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    Arcane Regeneration (secret)Regained a massive amount of health using Arcane Regeneration.
    Balancing Act (secret)Balanced on a plank.
    Bark & Bite (secret)Defeated a Ripper.
    Bound Time (secret)Dispatched an enemy who was bound while time was slowed.
    Box Master (secret)Jumped on a levitated box
    Cat Burglar (secret)Gathered a key item without being detected.
    Cautious First Steps (secret)Snuck by initial foes without being detected.
    Cheated Death (secret)Used "Merciful Fate" to cheat death.
    Combo Attack (secret)Performed a combo attack with a sword, axe, or without a weapon.
    Crawstuck (secret)Jammed a trap with an object.
    Deadly Sorcerer (secret)Killed an enemy with spells.
    Diverting Behavior (secret)Caused an enemy to investigate a sound.
    Dual Caster (secret)Successfully casted a spell with two runestones.
    Dynamics of Reversal (secret)Reflected projectile.
    Environment Master (secret)Caused multiple enemies to be killed by physics damage.
    Fire Kill (secret)Caused an enemy to be killed by Fire.
    Flawless Victory (secret)Resolved a combat encounter against multiple opponents who detected me without taking damage.
    Formulaic Expert (secret)Successfully casted a spell with four runestones.
    Friend of Deep Slugs (secret)Feed a Deep Slug one of it's favorite foods.
    Hard To Reach (secret)Switched a lever without touching it
    Incite Commotion (secret)Enemies convinced to turn on each other.
    Long Jump (secret)Leap Boldly Ascendant.
    Long Wall Run (secret)The world is your playground.
    Meteoric Demise (secret)Killed an enemy with a burning crate.
    Mind Killer (secret)A Mind Crippler was killed indirectly.
    Night Vision (secret)Because the darkness should fear you.
    Parry (secret)A good fighter knows when to Parry.
    Physics Kill (secret)Caused an enemy to be killed by physics damage.
    Pit Fallen (secret)Killed an enemy with a trap.
    Pounce (secret)Pounced on an enemy.
    Pyromaniac (secret)Caused multiple enemies to be killed by Fire.
    Saurian Slide (secret)The Saurians passed this technique down for generations.
    Seasoned Silent Assassin (secret)Killed several enemies without being detected.
    Secrets of the Deep Slugs (secret)Hid in a Deep Slug smoke trail.
    Secrets of Wall Running (secret)Used Wall Run off a free object.
    Silent Assassin (secret)Killed an enemy without being detected.
    Trapper (secret)Killed multiple enemies with traps.
    Trapper Keeper (secret)Bound or stuck in place a creature, who was then dispatched by a trap device.
    Tripwire Expert (secret)Killed an enemy with a tripwire.
    Uncompromising Obstruction (secret)Blocked an arrow with a held object.
    Undetected Distraction (secret)Caused a creature to investigate a sound, but was undetected.
    Unseen Ascendant (secret)Resolved multiple quest objectives undetected.
    Untouchable Assassin (secret)Defeated an enemy without being damaged.
    Weaponized Slug (secret)Killed an enemy using a Deep Slug trail.
    What Wizards Know and Others Don't (secret)Rebranded a wand with a new spell.

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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