slight-of-hand behind his attacks, you
would never have been taken unawares.

SLAYER: I would love to hear more... However, there are far more urgent matters
to which we must attend. We had meant to go directly to the King.

ZATO: Yes... Ky Kiske, the ruler of Illyria. I see we thought along similar

SLAYER: Great minds, as they say.

ZATO: Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate him.

SLAYER: I see.

ZATO: I'm surprised, I had thought you would be in Illyria with Millia and

SLAYER: Yes, well, that young fellow you just saw managed to drag us out
here... Wait, if you're here, then that must mean...

ZATO: Yes. We're near Uighur.

SLAYER: So far...

ZATO: I cannot sense its true form, but that boy clearly possesses mysterious
power that transcends our understanding of logic. I cannot help but fell that
he is somehow similar to me, as I was when I wandered the underworld.

[Just then, the other two wakes up.]

VENOM: Impossible! How could he possibly be at all akin to you, Lord Zato?!

MILLIA: Unless you're talking about their terrible taste...

SLAYER: Please...

ZATO: You've awoken?

VENOM: Sir, I...I apologize. I failed in my mission.

ZATO: You are not to blame, if he was your opponent. I am relieved to see that
you appear unharmed.

VENOM: My lord...!

MILLIA: *Sigh* Do you think we'll see that kid again? It didn't look like he
backed off out of the kindness of his heart.

VENOM: ...Perhaps it's up to us.

[Both Zato and Millia look at Venom.]

MILLIA: Please, enlighten me.

ZATO: Go on.

VENOM: While we fought, I noticed he never spoke, but occasionally his behavior
suggested someone elsewhere was giving him orders. He also appeared the moment
we decided to pass our information to the King. In other words, someone has
ears and eyes everywhere, and is manipulating the flow of information,
destroying anyone who impedes them.

SLAYER: Hm... A well-reasoned argument. I think you are correct.

ZATO: Are we fighting the Conclave?

VENOM: Unfortunately, I was unable to determine that. I apologize.

MILLIA: If this is a war of information, then the enemy has the upper hand.
Every moment we sit her twiddling our thumbs, things just get worse.

ZATO: If only we could learn where the King is hiding...

MILLIA: This far out, our magic coms are useless... We need to move.

SLAYER: In that case, perhaps I can offer some insight.

ZATO: Please explain.

SLAYER: If I know the King as well as I believe I do, he will avoid any place
where the Conclave is particularly strong, and that greatly limits his options.

ZATO: Of course...! If we are fortunate, we may even encounter him by chance. I
will handle this, Lord Slayer.

[Meanwhile, back at Bedman's dream...]

October 29, 2187
A Dream

BEDMAN: We've deviated from the script quite a bit... I'm feeling rather tired.

???: Yes, well done.

BEDMAN: I don't really mind a little ad lib, but if this keeps up, one body's
not going to be enough for me to handle all of it... But I must create my
absolute world...

???: OUR absolute world, Bedman. Don't forget about me.

BEDMAN: ...Of course. my apologies. You ARE a curious little creature though,
aren't you? Sol Badguy, and his awakening, should be your only concern in this
equation, correct?

???: Ah, but I'm never satisfied with 100%. I don't feel as though something's
done until it's 200% complete.

BEDMAN: ... Delilah and I were born with this curse... As a result, since the
day I was born I've never had any friends... In the real world, or dreams. For
the first time, though, I feel like I'm beginning to understand friendship...
But that's enough of that. It's embarrassing.

???: You honor me.

BEDMAN: The truth is, when I met you, I already had my plan laid out, down to
the smallest detail. I could have easily executed it on my own.

???: ...Huh?

BEDMAN: He he... Although, it would have required me to risk everything--even
my life! Since we're working together, though, I don't need to bet that much,
so please, apply any of my surplus to your 200%

???: ...For our absolute world.

BEDMAN: For our absolute world.


[Before that event happen, Ky is figuring out what's going on in the recording
that Leo sent to him in the Royal Fleet One's office.]

October 28, 2187 at 18:02
Royal Fleet One -- Office

KY: This...

SWORDSMAN: Is something the matter, sir?

KY: Leo suspects collaboration between the Conclave and whoever’s behind the

SWORDSMAN: Has his recording shed any light on the situation?

KY: Yes, this part... "Absolute Defense: Felion." I've listened to it several
times. I'm sure

SWORDSMAN: What does it mean...?

KY: Felion is an extremely specialized technique used by the Sanctus Populi. It
can only be activated in th presence of the Maximus or a Conclave member.


KY: No doubt that is why Leo did not wish to tell me this directly... And why
told me to speak with Zepp, where the Conclave has no eyes or ears. We must
hurry. Do we have a line to Zepp?

SWORDSMAN: Yes, sir!

KY: We must double back, but we have no choice. Bring us around, and take the
engines up to full.

[Meanwhile, somewhere in the Backyard, Axl looks around in confuse of the white

October 29, 2187
The Backyard

AXL: Whooooooa! Where the heck am I?!

[Just then I-No teleports behind him.]

I-NO: The Backyard.

AXL: Ahh! You again?! H-Hold on a tick... The "Backyard" you say? Uh... where's
that again? It sounds a bit familiar...

[Soon, Axl follows I-No to which he has no clue where they're heading.]

AXL: Ugh... Blimey, my body feels heavy and my... my head feels weird...

I-NO: We're inside of a field That Man developed that allows us to be here in
the flesh. I know it hurts, but for God's sake just grow a pair.

AXL: Huh? O-Oh, okay... If you don't mind my asking... what exactly am I doing

I-NO: You wanted to meet him, right? Said you had something to tell him?

AXL: Right, right... W-Wait, you mean That Man's actually HERE?!

I-NO: Yes. And you should feel really special, because not a lot of people get
to talk to him face-to-face.

AXL: Oh my goodness, you-you're not pissing around, are you? Wh-Why do I feel
so nervous?

I-NO: This is a new one...

AXL: Wait, but... didn't I already deliver the message to you?

I-NO: Unfortunately, what you said can't exactly be... said by anybody but you.
So much as I'd like to, I can't carry it to him myself.

AXL: Uh, I-I'm sorry, but I'm not following you here...

I-NO: *Snaps* ARG! Just shut your hole and c'mon. We have to move!

AXL: R-Right! Coming!

THAT MAN: You've returned.

I-NO: Thanks for waiting. Here he is.

[That Man appears before them in his white hood covering his entire face.]

THAT MAN: Thank you, I-No.

AXL: (Th-This is the bloke...?) U-Um, are you...?

THAT MAN: It's a pleasure to meet you, Axl Low. I apologize for making you come
so far.

AXL: U-Uh, it's nice to meet you too...

THAT MAN: I already know a great deal about you. You've broken many laws of

AXL: O-Oh, that so, huh?

THAT MAN: I hate to be blunt, but would you mind telling me?

AXL: Huh?

THAT MAN: Don't you have a message from the Original?

AXL: Ooooh! That's right! I do!

I-NO: Are you sure you're okay?

AXL: Heh heh, sorry... Just got a little carried away, nothing to worry about.
Ahem! Here goes...

[Axl begins to pass the message to That Man. However by I-No's ears, she
couldn't hear what Axl is saying as the words are being covered by a weird
sound. Even Axl realize this as well.]

AXL: (Wh-What in the bloody hell was that?!)

I-NO: I thought so. Even with a third part present, only the person the message
is for can actually hear it.

THAT MAN: ... I see. So it's true, then...

I-NO: Do you know what the Conclave's after now?

THAT MAN: Yes... Everything make sense. Even the little farce, the Second Holy
Order Selection Tournament. Although unfortunately we've fallen a bit behind...
Chronus... This time I will stop you.

AXL: Um...sorry to interrupt, but...

THAT MAN: Yes, of course. I've received your message quite clearly.

AXL: Then, uh...I can go home now?

THAT MAN: Naturally. But please, I insist you allow me to show you my gratitude.

AXL: Ooooooooooh no no no no no! Really, it's quite all right! I'm actually in
a bit of a hurry! Cheerio!

THAT MAN: That's a shame, I had thought, at the very least, perhaps some sweets
to go with your tea? I had them made right here, in the Backyard. In fact, I
believe the only place you can enjoy this taste is, well, here. Perhaps you
could take some? :)

AXL: ... Can...can I ask you a quick question? You ARE the same fellow who
created the Gear called "Justice" and pretty well started the Crusades, right?

THAT MAN: ... Yes, that would be me.

AXL: Don't take this the wrong way now, but... you really don't strike me as
the villainous sort.


AXL: Ah! Oh no! I'm so sorry! Please, just forget I said that! Forget
everything! Thank you for the sweets! Thank you very much! Good-bye!

[With that Axl makes a mad dash and leaves them but unfortunately...]


I-NO: ... Uh, you know, you might want to consider being a little... scarier.

THAT MAN: Really...?

[The following day, back at the Royal Fleet One, Elphelt wakes up in her unique
fashion... again.]

October 30, 2187
Royal Fleet One -- Guest Quarters

ELPHELT: Elphelt Valentine... Eliminate all redundancies, with extreme

[Unfortunately she realizes that Sin is beside her...]

ELPHELT: Oh... 0o0

SIN: I think I said this already, but you must have some pretty brutal dreams.

ELPHELT: Y-You heard me...?

SIN: Yeah :)

ELPHELT: Oh jeez, that's embarrassing...

SIN: What? How?

ELPHELT: W-Well, I mean, um, for a woman, it's...uh...

SIN: I don't follow...

ELPHELT: Oh just forget it! Why are you here?

SIN: Uh...no reason, I guess.

ELPHELT: So you don't even having a reason for sneaking in here and watching me

SIN: Nope... :)

ELPHELT: Y-You've got problems, mister! No sense of decency at all! >:(

SIN: What's the big deal? It's not like I hurt you or anything.

ELPHELT: oh, oh, but you DID! My self-esteem, for instance, has been destroyed!
And what if I get used to people seeing me when I'm all... all... *thinks for a
second* GROSS I might just give up on looking good! That would hurt! That would
hurt a lot! Not to mention all the sleep I'm going to lose from reliving this
horrible moment! M-my face must have been so...so...

[Just then Elphelt realize something...]

SIN: ?

ELPHELT: W-Was I...drooling...?

SIN: No?

ELPHELT: Thank God... :)

SIN: Ha ha ha!

ELPHELT: This is nothing to laugh about! >:(

SIN: Nah, I was just thinking. You've got a pretty wide range of emotion.
Nothing like the last Valentine.

ELPHELT: ...Then you believe me? That I have emotions?

SIN: Well, I mean it's kinda hard not to. Somebody without emotions wouldn't
throw that huge fit.

ELPHELT: I'm a little surprised... I thought that after Mr. Badguy said they
were just an act you'd... well..

SIN: Yeah, well, sometimes I feel like he's so smart he's actually dumb. He
gets all grumpy whenever he can't explain something with logic.

ELPHELT: ...Really?

[Unfortunately, Sol happens to enter the room.]

SOL: Sure is easy to talk shit about people when they aren't around >:(


SIN: What? It's not talking shit if it's true. :D

SOL: Do you ever think about something for more than five seconds?
"Self-preservation" mean anything to you?

SIN: Don't sweat it, El wouldn't do anything to me. Would you?

ELPHELT: N-No, of course not.

SIN: See?

SOL: That's good enough for you? Besides... I could tell you the same thing,
Elphelt. If you're trying to get anything out of Sin, just give up. The only
thing that comes out of his mouth is a steady stream of bullshit.

[By that remark, Sin gives the '-_-' expression.]

SIN: I-I don't have any rebuttal for that... All right, fine, what about you,
old man? You figured out anything about the Cradle?

SOL: Government war rooms across the world are talking themselves in circles
because they don't have enough information. Ours might help, but...

SIN: Why don't we give it to them?

SOL: Because the Conclave's behind this, and they've got eyes and ears
everywhere. The more people we tell, the higher the chance of telling the wrong

SIN: Then...why don't you just throw all the people working for the Conclave
into a jail somewhere?

SOL: You listening? They've got people all over the world. Assuming they didn't
all book it once the arrests started, there aren't enough cells to hold them

SIN: Damn. That sounds like a pain in the ass.

SOL: No shit. If we could figure out what the Cradle's up to maybe we could do
something, but otherwise...

SIN: You sure you don't know anything, El?

ELPHELT: S-Sorry...

SOL: Hm.

[Just then Ky enters in.]

KY: There you are, Sol. We may have found a powerful ally.

SIN: Ky.


SOL: Explain.

KY: Leo has begun to doubt the Conclave as well. I know it means doubling back,
but we've decided to head to Zepp.

SOL: Zepp?!

KY: Leo has his own line to them. Their communications system is extremely
advanced. Our technology can't crack it. I suspect they intend to use that
secure line.

SOL: Zepp never joined the UN, and they're not allied with the Conclave. And a
floating continent can avoid other countries pretty easily... Hm. I guess
there's still a few people with a head on their shoulders in Illyria, huh?

KY: Yes. I would like to speak with you before we arrive in Zepp. If you would
follow me...

[With that, both Sol and Ky leaves the Guest Quarters, leaving both Sin and
Elphelt in the room.]

SIN: ...Damn, old man... You sure are stubborn.

ELPHELT: Sin...?

SIN: Hm?

ELPHELT: Why do you call Sol "old man" all the time? you two seem so close...

SIN: Yeah... I guess we've been asking all these questions, but we haven't
really told you about us, have we? All right, go ahead, ask me whatever you

ELPHELT: Okay... Well, you said you were Mr.Kiske's kid, right?

SIN: Sol's been raising me since I was little. We spent a lot of time
travelling together so yeah, I guess we're pretty close.

ELPHELT: Oh... What about Mr. Kiske then?

SIN: Uh... Ha ha, um, that's a tough one... Little embarrassing, actually.

ELPHELT: Oh, good.

SIN: Good?

ELPHELT: Well, whenever you talk to him you always seem so distant. I thought
it was because you hated him. I'm glad it's not!

SIN: ...Yeah, I don't hate him. Well, not any more...


SIN: Well, my mom's a Gear. Gears aren't exactly, uh, popular, so we had to
live in hiding. That's the way the wind blows, but... When I was a kid, I kept
wondering how long we'd have to keep doing that, and whose fault it was... In
the end, I blamed Ky.


SIN: ...I was wrong, though. He was fighting as hard as he could for a world
where Gears and humans could live together, happily. It wasn't an easy fight.
My mom's kind of stuck in Illyria right no, but Ky's been...well, amazing. He
saved her right when she was about to die, and--

ELPHELT: *Begins to cry with a nosebleed* Waaaaaaah! T^T

SIN: Wh-What the hell?! Y-You're crying! And... wait , is that a nosebleed?! 0_o

ELPHELT: That's true love! Oh, what a wonderful story. Forbidden love that
transcends all boundaries! Aw man, when's that gonna happen to me?

SIN: I-Is that really how it works...?

ELPHELT: But, but Sin!

SIN: ?

ELPHELT: You don't hate him anymore, right? Then why don't you call Mr.Kiske

SIN: What? -_-

ELPHELT: Don't give me that! You don't have to do it right away, but...I think
eventually you'll want to. So just...promise me you will, okay?

SIN: You really think that's going to happen? Hey, actually, that reminds me...
What's the deal with the "Mother" you and Ram keep talking about?

ELPHELT: She...doesn't actually exist.

SIN: Huh?

ELPHELT: Well, it's kind of hard to explain. She...doesn't really have a
physical body. Valentines are asked to run errands, and given orders and rules
to follow, that kind of stuff... But all of that's just implanted as memories
before we're born. Nobody ever TELLS us to do it. So Ram and I have never
touched or seen our Mother...

SIN: Sorry, I didn't mean to bring up something uncomfortable.

ELPHELT: No, no no no, it's fine! Honestly, I'm happy to finally be able to
talk about this with somebody! Maybe that's why I...I've always wanted to be
part of a real family!

SIN: Interesting. Well, good luck with the true love thing, then!


SIN: What's wrong?

ELPHELT: *Low voice* (Unfortunately for me...that's forbidden.)

SIN: Huh?

ELPHELT: N-Nothing.

SIN: But... the next time you go see Ram, do you think I could come too?



Unknown Date, 2074
United States of America -- Research Facility

WOMAN: Aaaah!

DEPUTY DIRECTOR: What is it? What happened!?

LAB TECH 1: We can't confirm physical contact, but... It appears something from
the Backyard is attempting to make contact with Justice!

LAB TECH 2: These levels are too high for our probes! Recalculate with the
Demi-huma Method. They are over forty trillion per-second!

???: Aria. ARIA! Can you hear me? What happened?!

ARIA: Aaaaaaah!

???: Calm down!

LAB TECH 1: The test subjects conscious topology readings are all over the
place... Is this thing trying to give itself life using Justice?!

DEPUTY DIRECTOR: An intervention from INSIDE the Backyard?! That's impossible!

LAB TECH 1: What should we do?!

???: Terminate the experiment and retrieve Justice immediately! That's our top

DEPUTY DIRECTOR: What the hell is happening...? Justice's information density
is equivalent to a galaxy cluster. Could the energy of a single organism exceed
that of systematically networked life form?

LAB TECH 1: Something's found the test subject's DNA data... It's multiplying!

DEPUTY DIRECTOR: WHAT?! It is self-aware...?

???: It's conscious...? (C-Could this be the Universal Will...?) Calm down, we
need to analyze this rationally. We'll assign the variable X to this
phenomenon. All new information will be collected in series!

LAB TECH 3: X will materialize in the real world in T-minus 453 seconds. I
can't believe how fast it's eroding!

DEPUTY DIRECTOR: We have to stop it, no matter the cost! Our world would be
destroyed by the influx of information! S-Sir...could we terminate Justice's
activity entirely...?

???: It wouldn't work. Gear cells can serve as a conduit to the Backyard
regardless of whether the subject's alive or dead. Aria...listen to me.
Something is going to attempt contact with you from inside the Backyard. We
need you to resist. Can you do that for us?


???: You can do this... I believe in you. You're our only hope! Don't you want
to see Frederick again?!

LAB TECH 3: We've punched in a V2 report. We've manage to cut the flow of
information from our world...

LAB TECH 2: It's not working! The test subject's DNA data is bridging the link!
X2...X3... We've confirmed two bodies! Retrieving coordinates... Latitude 35
degrees, 40 minutes, 51 seconds... Longitude 139 degrees, 46 minutes...

???: Japan?!

LAB TECH 1: That's outside our jurisdiction, and way too far away to do
anything! Both bodies are going to materialize in the real world in... T-minus
183 seconds!

???: We have to use the Saint Oratorio... Disengage the Outrage Armor!

LAB TECH 1: But if we do that, the radiation levels-- we could face sanctions--!

DEPUTY DIRECTOR: I don't really give a shit about that right now! Use the
prototype catapult if you have to!

LAB TECH 3: Saint Oratorio charging! ETA until full charge... 640 seconds,

DEPUTY DIRECTOR: Damnit! WE need more time!

LAB TECH 2: We're getting readings on the modulation... Now receiving visual on
X2 and X3.
Unfortunately once again Elphelt is shock to learn that Sin is beside her
during her shouting.


DEPUTY DIRECTOR: What the hell is that? It's got...eyes? And ears?

LAB TECH 2: The link-jump reaction is exponentially multiplying... Now
registering up to X388!

???: It's happening all over again... This is just lie

DEPUTY DIRECTOR: I thought that only affected electronic devices?!

???: How is this happening...? In an hour the Earth will no longer be a human
world... Damnit! ARIA... Switch Justice over to manual override!

ARIA: Wh-What's happening. My... my body... my mind is... What are you doing?!

???: Entering coordinates, zone 8-81. Target locked... Prepare the gamma ray!
Maximum output + 40!

LAB TECH 1: Are you serious?! You'll vaporize Japan!


LAB TECH 1: I...I can't...

???: I'm sorry, I should never have asked you. I'll do it.

LAB TECH 1: Sir...!

???: Firing gamma ray. Aria. I'm sorry!

Aria: What are you doing?! What's this light-- Wh-What did I just do?!

#Flashback Ends

[Back at the Backyard, That Man seems to be conjuring some energy.]

THAT MAN: Just a little longer, Aria. I'll be there to free you, very soon...

[Several days later at the Royal Fleet One in Ky's office...]

November 1, 2187
Royal Fleet One -- Office

KY: We've almost reached our destination. This might give us a way to fight the
Cradle, but until then we need to organize the information we have on hand.

SOL: Easiest way to do that is squeeze the Valentines. How much longer are you
planning to let Sin play house?

KY: Zepp has qualified interrogators. Let's turn our prisoners over to them.

SOL: ...You're kidding.

KY: ... Sol, are you only accompanying us so that you can exact your revenge on
That Man?

SOL: Why the sudden curiosity?

KY: I want to know if you sincerely don't care what happens to the rest of the

SOL: That's a dumb question.

KY: It is not! Yes, he took away some of what makes you human, but that doesn't
mean he altered your mind or your soul.

SOL: So what?

KY: I want to believe that you'll fight for the people of this world.

SOL: Are we seriously having this conversation?  Look, kid. I'm a monster. I'm
here to do two things: Destroy That Man, and kill all the other Gears. If the
world's in trouble I'll bust some asses, sure, but only 'cause I need it around
to do my job. Not too different from the Valentines in that sense. Now if
you've got it in your head that we're gonna be best pals, rethink that. I've
got my own shit to take care of.

KY: Then why do you care about Dizzy?

SOL: ...What?

KY: My wife. You saved her, and she's a Gear. My son, Sin, is a half Gear. You
say you wanted to destroy ALL Gears. Why are they any different?

SOL: ...This conversation is over, and we're never having it again.

KY: Wait! Damnit, you can't run away from the truth, Sol!

[Finally Sol snaps as he grabs Ky's collar.]

SOL: Shut the hell up Ky, or I'm gonna pound the shit out of you!

KY: Try.

SOL: Now we're talkin'...

KY: Tell me Sol... Just what will happen after you've taken your revenge? *hold
his arm*

SOL: *lets go and pushes Ky's hand* I don't really think that far ahead.

KY: Will you go hide from the world like Sin say you would?

SOL: ...

KY: I don't know your history. I don't know if you had friends once, or if you
fell in love, or why you burn with such hatred for That Man and the Gears... I
don't even know your real name.

SOL: ...

KY: But I do know a great deal about a man named Sol Badguy. Blinded by
vengeance, he lost sight of himself, and now he runs from the truth that
frightens him.

SOL: ...Say that again.

KY: Tomorrow always comes, Sol.

SOL: ...!

KY: If tomorrow promises to be cold and dark, I cannot stand idly by... even if
I know my efforts will come to nothing.

[By his words, Sol calms down as he shows a faint smile.]

SOL: ...The self-righteous apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

KY: I don't expect the world to change tomorrow, but I do hope that, today,
perhaps my words will reach you. Sol... I'll be waiting for you. We'll all be
waiting for you. Sin, Dizzy... Once all this is over...come home.

SOL: ... You're making me sick. Sure you didn't hit your head or something?

KY: Ha ha. Who knows? I took Dizzy, Justice's child, as my wife. Perhaps only a
man slightly mad would do such a thing, eh?

SOL: Justice...

[Just then Sol realizes something.]

SOL: Hey!

KY: What?

SOL: About three months ago, I got in a fight with the Conclave over the Sacred

KY: Whatever you do, you always push yourself too far. If you'd spoken to me,
we could have found a peaceful solution.

SOL: No, that's what I'm talking about. They were REAL protective of them.

KY: What are you trying to say? I've no doubt they'd be protective of them if
ANYONE attacked, not just you.

SOL: Exactly.

KY: *Confused by Sol's reply*

SOL: What if the Conclave wasn't afraid of me, they were afraid of the
Treasures themselves?

KY: N-No...!

SWORDSMAN: Your Majesty, we will be arriving at Zepp momentarily.

[Anyway, lets back track a few days ago where Sin interrogates with Ramlethal,
only this time he brings Elphelt with him. However the magehound seems to be
biting Ramlethal's finger... again.]

October 30, 2187
Royal Fleet One -- Interrogation Room

SIN: Hey!

RAMLETHAL: You're back again? It seems strange you can come in here so easily.
*Magehound bits it* Ow.

SIN: Everybody here knows me. I can pretty much go where I want. :D

RAMLETHAL: Your level of security seems inadequate, honestly. Don't you have
more important things to do than this?

SIN: Everybody's off meeting with some big shot from Zepp, so I thought that'd
give us a little time to talk to each other.

RAMLETHAL: *Magehound bits again* Ouch.

SIN: Besides, if I went along I'd just end up pissing everyone off, and then
nothing would get done.

RAMLETHAL: You're that perceptive? That's unexpected... So, what is she doing

ELPHELT: He he. Sorry.

RAMLETHAL: You're in my way. *Magehound bits again* Ow.

SIN: We're gonna make you laugh!

RAMLETHAL: Pointless, I don't have any emotions. But, if that's what it will
take to make you leave, fine. I'll laugh.

[Ramlethal shows her evil, sharp-toothed grin smile, which scares Sin of her

SIN: That's not really what we meant... 0_0

ELPHELT: Right! We want to see you smile, for real!

RAMLETHAL: This is ridiculous. Tools don't need emotions. =_=

ELPHELT: All right, then explain why you're still sticking to Mother's rules
even though we've finished our mission?

RAMLETHAL: Because...

ELPHELT: Because you don't FEEL like you want to betray her, right?

RAMLETHAL: No. This is my duty.

SIN: Okay, I think that's enough interrogation for one day. If it doesn't have
anything to do with the plan, you can answer some questions, right?

RAMLETHAL: That...shouldn't be a problem.

SIN: I bought you something REALLY tasty... A hamburger from Danny Missiles!


SIN: It's delicious!

RAMLETHAL: I don't care how food tastes. All that matters is that it provides
the correct nutrients in the correct amounts.

SIN: Okay, okay, I get it... can you at least tell me what you think about this
piece of nourishment?

RAMLETHAL: ...I suppose.

[As soon Ramlethal eats it, Ramlethal is stunned as the background image behind
her changes like an eruption has happened.]

SIN: ...Well?

RAMLETHAL: Any opinion of mine would be purely subjective. If I were to analyze
this food from a more objective point of view, however, I would conclude that--

SIN: No! That's not what I'm talking about! Just give me the first word that
came to mind when you ate it.

[Ultimately she gives the one thing Sin and Elphelt wants. A cute smile with
these words...]

RAMLETHAL: ...Salty. :)

[Sin smiles at her. Then the scene changes to a number of cut scene images.
They are:

01) Sin is taking up a table while Elphelt tells her about the delicious food
such as pizza, cake and spaghetti.
02) The trio are playing poker while the magehound is holding Ramlethal's hand
while Elphelt tells her it is her turn.
03) Elphelt is seen wearing Ramlethal's outfit while Sin is wearing Elphelt cap
and holing Elphelt's outfit for Ramlethal to wear it. Ramlethal looks unwilling
to do it and hated it.
04) Elphelt and Sin are looking out the scenery of the airship while Ramlethal
just sits on her chair, not looking at it.
05) The Royal Fleet One is floating at night close to the moon.
06) The trio are having pizza when Sin decides to pour hot sauce onto
Ramlethal's pizza, telling her it is tasty. Elphelt is shock about his actions.
07) Sure enough, Ramlethal has a comical reaction on the pizza she eats with a
red swollen lip.
08) Ramlethal is about to head to bed when the magehound is sleeping on her bed.
09) Dawn has just set in.
10) Sin is showing a comical reaction like Ram's spicy pizza toward his
spaghetti as Ramlethal has already pour the hot sauce onto his spaghetti as

November 1, 2187
Royal Fleet One -- Interrogation Room

RAMLETHAL: You must be really bored. Maybe now you can answer my question, El.


RAMLETHAL: Why did you betray us?

ELPHELT: Oh come on, does that even matter anymore? :)

RAMLETHAL: Do you have something better to talk about?

ELPHELT: Well, I just don' really like talking about it, but...I can't love
anybody. I don't know why but, it was one of the rules Mother created me with.
During the wedding I felt this huge rift form between myself and that rule.

RAMLETHAL: ...Then you were just defective. But what's the reason for a rule
like that?

ELPHELT: You don't have it?


SIN: Heh heh. You're just full of mysteries, aren't you El? Didn't you say you
got here using some weird special power?

ELPHELT: Yes, but I really have no idea how that happened. So I thought I'd see
Sol, or you, when I showed up. I was pretty surprised when it was Mr. Kiske.
Still, everything turned out okay, right?

SIN: Yeah, but that's a pretty amazing power. It means no matter where I am,
you can find me, right?

ELPHELT: Not really, I can't exactly tell who is where...

RAMLETHAL: ... I have no such vain, pointless functionality. Therefore I am
more complete. *Magehound bit her again* Ow...

[After their meals, they leave the Interrogation Room while walking down the

November 1, 2187
Royal Fleet One -- Interrogation Room Hallway

ELPHELT: Thanks. :)

SIN: Huh? For what?

ELPHELT: I've never seen her having so much fun.

SIN: THAT was her having fun?! 0_o

ELPHELT: Yup, I can tell. Uh, can I ask you something?

SIN: Sure.

ELPHELT: Why are you being nice to her? Isn't she your enemy?

SIN: I've been thinking about that myself... You know how she keeps saying
she's a tool or whatever? I used to think she was just some kind of machine or
something, but after a while I started questioning that. It seemed like she was
really just afraid that if she didn't act like and emotionless machine, whoever
or whatever she cares about would abandon her.


SIN: Yeah. I've...been through something kind of like that.

ELPHELT: ... Um, Sin?

SIN: Yeah?

ELPHELT: Once all this is over... What do you think is gonna happen to me and

SIN: Heh. Honestly, I don't really know. But we're friends now, right?

ELPHELT: Really?

SIN: Yeah. I'm sure Ky'll figure something out for us.

ELPHELT: Friends...friends! :D

SIN: Are you okay...?

ELPHELT: Yeah, I just felt...really happy.

SIN: You're weird.


[The Royal Fleet One arrives at Zepp where they enter the floating island. Sol
and Ky are soon greeted by President Gabriel and his men.]

November 1, 2187
Zepp -- President's Office

GABRIEL: Welcome to Zepp.

KY: Thank you, Mr. President. This is--

GABRIEL: No need for introductions. It's good to see you, Sol.

SOL: Hrmph.

KY: ...

[Soon,  Gabriel leads them to his office.]

GABRIEL: Leo has briefed me on the situation. Only a few members of my inner
circle have been told of your arrival. Under better circumstances, I would've
liked to give you the proper royal treatment, but unfortunately that is a
luxury we cannot currently afford.

KY: The gesture is nonetheless appreciated.

GABRIEL: Now, to business... I actually have another guest. He arrived shortly
before you and I think you may find him...interesting.

KY: What...?

GABRIEL: He's been waiting. Apparently, he has a message for you. I believe it
pertains to the subject you came here to discuss. Regardless, he is no ordinary
guest, and with your permission I would like to be present for your

KY: Of course.

[Upon entering Gabriel's office, that guest turns out none other than...]

ZATO: Your Majesty. :)

KY: Z-Zato-ONE?! No, this is... I thought you were dead! 0_0

ZATO: I was, for a time. Now I have returned, through the machinations of the

SOL: Figures. -_-

ZATO: As a result, I possess information that is very valuable to them. Their

GABRIEL: Well, there you have it. Zato was revived by the Conclave, and knows
the details of this "Cradle" incident. He has been waiting here, so that he
could relay that information to you.

SOL: Do all your men have their heads up their asses, or is it just these ones?


SOL: If they knew who he was, why in the hell did they let him in?!

GABRIEL: We were, of course, aware of his identity, but decided to let him in
anyway. While we're on the subject, however, I think your presence is much more
questionable. We only granted an audience to the King and his servants.

SOL: That's not my problem.

KY: Sol!

SOL: *To Zato* Can you prove you're not working for the Conclave?

ZATO: No, I cannot. Might I point out, however, that we do not know when their
plan will be complete. Perhaps your questions for me can wait?

GABRIEL: We have confirmed that the Conclave has been researching the art of
resurrection for some time, but we do not know why they chose Zato-ONE.

KY: Sol, please, let's just hear them out.

ZATO: I would like to avoid confusion, so allow me to be frank. The Conclave
controls the Cradle, which they intend to use to conquer the world. And inside
of the Cradle... Is Justice, the God of Destruction.

SOL: !!

GABRIEL: You mean THE Justice?!

ZATO: You don't look especially surprised. Perhaps you do not need further

GABRIEL: No, I think we do. You can't just tell us Justice is in that thing and
then stop! Is the Conclave attempting to start another Crusade?!

ZATO: A reasonable question. Why would the Conclave, who control nearly the
entire would, albeit covertly, resort to using Justice for further conquest?

GABRIEL: Exactly.

ZATO: The answer is rather simple. The world they wish to create cannot exist
in one that allows free thought.

GABRIEL: I don't follow...

ZATO: They intend to standardize the entire world.

KY: They...what?

ZATO: Culture will be unable to advance beyond a certain point. In short, the
Conclave wants to restrict all human freedom. To accomplish that, they need
Justice's incredible power and omnipresence.

KY: This is absurd. You're talking about creating a dystopia...

GABRIEL: Before we go there... Wasn't Justice utterly destroyed?

ZATO: Yes, Justice was destroyed--or, I suppose you could say, died. Sol Badguy
knows that much better than any of us.

SOL: ... That's why they needed the art of resurrection. You just happened to
be their guinea pig.

ZATO: Precisely. The resurrection you are thinking of is perhaps slightly
different. The TRUE nature of resurrection is not recreation of soul and flesh.


ZATO: It is the art of binding a soul to an object. As you know, I died several
years ago. However... I was not the sole owner of my enchanted body. After my
death, Eddie's soul inhabited my flesh. Once the Conclave discovered this, it
did not take them long to determine it might be possible to bind a soul to a
vessel. I was returned to life to test this theory.

GABRIEL: So... You're suggesting the Conclave is trying to bind a new soul to
Justice's body?

ZATO: That is correct. That is the reason they hosted the Second Knight of the
Holy Order Selection Tournament. When you destroyed Justice, Sol, you left
nothing but an empty shell behind.

SOL: ...

KY: That's not possible!

ZATO: The Conclave means to write a new chapter of human history--one that
casts them as its gods.

GABRIEL: Everyone in this room is more than familiar with what Justice is
capable of, and the threat she poses. What you are suggesting is frighteningly

SOL: Hold on... Even if Zato's right, how do the Valentines play into all of
this? They're just trying to annihilate humanity, right?

ZATO: Likely they believe Justice's revival will lead to humanity's demise. I
have no way of knowing how far their plans extend, though.

SOL: No. It's still impossible...

[Suddenly, there was an explosion which shakes the room. This follows by an
emergency light while a Zepp soldier contacts them.]

ZEPP SOLDIER 1: Red alert! Damage and fires reported in West D Sector!

GABRIEL: Give me a full report!

ZEPP SOLDIER 1: We appear to be under attack, sir... But not from the outside.
The enemy is already inside! They appear to be moving through the ship,
destroying everything in their path-- Th-They've disappeared, sir!

GABRIEL: How many are there!? Where are they from!?

ZEPP SOLDIER 1: They...they're alone! It's a single soldier, sir!

[The soldier shows them footage of the intruder who turns out to be Bedman
while the room shakes due to the explosions.]

ZEPP SOLDIER 1: Analyzing security footage...we have a hit! The target matches
the description of the subject labeled "Bedman" in our database! H-He's moving
toward the residential block! Our weapons have no effect! We can't stop him!

GABRIEL: Alone! Who the hell does he think he is?!

ZATO: We will assist you.

GABRIEL: It would be a damn shame if Zepp was forced to ask for a guest's help
to capture a single man. Please, enjoy your tea while I deal with this matter.

KY: What are you going to do?!

GABRIEL: Enjoy the hunt!

[Gabriel is soon seen running along the corridor in his unique movement.]

November 1, 2187
Zepp -- Corridor

GABRIEL: Where is the target currently located?

ZEPP SOLDIER 1: The barracks in Sector C! The special task force is trying to
hold him back. They don't stand a chance! How could our elite soldiers be
defeated so easily?!

GABRIEL: Bedman... This must be the child Potemkin mentioned in his report. I
have little doubt now that he's working with the Conclave... Is he here hoping
to interrupt our meeting with the king? Too little, too late. Mm?!

[He soon arrives at Sector C where Bedman is standing right in front of his
path from afar. However he stomps to the ground, stopping his movement, as he
faces Bedman.]

GABRIEL: There you are. You've made quite a mess of my home! Tell me... Where
should I send the invoice for all this damage? The Conclave? Valentine, perhaps?

[However there was no answer from Bedman.]

GABRIEL: Are you too sleepy to talk, young man? That's unfortunate, it's time
for you to rise and shine! Hngh!

[Gabriel shoots him with a fist-like projectile at him, which explodes on
impact. However Bedman manages to escape by teleporting behind him.]

GABRIEL: Ah, your teleportation... I read about it in the report.

[Bedman just shrugs.]

GABRIEL: Very well, I shall no longer rely on my eyes. The attack you are about
to witness will pulverize any living creature within 8 meters, no matter how
fast they move, or how well they guard themselves... I call it... AGAIN!!!

[This time he fully charge himself as multiple fist projectiles swarms around
the area. Bedman tries to block but he resort to teleporting behind him and was
about to attack him but Gabriel knew this would happen.]


[He shoots the projectile at him as Bedman gets hit, while being pushed back.
Bedman realizes that it also causes a crack on one of the mechanical hands that
he uses to guard Gabriel's attack. Bedman soon talk to him in his mind.]

BEDMAN: Impossible! This is the world's first 8th-generation reinforced
high-density bed frame! How could you stop it with your bare hands?!

GABRIEL: I see... You can dodge a blow from my ultimate punch... No wonder
Potemkin couldn't defeat you.

BEDMAN: Gabriel...!

???: That's quite enough. Your time's up.

BEDMAN: Quite right. I shall take my leave.

[Bedman tries to escape but Gabriel manages to grab one of the mechanical bed
legs and slam him down to the floor.]


GABRIEL: FOOL! Did you think I'd let you escape so easily?!

[Soon, Bedman was being interrogated by Potemkin upon his arrest but...]

POTEMKIN: State your name and age.

[Bedman didn't say a word.]

POTEMKIN: Who do you work for?

[Bedman still doesn't say a word.]

GABRIEL: Heh. Perhaps the most futile interrogation in all of history. =_=


[Meanwhile, Ky is calling Leo via transmission.]

Zepp-- President's Office

KY: Can you hear me, Leo?

LEO: Loud and clear. If you're calling me on this line, then I assume you
figured out what I was getting at.

KY: Yes.

LEO: Then the Conclave is behind the tragedy of Babylon after all?

KY: Yes. There is no other way to see the facts.

LEO: All right. Tell me the details.

KY: Ha...ha ha ha...

LEO: Wh-What's wrong?

KY: My apologies. Our intelligence on this situation has grown exponentially in
a very short period. Frankly, I just feel grateful that I can finally tell
someone about it.

LEO: I understand how you must feel, but right now we need to keep this quiet.
Don't let your guard down.

KY: Actually... I think it's time we stepped into the light.

LEO: What do you mean?

KY: I'm glad you're in Illyria, Leo. I need someone there I can trust.

LEO: I don't see where you're going with this.

KY: I have a favor to ask you, and it is...not an easy one. I need you to
release someone to my authority. They may be able to help us fight the Cradle.

LEO: *Confuse on what Ky is saying but listen anyway*

[Meanwhile, Ramlethal seems to see herself in a large white space but oddly she
looks below to see the magehound with her. Just then, Bedman appears behind

NOVEMBER 1, 2187
A Dream

BEDMAN: Well well... I was planning to sow a little dissent out here and visit
you while they were distracted, which, ahem, didn't go quite according to
plan... Then again, we're talking alone now, so perhaps I've succeeded after

RAMLETHAL: You are...?

BEDMAN: It's a pleasure to meet you. Again.

RAMLETHAL: This is...

BEDMAN: Inside your dream. I was able to enter it because we're close.
Physically, I mean. Then again, since I've taken it over, I guess this is MY
dream now.

RAMLETHAL: ...Who are you?

BEDMAN: Mmmm why don't you call me "Bedman." Your mother has asked me to run a
few errands.

RAMLETHAL: Mother...? No one told me anything.

BEDMAN: Of course not. I'm what you might call your superior. I'm overseeing
this entire operation, so naturally I know everything. Even how it ends.

RAMLETHAL: Mother would never trust one of them...

BEDMAN: He he he he. Oh, I'm special.

RAMLETHAL: You can't be. Redundancies are just redundant.

BEDMAN: You don't exactly have an open mind, do you? If you ask me, you're a
lot closer to being "redundant" than I'll ever be. I suppose that doesn't
really matter now, though. In the end you were just a tool in the operation,
and ultimately disposable.

RAMLETHAL: Yes. I am a tool. Mother only loves useful tools.

BEDMAN: Love...? That doesn't sound like the right word for you.

RAMLETHAL: I know...but Mother doesn't need anyone who won't do what they're
supposed to do.

BEDMAN: Then let me ask... Why didn't you self-destruct?


BEDMAN: Judging from what I've seen here, you undoubtedly had ample
opportunities. You're role is finished, isn't it?

RAMLETHAL: El is restricting my powers.

BEDMAN: El? Oh, right, right... Your little sister. Interesting... So you can
restrict each other's power? Goodness, that's convenient AND annoying.

RAMLETHAL: ... You know about El... Does that mean you're really one of
Mother's allies?

BEDMAN: Hmm... Now you've put me in a tough spot. I'm here because you need to
be, ah, taken care of.

RAMLETHAL: Is that Mother's desire?

BEDMAN: It is. You know what the Cradle is up to... and if that information
falls into enemy hands, all my careful calculations will be worth approximately
jack shit.

RAMLETHAL: There's no need to worry. I won't talk. You can trust me.

BEDMAN: Trust? Ha ha ha ha ha... I'm afraid you're using that one wrong too.
You see, "trust" is something friends have for each other.

RAMLETHAL: Friends...?

BEDMAN: Yes, you see, in a group of friends, every person is unique, like me!
You, on the other hand, are just a copy of something else: A tool. There's
nothing to set you apart.

RAMLETHAL: So I...need something to set me apart?

BEDMAN: *surprise on what she says*

RAMLETHAL: Tools only need perform their function at the correct time. Mother
said so.

BEDMAN: Perhaps your comprehensive faculties are...a little underdeveloped.

RAMLETHAL: I'm not unique? Is it impossible to be unique without emotions?

BEDMAN: (Wh-What the hell am I doing...?) Never mind. I apologize, but this
conversation is over... This is Mother's will. Remember that.

RAMLETHAL: ... All right then, take care of me. But I have one last request...

BEDMAN: What is it?

RAMLETHAL: *Stare at the magehound* Can I take the dog with me? :)

[The magehound makes a cute puppy sound, which makes Bedman even more surprise
of her request. Due to her words and her faint smile, Bedman begins to realize
what is going on.]

BEDMAN: You...! What the hell happened to you here?! Now you really ARE just
like a human! You have emotions! How did this... How can you ask me to kill
this little girl?!

[Suddenly, Bedman sense a presence.]

BEDMAN: Someone's coming! Time for me to hide...

[Back in the real world, it turns out that Sin enters the Interrogation room

SIN: He he, I'm back.

[However he sees Ramlethal sitting on the chair with the magehound on her lap,

SIN: What...? Oh, were you asleep? Sorry about that.


SIN: Yeah?

RAMLETHAL: Why do you keep coming here?

SIN: C'mon, don't make me repeat myself. To make you laugh, obviously. :)

RAMLETHAL: Why? Making me laugh will not benefit you.

SIN: It's not really about benefits, just like...I want to see you laugh.

RAMLETHAL: I'm a tool. I only have value when I carry out the tasks I was
assigned. That's why I can't understand these "feelings" that drive you to take
apparently meaningless actions. If they benefit no one, why do they?

SIN: Wow that's, uh, that's a pretty deep question. Are you asking me to
explain every action I take? -_-

RAMLETHAL: I need to know what the right thing to do is. If I don't know that,
then I can't take the correct action, and taking an incorrect action is

SIN: Well, c'mon, what does "right" even mean anyway? Let's say Ky and the old
man think something tastes bad, but I like it. Does that make me wrong? In a
way everybody's right, see? They're right that it tastes bad, and I'm right
that it tastes good.

RAMLETHAL: I don't understand your example.

SIN: Arg... How do I say this... Oh, got it! Do you believe in God?

RAMLETHAL: God? I acknowledge that the concept exists, and people find value in
it, but without further evidence I can't authoritatively state whether or not--

SIN: *Interrupts her* No, I'm asking how YOU feel about it! Remember when you
ate that hamburger? You had an opinion on it, YOUR opinion. Like that...

RAMLETHAL: I...I don't know...

SIN: You're impossible! All right, let try something else. Look out that window.

[She looks out of the window to see the beautiful night sky.]

SIN: He he. This is the real reason I'm here. Doesn't that look pretty? :D

RAMLETHAL: ...I don't know.

SIN: I think you just don't have the words to describe how you feel. See, I
think it's suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper pretty.


SIN: To me, that's enough. The way I feel, the way this looks... I don't want
somebody trying to explain that to me with big words or fancy ideas. I just
like the explanation "This sky looks beautiful because God made it that way."
So to me, that would be a good reason for God to exist. Do you think that's the
right answer?

RAMLETHAL: That's just what you WANT. It doesn't make anything real.

SIN: Maybe, but I don't think everything needs to be black and white. You don't
need to shove yourself into a corner and tell yourself you have to be something.

RAMLETHAL: But...if I don't I...won't be a good tool.

SIN: You're wrong, Ramlethal, you're not a tool.

RAMLETHAL: Wrong...?

[Suddenly they hear the magehound wails as they turn around to see Bedman
appearing behind them and apparently kills the magehound.]

SIN: Y-You bastard! When did you-?!

[Ramlethal is shock about it. However a few seconds later she calms down.]

RAMLETHAL: Wait! Bedman's only here for me. I asked if I could take the dog
with me, that's why he killed it. He won't hurt you.

SIN: What are you talking about?! Stay back!

[However this causes Bedman to send both Ramlethal and Sin to his dream world.
Didn't have time to react, Sin was bemused on his situation and his

SIN: Wh-What?!

BEDMAN: I'm sorry about the dog, but... I thought this would be the easiest way
for her to understand. I see you're beginning to develop emotions, so I'm going
to teach you the meaning of "replacement."


BEDMAN: *Begins creating a magehound* There are 682 known dogs--or Canis lupus
familiaris--breeds, and in Illyria alone there are over 31 million dogs. We
could create a magehound exactly like this one. It is, in other words,

[Bedman successfully creates another magehound before them. Ramlethal kneels
near it and checks on it. However this magehound didn't seem to bite her finger
moreover she feels something off about the new magehound Bedman creates.]

RAMLETHAL: No...No, this isn't it... *looking at the dead magehound* Why...?
It's the same dog, but...something's different!

BEDMAN: Exactly. This is a replacement. You liked the last dog, but not this
one. You see...?

RAMLETHAL: Everything is...unique...? Am...am I unique too...? TToTT

[For the first time Sin witnesses Ramlethal crying.]

SIN: Ram...?

[Bedman silently leaves them as it seems that he lets them out of his dream.
Soon he's speaking to the mysterious person in the mirror again.]

???: Explain why you failed to dispose of Ramlethal.

BEDMAN: How about YOU explain to ME what the hell you were thinking?! You know
I won't lay a finger on a young woman?!

???: *Surprise silently of his words*

BEDMAN: Why did you give them emotions?! This is horribly miscast...it's all
your fault! Or, if this is your not-so-subtle way of telling me I'm no longer
needed, fine, enjoy the rest of this show on your own. >:o

???: *Silent for a moment* ...Very well, I admit I was wrong. Now please, calm
down. I need you to create our absolute world.

BEDMAN: ...I apologize for my outburst.

???: Considering how the chips have fallen, however, we should prepare
ourselves for an eventuality in which the Cradle's destination is discovered.


???: Do you have any way to halt their progress?

BEDMAN: I haven't been doing this for fun, you know. I'll make sure that the
absolute world comes to be, even if it costs me my life.

???: Good. Carry on, then.


[Back at Illyria Castle, Leo is walking along the corridor accompany by a

November 1, 2187
Illyria Castle -- Sealed Area, Hallway

GUARD: P-Please, wait! We cannot open these doors without the Conclave's

LEO: I think we can. I have a key.

GUARD: Th-That's not what I--!

LEO: Corporal!


LEO: I am one of the kings of Illyria, am I not?

GUARD: Yes, sir.

LEO: Which makes me VERY important.

GUARD: O-Of course, sir!

LEO: Glad we cleared that up. Now shut up and stand aside!

GUARD: B-But sir--!

[They reach at the end of the path, which they see a door. Leo opens it to find
a short dragon-like person in that room wearing glasses.]

???: A wise decision, Second King Leo Whitefang. You are far more capable a
human being than I initially suspected.

[Soon, everyone in the War room is surprise to see who did Leo release and
accompany him.]

November 1, 2187
Illyria Castle - The War Room

LEO: HEY! Enough chit-chat! I'm here to introduce the man who's going to get us
out of this Dr. Paradigm.

[Soon Vernon calls Leo via transmission after knowing of Dr. Paradigm's

VERNON: Explain yourself, Leo.

LEO: Dr. Paradigm is one of the heroes who saved us from extinction during the
Baptisma 13 incident.

VERNON: He appears to be a Gear. Do you mean to tell me this is the
"collaborator" Ky mentioned during the UN conference?

LEO: That is correct, Mr. President. I'll explain the details later. I'm afraid
we don't have much time.

VERNON: R-Right...

LEO: Right now our top priority is to locate the Cradle and destroy it. To do
that, we need the good doctor's assistance.

VERNON: The assistance of this...bird?

PARADIGM: I am a dragon, sir, not a bird! As this is a state of emergency I
will let your insult pass, but I hope I will not hear you make the same mistake
in the future.

LEO: Paradigm's knowledge and throughput exceeds that of our entire operations
department. I suggest you listen to what he has to say.

VERNON:  A-All right...
PARADIGM: I see you're all here. Good. Now, please pay close attention. I
assume you have all seen King Ky's report regarding the Cradle. Specifically,
you know that the Conclave is behind it. They are working in concert with
Valentines, and we believe that their objective is to unleash Justice, who is
within the Cradle.

VERNON: I still can't believe the Conclave would do this...

PARADIGM: Yes, there is much cause for concern, but first we must investigate
where the Cradle appears, and how we can destroy it.

VERNON: A-And you know the answer to this?

LEO: Just hear him out.

PARADIGM: The first incident occurred around noon on the 28th, when the Cradle
appeared above Babylon. All living organisms in the city were obliterated, but
inanimate objects were left unharmed. Then, the Cradle disappeared.

VERNON: Right.

PARADIGM: Then, at approximately 20:00 hours on the next day, the Cradle
reappeared near the Black Sea. Major Lyle's forces engaged it, but were

LEO: ...

PARADIGM: There are several important facts here. First: Where did the Cradle
disappear to? Second: Why was only living matter affected? Third: How is it
possible that some members of Major Lyle's unit survived?


PARADIGM: If we examine this information, we can see that the Cradle is not
only a vessel for Justice, but also for the Conclave.

VERNON: Now just wait a minute there, Doctor. You're suggesting the Cradle
is...is some kind of...ship for the Conclave? That wasn't in the report...

PARADIGM: We know that there are living organisms inside of the Cradle. My
hunch is that they are human.

VERNON: Every nation on Earth is currently analyzing the data we have, but so
far I've seen nothing to corroborate your argument.

PARADIGM: That's because your probes are only designed to detect life, and your
analysis tools are not designed for this sort of data. Filter out the noise,
and you'll see signals that indicate life, even if you can't spot the occupants

VERNON: Even so, that's not enough to draw a conclusion.

PARADIGM: I was going to address this later, but...since you've asked perhaps I
can adjust my presentation.

VERNON: Please.

PARADIGM: The core issue here is how the Cradle attacked Babylon. As I
considered it, I began to suspect that it was not an attack at all... But
rather a mode of transportation.

VERNON: I'm sorry, but could you please elaborate on that?

PARADIGM: Very well. First, it was initially theorized that the Cradle
disappeared, in order to avoid pursuit, but that makes us ask: What that, in
fact, teleportation?

VERNON: Wh-What else would it be?

LEO: True teleportation would require the object to reappear elsewhere almost
immediately...but the Cradle was gone for nearly 32 hours.

PARADIGM: Moreover, there is no known process which can teleport such a large

VERNON: Then where the hell did it go?

PARADIGM: The Backyard.

VERNON: It really exists, then...?

PARADIGM: I do not blame you for doubting its existence, but I can assure you
it does: I have, in fact, entered the Backyard.

VERNON: I thought the Backyard was just a theory: an academic exercise... Why
would the Cradle go there?!

LEO: The answer to that is simple: Even with the doctor's knowledge, it would
be nearly impossible for us to enter the Backyard.

VERNON: I see...

PARADIGM: That said, travel to the Backyard is actually quite simple--at least
theoretically. First, one must "exchange" a portion of the real world with a
corresponding area inside the Backyard. Then place the Cradle within the
borrowed portion of the Backyard. And finally, simply return both areas to
their original worlds. The "sphere" we saw that appeared to be an attack was in
fact the rapid expansion of Backyard space into our own realm.

VERNON: That doesn't explain the disappearance of all the residents of Babylon.

PARADIGM: This brings us to my second point. Are you aware of what happens to a
normal life form when it enters the Backyard?

VERNON: Oh no...

PARADIGM: Oh yes. They turn to dust. The Backyard is composed of high-density
information. It governs all of creation. Any normal creature is immediately
crushed by that wealth of data. That said, it has no effect on any non-living

VERNON: Which is why only living creatures in Babylon were affected...

PARADIGM: That is why I believe said sphere was an intrusion of the Backyard
into our realm. Now, on to my third point... Major Lyle's unit was initially
assumed to have been utterly destroyed, but in fact proved to have survivors.
The Opus Anti-Valentine units that had been deployed for the attack also
survived the sphere.

LEO: According to the testimonies of the survivors, they were touched by the
sphere, but able to escape it. We did a little research, and discovered that
every single one of them had something in common.

VERNON: Wh-What was it?

LEO: Every one of them fought alongside Ky Kiske during the Baptisma 13

VERNON: ...?

PARADIGM: When the first-generation Valentine attacked Illyria, all our
defenses were useless against her. Why? Because their Divine Steps, and their
magic, were to foreign. They belonged only to those who dwelt in the Backyard.
The High King was able to grasp this, and eventually lead his men to victory.
To protect them, soldiers under his immediate command were given a unique

VERNON: And it worked?

PARADIGM: Quite well.

VERNON: Then the Opus are also under this blessing?

LEO: We suspect that to be the case.

PARADIGM: Hm? Oh, ah, not exactly. We've done a little research on our own, and
the Opus are mostly Gears. :D

[After many theories and secrets, this is the secret that shock Vernon and Leo
out of their comfort zone.]

LEO: WHAT?! 0o0


PARADIGM: We Gears also fought against Valentine, and were able to resist her
power even without a special blessing. No doubt the Sanctus Populi noticed this.

VERNON: *Panics* B-But research on Gear cells has been banned by the UN! This
is an enormous problem!

LEO: Mr. President, please. This is a serious issue, and something we must
carefully investigate, but for now perhaps we should keep it a secret?

PARADIGM: Perhaps you should both calm down. The Opus have been dispatched
across the world to help. I doubt we'll feel much scrutiny immediately.

VERNON: Even so!

LEO: I think this means I'll have to bump "it's not you, it's me" down to the
number two on my list of things I wish I hadn't heard...

PARADIGM: I'm afraid that sort of thing is beyond my expertise. You will need
to figure out the details among yourselves once we've overcome this crisis.

VERNON: Rrrrgh...

PARADIGM: We've gotten a bit sidetracked, but I believe we can state that the
mode of transport for the Cradle caused the casualties at Babylon. Returning to
my original point... If it is ture that people can board the Cradle, then this
hypothesis seems even more likely.

VERNON: ...Tell us everything you know.

PARADIGM: As I've explained, subjects that have been properly prepared can
survive in the Backyard for a period of time. But it is akin to--for
example--space, or the deep ocean: You could survive for a time, but not
indefinitely. Eventually, everyone must come back for a "breath."

VERNON: I get it! That's why the Cradle reappeared! It all makes sense...

PARADIGM: Well done.

VERNON: This is the Gear King Ky told us wished to co-exist... I fear I may
have criticized him prematurely, without seeing the whole picture...

LEO: Don't be too hard on yourself. I did the same thing.

VERNON: What do we do now?


VERNON: As long as the Cradle is in the Backyard, we're at a loss.

PARADIGM: That is not necessarily true. Do you recall King Leo's words when we
begun? Our end-game is the destruction of the Cradle. Therefore we must change
the way in which we approach this problem: They have removed our avenues of
attack because they FEAR an attack. Now is the time for us to turn the tables!

[Dr. Paradigm and Leo are later seen in the Mission preparation Department,
planning for an attack on the Cradle, which soldiers gather to the area. Dr.
Paradigm gives the speech to the soldiers.]

November 1, 2187
Illyria Castle - Mission Preparation Dept.

PARADIGM: Unfortunately, with our current weapons and lack of time, we cannot
touch the Cradle once it begins to move--we, when it begins to enter the
Backyard. Therefore we must assume that the next time it comes up for air will
be our last chance to strike. With that in mind, allow me to lay out our
operation. We have narrowed down the next location where the Cradle is likely
to surface...as well as when. We will surround this point with elite teams from
every nation. The moment it surfaces, we tighten the circle and launch the
attack. Our goal is to destroy Justice, who is within the Cradle.

[The soldiers cheer as their morale has risen back.]

LEO: Amazing, Doctor... After two defeats, morale was at an all-time low, but
your insight has given us new hope.

PARADIGM: Ha ha, you flatter me. My ability to rally your men was only possible
because you have encouraged acceptance of other species.

LEO: Damn... Well, I'll be sure to double my support for coexistence at the
next UN hearing.


LEO: We don't have much time, though. If Ky and his team can make it, they'd be
a powerful asset, but I don't know if they can get here fast enough.

PARADIGM: We've no choice. No doubt Ramlethal's diversions took into account
the locations of Frederick, the High King, and the Cradle.

LEO: Our biggest problem now is the Absolute Defense: Felion. If we can't take
that shield down, all our firepower will be useless.

PARADIGM: I've already devised a countermeasure for that. They're in for an
exciting surprise...

LEO: You seem prepared for everything. In fact, you seemed to know an awful lot
before I came to release you. How did that happen?

PARADIGM: Ah yes... Before you came, I had another visitor who filled me in on
all the details.

LEO: But...the room is impregnable. I've got the only key.

PARADIGM: Perhaps it is impregnable to any normal person, but my visitor is in
fact my trump card for the Cradle. Though I worry how Frederick will react...

[Just then a transmission from the War Room calls them.]

OPERATOR 1: Doctor Paradigm, we have a President Vernon on the line!

PARADIGM: Excellent.

VERNON: We've prepared the old beacon, just like you asked... WE just need to
place it at the coordinates you gave us, correct?

PARADIGM: Yes. They will be placed at 10km intervals, with the projected
entrance point at the center. Be sure to deploy them all.

VERNON: We're happy to do everything we can, of course, but... are you certain
this plan will work?

PARADIGM: We will MAKE it work. Our projected entrance point has a nice view,
but there are no landmarks to speak of. Additionally, we expect it will take
approximately 22 minutes for the, ah...special delivery to arrive. We cannot
sit and wait for the Cradle to appear.

VERNON: Understood. We're requesting all nations relinquish their airspace to
us. They aren't please, but once Zepp is in position, we should be ready.

PARADIGM: Excellent. Thank you.

[Vernon ends his transmission.]

LEO: D-Doctor... Just what are you planning?

[Back at Zepp, Sol and Sin are in the hangar after knowing of Dr. Paradigm's
plan. However Sol is not too happy about it.]

November 1, 1987
Zepp -- Hangar

SOL: Stupid bird must be out of his goddamn mind...

SIN: You really gonna do this?

SOL: This job's got my name all over it, and hell, it could be worse. Just
chafes my ass that he's not telling us what his trump card is.

ZEPP SOLDIER 1: This is what you'll be taking tomorrow, sir.

SOL: Right. Might as well enjoy my trip through the sky, I guess.

[By a larger background it turns out that the soldier is referring to Sol about
the rocket called the Vagilanda, beside them.]


"From the memoirs of Eripmavs D Yraid.

1999 A.D. "The Dawn of Revival"

For several strange hours, the entire planet experiences a phenomenon that
appears to be a form of life. Humanity knows they have felt the divine will.

An investigation shows that the creature had attempted to manifest itself
through electronic circuitry. The UN immediately bands all such devices.

Despite requiring an overhaul of nearly every industry, few object to the
changes: Such was the effect of the Dawn of Revival on the human soul.

Human culture began to deteriorate, and the framework of society began to

That same year, a band of mages calling themselves "Apostles" appeared, and set
to work restoring human civilization and culture.

Their magic did not require material resources, and they were not frugal: The
Apostles taught magic to the people, and halted the social collapse.

Faith in these Apostles grew, and in 2008 they formed what would become known
as the Sanctus Populi.

Their disciples began to travel the world, spreading their teachings with the
Conclave's blessing. In Europe they found and especially devoted following.

In 2010, the UN declared sorcery and magic the new standard, and called for all
nations to dismantle their "traditional" weapons and technology.

Allowances of a new all-purpose resource called "Zeal" were issued to each
household. This ended one war, but created another.

In early 201, a team of scientists under Vince MacDonell completed their
theoretical assessment of Gear cells.

Through the application of magic, they could fuse these cells to the material
world, allowing them to reproduce and become at least semi-permanent.

This concerned me.

Following a successful negotiation, the research data was turned over to the
United States of America for more thorough study.

In 2016, and experiment with Gear cells went awry, and several core team
members died or disappeared.

Following this incident, research became more difficult, and all projects were
frozen. All related data was classified Rank A+.

In 2042, the military and political influence of the US began to decline, and
they reopened the files on Gear Cell research, with an eye for military use.

In 2035, the first Gear was activated, but it was of little military use: It
was ineffective in combat and difficult to control.

After several more tests, the first combat-ready Gear was unveiled in 2065.
Mass production began, and the US deployed their Gears to allies across the

Then, in the year 2073...

A scientist now known only as "That Man' creates Justice, a Gear that can
command its kin. Before long, however, Justice turns her wrath on humanity.

With little documentation of the truth of his research, That Man was labeled a
war criminal who has intentionally turned Justice against humanity.
As 2074 progressed, Justice took control of Gears one after the other, as soon
war engulfed the entire planet.

Humanity had no weapons capable of resisting the Gears, and under Justice's
command they crushed human resistance with ease during the Crusades.

In my old age, I have taken an interest in this violent, pitiful chapter of our

After the accident in 2016, one young man was reported dead, but had somehow
managed to survive.

I thought, perhaps, that tracking him down might satiate my thirst for

His name was Frederick...although he does not use that one any more.

His passion shone like the sun to illuminate my path, and so I wanted to bestow
upon him a name that reflected that bright light...

I hope he approves of it..."

LEO: *closes the book in his office* Justice, the God of Destruction... She
wasn't supposed to have a mind of her own, but suddenly she became self-aware,
took control of Gears across the world, and led a rebellion... That rebellion
pushed humanity to the brink of destruction. The Tower of Babel, as designed by
That Man. It was humankind's arrogance and prosperity that brought down God's
hammer. If that happened again... would we stand a chance? No. We have to win.
We have to do whatever it takes to win!


[The following day at Zepp, every soldier in the vicinity is getting prepared
for the big day.]

November 2, 2187
Zepp -- Outer District

ZEPP SOLDIER 2: All 420 targeting beacons have been placed. ID Code and link
bridge verification, complete. Setting temporary target location to A-1.

ZEPP SOLDIER 3: Bunker level... Magic shielding density, cleared.

ZEPP SOLDIER 1: Ground-to-ground ICBM "Vagilanda" armed and ready to fire!

GABRIEL: Sol, can you hear me?

SOL: Yeah!

GABRIEL: The Vagilanda flies horizontally--a perfect marriage of magic and our
technology. Its cruising speed is around 5.2km/s. We're approximately 9,200km
from our target, so we estimate around 22 minutes to impact. It starts
relatively slowly, which should give you enough time to, ah, board, but this
isn't exactly something any human could actually do. We've removed the payload,
but that won't make the impact of the missile any less deadly for you.

SOL: Done with the lecture? Let's get this show on the road.

GABRIEL: Hrmph. Just don't forget what I've told you. Your superhuman nature is
the key to all of this. We're counting on you.

SOL: ...

GABRIEL: Begin approach! Vagilanda... FIRE!

[The moment he gives the signal, Sol runs as fast as possible and jumps off
Zepp, which he lands onto Vagilanda and punches it while holding onto the

SIN: Holy shit! That's awesome!

KY: Good luck, Sol.

SIN: Huh...? Hey, where's El?

[Meanwhile airships have been deploying all over the sky while getting in
position at the Black Sea, the designated area, which Dr. Paradigm knows the
Cradle's next location.]

November 2, 2187
Northern Black Sea -- Projected Target Area

PARADIGM: The armies of each nation are gathering...

LEO: Illyria, the United States...even the Federation of China. This is going
to be a once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing. I still can't believe it...


[It seems that the field has been place with multiple beacons.]

LEO: ...Do you think we'll make it in time?

PARADIGM: The ability to band together in the face of a crisis is humankind's
greatest strength. I believe our allies will do their part.

[At the same time, it seems the Conclave knew this is going to happen.]

November 2, 2187
The Tearoom

LIBRARIA: They appear to have set up an ambush surrounding our next surface

CHRONUS: They managed to develop a countermeasure and deploy it extremely
quickly. I sense Dr. Paradigm in this...

AXUS: We've made a mistake. Our plans were based on intel that there wasn't
anyone who could stop us... Regardless, we still have Absolute Defense: Felion.
Nothing they can throw at the Cradle will even scratch it.

CHRONUS: Indeed. Let us fight, Dr. Paradigm!

November 2, 2187
Northern Black Sea -- Projected Target Area

LEO: This is better than I thought. A real masterpiece...

PARADIGM: Indeed. The hard work of our allies has paid off.

LEO: Now we sit back and pray that everything goes according to plan.

PARADIGM: Prayers will not be necessary. True, we may not know the exact
location, but we have narrowed the possibilities down considerably. Once the
beacons determine its true location, we will converge on it and be able to
detect exactly where Frederick lands.

LEO: I heard Sol was already on his way. Do you think he can make it in time?

PARADIGM: Do you ever cease worrying? Your body may be strong as steel, but
your nerves certainly aren't.

LEO: Sorry for doing my job.

PARADIGM: If you wish to do something, perhaps remind your troops that they
must NOT move until I give the order.

LEO: Understood.

PARADIGM: Oh, relax! Please... The plan is perfect!

[Suddenly, a beacon explodes, which shock both men.]

LEO: What's happening?

OPERATOR 1: We're under attack! S-Someone's destroying the beacons!

PARADIGM: What?! Who could it be?!

From afar, they can see the culprit is none other than Bedman.

LEO: Hm... Looks like the guy from Ky's report!

OPERATOR 1: Beacons A-1 through 7 have been destroyed!

[On the Vagilanda, Sol hears all of this in surprise.]


November 2, 2187
Zepp -- Outer District

GABRIEL: What's wrong?

ZEPP SOLDIER 1: Our target beacon just disappeared! We're losing them!

GABRIEL: How is this possible...?

[Just then Dr. Paradigm calls him via transmission.]

PARADIGM: We've got trouble!

GABRIEL: We're losing beacons left and right. What's going on?

PARADIGM: A strange foe by the name of Bedman is destroying them... We've
already lost several.

GABRIEL: Bedman?!

PARADIGM: If he succeeds, he could ruin our entire operation... Is there any
way to steer the Vagilanda?

GABRIEL: Technically yes, but we don't have time to reprogram it, and we've got
a bigger problem!


GABRIEL: When it loses its target, safety protocols redirect the missile into


GABRIEL: For now, we're redirecting to an active beacon.

ZEPP SOLDIER 1: Target reassigned to S-2!

SOL: Son of a... This is worse than a hangover!


[Bedman is about to destroy the next beacon until...]

November 2, 2187
Northern Black Sea -- Projected Target Area

LEO: THAT'S ENOUGH! I've heard about you... Badman or Birdman or whatever you
call yourself, I'm not going to let you compromise this operation!

[Bedman stood there in silence as he then teleports behind Leo.]

LEO: Gah!

[However by instinct, Leo manages to push him back.]

BEDMAN: Oh...? Not bad, King Leo.

LEO: Don't patronize me!

PARADIGM: This is bad... We've lost a lot of beacons. If the Cradle surfaces in
the wrong place, we may not be able to target an area nearby.

[Just then Vernon calls Paradigm via transmission.]

VERNON: Excuse me!

PARADIGM: President Vernon?

VERNON: I happened to overhear. Do you think it would be possible to target a
vessel floating in midair?

GABRIEL: *Also calls in* No, it's too dangerous to lower the altitude like
that. We'd be putting friendlies in the line of fire.

PARADIGM: In any event, the Cradle momentarily teleports a portion of the real
world in the Backyard. Get too close and you'll be sucked in.

VERNON: Damnit... Is it time for our trump card?

LEO: Son of a--teleportation?! I can't keep up with this...

BEDMAN: I'm not interested in wasting my time with you... My only goal here is
to destroy these ridiculous beacons.

OPERATOR 1: we're detecting heat signatures consistent with the Cradle. It
should be phase shifting in 120 seconds!

LEO: Where's the closest beacon?

OPERATOR 1: The closest beacon is... S-Sixty kilometers away...

LEO: Damnit... We were so close...

BEDMAN: Sorry, but we reeeeally can't have you destroying the Cradle right now.

[Bedman sense another presence as he notices the May Ship II from above as it
flies pass through them. At the pilot cabin of that ship...]

FAUST: Please, just a little closer! Then I'll be able to use my own

APRIL: Roger!

BEDMAN: Don't tell me--!

JOHNNY: Keep your eyes on the prize, son!

[Out of nowhere, Johnny appears and attacks Bedman but Bedman manages to react
fast enough to block his attack. He then teleports behind him.]

JOHNNY: Good to see you again, buddy!


[Leo attacks Bedman but he manages to teleport behind Johnny only for Johnny to
block it. Bedman teleports a few miles from them.]

JOHNNY: I guess it won't be that easy.

LEO: Are you the leader of the Jellyfish Pirates?!

JOHNNY: Hey, uh...how 'bout we save that for later, hm?

LEO: No! *Reconsider after a short silence* ...Well...fine, we have a job for
your...special skills.

JOHNNY: Lay it on me.

BEDMAN: Aaaah, I seem you're trying to move the beacon directly on top of the
target. Oh?

[Bedman sees Leo dashing right at him.]

BEDMAN: You don't know what I can do, do you? I'm feeling rather tired.

[Unfortunately, he didn't anticipate Johnny's attacks as Johnny slices multiple
areas, creating multiple projectile slashes.]

LEO: I've figured you out, kid. The further you're going to teleport, the
longer the wind-up is! So... Why don't you try your little trick again? My
swords are getting thirsty...

[With no choice, he has to block Johnny's sword attacks.]

BEDMAN: Damnit--!

[Back at the ship...]

MAY: Well?

FAUST: I can do this, but please, you must bring me closer!

MAY: April! Slow down and bring the ship as close to the ground as you can! As
soon as we pick up the doctor we're getting the heck out of here!

APRIL: Got it!

[Bedman clashes his weapon against Leo's blades. But it seems Bedman didn't

BEDMAN: Heh heh heh...

LEO: Damnit... That didn't work?

JOHNNY: No, I think it did.

[It seems that the crack that Bedman receive from Gabriel begins to get worse.]

BEDMAN: The damage is getting worse?! Damnit!

[Soon, Faust manages to use his teleportation door and exit to the designated
area. However he falls down in a comical way as he rolls down to the ground.
After he jumps up, he slams the beacon on the designated location while doing a
pose, only for his door to fall on top of him as he disappears.]

PARADIGM: Well done. Switch target, lock on to beacon X-3!

BEDMAN: No--! *teleports away*

LEO: Damnit, he got away! Are we going to make it in time?

PARADIGM: The missile had to be redirected, which set us back a bit, but we
should be on schedule.

OPERATOR 1: The Cradle is appearing!

LEO: *sees it in shock* Here it comes!

[On cue the Cradle appears at the center of the area.]

November 2, 2187
The Tearoom

CHRONUS: Brilliant...Hm? What's that...?

LEO: It's here! Where the hell is Sol?!

PARADIGM: Quiet! Just watch... It's already begun.

[Just then Leo notices something in the sky.]

LEO: Wha...what in the world...?

[Somehow in front of the Cradle is someone who no one would expect to see. That

LEO: Is that your trump card?! He shouldn't be standing there, it's dangerous!

PARADIGM: He's not what you might call a normal person. I wouldn't worry.

LEO: Wh-What the hell is going on...?

PARADIGM: I suppose this is as good a time as any. That is the Gear Maker. You
like to refer to him as "That Man."

LEO: Wh...WHAT?! 0_0

THAT MAN: It's nice to see you too, Chronus, although this wasn't exactly how I
imagined us meeting. :)

[Even the Conclave is shock on his arrival.]



[The Cradle tries to shoot him but That Man is being protected by an energy
force field.]

THAT MAN: Please, don't waste your time.

CHRONUS: Rgh... The Cradle isn't equipped for combat. We won't be able to hurt
him. But you're just as helpless! Even the Gear Maker can't penetrate--what?!

[All the sudden, Chronus was shock to see something struck at it.]

THAT MAN: True... Even I cannot dispel Absolute Defense: Felion. I do, however,
think we can destroy it. Me...and HIM!

[It would seem that the Vagilanda has hit the Cradle as the one that Chronus is
shock to see is... SOL! Sol does a backflip as he floats near That Man.]

CHRONUS: Sol Badguy!

SOL: You son of a bitch!

THAT MAN: Frederick, kindly focus on the matter at hand.

[He cast a pink seal at the front of the Cradle.]

SOL: Nngh. Yeah. yeah. I'm already on it!

[Sol punches the seal as an explosion occurs upon impact, while Leo and
Paradigm watches the 'show'.]

LEO: What's happening?!

THAT MAN: Magic draws power directly from the Backyard, and I'm serving as an
intermediary. Frederick's fist will carry more energy than anything on this
planet is capable of producing. I convert that energy into matter, and we
contain that within a pocket dimension using the Schwarzschild radial limit. We
then destroy the physical space occupied by the barrier, creating a spontaneous
microverse. The rest is simple--we need only to take measures to ensure the
world isn't destroyed in the process.

PARADIGM: Simple? Well, you certainly make it sound that way. =3

[With one final scream from Sol, both men manage to destroy the Cradle's
Felion. Everyone look at the situation in shock. Even the Conclave couldn't
believe this is happening.]

CHRONUS: But...but that's impossible!

SOL: Guh... *Reaches down to the land safely, tired*



[By Leo's orders, all the battleships that surrounds the Cradle draws closer to
it as it then begins to shoot at it. The Tearoom begins to shake as they are
taking fire from it. Minutes have passed as the ships stop shooting as the
Cradle begins to cover in smoke.]

LEO: Did it work?

CHRONUS: You've done it now, Gear Maker... I always knew you would be our worst
enemy... But we've survived your attack, which means we win!

[All the sudden the Cradle begins to transform as it takes form a large white
humanoid. However everyone realize the appearance of the Cradle as...]

LEO: J-Justice!

[The Cradle begins to teleport again using the fiery sphere once again.]

THAT MAN: You won't escape!

[Suddenly, Bedman appears in front of him just before That Man manages to cast
his spell. Bedman grabs him and both men teleports away.]

SOL: BASTARD! *Tries to get up but couldn't* Damnit!

PARADIGM: Get out of there, Frederick! You'll be swallowed by the Backyard!

SOL: I-I know that... Just have to...!

[But due to his early attack on Felion, he barely could stand up.]

PARADIGM: Frederick!?

SOL: No... I can still function in there! I'm going to follow them!

PARADIGM: You fool! You can't, not in your condition!

[Sol realize that the sphere is about to engulf him until Elphelt shows up out
of nowhere, grabs him and dash out of the area.]


ELPHELT: NO! Sol! Even if you beat Justice, you'll be stuck! You don't know how
to get out! I can't let you do that!


ELPHELT: No! I won't!


ELPHELT: I told you. I'm not letting go! If you do this, you'll never see your
friends again!

[Sol couldn't say a word and just accept it while both manage to escape from
the sphere successfully.]


[The following dark rainy day in Illyria, everyone involved including Ky's
group discuss the matter in Illyria Castle.]

November 3, 2187
Illyria Castle -- War Room

LEO: Everyone's here, Doctor.

PARADIGM: Mm. Very well. Let us begin. Unfortunately, the operation was a
failure. We're back to square one.

VERNON: *Silently hears while on transmission*

LEO: Well, there's no point in being depressed about it. We know how they
travel; all we have to do is try again--

PARADIGM: No, this was an ambush. It won't work a second time. They need only
to adjust their timing slightly, and we would be left high and dry. Besides,
we'll never be able to gather that many beacons again.

LEO: No...

VERNON: Doctor... I have no doubt, that WAS Justice. She looked exactly the
same as the last time I saw her...during the Crusades. Where the hell is the
Conclave planning to activate that monster?

PARADIGM: I've been pondering that same question. As far as I can tell, she has
not yet been activated. I suspect that means they must first move her to a
facility which is capable of activating her.

SOL: Not to mention they're gonna need a whole lotta juice to power her up.

PARADIGM: Are you feeling better, Sol?

SOL: I ain't made of glass. *Looks at Elphelt* If you hadn't stopped me, I
could've destroyed Justice in the Backyard!

ELPHELT: S-Sorry...

SIN: Uh, maybe tone it down? El saved your life. Why the hell do you have to be
such a jerk?!

SOL: Hrmph. I wasn't totally sold on all this until I saw Justice myself. But
if they've found a way to revive her, reactivating a bio-weapon required a
shitload of energy, and a facility to harness it.

LEO: Wait... Doesn't that make this easy, then? The facility they intend to use
has to be within the radius of their maximum movement, so we just identify it
and wait for them to show up.

PARADIGM: No, the amount of energy we're speaking of far exceeds what anything
in this era can generate...

SIN: Then how the hell are they gonna turn Justice on?

[Everyone stood there in silence thinking about it.]

SIN: They've gotta have a plan, it can't be this easy...

[Elphelt couldn't bear the tension as she leaves the War room.]

SOL: Where do you think you're going?

ELPHELT: I'm gonig to have a chat with Ram.

SOL: That gonna work?

ELPHELT: I don't know... But if I don't try, then it might actually be the end
of the world!

SOL: The world huh... What exactly does that mean to you?

ELPHELT: What...?

SOL: You were just born. How the hell could you know anything about this world?

SIN: Hey, c'mon--

SOL: Shut it! I didn't ask you a question, I asked her!

ELPHELT: U-Um... You're right, I might not really be able to say what the
world's really like... But my world is Ram, and a-all of you guys... I don't
want to lose that. I mean... nobody's ever said I was their friend before!

Sol: *Long silence* Hmph. Good enough.

[Elphelt leaves the room as she heads into the interrogation room.]

November 3, 2187
Illyria Castle -- Interrogation Room


But Ramalethal just sit there silently.

ELPHELT: Please...can you just tell me where Justice is going? We're running
out of time...

RAMLETHAL: Do you like these things?


RAMLETHAL: Um... yeah, I do. What does it feel like...to like someone?

ELPHELT: ...The first feeling I felt after I got feelings was that I wanted to
do something good. That's the personality I was programmed with, after all...
But humans had complete freedom... They could be close, or they could push each
other away. I couldn't even understand what THEY wanted. People can do the
right thing or the wrong thing... They can love each other or hate each
other... It was horrible to see them hurt each other, but even that was a
freedom they had that I didn't. So I started to wonder... was there anything
good about all of this? I couldn't find an answer I could put into words,
but... There was one thing I was sure about.

RAMLETHAL: *Silently looks at her*

ELPHELT: Everybody has the ability to smile.


ELPHELT: And I realized I wanted to see lots of smiles. I think that's what if
feel like to like someone.

RAMLETHAL: ...I want to see myself smile. Does that mean I like myself?

ELPHELT: Yeah, I think so!

RAMLETHAL: The act of liking yourself is called "narcissism" and is only
practiced by especially pathetic humans. Are you sure this is okay?

ELPHELT: Yes! It's totally fine!

RAMLETHAL: Sin said he wanted to see me smile... Does that mean he likes me?

ELPHELT: Yeah, he definitely likes you. When you like somebody you want them to
be happy.

RAMLETHAL: Is that the same as being unique?

ELPHELT: He he...yeah, I guess so, in a way. If you really want to make
somebody smile, then that means you like them.

[Ramlethal thinks for a moment and realize something.]

RAMLETHAL: I wanted Mother to think I was unique... But now...

[Meanwhile Ky voice out about what the Conclave plans to do.]

November 2, 2187
Illyria Castle -- War Room

KY: What is the Conclave trying to do?! The scars of the Crusades are still
fresh in the minds of the people. You need only look to see them... We were
fixing that, though. With magic we could improve our condition, and wars over
resources were almost unheard of. Following one's dreams no longer had to come
at the expense of another...

SOL: Heh. I don't know what they're thinking, if that's what you're getting at.
But to me, this world doesn't look all that hot. Good stuff is good...but bad
shit's bad.

KY: What?

SOL: Good stuff is good...but bad shit's bad. Yeah, things are stable, and
you're getting closer to your endgame every day. People have nice lives, but
that comes at the cost of their freedom of choice.

KY: So you advocate for anarchy and chaos?

SOL: No. But right now nobody has to work for anything: You just give it to
'em. Eventually, they're gonna go from appreciating that to expecting it. And
deep down, eventually they get scared of losing it. Do you think that's how we
should live?

KY: Not all people have the strength to stand on their own.

SOL: ...

KY: If only life were simple, and the right path was laid out before each of
us... But even then some would leave it, and some would struggle with walking
it. Such is human nature... The truth is that no path will ever be "right" for
all people. Each of us must find the one we are meant to walk--and sometimes
that is where none exists. That is what I learned from you. When I look at you,
Sol, I see a man who is afraid.

SOL: What?

KY: It became clear when I watched you caring for Sin. you work very hard to
keep everyone at arm's length.

SOL: ...I got a Gear blood in my veins, and it ain't friendly. It's always
there in the back of my head, whispering that I oughta just destroy all of
this. The only way I'm gonna get some closure is tracking down That Man and
beating some answers out of him. And if he doesn't have 'em... Then maybe there
really isn't a good way to live.

KY: That's why you close your heart off. I think it's a bit too late to
protest, though, considering your relationship with Sin and myself...

SOL: Thanks for reminding me of the hell I'm stuck in.

SWORDSMAN: Your Majesty!

[It seems that Ramlethal is convinces as she was accompany by Ky.]

LEO: Ky! Have you--?! Aaah, yelling at you's not gonna solve anything now

KY: Please, go on.

RAMLETHAL: ...You already have the answer, or at least you've gotten close.
Justice isn't awake yet, and she needs a lot of energy to wake up.

SIN: You're talking to us...?

[Ramlethal nods. This makes Sol a bit unhappy knowing that Sin dumb idea works.]

SOL: Damn...Sin's touchy-feeling bullshit actually worked...? Well? Where are
they going? We can't think of any place that can generate the kind of juice you
need. Maybe That Man's lab, but...

RAMLETHAL: We aren't going to generate anything. We're going to harness an
existing source. It's simple, really. Just think. What time is it?

SOL: You little...! "What time is it"?! I'm sick of your-- *Begins to realize
it* Wait... St. Elmo's Fire!

LEO: What...?

PARADIGM: My goodness! Yes, St. Elmo's Fire would definitely have enough energy
to activate Justice!

KY: Interesting... But how would it be done?

PARADIGM: Mmm, it would require an impressive facility just to capture the
energy and channel it into Justice...

SIN: You mean like Illyria Castle?


[Sol, Ky, Leo and Paradigm turns their attention at Sin.]

SIN: Well isn't it like a lightning rod or something? I didn't really know what
that was all about, but...

[Due to his words, Sol, Leo and Paradigm are having their own surprise reaction
while Ky just plays it cool, knowing that Sin actually found the answer.]


[The following day, because of Sin's words, Illyria is now on high alert as Leo
and his men is getting all the civilians out.]

November 4, 2187
Illyria Castle -- Downtown.

LEO: I want you to evacuate ALL citizens and personnel! Empty the castle and
the city. Just leave the Opuses here. We don't know how far this might spread.
I don't care if it causes a panic, just get moving! ...What? I don't care where
you take them, just get them out!

[Back in the castle...]

November 4, 2187
Illyria Castle -- War Room

PARADIGM: Listen closely. This will be our last chance. Ramlethal has told us
that their energy-conversion equipment is in the west section of the castle.
That is likely where Justice will appear.

SIN: Cool. So we just smash that tower to bits. Good plan, I like it.

PARADIGM: No, Sin, it's not that simple... Yes, we could destroy the tower, but
that would destroy the system that protects the country from St. Elmo's Fire.
It would only create more problems.

SIN: Aw man...

KY: Then can we simply destroy the system siphoning power into Justice?

PARADIGM: No, that would have the same issues. If we damage the system that
dissipates, we put ourselves at risk.

SIN: Then what the hell ARE we gonna do?

PARADIGM: I intended to forgo stopping Justice's physical reactivation.


PARADIGM: Please, your Majesty, calm down. Chronus' ultimate goal is to
activate Justice, and then bind his soul to that vessel. This sort of binding
also requires a great deal of energy, so they will likely try to do them both
at once. Chronus' body is already within Justice.

SOL: Makes sense.

PARADIGM: Exactly. Therefore I propose we amplify the energy from St. Elmo's
strike, and overload the system!

SIN: What does he mean?

SOL: He means we're gonna barbeque the Conclave. Heh.

[Meanwhile... news was spread through Illyria even in the radio.]

November 4, 2187
Illyria Castle -- Downtown.

ANCHOR: The clock has struck midnight, making this officially the first of
November. We're bringing you breaking news from Mr. Kadooki, live on the scene.

KADOOKI: Thank you, Kate. This is Kadooki, live on the scene. We've just
learned the Cradle's final destination is here, within the walls of Illyria
Castle. As Illyria prepares for St. Elmo's Fire, the weather has gotten
worse--as you can see! Nonetheless, the entire city is being evacuated! Unlike
the previous operation, this one will be undertaken by a small, elite group.
How elite? Well, the commander is none other than High King Ky Kiske himself!
We don't have all the information, but it sure seems like our backs are against
the wall! How does the King plan to get us out of this one?! You have my word
that whatever happens we will report it to you live, so don't change that

[Back in the castle, Sol and Paradigm are discussing about the plan.]

November 4, 2187
Illyria Castle -- Control Room

SOL: Look birdbrain, if you're trying to amp up St. Elmo's Fire, you gotta
generate that extra umph somehow, and you and me know I'm the man for that job.

PARADIGM: Would that I had the luxury, but then I would have no one capable of
removing Chronus from Justice. That is something only you can do.

SOL: Fine. What's your plan, then?

PARADIGM: About that...

SOL: I had hoped we might meet again, but not under these circumstances...

[On another area of the castle it would seem that Ky is meeting with his wife,

November 4, 2187
Illyria Castle - Royal Library

KY: I see. The seal is already broken, then?

DIZZY: Yes. I was hoping our reunion wouldn't be, well, like this...

[Both embrace each other.]

KY: The circumstances are of no consequence. What matters to me is that we were
able to see one another...perhaps for the last time.

DIZZY: Your hair's gotten so long...

KY: Yes, well... Lately it just keeps growing, no matter how much I cut it.

[However, Sin was in the room while facing behind.]

SIN: Seriously?! This is the best you can do?! You haven't seen each other in
HOW long, again?

DIZZY: Sin...? Is that really you...?

SIN: ...Uh, yeah. Don't recognize me, huh? I mean, I have grown like three feet
in the last two years.

DIZZY: You've grown into such a man... Come here, let me take a look at you.

SIN: ...I'd rather not.

DIZZY: What...?

SIN: I'm gonna beat this thing, no matter what! I'm not gonna let this be the
last time we see each other, Mom. So why don't you let Ky--oh! *Realize it*
Heh... I guess this is that moment El was talking about, huh...

KY: ?

SIN: Why don't you let Dad take care of you this time? ...Dad.

KY: Sin...

[Sin is surprise to hear Sin calls him 'dad' for the first time while Dizzy


[Everyone is in position for their plan to take out Justice and Conclave in
Illyria as Paradigm communicates with every one of the plan.]

November 4, 2187
Illyria Castle

PARADIGM: Good. Is everyone at their posts? We haven't much time, so I'll
explain the details of our operation quickly. First, Dizzy, Elphelt, and myself
will go to the control room in the basement, to prepare our amplification
procedure. Frederick has already taken his position at the top of the tower.
Everyone else, I need you to defend the area between the entrance and the west
tower. If anyone attempts to obstruct us, eliminate them.

KY: Understood!

LEO: Will do!

SIN: On it! Wait, are you fighting too, El?

PARADIGM: No. She is our insurance plan, in the event that all does not go
according to our calculations. She may provide some very unique insight.

ELPHELT: I-I'll do whatever I can!

PARADIGM: And last but not least...

SIN: ?

PARADIGM: Illyria Castle is not built to withstand an amplified strike from St.
Elmo's Fire. There is a chance this operation may cause the building to explode.

Sin and Elphelt is shock upon learning this.

Sin: What?!

PARADIGM: Godspeed!

[The rain begins to pour in Illyria.]

PARADIGM: We haven't much time before the lightning falls! Hurry!

[At the Tearoom, the Conclave is discussing their own plans.]

November 4, 2187

CHRONUS: At last the moment has arrived.

AXUS: Though our plans have been in motion for some time, these past five days
have seemed like the longest.

CHRONUS: New experiences are what give life depth and meaning-- this task has
made that very clear to me. But if we have come this far, nothing can stand in
our way, regardless of what Paradigm has up his sleeve.

AXUS: Are you actually declaring victory? I've never seen that happen before...

CHRONUS: This operation has fallbacks on top of fallbacks, and contingencies at
every level. And if, somehow, those fail, we have one final card to play.

AXUS: Quite true. Then I suppose we should assist with the final
preparations...to ensure our coming victor.

CHRONUS: Yes, please do.

AXUS: Chronus.


AXUS: If I am to die here, I want to ask your forgiveness... For leaving this
responsibility on your shoulders, and finding peace before you.

CHRONUS: We have all taken an oath, and are prepared. Please, enjoy some tea
with Baldias in the beyond on our behalf.


AXUS: Libraria. I haven't always been the best comrade to you either. I
apologize for making you bear witness to...everything.

LIBRARIA: No... I too am an Apostle. Perhaps not the best one, but I have prpa

CHRONUS: Let us meet in the next life.

LIBRARIA: Yes. In the next life.

AXUS: The next life!

[Back at Illyria Castle, the operator in the war room calls Dr. Paradigm.]

November 4, 2187
Illyria Castle

OPERATOR 1: Heat source detected. There's a phase shift occurring...directly
above us! Justice is materializing now!

[Sure enough. Outside the castle is a red sphere as Justice comes out from it.
As Justice comes out, she uses two wires like tubes and connects to the tower,
collecting the energy from it.]

PARADIGM: Impossible! This is far sooner than I predicted!

OPERATOR 1: Justice is approaching the west tower.


[Chronus on the other hand is being connected to the device as Justice
continues to collect energy.]

PARADIGM: They're already beginning to collect energy...? What's happening--
*Realize it* Of course! They've stored it in a capacitor! Frederick, I
apologize... I was terribly mistaken! Chronus plans to bind their souls to
Justice BEFORE activating her!

[Sol on the other hand is standing face to face with Justice staring at her.]

SOL: ...Figures...

[Somewhere inside the plaza...]

November 4, 2187
Illyria Castle -- Plaza

KY: Our enemies have moved sooner than we anticipated.

LEO: I guess the only thing left for us to do is trust in the Doctor, then. And
try to stay calm...

KY: Indeed.

LEO: Heh. Never thought I'd be standing next to you on the battlefield again,

KY: Very true. Since the Crusades came to an end, our paths have seldom
crossed, yet herr we are again, shoulder to shoulder against the wind.

LEO: Would you say that's fate? Or just us not knowing how to grow up?

KY: You raise a good point.

SIN: Hey...are you two friends?

LEO: Friends...? No, he's more like and...inspiration.

KY: ...What?

LEO: When I was a kid, I was always the best. At everything. Magic or
swordsmanship, nobody stood a chance against me. Until I met this guy... I
didn't know what was going on. The idea that somebody, anybody could be better
than me was... And he wouldn't shut up about being just and right... I was a
self-centered little shit, always ready to write off anybody I thought was
inferior--which, by the way, was everyone. But this guy...this guy! You know
what he did? Definitely not give me the brush-off, like I would have done, no:
It was all "Let us hone our skills together!" Little bastard... Yeah, it pissed
me off! I'm sure he thought he was just being friendly, but to me...man, it
felt like he was just running salt in the wound.

KY: R-Really...?

LEO: Damn right! So I had to do something to cheer myself up... Which ended up
being writing down Ky's name next to the entry for "bambino" in my dictionary.

KY: (His dictionary...?) Only now, a decade later, do I learn the origins of
that nickname...?

LEO: Heh. I can't exactly call you that any more, though. I tried, I tried real
hard... I trained all the time. I worked on bettering myself... And before I
realized it, I was pretty decent guy. A decent guy who can complement himself.
That's okay, right?

KY: Leo...

LEO: Still, if I had to grade myself, I'd probably say C. C-.

SIN: Ha ha ha ha ha!

LEO: Ha ha ha ha ha-- *Realize something* hm?

KY: What's wrong?

LEO: You said the Conclave were bonding with Justice before activating it,

KY: Yes?

LEO: Then does that mean that Conclave's will...becomes Justice's?

KY: Y-Yes, I suppose-- *Realize it too* Oh no!

SIN: What? What is it?

KY: Justice is able to control all other Gears through her willpower alone...
Or more accurately, any beings that have been engineered from Gear cells.

LEO: A-And...just how many Opus are there in the Capitol? In Illyria?

KY: Nearly 1,200... Eighty percent of the world has Opus units deployed to
it... Illyria was the first.

[Suddenly they hear footsteps in the plaza heading towards them. It is what
they have feared as the Opuses are approaching towards them, rogued.]


November 4, 2187
Illyria Castle - Control Room

PARADIGM: The Opus were the Sanctus Populi's idea. Of course...of course! It
would be impossible for even Justice to single-handedly subjugate the entire
world. Why didn't I realize this sooner?! Here it comes! Man your stations!

[However the trio seems to know this and start taking down a horde of Opuses.]

November 4, 2187
Illyria Castle - Plaza

LEO: Haaaaaaaah! *Takes down one of them*

KY: There! *Takes down some of them*

SIN: What the hell?! They just keep coming!

KY: We have to split up! We need to block all avenues the Opus might take.

LEO: All right. Who goes where?

KY: Leo, hold your ground here. Sin, to the plaza! I will stop anything that
attempts to come through the East Gate.

SIN: Will do!

PARADIGM: You must hold on! We still have some time before St. Elmo's Fire is
scheduled to fall.

LEO: Yeah, we get it! Now hurry up and do your job!


November 4, 2187
Illyria Castle: West Tower - Control Room

ELPHELT: ...Mr. Paradigm.

PARADIGM: What is it?

ELPHELT: I'm going to go too.

PARADIGM: B-But you--

ELPHELT: I know, but if I don't do something, this whole plan is going to fall

[Elphelt rush out of the room.]


[Elphelt manages to stop one of the Opuses, aiding Leo in the process.]

ELPHELT: I'm here to back you up.

LEO: What? You can fight?

ELPHELT: Well, I am a Valentine...

LEO: ...All right, good enough for me. Let's go!


[Elphelt takes out her shotgun and starts shooting at one of the guards with
her fast speed. She then starts to spin around while taking out the entire
Opuses around her.]

LEO: What...

ELPHELT: That that--!

[Suddenly something's wrong with Elphelt.]

ELPHELT: ...Huh? No...no!

LEO: ...Is something wrong?


[In Bedman's dream...]

???: Just as planned. >:)

BEDMAN: Yes. More than a few twists and turns on the way there, but Justice is
awakening, the Opus will be activating soon... I'd say things are looking good.

???: Very soon now. St. Elmo's Fire will ignite...

[Meanwhile at Ky's side, Ky manages to take out one of the Opuses until...]


November 4, 2187
Illyria Castle -- Central Plaza

KY: Leo? What's wrong?!

[However there was no communication with Leo. He then calls Dr. Paradigm.]

KY: We've lost contact with Leo. I'm going to go check on him!

PARADIGM: Leo has Elphelt right now. Focus on your own mission!

KY: I've taken care of all the hostiles in this area.

PARADIGM: Heh. I should have known. Very well then, go see what he's up to.

KY: Thank you!

[He then ends his call with him.]

KY: Whew...

[However the moment he takes another step, he heard a gunshot. Ky looks stun
and realize someone shot him into his heart.]

Ky: ..Huh?

[However a few more gunshots and he drop dead to the ground. The assailant
turns out to be Axus.]

AXUS: I see not even the High King of Illyria is prepared to be shot in the

KY: Y-You--!

AXUS: It pains me to kill you... But a new world is about to begin, and you
would be a great threat to that new world. This is nothing personal; we simply
need you out of the way. For the greater good.

[Axus shoots him in the head, which Dizzy sense something in the control room.]


PARADIGM: What is it?

DIZZY: I-I don't know, but I...I have a very bad feeling...

PARADIGM: Is it time?! Frederick... Get ready. It's coming.


November 4, 2187
Illyria Castle -- Central Plaza

AXUS: Credit where credit's due, though. Your nation has fallen for your talk
of justice and fairness hook, line, and sinker.

[Axus turns around and walks away from him until...]

KY: That's not true...

[It would seem that Ky isn't dead as he manages to stand up, tying his hair.]

AXUS: N-No! This is impossible! I shot you! You died--!

KY: They know...that my idealistic dreams are only that---they can never come
true. What my people expect from me is not a perfect and just ruler... It is
something more. No matter what monsters and demons stand in our way...I have
sworn never to give in. THAT is what my people believe.

[It would seem his left eye has changes into crimson red pupil.]

AXUS: Crimson...? No...no! Impossible! How could you be--?!

[Ky is preparing his attack on Axus.]

KY: My promise to my people is that I will never bow to evil...no matter what
it may cost me!

[With one thrust of attack, Axus was hit and drops dead. Somehow, Ky's eye
returns back to normal.]

KY: ... Hold on, Leo.

[Back at the Control room...]

PARADIGM: Frederick, the lightning is about to strike! Pull Chronus apart as
soon as I give the signal!

[Sol was listening while taking out the Opuses at the same time.]

SOL: Just hurry up, damnit!

[The lightning rod behind him begins to charge as the doctor gives the

PARADIGM: Three...two...one...NOW!

[The bolt of lightning strikes at the tower as Justice seems to be fully charge
after absorbing it, as she gives a roar. Chronus on the other hand is pleased
with his plan.]

CHRONUS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Finally! Victory is ours! Do you see this,
Universal Will?! And you, Gear Maker! All that you've demanded will be done, by
our hands! Whatever you may think, ultimate power is now ours! HA HA HA HA HA!
*Short pause* What?!


DIZZY: Right!

[It seems Dizzy conjures enough energy, creating a laser energy beam at the
control room, which causes Justice to wail in pain. Even Chronus.]

CHRONUS: N-No! Gaaaaaah! What is this...?! No! It's too much! Too much! D-DAMN
YOU...PARADIGM...! Guuuh... Is this it? The end...?

LIBRARIA: We've been defeated. It's over. I hate to think that we were wrong,
but...in the end, we must reap what we sow. This is retribution.

CHRONUS: Ha. Retribution...? We have no choice. Only the Gear Maker can prevail

LIBRARIA: We should have talked more...

CHRONUS: You must escape. Find the Gear Maker, and preserve the future of

LIBRARIA: No! That's your duty!

[She seems to start casting a spell.]

CHRONUS: Wait, Libraria, what are you trying to-- No!

[Back in Illyria Castle...]


SOL: Finally!

[Sol jumps down from the tower. Justice tries to grab him but Sol dodges it and
land onto her arm before leaping off to Justice's face. Sol attacks her with
his weapon as it hits Justice's face on impact. It later causes a pillar of
flame engulfing her while Sol floats from above at a safer side. Meanwhile, Ky,
Dizzy, Sin and Dr. Paradigm are at the central plaza together.]

PARADIGM: We did it! It worked! Aaah! I-It's collapsing... Brace for impact!

KY: Gah!

SIN: Whoa!

[Suddenly the falls crack as the four drops down to the floor.]

SIN: I'm falling--!

[Somewhere, Kadooki is reporting on a safer site to report on the progress.]

KADOOKI: J-Justice has stopped... Does this mean she's been defeated...?
Aaaaah! Th-The castle! It's falling apart! I need to get out of here now.

[It seems that Justice is holding the tower as she falls down to the ground,
causing the tower to collapse as well. Sol could just watch.]


[Dawn has risen as the Illyria Castle is in ruins. However...]

November 5, 2187
Central Organ Tower

SIN: Owwww....

[It seems that Ky, Dizzy and Sin are safe with Dizzy in Ky's hands.]

KY: Sin, are you all right?

SIN: Y-Yeah... Where's Mom?

KY: She's lost consciousness, but she is fine. Please, look to the others.

SIN: Right! On it!

[Sin decides to look around for the rest of his friends and survivors.]

SIN: Hey! Guys! If you're okay, say something! Old man! You there? C'mon,
somebody, say something!

[But no one replies. Sin decides to try one more time.]



[Sol seemingly crashes below beside him.]

SIN: Hey.

KY: Sol!

PARADIGM: Thank goodness. You made it, I see. And you as well, Doctor. Is
everything well? Where are the others...?

SIN: We're just looking for El and Leo... Maybe we should split up...?

[Just then they see a familiar figure coming out from the rubbles...]

SIN: Hey! El! You okay...?

[...And so as Leo but...]

LEO: Gah! Wait! That's not the Elphelt you know!

SIN: What...?

[Elphelt shoots Sin but luckily he dodges it.]

SIN: What the--?!

KY: What are you doing?

SIN: ...El?

[There was a long silence as Elphelt finally speak.]

ELPHELT: With Justice's awakening, my mission is complete.

SOL: Heh. Figured.

[Elphelt open her eyes but she's not her usual self as she's being controlled.]

SIN: Wh-What're you...? C'mon El, what's going on?!

SOL: She can't hear you. Just drop it.

SIN: What the hell's that supposed to mean?! Why won't anybody tell me what's

ELPHELT: It's not that difficult. I've completed my objective.

SIN: Stop screwing around! It's not funny anymore!

ELPHELT: It's not a joke. My original directive was to monitor Sol Badguy. I
stayed close to you to stay close to Sol. We had to make sure he wouldn't
interfere with our plans.

SOL: Oh yeah?

ELPHELT: Yes. We couldn't have you destroying Justice. We also wanted to ensure
YOU did not wake up. Ever.

SOL: ...Heh. Of course.

SIN: No...this is impossible!

ELPHELT: You have no reason to believe me now.

SIN: Then was...was everything you said a lie?

ELPHELT: Not precisely. My true mission was concealed from myself until now, to
make sure I didn't activate too early.

SOL: Hrm...

SIN: So are you saying we don't mean anything to you now? Is that it?!

SOL:  *Silent for a moment*

ELPHELT: Everything I've experienced has been recorded...recorded. A very
important piece.. of that puzzle...

SIN: El...?

ELPHELT: But it's only a record... Only...record...record...


ELPHELT: How...how can this...be good?! *Feels the pain* Gnnn! Ahh!

SIN: Yes! You can do it! You can resist it!

[However Sol had enough and walk towards her. ]

SIN: Sol, don't!

[Sol grabs her instead.]


SIN: Huh?

SOL: All the Valentines had emotions, even I'm not gonna try and say they
didn't. So why don't you PROVE IT TO ME?!

ELPHELT: I-I'm... I'M...

[Suddenly she opens her eyes wide and leads to a loud scream. She then was seen
conjuring an object from her hand each, which ultimately Elphelt lost.]

ELPHELT: Pointless. I cannot disobey a direct order. Elphelt Valentine.
Eliminate all redundancies. Without exception.

[With a large explosion, she is seen floating in the sky but in her dark shadow
figure form while two objects fly beside her.]

SOL: ...Lemme ask you one more thing. Is there ANY Elphelt left in there?

ELPHELT: In...? I am and always have been myself. All of my memories are
intact, so the apparent answer would be "yes."

SOL: Good. Now, bring her back.

ELPHELT: My behavior now is in accordance with my will, and I am Elphelt.
Therefore your demand is pointless: She is already here.

SOL: No, I don't mean this thing. Maybe you've got her memories, but you're
definitely something different.

ELPHELT: Are you suggesting newer memories or experiences are somehow invalid?
By that logic, no person would remain the same individual from moment to
moment. At the very least I can assure you that biologically speaking, I am the
only Elphelt.

SOL: I already know that, you idiot. If we're gonna go by YOUR logic that we
can't draw lines anywhere, then there's no difference between Earth and space.

ELPHELT: Without a clear boundary, I see no problem with that worldview.

SOL: But there IS a line, it's just hard one to draw. There's a line in you
too, and on one side of it is the person we know as Elphelt.

ELPHELT: ... Your words poison my mind.

[She seems to go closer to Sol's face.]

ELPHELT: Mother's orders prevent me from destroying you, but I must ask you to
be quiet for a while.

SOL: Right.


[Multiple black swords appear around Elphelt as it shoots lasers up in the sky.
It then causes rain of lasers attacking Sol. However, neither bullets seems to
hit Sol as he gets fed up and attack directly at Elphelt with his sword,
destroying the two pillars beside her. Meanwhile in Bedman's dream...]

November 5, 2187
A Dream

???: Well, this is probably as good a time as any. Although I have to admit, a
part of me wanted to see Sol's awakening. But I suppose it's still a bit too
soon. We may still be able to use him, though...

BEDMAN: Definitely... Well, I'll get started on the next phase, then. Heh heh

November 5, 2187
Central Organ Tower

[Somehow Justice survives but she was seen being teleported away while no one
is looking. Elphelt on the other hand falls down to her knees knowing she lost.
However, she somehow emitted red energy sphere around her.]




[While she is floating up, Sol tries to break the sphere but couldn't.]

ELPHELT: There's no point in trying. This is Absolute Defense: Felion. You
can't break through it.

SOL: SHUT UP! *Keeps punching it*

ELPHELT: Stop it! You should know better than anybody else, this is pointless!

SOL: Me? What the hell do I know. ALl I'm trying to hit is one of those
memories you seem to have forgotten.

ELPHELT: A memory...?

SOL: Heh. You really know how to get on my nerves, don't you? Nobody tells me
something's impossible. When I tried to go into the Backyard after Justice, you
stopped me. Now, I figure that was part of your plan.


SOL: But the reason you gave me...something about how people shouldn't be
alone. If that's not a lie... PROVE IT TO ME!

[With that punch, it seems that Elphelt is shock on the result and seems regain
her senses with a sad smile.]
ELPHELT: Thank you. *Changes back to her original form* I'd love nothing more
than to do that...

November 5, 2187
A Dream

???: What? Her emotions...!

November 5, 2187
Central Organ Tower

SIN: El...? A-Are you back...?

ELPHELT: I'm sorry, but...I can't fight Mother's will.

SIN: N-No, don't tell me you--

ELPHELT: I'm sorry. I really, really did love making friends with you. With all
of you! And I'm going to prove I wasn't lying.

[Suddenly Elphelt conjure a large energy surge surrounding her.]

SIN: H-Hey, you're not gonna self-destruct, are you?!

ELPHELT: This is the only freedom I have left... T_T


November 5, 2187
A Dream

???: No! Don't! Elphelt you can't--! 0_0

November 5, 2187
Central Organ Tower

ELPHELT: If this was how it was going to end...I wish I'd never been given
emotions... If this is all they lead to... Why did I have to have feelings
anyway?! T^T

[Sol stop punching it as it seems that her self-destruct powers got cancel.]

ELPHELT: ...Huh?

[It turns out to be Ramlethal who uses the same spell that cancel her
self-destruct button back at Babylon to cancel it.]


RAMLETHAL: Emotions are very important. I understand that now.

[While she is talking, Elphelt's sphere floats up.]

ELPHELT: What...?

RAMLETHAL: Mother is mistaken. You and I are not tools. You are unique to me.
And to Sin. So I'm going to save you. I promise. I'm coming! Hold on!

ELPHELT: Oh-Okay! I will! I will! I'll wait! As long as it takes ! TT^TT

[With her last words, Elphelt has been teleported away from the group. Sin is
glad that the Elphelt she knows is still there, Ky, Leo and Dr. Paradigm just
watches in silences but as for Sol...]

SOL: *Turns around*

KY: Sol?

SOL: What? Bunch of touchy-feely bullshit...

SIN: Wh-What...? 0_0#

SOL: *Walks off* What the hell are you standing there for? We gotta go get her
back. I'm not losing anybody else...

The End.


[After the credits, Chronus manages to come out alive somewhere afar from Sol's
location in the rubbles.]

November 5, 2187
Central Organ Tower

CHRONUS: Guh... Then in the end...only I survived...? T_T

[Unfortunately, his day is just to get worse as someone manage to find him.]

FAUST: Where will you go now, sir?

[Faust is standing right behind Chronus as he recognizes his voice.]

CHRONUS: You...?

FAUST: I have a lot of questions.

CHRONUS: Ha. What could you possibly want to know? The battle is over.

FAUST: Lying is bad for your body, you know.

CHRONUS: *Puzzled at first but gives in* If you're here for atonement or
revenge, do whatever you wish. Alone as I am, I can hardly fight back...

FAUST: Ah, do you have a death wish? I would humbly suggest you deal with that
on your own time, but before you do, I really must ask some questions.

CHRONUS: *Says nothing but just listen*

FAUST: What do you plan to do with the colony? With the Japanese?

CHRONUS: The Japanese? What the hell are you talking about?

FAUST: Feigning ignorance? After what you've just been through, I'd have
expected a little more forthrightness.

CHRONUS: No, I swear, I don't know. All I know about the colony is that they
give appropriate medical treatment to the Japanese.

FAUST: You...you really don't know? Those orders came from the highest
levels... Which would mean there is someone who outranks even you. Who could
that be?

CHRONUS: Someone...with more power than us...?

November 5, 2187
A Dream

BEDMAN: Ha ha ha... Well, that was definitely exciting. I'm glad to see it all
ended well, though.

???: Just as we planned it. And with only a small number of deviations.

BEDMAN: Are we finally ready to begin creating our absolute world?

???: Yes. And now, I must return to my own affairs.

[The person in the mirror disappear.]

BEDMAN: Buh-bye. :)

[Once the conversation is finish, she walks out of her room as she seems to be
heading outside. However... someone is giving a speech the moment she's walking

???: For the third time, humanity faced an invasion from a wholly inhuman
enemy. Nonetheless, we took a stand, and we prevailed! In the face of the
trials God has placed before us, we stood united, and overcame them! Why?
Belief. The hope burning in millions of hearts bound us together! Piety became
our fulcrum in the time of peril. We did not cast aside hope, and we did not
give in! For this, we must thank our glorious leader... Now I welcome our one
and only Sanctus Maximus Populi... ARIELS!

To be continued...


The full timeline of the game itself (with the exception of That Man's
flashback) combining with the Arcade Timeline (See Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-
Arcade Game Script). Please note that some of the Arcade Timeline Events
(before Ramlethal's capture) are speculations and assumption, especially the
Arcade Mode.

P.S: The ones with the time are from the Arcade Mode while the ones without it
are from the Story Mode. To not make it confusing, these events happen by order.

September ??, 2187
* Elphelt Valentine malfunctions and betrays Ramlethal and decides to tell Ky
Kiske of their plans, unknown to her this is apart of Mother's plans to spy on

September 03, 2187
* 15:36 - In the Assassin's Hideout, Venom receives a call from someone
regarding Zato-One's resurrection. Venom decides to seek Millia afterwards to
meet him.

September 29, 2187
* 14:35 - Millia secretly meets up with Venom in the Assassin's Hideout. Venom
tells Millia on what he knows from the call he receives and both plan in
secrecy to find Zato-One's whereabouts.

October 04, 2187
* 12:44 - Bedman kills Slayer's spy in his dream in Downtown Illyria.

October 06, 2187
* 21:35 - Slayer sets off to find Zato-One's whereabouts with Sharon after
learning about Zato's resurrection from a friend.

October 14, 2187
* 10:01 - Zato-One escapes from the Dimensional Prison with Eddie after sensing
Millia's presences.
* 11:27 - Millia manage to sneaks into the Conclave lab and encounter Venom who
happens to be guarding it. Both fight worried that the Conclave are watching
* 12:03 - Both stop fighting as they are surprise to see Zato-One. However they
decide to test him to see if he's the real deal. At some point in the battle,
Slayer joins in to test him as well. All three are convince that Zato-One's the
real deal. After the battle Zato-One reveals what the conclave is up to while
Slayer realize why the Conclave's true purpose on Zato-One's resurrection.
** Zato stays hidden, misleading the Conclave that he's still trap while asking
Venom to take care of Millia.

October 17, 2187
* 10:01 - I-No resting in one of the rock formations in Cappadocia while
scheming to fight Sol Badguy first before taking out Ramlethal again.

October 21, 2187
* Ramlethal and the Conclave made their final discussion and preparation.
* 12:12 - Ramlethal declares war to the world in Babylon, Japan.
* 13:05 - May and the Jellyfish Pirates flies off to defeat Ramlethal in
* 13:10 - Chipp heads off to defeat Ramlethal.
* 20:32 - Ky seeks to find Sol on the Royal Fleet One with some soldiers.

October 22, 2187
* 12:47 - Sol receives a call from Ky in Boston Seabed. While Ky ask him to
also bring Sin, Sol demands for one million world dollars in order to take
Ramlethal down.
* 14:21 - Potemkin sets off from Zepp's Warship to find and take down Ramlethal.

October 24, 2187
* Johnny manages to find Faust and seek his help into curing May somewhere in a
small village of Illyria. Faust accepts.
** After Johnny leaves, Faust checks May's medical records, much to his

October 25, 2187
* 06:06 - Bedman manages to trap Potemkin into his dream realm and stall
Potemkin as long as possible. After releasing him, Potemkin is too injured that
he aborts the mission and reports to Gabriel on what happen.
* 18:06 - This time it is Axl's turn to be trapped by Bedman's dream realm.
However before Bedman dealts a final blow, I-No manages to 'fish' him out of
the place by one of her portals, saving Axl.

October 26, 2187
* 09:17 - Upon arriving near the Colony, Chipp stops her from entering the
Colony and tries to calm her down of her intentions to take out Ramlethal.
After May calms down, May and the Jellyfish Pirates leaves to Babylon
regardless Chipp tags along or not.
* 11:11 - Ky manage to find Sol and Sin, hinting he just arrived at the
designated location. However Sol decides to go on his own to take out Ramlethal
herself. Both Ky and Sol spar among each other. After the fight, Ky teams up
with Sol and Sin and head to Babylon without the cavalry.
* 18:06 - Bedman fights Ramlethal into his dream realm and didn't kill her even
after defeating her since he still needs her to continue the Conclave's plan.

October 26, 2187
* 09:17 - Arrived at the footsteps of Japan, she gets confronted by Chipp.
After Chipp manages to cool her down, Chipp leaves after knowing the
whereabouts of Ramlethal's location.
* 11:11 - Ky meets with Sol and Sin. Both end up battling each other to test
their power. Ultimately Sol and Ky gets into Royal Fleet One with Ky after
their battle.
* 18:06 - Bedman greets Ramlethal in his dream world. After a battle, he gives
her a message.

October 28, 2187
* 11:01 - I-No fights with Ramlethal (again in her case). However this time she
was unable to defeat her and decides to retreat back to the future.
* 13:55 - May arrives and fights Ramlethal. However Ramlethal defeats her very
quickly. Then Ramlethal reveals to her that May is Japanese and a 'disease'.
May's allies quickly rescue the depress May and leaves the area. Ramlethal
didn't bother chasing after them as she sense Sol's group nearby. Both May Ship
II and Royal Fleet One never cross paths with each other.
* 14:35 - Upon arrival, Ky deduce Ramlethal's a decoy but Ramlethal confronts
them and attack them. After much effort, Sol's group manages to take down
Ramlethal but the Cradle has been activated as it engulfs the whole Babylon
with its fiery sphere while Sol's group could only watch it from the screen.
* At Illyria's Castle, Leo and his soldiers are seeing the destruction of
Babylon through their screen as well. Ky request to release Elphelt but
ultimately Ky decides to release her himself without Leo's permission.
* Ramlethal decides to perform a double suicide by grabbing Sol's neck at a
fast pace. Luckily Elphelt restrict her powers causing Ramlethal's powers to
disappear. Sol takes Ramlethal out and captures her for questioning (by Ky's
** The Cradle disappears, as the whole surrounding of Babylon looks gloomy with
black dust falling from the sky.
* Sol's group heads back to Illyria on the Royal Fleet One.
* Millia, Slayer and Venom are about to leave Illyria to find Ky but was
ambushed by Bedman.

October 29, 2187
* Sol's group question Elphelt Valentine on her actual plan and her betrayal.
Ramlethal manages to take out the interrogators and the ship but was stop by
Elphelt's powers.
* The Cradle reappears in the Middle East where Major Lyle and his men happen
to be at the scene.
** Defying Leo's orders, Major Lyle and his men attacks the Cradle with their
ships but was defeated by the Cradle's fiery sphere.
** After learning that the Cradle uses Absolute Defense: Felion, Leo sends the
recording to Ky before deleting the rest. He also informs Ky to head to Zepp.
** After ending his call, he just receives news that there are some survivors
in Major Lyle's forces.
* Sin interrogates with Ramlethal for the first time. Creates a magehound for
* May runs away after the May Ship II lands for restock.
** While the Jellyfish Pirates ask Chipp for help, Johnny returns back to the
ship only to be informed of the bad news.
* May is seen near an old bridge in the Forest Mountains at night. However she
was about to fall off the bridge by stepping onto the old wood when Chipp
manages to save her in time.
* Exit out of the forest and reuniting with the Johnny and the Jellyfish
Pirates, Faust appears before them to give May her medical treatment.
** Faust gives Johnny a stopgap medicine and prescriptions for May. He even
warns him not to let her near into the Colony.
** Bedman arrives with the unconscious Slayer, Venom and Millia near them.
Bedman begins to attack them even knocking out Faust.
** Chipp decides to stay behind while Johnny, May, Faust and the Jellyfish
Pirates make their escape. Chipp lost after they escape but was saved by
Zato-One. Bedman escapes after Ariels inform him of a change in plans.
** Slayer, Venom and Millia greets Zato-One of their plan as Zato-One decides
to deliver the information to Ky himself than risking the trio.
** In the Backyard, Axl meets with That Man with the help of I-No's powers and
pass the message to him.

October 30
* Elphelt make friends with Sin and request to let her join him if Sin is about
to interrogate Ramlethal later. During the interrogation, Sin and Elphelt spend
some fun time together with Ramlethal for three days before reaching Zepp.

November 1, 2187
* Ramlethal asks Elphelt why she betrays her.
** After the interrogation, Elphelt thanks Sin for making her sister happy.
* Ky questions Sol's future plan after he defeats That Man. Sol realize
something about his encounter with the Conclave and the secret behind the
Sacred Treasures a few months back.
* Royal Fleet One arrives at Zepp and is welcome by President Gabriel and his
** Sol, Ky and Gabriel enter Gabriel's office to meet Zato-One who arrives
earlier than them. Zato-One gives them the Conclave's plans.
** Zepp is attack by Bedman. Gabriel manages to capture him.
** Ky contacts Leo and thanks him for it. Ky request Leo to release Dr.
* Leo releases Dr. Paradigm after he ends his call.
** Dr. Paradigm reveals many secrets including the Cradle, the surviving
members of Major Lyle's army and the Opus to Leo and Vernon.
* Bedman secretly escapes and meets with Ramlethal in his dream realm. Bedman
intends to kill her but after realizing her change of behavior, he hesitates to
kill her.
** Sin enters to 'interrogate' with Ramlethal and teaches her about human
emotions. Bedman enters and kill the magehound and teaches Ramlethal the
meaning of 'replacement' before he leaves.
** Ariels scold him for aborting the assassination but Bedman scold her on
giving her emotions, which makes it hard for him to kill her. Ariels apologize
and ask him to resume his current mission.

November 2, 2187
* By Dr.Paradigm's plans, the army is at the Northern Black Sea, predicting
Cradle's next appearance. Sol travels to Northern Black Sea with Gabriel's
missile, Vagilanda, unknown to everyone in Zepp tha Elphelt follows Sol.
Vagilanda is heading to the location by multiple beacons set up at the area in
the Northern Black Sea.
** Bedman destroys the beacons. Leo and Johnny (who aid Leo as a backup) fight
Bedman while the May Ship II flies to the designated location for Faust to
place the beacon.
* The Cradle appears around the army flying ships.
** That Man appears in front of the Cradle follow by Sol. With That Man's magic
seal and Sol's powers, they manage to destroy Cradle's Absolute Defense:Felion.
** The army attacks the Cradle but all the sudden the Cradle takes the form of
Justice once the attack stops.
** That Man tries to stop it from teleporting back into the Backyard but was
capture by Bedman. Justice begins to teleport as Sol intends to take her out
inside the Backyard, knowing he couldn't run away after using up all his
powers. However Elphelt saves Sol much to Sol's dismay.

November 3, 2187
* The Royal Fleet One lands at Illyria.
* Everyone in Illyria tries to plan what is the Conclave's next move.
** Elphelt decides to seek help from Ramlethal. After the conversation,
Ramlethal decides to help them, much to Sol's surprise that Sin's tactic works.
** After some hints by Ramlethal, Sol realizes that the Cradle plans to power
up Justice during St. Elmo Fire. Sin unintentionally gives everyone the answer
that the Conclave would teleport at Illyria Castle since it looks like a
'lightning rod'.

November 4, 2187
* Illyria is on high alert where Leo and his soldiers evacuate every civilian
away from Illyria, leaving only them with Sol's group with the Opus.
** Sol and Dr. Paradigm chat about how to take out Justice
** Dizzy, Ky and Sin have a family reunion.
* Soon, everyone is on position awaiting Justice's arrival. Sol is at the
castle's rooftops, Ky, Sin and Leo are in the Plaza fending of any incoming
enemies while Dr. Paradigm, Elphelt and Dizzy are in the control room.
** Justice appears on top of Illyria castle, sucking up energy using one of the
tubes to one of the towers. Chronus is seen withing the power core of Justice.
** Sol awaits Dr. Paradigm's cue while fending of the rogue Opuses.
* Ky, Sin and Leo splits up while defending the plaza from the rogue Opuses.
Elphelt leaves her station to aid Leo.
** Leo and Elphelt manage to fend of the Opuses in their area but Elphelt's
Valentine program has been reactivated causing her to go berserk.
** Ky manages to defeat all the Opuses in his area. After Leo's transmission
gone off, he intends to aid him but Ky is shot and killed by Axus. However Ky
revives, thanks to the Gear blood and kill Axus.
* On cue, the St. Elmo Fire strikes the tower as Justice is fully charge. On
cue Dizzy uses her powers to overload Justice. On cue Sol defeats Justice and
seemingly kills her.
** Libraria forcefully switches places with Chronus, knowing that their plan
has fail.
* The tower begins to collapse due to Justice grabbing onto the tower before
she falls to the ground.

November 5, 2187
* Everyone in the area appears to be safe from the destruction.
** The human size Justice is seen somewhere in the rubble where Bedman and
Ariels teleport it away from Sol's group.
** After regrouping with Elphelt and Leo, Elphelt reveals to be a spy and store
the current Elphelt's memories inside. However Sol knows the Elphelt they know
is still inside after some talk and even defeats her despite Elphely uses her
true powers.
** After her defeat, Elphelt is being protected by a bubble version of Absolute
Defense: Felion. Elphelt manage to regain her memories for a while thanks to
Sol's words and decides to self-destruct to make up for everything. This was
stop by Ramlethal, the same way Elphelt stops her back at the outskirts of
Babylon. Ramlethal thanks her for teaching her to be unique (and Sin) and
promise that she will rescue her.
** As everyone seen Elphelt being drag away, Sol announce to everyone to find
and save Elphelt, not wanting to lose anyone.
* Chronus emerges somewhere afar from the group where Faust meets him about the
Japanese and the Colony. Faust deduces this order comes from someone higher
than the Conclave.
* Ariels ends her transmission with Bedman for the mission well done for their
Absolute World plan, despite a few small numbers of deviations. She decides to
greet the public as the Sanctus Maximus Populi.


October 22, 2192
* 17:23 - The Original asks Axl to pass a message to That Man.

October 26, 2192
* 18:20 - I-No brings in Sol which she test him if he's worthy. After knowing
he has grown stronger and the condition of his present time, he sends him back
from where he comes from.

October 28, 2192
* 18:48 - After thanking I-No for saving him, I-No spars with Axl for a while.
After that, Axl reveals that the Original has send him to pass a message to
That Man. I-No decides to help him lead to That Man and teleports him to the
Backyard before Axl gets to ask her to teleport him back to his present time.

05) FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will take questions from the email below at the Final Words section. Note that
I won't post or take spam, flaming or unrelated questions. To add in, please do
not keep pestering me on doing a game title of your choosing especially if it
is a game that I'm not keen on writing it as a game script. (E.G: Mortal
Kombat: Shaolin Monks).

Q: Did you purposely posed some of the emotion icons during the game script?
A: Yes. It's a safety measure just in case if plagiarizer were to be misuse or

Q: Why was the wording different in the subtitles?
A: Yes...for some who notice it, I double check the way they're saying and the
subtitles. If you did notice there are a few wording in the subtitles are
either wrong or missing. And as for the 'shouting' part (the full Capital
wordings), I did it to make it more realistic to the scene.

Q: Will you be doing a game script for *Title game*?
A: I may or may not but give me a game suggestion. Yes this is my first time
doing the game script. But I don't take games that are too long or doesn't have
much cut scenes.

06) Final Words

Well both scripts takes me nearly two months to complete it due to the time
that I'm free. It wasn't very easy writing the transcript as I have to search
for multiple resources even replaying the game itself.

If you wish to ask related questions to this game or feedback please email me


In addition, please write on the subject header "Guilty Gear Xrd Game Script
Questions". I will not take random emails, worrying it might be spam mails
which I usually delete it. I will reply ASAP the moment I receive it.

Still I like to thank Arc System Works for creating this game since its been a
long time since the game has been release after many many years. You guys come
up with one of the great storylines yet confusing timelines. Me, myself for
putting the time and effort to contribution to write a Game Script for the
first time. To the gamers and users that I've secretly discuss that make this
timeline right. And Gamefaqs who allowed my Game Script Guide to be posted

That's all for now folks. This is Andrew signing off. Cheers!

Andrew Storm.

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