Is the save file Corrupted?

  1. I reached the Crystal Spire in Lostlight and talked to the Archon and when the cut scene ends the game doesn't respond and crashes. Even when I tried to skip the cut scene it crashed.
    It only occurs at this specific cut scene and I don't have any problems in any other quest or location.
    Can someone help me solve this problem (that doesn't include erasing the save file and starting over)?

    User Info: AdvisedEar71146

    AdvisedEar71146 - 3 years ago


  1. They should have patched this, but if you're still getting the issue I remember reading that it has to do with your character leveling up after the cutscene. So before going to the Archon, go back to other Realms and finish up some sidequests and get experience in any way you can. Once you've done that you can try going to the Archon again, and skip the cutscene.

    User Info: Rade4589

    Rade4589 - 1 year ago 0   0

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