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    AdmiralWin a naval battle with at least four ships per side.
    BesiegerCapture a city with a rammed earth or brick wall.
    BuddhistBuild a Famous Buddhist Temple.
    BuilderUpgrade a settlement to a large city.
    ButcherKill three thousand enemy soldiers in one game.
    CaptainWin a naval battle.
    CenturionReach turn 100.
    ColonistFound five settlements.
    CompetitorComplete a multi-player game.
    DragonWin the Grand Campaign scenario by a conquest victory using any farming faction.
    Empire BuilderFound twelve settlements.
    ExplorerStart a custom game.
    FarmerControl one hundred hexes of farmland.
    FighterWin a battle.
    GeneralWin a battle with at least sixteen units on each side.
    Great GeneralWin a total of one thousand battles.
    HammerConquer ten settlements controlled by peasant rebels in one game.
    Horse LordRecruit fifty cavalry units in one game.
    KhanWin the Grand Campaign scenario by a conquest victory using any herding faction.
    KillerKill one thousand enemy soldiers in one game.
    Law GiverIssue an edict.
    MandarinBuild a Famous Legalist School.
    MasterWin the Grand Campaign scenario with every faction.
    MerchantHave one thousand gold income per turn from trade.
    MinerUpgrade a copper, gold or jade scrape to a mine.
    OppressorConquer a settlement that has rebelled against you.
    OverlordHave three other factions as vassals.
    PeacockBuild a Summer Palace.
    PhoenixWin the Grand Campaign scenario by a cultural victory using any faction.
    PriestBuild a Legendary Shrine.
    PrinceBuild a Royal Palace.
    SailorBuild a ship unit.
    SettlerFound a new settlement.
    Son Of HeavenWin the Grand Campaign scenario by a Son of Heaven victory using any faction.
    ThinkerControl a Famous Taoist Temple, a Famous Buddhist Temple, a Famous Confucian Temple, A Famous Legalist School, and a Famous Mohist School at the same
    TigerWin three games of any type.
    TraderConnect two of your settlements with a trade route.
    TravelerHave thirty different encounters in one game.
    WarriorWin a battle with at least eight units on each side.

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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