• Steam Achievements

    ~(o^‥^)o --- ODo 2500 total damage with Acrocat as NEV:3
    12/10 Great DoggoDeal 200 damage with Subwoof in one game as PuP
    Abstract ExpressionistDo 10000 total damage with Photon Spray as Oz
    AirliftedPlay 25 games in which you use Slip Away 2 or more times as Grey
    Angel of VengeanceDeal 300 damage and shielding with Guardian Angel in one game as Asana
    Atlas-wide CoverageShield 5000 total damage with Resonance Burst as Khita
    Atomic DynamoHeal 200 damage with Positronic Surge in one game as Quark
    Better Than EverDo 7500 total healing with Reforge as Meridian
    Blow Them All AwayDeal 200 damage with Oblivion Shell in one game as Elle
    BonanzaDeal 200 damage with Safecracker in one game as Celeste
    BoopDo 5000 total damage with Lockdown as Juno
    Bounce With MeDo 500 total damage with Bombing Run as Gremolitions Inc.
    Bubble Bubble Foil That TroubleShield 2500 total damage with Bubble Trouble as Dr. Finn
    CalculatedShield 200 damage with Blast Shield and Battleforged in one game as Helio
    Control the FlowPlay 25 games in which you use Spirit Bend 3 or more times as Su-Ren
    Cover: Don't leave home without itPlay 50 games in which you use Aegis 3 or more times as Brynn
    Covered in BugsHeal for 100 with Mending Swarm and deal at least 200 damage in one game as Phaedra
    Dodge This!Dodge 10,000 Damage
    Dodge This! - IIDodge 25,000 Damage
    Dodge This! - IIIDodge 50,000 Damage
    Dodge This! - IVDodge 75,000 Damage
    Dodge This! - MasterDodge 250,000 Damage
    Dodge This! - VDodge 100,000 Damage
    Dodge This! - VIDodge 150,000 Damage
    Dodge This! - VIIDodge 200,000 Damage
    Doorstep GreetingDo 7500 total damage with Pounce as PuP
    Eat My DustDo 750 total damage with Rocket Jump as Zuki
    EmbiggestfyPlay 50 games in which you use Embiggify 3 or more times as NEV:3
    Eternal DarknessPlay 25 games in which you use Shadowstalker 3 or more times as Kaigin
    Exo-PotentDeal 200 damage with Lay Down the Law in one game as Juno
    Eye of the StormDeal 150 combined damage and healing with Heart of the Storm in one game as Aurora
    Fine, I'll CarryShield 3750 total damage with Fate Transfer as Orion
    Fish Out Of WaterHeal 200 damage with Refreshing Spray in one game as Dr. Finn
    Flashing SteelDeal 200 damage with Rushing Steel and Showdown in one game as Tol-Ren
    Fool Me ThricePlay 25 games in which you use Made You Look 3 or more times as Oz
    Frag OutDo 5000 total damage with Proteus Grenade as Blackburn
    Get the hornsDo 5000 total damage with Berserker Charge as Titus
    Give it a splorting tryDo 3210 total damage with Splort as Gremolitions Inc.
    Good DeedsShield more than 150 damage with Karmic Justice in one game as Su-Ren
    Gooey Goo for boomy booming!Do 10000 total damage with Sticky Bombs as Zuki
    Here She Comes to Save the DayDo 2500 total damage with Flight of the Valkyrie as Brynn
    HuntmasterDeal 100 damage with Voltaic Cage in one game as Grey
    I'm the Juggernaut, BDo 1875 total damage with Juggernaut as Phaedra
    If You Like it, Put a Shield on ItShield 2000 total damage with Riot Shield as Juno
    It's LitDo 10000 total damage with Light 'Em Up as Lockwood
    Keep yourself a secret. Keep yourself safe.Play 50 games in which you use Stalker Suit 3 or more times as Nix
    Keeper of the SunHeal and shield more than 400 combined damage in one game as Meridian
    Let it Fly (While You Fly)Do 1000 total damage with Vaulting Shot as Khita
    Level 100Reach Reactor Level 100
    Level 150Reach Reactor Level 150
    Level 200Reach Reactor Level 200
    Level 250Reach Reactor Level 250
    Level 300Reach Reactor Level 300
    Level 350Reach Reactor Level 350
    Level 400Reach Reactor Level 400
    Level 450Reach Reactor Level 450
    Level 50Reach Reactor Level 50
    Level 500Reach Reactor Level 500
    Like a RiverDo 2500 total damage with Rushing Steel as Tol-Ren
    Living on a SprayerDo 10000 total healing with Refreshing Spray as Dr. Finn
    Lost PuPPlay 25 games in which you use Prowl Protocol 3 or more times as PuP
    Make It Rain MissilesDeal more than 200 damage with Missile Storm in a game as Zuki.
    Mark of the NinjaDeal 80 damage with Mark of the Void in one game as Kaigin
    Massive AttackDeal 10,000 Damage
    Massive Attack - IIDeal 25,000 Damage
    Massive Attack - IIIDeal 50,000 Damage
    Massive Attack - IVDeal 75,000 Damage
    Massive Attack - MasterDeal 250,000 Damage
    Massive Attack - VDeal 100,000 Damage
    Massive Attack - VIDeal 150,000 Damage
    Massive Attack - VIIDeal 200,000 Damage
    Master of MayhemDeal 200 damage with Maniacal Mayhem in one game as Gremolitions Inc
    Not FDA ApprovedDo 10000 total healing with Atomic Bond as Quark
    Numbing SensationShield 1000 total damage with Paralazer as Aurora
    On my Mark!Heal at least 200 damage with Take Aim! in one game as Khita
    One Shot, Four KillsDeal 200 damage with Fusion Pulse in one game as Nix
    OnslaughtOnslaught Do 2250 total damage with Blitz as Blackburn
    Open Wider, MateDo 5000 total damage with Hand Cannon as Garrison
    Pain PuddleDo 3750 total damage with Ion Cloud as Aurora
    Phenomenal Cosmic PowerDeal more than 250 combined damage and healing with Cosmic Flare in one game as Orion
    Quite DashingPlay 25 games in which you use Backup Plan 2 or more times as Lockwood
    Real Ultimate PowerDo 10000 total damage with Razor Tempest as Kaigin
    Rebel With a CauseDeal 200 damage with Run and Gun in one game as Lockwood
    Rio's RevengeDo 10000 total damage with Hawk Drone as Grey
    Same Day DeliveryDeal 150 damage with Shock Pod in one game as Garrison
    Say Hello to my Other Little FriendDo 750 total damage with Lurker Drone as Elle
    Secrets, secrets are so funDo 5000 total damage with Proximo Charge as Celeste
    Serenity NowDo 10000 total healing with Serenity as Su-Ren
    Shared GreatnessDo 1875 total healing with Astral Fusion as Orion
    Shield to the FaceDeal at least 200 damage and dodge at least 100 damage in one game as Brynn.
    Shield WallDeal 150 damage with Aegis Protocol in one game as Rampart
    Shields... Shields EverywhereShield 5000 total damage with Blast Shield as Helio
    Showtime KickDo 5000 total damage with Rebounding Charge as Asana
    Small Hadron ColliderPlay 25 games in which you use Quantum Collision 2 or more times as Quark
    Stabbed in the FrontDo 1250 total damage with Dirty Fighting as Titus
    Takin' a RideTakin' a Ride Do 1250 total damage with Heavy Metal as Garrison
    That's just grossDo 3750 total damage with Putrid Spray bug detonations as Phaedra
    That's Not a Sun, That's a ... Hammer?Do 1250 total damage with Solar Strike as Meridian
    The Artful DodgerDodge 150 damage and deal 500 damage in one game as Oz
    The Best OffenseShield 3000 damage with Ren's Fury as Tol-Ren
    The One That Got AwayDo 1000 total damage with On The Run as Celeste
    The Only Way To Be SureDeal 200 damage with Scorched Earth in one game as Blackburn
    The Power of FriendshipHeal or Shield 10,000 Damage
    The Power of Friendship - IIHeal or Shield 25,000 Damage
    The Power of Friendship - IIIHeal or Shield 50,000 Damage
    The Power of Friendship - IVHeal or Shield 75,000 Damage
    The Power of Friendship - MasterHeal or Shield 250,000 Damage
    The Power of Friendship - VHeal or Shield 100,000 Damage
    The Power of Friendship - VIHeal or Shield 150,000 Damage
    The Power of Friendship - VIIHeal or Shield 200,000 Damage
    The Writing's on the WallDo 2500 total damage with Disruption Matrix as Helio
    There Can Be Only OneDeal 150 damage with Deathblow in one game as Titus
    They see me rollin'Do 10000 total damage with Combat Reflexes as Elle
    Three Ring CircusDeal 200 damage in one game with Cataclysm as NEV:3
    TremorsDo 3750 total damage with Upheaval as Rask
    Unleash the BeastHeal for 75 health with Augmented Regeneration and deal 100 damage with Uncontrollable Fury in a single game as Rask.
    Wait, it blocks too?!Do 3750 total damage with Bulwark as Rampart
    Weapon RDo 1250 total healing with Augmented Regeneration as Rask
    What Goes AroundDo 1125 total damage with Retribution as Asana
    Widespread DestructionDo 2500 total damage with Vortex Round as Nix
    You Can't, You Won't, and You Don't StopPlay 25 games in which you use Unstoppable Force 3 or more times as Rampart

    Contributed By: FvP.

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