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Three great simulation games in one! A value not to be missed!

HEROES OF THE LANCE re-creates the epic battle between good and evil on the world of Krynn. You control eight Companions, one at a time, in real-time action and full animation. Guide these brave adventures to retrieve the precious Disks of Mishakal. The platinum disks you seek are guarded by Khisanth, an ancient black dragon, and there is but one way to vanquish this mighty beast. Find the key to destroy Khisanth and the Companions will take their first steps to earn the noble title, Heroes of the Lance.

DRAGONS OF FLAME explodes with action! Control up to ten Companions, one at a time. Your quest: rescue slaves held by the ravaging Dragonarmies in the foul fortress of Pax Tharkas looms before you crackling with vile energy. Remember, all the action happens in real-time and in colorful animation. Your wits and reflexes better be sharp. In this game, you're either quick or you're dead.

HILLSFAR Every visit to Hillsfar is a different, exhilarating experience. Explore the city, meet its colorful denizens on the streets or in pubs and discover a quest. Your quest will keep you constantly on the move. Fight in the arena against the raging minotaurs, ill-tempered orcs or unsulted swordsmen. Enter different buildings and your maze-running and lock-picking skills will be required.

Archery and equestrian events may also be part of your overall quest. Think and move fast - these mini-games happen in real-time. For adventure there is no place like Hillsfar.

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