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Walkthrough by grogerson

Version: 1 | Updated: 01/01/19

(format in Courier New, 12pt, 79 characters per line, .txt format)

by Garth Rogerson (email: ge_rogerson@msn.com)
Version 1, 12-30-2018

Chapter Seven Conclusion: Baldur's Gate
- Tomb Safehouse
- Ducal Palace
- Baldur's Gate
  - Ducal Palace Exterior
  - Three Old Kegs
  - Elfsong and Sorcerous Sundries
  - Iron Throne
  - Flaming Fist Headquarters
Chapter Eight: Coast Way Crossing
- Coast Way Crossing
  - The Dig
  - Lich Outpost
- Coast Way Forest
- Waylaid by Enemies
  - #1: Orcs and Trolls
  - #2: Dragon and Giants
  - #3: The Pit
  - #4: Dead Magic Pass
Chapter Nine: Boareskyr Bridge
- Troll Claw Woods
- Forest of Wyrms
  - Spider Cave
  - Dragon Cave/Temple of Bhaal
- Boareskyr Bridge/Bridgefort
Chapter Ten: Siege of Dragonspear
- Coalition Siege Camp
  - Bloodbark Grove
  - Dead Man's Pass
- Underground River Exterior
  - Underground River
  - Kanaglym
  - The Warrens
  - Dragonspear Castle Basement
- Dragonspear Castle
- Siege Camp Under Siege
Chapter Eleven: Dragonspear Assault
- Dragonspear Castle Assault
  - Dragonspear Castle First Floor
  - Dragonspear Castle Basement
Chapter Twelve: Avernus
- Avernus
- Abysal Tower Bridge
- Basalt Tower
- Dragonspear Basement
Chapter Thirteen: Endgame
- Flaming Fist City Exterior
- Flaming Fist Headquarters
- Abandoned Sewers and Caverns
- Sewer Exit
- The Ambush
Revision History

Seige of Dragonspear (SoD for short) is an expansion to Baldur's Gate Enhanced
Edition (BGEE for short) in the same manner that Tales of the Sword Coast is.
If you purchase SoD you get BGEE as well. This expansion simply continues the
story after Sarevok's defeat, filling in what leads to your arrival in Amn in
Baldur's Gate II. As such, all the game play rules still apply from BGEE. This
walkthrough deals with the game only. If you want to know about character
building, spell use, tactics or other game mechanics, others do it better than
I. Dan Simpson's BGII FAQ/walkthrough is a good example. ** WARNING: If you
don't like spoilers, then don't read this walkthrough! **

This is the first release and far from complete. There are still things I've
yet to learn about (some strange items, other NPC reactions and what the
Spectacle of Spectacles do to name a few) which will be added to later versions.

If you're playing the full game beginning from Candlekeep, the party will
automatically be imported into the expansion upon Sarevok's death (after the
final movie and credits run, of course). Imoen won't be in the party, since
she's now apprentice to Duke Liia Jannath. She'll be replaced by Safana instead.

If you want to import your party from the Black Pits, move or copy the final
save game (one without the slave rings) to the Baldur's Gate save game
directory, then start a new game by using the "Import Game" button. Note that
if you import *any* game, just like importing a character, you'll lose *all*
containers you may have, along with their contents.

I played through SoD with the game NPCs Viconia, Minsc, Dynaheir and Safana. I
also used a bard I created since no SoD game NPCs appear to be bards, and
Garrick, who I used in BG and the start of SoD, leaves and will not rejoin. The
NPCs you choose give variety to the game since at various times, either in
locations or in dialogs, they may have something to say or be able to do
something for someone.

One more item of note, once you move into the next chapter all areas previous
become inaccessible. Some quests will follow you, each chapter having something
to move it toward completion, but they are very few so make sure all your
quests are finished before moving on to the next chapter.


Level 1 (BD0120) (Cutscene before returning to the game.)
- Imoen talks to you, giving you a brief rundown of the situation, including
her apprenticeship to Liia Jannath making it impossible to join you.
- Move through the door until the distant end of a broken bridge appears. A
mage named Porios appears and tells you you're too late, that it's already
gone. Ask what he's talking about and he mentions a sword. His next response is
to wish you luck if you're going after Korlasz.
- Move forward into the next room and talk to Ammon, a mage looking for some
rare components.
- Search the room for treasure (scrolls [identify, protection from cold];
potions [wine, elixir of health]; scroll from Korlasz, gem bag, 147gp).
- Enter the next room and open the crypt, which summons a tattered skeleton.
Search the room (scrolls [invisibility 10' radius, cursed scroll of monster
summoning]; scroll [shocking grasp]; 1gp, potion [invisibility]; skull).
- Cross the bridge to find several Iron Throne soldiers and Sarevok followers
(bolts [4 +1], potion [healing]).
- Open the left door and find Porios and more Sarevok followers, who will
surrender if asked. Asked what sword he refered to in your first meeting he
states it was Sarevok's, and that Korlasz had a buyer lined up for it. After
that you can turn them over the Flaming Fist, who are waiting just behind you.
They drop all their posessions (3gp, arrows [8 +1, 10 biting], potions
[healing, speed], cloak of minor archana) and leave, and you get experience as
if you defeated them. Porios also gives you a key for the lower level. The
shelves have weapons, the chest armor, none magical. The door cannot be opened
from this side.
- Enter the east room and open the crypt, summoning the mummy of Fanegonorom.
Apologize for disturbing his rest, then tell him you seek those hiding within
the tombs. He then tasks you to remove their leader, then return to him when
it's done. He has some information about the Korlasz family when asked. Agree
to his task. Do *NOT* raid his crypt now.
- Move through the east opening and down the stairs.

Level 2 (BD0130)
- Follow the passage south to a chamber full of undead, including a shattered
soul (arrows [3 ice]).
- The passage directly right is trapped and leads to a library (scrolls [free
action, protection from poison]).
- Follow the wider passage across the bridge to more undead (4 random jewelry)
and three braziers burning with three different colors. Search the chamber
(potion [cursed healing]; splint mail +1; spell [RANDOM], arrows [20 +1];
jewelry [RANDOM]; potion [defense], ring [RANDOM], wand [fire (5/5)]).
- The passage north leads to several fire and boring beetles (morning star +1,
*wooden staff*, 267gp). Three magma mephits appear when you approach the small
magma stream at the end of the passage, where there is a small crack (gems [10
- Down the west passage are two glass containers. Breaking them releases two
ochre jellies (amulet of protection +1).
- The passage ends in a chamber with several wights and an undead guardian.
There is a trap at the entrance to the chamber and a desk at the far end (gem
[emerald], scroll [chaotic commands], 171 gp; bolts [20 +1], buckler +1, gem
[RANDOM]; scroll [RANDOM]; ring [RANDOM], potion [cursed antidote]; ring [fire
opal], 37gp, scroll [cursed weakness]).
- There are two sets of three torches along the south wall, with one torch
apparently burned out. Take the torch and return to the previous room. Go to
the brazier with the purple flame and use it to light the torch. Return the now
lit torch to its holder and a secret door will open. There are two bookcases, a
table and two chests (books [the nine hells; Kanaglym: the abandoned city]; a
page from Sarevok's notes; helmet of unwavering purpose; two-handed sword of
ruin +2, potions [fire giant strength, invulnerability). Opening the chest with
the sword summons several undead (arrows [2 ice]).
- Go north to another chamber, filled with followers of Korlasz and Sarevok
(potions [2 healing, speed, fortitude], scroll [color spray]; (arrows [10
biting], potions [3 RANDOM, 2 invisibility], RANDOM). Check the sarcophagus
(scroll [hold undead], wand [heavens (5)]). Ignore the rope for now.
- The left passage leads to a large mechanism guarded to by two mercenaries
whom you can convince to leave or you can fight them (darts [8 wounding, 40
+1], potions [healing, invisibility]). Check the table (potions [3 healing,
elixir of health]).
- The entrance to the right passage is trapped and contains several burning
skeletons and a skeletal mage (arrows [10 +1, 5 fire +2], scroll [chromatic
orb]). Check the weapon racks (axe +1).
- Cross the wood bridge to a body (potion [clarity, defense], 112gp). Opening
the crypt summons a restless spirit who has some more information on Korlasz,
and wants his staff returned.
- Return to the large mechanism and activate it to open the doors to the north,
where Korlasz and her last henchmen are.
- Cast protection spells and enter the chamber. After a short dialog she
attacks with the last of her forces. Once they are dead (arrows [5 +1, 10
biting, 20 fire +2], potions [healing, speed]) and she is injured enough, she
surrenders (robe [knaves], cloak [protection], scroll [vocalize], bracers
[AC6], quarterstaff +1, darts [80 +1], Korlasz key). Check the tables and chest
(all trapped) (arrows [20 +2, 20 biting, 20 fire +2], bolts [20 +2, 20 biting,
20 lightning]; potions [extra healing, hill giant strength, speed]; ornate
headpiece, 9gp).
- With Korlasz's key in your posession you may now enter her bedroom (Korlasz's
journal, Bhaal research; scrolls [minor sequencer, secret word, animate dead],
necklace [laeral's tear], 3000gp).
- When you meet Imoen, give her the documents (5000xp quest).
- Return to the restless spirit and place the wooden staff and the headpiece in
the crypt. The spirit departs (3000xp, gems [10 waterstar, 8 shandon, 5 water
- Now take the rope to return to the upper level.

Level 1 (BD0120)
- The rope leads to the sealed room on the first level. There is a broken
coffin (206gp, cobalt moss, gems [2 RANDOM]) which summons a tattered skeleton
when raided, and a locked coffin (scroll [cursed clumsiness], potion [fire
resistance]) which summons several undead when raided. The door opens easily
from this side.
- Talk to the spirit of Fanegonorom and let him know Korlasz has been dealt
with (3000xp, large shield of Egons +2). He vanishes and you can now examine
his crypt (gem [emerald], necklace [pearl], 221gp).
- Give Ammon the cobalt moss. She plans on using her potion on a tome in
Candlekeep. If you tell her you're from there she'll ask you for your signature
to get in. Advise her the guards are unmoving on entry requirements and won't
accept it (50gp).
- You need to talk to Imoen or one of the Flaming Fist to leave the area. But
before you do, make sure all quests are done, then put everything you want to
keep that the party has into any containers you're carrying. Once you leave,
the party splits up (if you're using game NPCs), and some won't rejoin you.
(Narration before returning to the game.)

Third Floor (BD0103)
- Imoen wakes you. Something isn't right, she warns, telling you she hears
sounds of footsteps and voices, then goes to investigate in the next room. Open
the chest near the bed and get your equipment and any containers your party had
before following her. The chest also contains anything the party had in their
inventory, if not worn or readied.
- When you enter the next room Imoen comes from the next room and is followed
immediately by three assassins. She kills one before another strikes her from
the shadows. Then they turn on you, stating you're their true target. Take them
out, then take the parchment one of your attackers had. It's a passable
likeness of you.
- Captain Corwin arrives, followed shortly by Duke Jannath. The Duke begins to
work on Imoen and suggests you follow Corwin to check for any other assassins
within the Palace. Take the stairs down to the next floor.

Second Floor (BD0100)
- Three assassins are in the dining hall. Enter the middle bedroom and three
more attack you. Check the drawers (arrows [40 +1]). Corwin then suggests you
go down to the main hall so the Dukes will know you're safe.

First Floor (BD0102)
- When you arrive, you join the Dukes in the middle of the main hall. There
they inform you of the current sitution with the Crusade and ask you to help
find why it has expanded south of the Winding Water. They also inform you
Captain Corwin can lead you to most of your companions. The captain tells you
to meet her near the main doors when you're ready.
- There are two chests here (potions [infravision, strength; 2 healing,
- Join the captain, but only after going down to the basement.

Basement (BD0116)
- To the east is the way to the treasury. Talk to Ophyllis and find all your
money is gone, spent on dog races. He asks you to wait and he'll get it back
for you. Let him.
- The chest in the locked treasury is both trapped and locked (1647gp, necklace
[laerals's tear], gems [diamond, emerald, king's tear]).
- At some point the cell holding Korlasz bursts open and she comes out. She
condemns you, blaming you for being tortured, before attacking. Once she's
dead, check the wall of her cell. She wasn't lying.
- Talk to the guards. Ask if she had help, and they mention a doppelganger in
the locked cell next to hers.
- A table by the north wall in the main chamber has a key to the northeast
cell. Open the door, and if you suggest he's a doppelganger, he changes and
- Once reduced to near death the doppelganger will bargain for its life. It
mentions it has a treasure hoard in the Flaming Fist basement. He will give it
if you release him. You can agree, kill him, or turn him down (and he returns
to the cell).

First Floor (BD0102)
- Skie is over by the door and gets your attention. Talk to her. She mentions
her father thinks Caelar might be a Bhaalspawn like you. She says she'll give
you more information later.
- Duke Eltan is in the northwest room. He has more information on Caelar Argent.
- Duke Entar is in the southwest room. Ask him about the idea of Caelar being a
child of Bhaal.
- Jospil, a guard, seems to be depressed. Talk to him a second time and
question him. He has some information on the various situations going on in the
north. Cheered up, he gives you a gift (Brevin's Quarterstaff +1).
- Talk to Corwin near the main doors. She can tell you where some companions
may be found. Garrick, Safana and Coran are at the Elfsong, Minsc and Dinaheir
are at the Three Old Kegs, Rasaad is in the Iron Throne building, Tiax is
imprisoned at the Flaming Fist headquarters, Viconia is already part of the
expedition, and Neera may be near the Boareskyr bridge.
- Leave through the main doors.

Ducal Palace City Exterior (BD0010)
- Nothing here but lots of refugees. Ophyllis will meet you, but he has no
money since he was attacked on his way to get it to you. His attackers said
they'd be at the Three Old Kegs. Exit the area by the south edge. You can go to
the Three Old Kegs, Elfong/Sorcerous Sundries, Iron Throne or the Flaming Fist
- There are two merchants near the south edge. Talk to Teera and find she needs
some money taken to Lady Sena near the Sorcerous Sundries. She's been mugged
the last two days getting there herself.
- Near the left edge is a door with two men, Garachen and Perren. Talk to
Perren and find Garachen is a profiteer. You can go to the Elfsong and ask Lady
Alyth for supplies for Garachen, or go to the Flaming Fist to ask about him.

Three Old Kegs City Exterior (BD0040)
- Near the entrance to the tavern is Robel. He has a favor to ask: Ask Katheera
to send him a drink.
- East of the door are four adventurers, Golt (400xp, random treasure, potion
[healing]), Dirla (250xp), Lluis (450xp, potion [3 healing]) and Asery (400xp,
potions [healing, heroism]), one of whom mentions rolling a mage for cash when
you first enter the area. Confront them. Given fair warning Asery leaves but
the others fight.
- Behind the Three Old Kegs is a woman, Aileen, with the body of her cousin.
She wishes to bury him but is 15gp short of the 100gp for the temple to do it.
Ask which temple and she admits the body is actually her late husband, who
attacked her in a drunken rage, tripped and hit his head. Give her the 15gp and
tell her you won't say anything (300xp, 100xp if you don't give her the gold).
- Check the crate (winter wolf pelt).

Three Old Kegs First Floor (BD0106)
- The captain tells you she will remain by the door, and to tell her when
you're ready to leave.
- Katheera is tending bar in the right room. Let her know of Robel's request,
and tell her even you'd find his task trying.  She decides to get some out to
him quickly.
- Nantrin Bellowglyn is behind the bar in the left room. Wait a bit and he will
ask your help stopping a fight between two ships crews lead by Lucilla and
Autinn. Work toward a peaceful solution, suggesting everyone enjoy another
drink and to act civilized helps (500xp). Now talk to Nantrin again, and have
him keep his reward (+1 reputation).

Three Old Kegs Second Floor (BD0107)
- In the northwest corner are Berahli and company. They had your money, but
gave it to many refugees who needed it. You can create a fight or give them a
chance to surrender to Captain Corwin (750xp).
- Behind a painting in the northeast corner is a container (2 random gems).

Three Old Kegs Third Floor (BD0108)
- In the first room north are three nobles plotting the overthrow of the Dukes.
You can suggest a bribe for your silence, join them, or tell them to surrender
to the Flaming Fist. The latter results in a fight. They fall quickly
(seditious letter, dagger +1; cloak of protection +1, 600gp; ostentatious
boots, 200gp).
- In the next room west are Minsc and Dynaheir, if you want them. As you
approach, Minsc will initiate the dialog. Ask him to join, then ask to talk to
Dynaheir. They're a package deal, so you take both or neither.
- Only one chest has anything (2 random treasures).

Three Old Kegs First Floor (BD0106)
- Talk to Captain Corwin. If you killed the nobles and give her the note, she
chides you on your action (-1 reputation).
- When you leave, talk to Robel and let him know the drink is on the way
(300xp, 30gp).

Sorcerous/Elfsong City Exterior (BD0020)
- Corwin directs you to the two location.
- Near where you arrive is Officer Vida. She has detained a refugee who admits
to starting a commotion. Vida ask you to go to the Flaming Fist headquarters
and ask for some reinforcements. Do so.
  - When you return, let her know Jenks' reply (500xp, potion [clarity]).
- North of Officer Vida is Lady Senna, a money lender. If you agreed to help
Teera you will be accosted by a thief named Zelma. Catch her picking your
pocket (she's after Teera's money) and you have to fight her.
- Talk to Senna and give her Teera's payment, then return to Teera and let
her know it's been deposited (250XP).

Elfsong First Floor (BD0109)
- Again Corwin will remain by the door. Garrick is in the northeast corner of
the room. Get close enough and he will start talking to you. He won't join you,
however, trying to win the heart of "Lady" Alyth Elendara.
- Talk to Alyth and she thanks you (potion [agility]). If you have talked to
Garachen, you can buy him supplies for 1000gp, found in a chest on the second
floor to which she gives you the key.
  - Take the supplies to Garachen, and Perren gives you a gift (gem [sphene]).
- Zaviak, in a west booth, is a bit of a hassle to speak to, but do so. Find
out his glasses let him see things. Convince him that he should take them off
and he'll give them to you (Spectacles of Spectacle).
- Irina has a problem, she's out of ruby wine. You can steal some from the
Ducal Palace, enchant some regular wine if a mage or druid is talking to her,
or a dwarf can also offer a substitute (500xp, battle tankard helmet).
- There are three containers, two with something (23gp, potion [healing];

Elfsong Second Floor (BD0110)
- You'll hear Safana telling Coran to get lost from a south room. Move near to
Coran and he'll talk to you, but won't give you the option of joining.
- Move near to Safana and she will start the conversation, and she will gladly
join your quest.
- There are eleven containers here (125gp; 198gp; 56gp; 39gp; 43gp; 10gp; 11gp).

Sorcerous Sundries First Floor (BD0121)
- Talk to Halbazzar Drin and ask if you can be of help. He asks you to retrieve
a case of potion bottles from the second floor, and will give you a key to a
locked cabinet if you agree (cloak of protection +1). Use the outer stairs.
- When you give him the case, let him know about the thieves (50gp) and he
rewards you (750xp, amulet [protection +1]).
- Kazzrem, standing on the inner staircase, also has some nice items for sale,
including a potion and scroll case.

Sorcerous Sundries Second Floor (BD0122)
- The counter closest to the stairs has four doors. The case is in the second
from the right.
- Once you get the bottle case, a drow (200xp, 98gp, knave's robe, bracers
AC7, darts [20 +1], potion [healing]), flind (120xp, random treasure),
hobgoblin (95xp, 5gp, random treasure, arrows [10 fire +2]) and spider (450xp),
teleport in. Confront them, then kill them.
- There are some items on this floor (scrolls [cursed petrification;
protection from cold, protection from electricity], potions [invisibility,
heroism; fire resistance; mirrored eyes, magic shielding]).

Flaming Fist City Exterior (BD0030)
- Safana mentions a cleric, Tiax, Duke Eltan wants you to talk to.
- North of where you arrive are two nobles being confronted by some Flaming
Fist mercenaries. Let them both know they're acting poorly and the
confrontation breaks up (random treasure).
- As you approach the main doors to the headquarters they open and an officer
throws a drunk out. Talk to her.
- Between her and the man on the ground you can learn a few clues about
Caelar and what might be driving her crusade.

Flaming Fist Headquarters (BD0104)
- Move forward into the main hall and talk to Officer Jenks about Officer
Vida's request, and ask that they show leniency. He tells you to let Vida know
the reinforcements will be there soon (1000xp).
- If you have talked to Garachen, talk to Officer Fritz. Unless something is
clearly in question, the Fist can do nothing.

Iron Throne City Exterior (BD0050)
- Captain Corwin tells you to talk to Rasaad inside the building.
- Talk to Byzon. Talk to him a second time. Seems Office Riggs is extorting
refugees. Find and talk to Riggs. A cleric or paladin with high charisma can
convince him to give you the money, or have Captain Corwin with you and she
adds her voice and authority to yours. Talk to Byzon and return the money to
him (300xp).

Iron Throne First Floor (BD0111)
- Rasaad is toward the upper right of this area. He won't join you, but does
tell you he suspects more than the Caelar Argent threat is at work, since
several of Selune's priests have vanished recently.
- Berta, a refugee, has lost her holy symbol of Selune, and accuses Lon of
stealing it. Rasaad will come over and question them both. When Lon knows he's
been found out he turns into a werewolf and attacks (420xp, symbol of Selune).

Iron Throne Basement (BD0117)
- There's nothing here but a couple of locked chests (255gp; 100gp). There's
nothing else here, unless you managed to talk to the doppelganger in the Ducal
Palace basement and released him to gain his treasure (four random items). He
has some interesting things to say, if you don't kill him.

Ducal Palace First Floor (BD0102)
- Once everything is finished in the city, return here and talk to Captain
Corwin. Tell her you're ready to join the expedition. She informs you Imoen is
mostly recovered from the poison, and advises you that the expedition is ready
to leave, but once you start there will be no return to Baldur's Gate.

Ducal Palace Third Floor (BD0103)
- A hooded man talks to you once you arrive in the room with Imoen. He has a
very strong interest in you.
- Talk to Imoen. She doesn't know who the man is, thinking it was someone you
met somewhere. She also informs you she can't go with you. When the
conversation ends you automatically rest.
- Skie awakens you to tell you she's joined the expedition and not to tell her
father. Again you automatically rest when the conversation ends.

Ducal Palace First Floor (BD0102)
- The three Lords of Baldur's Gate are gathered in the main hall. Talk to Entar
Silvershield to get things started. When finished, you can talk to Entar about
his daughter joining the expedition if you wish.
- Note that once you talk to Entar, all areas of Baldur's Gate become
- Exit the Palace to Baldur's Gate.

Ducal Palace Exterior (BD0101)
- Talk to Belegarm, the Quartermaster. He has a lot of things you can purchase,
which you can peruse by catagory (weapons, armor, potions and scrolls, special
items). His special items include one of each container.
- Viconia can be found here. Talk to her if you want her to join you (with a -2
reputation, of course).
- When you're ready to go, talk to Corwin. (Cutscene as the army begins its
march, another cutscene as you pass by the Sorcerous Sundries (BD0112) and a
nobleman confronts you publicly about your Bhaalspawn heritage (7500xp quest).)

CHAPTER EIGHT: Coast Way Crossing
(Narration and cutscene before returning to the game.)
Coast Way Crossing (BD1000)
- Camp: There are several persons around you can talk to, of note are Mizhena
(a healer), Thaird (sleeping quarters), Captain Corwin (who can join you),
Glint (a cleric who can join you), and there's Belegarm, of course. If you
leave the area to the south you will see another area to the west, Coast Way
Forest, which you should do before engaging the Crusade forces at the bridge in
the north of the area.
- Bard: Just east of the camp is Prin, who's singing to a stone Menhir. Talk to
her about the Menhir, and singing to them.
- Around the area you'll find six stone Menhirs. Sing to each to activate them.
Upon activating the sixth, you release a ghostly figure, a bard named Crommus.
He tells you his tale and calls for his love Carline.
- Carline is confused and ready to attack Crommus. Calm her and she
recognized him. Send them on their way in peace (6000xp) and Crommus tells you
where his body is buried (in the east area of the map), giving you everything
  - Return to Prin and let her know what you found out about the Menhirs.
- In the center of the area is a burned out inn. On the west side you will see
a red mage walking south, muttering to himself. You can talk to Edwin (though
he'll join you, Minsc and Dynaheir will leave the party, you can't have both)
or let him go by. You can find him later at the camp.
  - There is a hidden chest in the center of the ruin which has a mirror*.
- On the east side of the inn is a chest that must be forced open with a
- On the north side of the inn you can find Herod, a storekeeper. He informs
you that an elf named Teleria may be responsible for five people who've gone
missing recently. Talk to him a second time to see his store.
- Talk to Teleria east of Herod. Ask what she might know about the missing
persons and she tells you to meet her in a forest clearing to the west.
- West of Herod is Takos, the innkeeper. There are three heirlooms he'd like
returned, a mirror, a cloak and a shield. You have two, the third is in an area
to the east, the Coast Way Forest. Talk to him when you have all three and
return them (3,000xp, dart [+2 biter]). He then leaves to find his wife.
- In the northwest corner of the area are five petrified refugees.
- If you talked to her earlier, Teleria is here with a lesser stone golem.
She's responsible for this and intends to add you to her collection (800xp,
Knave's Robe, Stone Ally, scrolls [6 stone to flesh]).
- Neroha, Qelbelther, Untbril, Manny and Soulla will be thankful for their
release (random treasures). You can find them later at the burned out inn.
- Talk to Herod after rescuing the five missing persons. Take the money
(200gp per person) or turn it down (+1 reputation).
- East of the adventurers is an area with a small arena. Baeloth Barrityl has
set up another Black Pit. Watch for a bit and he talks to you. Tell him you
travelled together for a time and he starts another match in the arena, this
time with a goblin named M'Khiin.
- M'Khiin is more than she appears. She resists Baeloth, so demand he release
her. She can defend herself, and does so be summoning some ghostly defenders to
attack him. He releases her once he's injured.
- If you are harsh in your criticism of Baeloth's entertainment, M'Khiin will
tell you her story. Both can join you, you can leave them here or send them to
the Camp. You get 3,000xp for sending M'Khiin to the camp.
- Travel east to the edge of the area to find a dwarf, Darin Highhammer, with
two zombies attacking him. He tells you he's a guard for a dwarven dig, but
things went bad when they openned a chamber with lots of undead. The entrance
to the dig is right here, so enter it. See The Dig below.
- Crusade Guardpost: Clear the Coast North of the inn, and further up the road,
is the river, a bridge and a Crusader guard post. Wait until everything else in
the chapter is done before going here, since once they see you, you will have a
very tough battle to deal with.
- As soon as they see you, a cut-scene starts. The guards panic and fall back
to the bridge. One calls to another on the other size, who in turn panics and
causes an explosion that destroys the bridge. The Crusaders on your side then
attack you.
- At some point during the battle another cut-scene starts as Caelar appears
on the other side of the bridge to find out what happened. She then calls out
to you to parley. Agree and you can get some insight into her intentions, from
which she cannot be dissuaded. The cut-scene ends when the parley ends.
- When you leave the guard post a Flaming Fist scout will direct you to
Corporal Duncan to find out your next move.
- Returning to the camp, if Corwin is not in your party she will ask what
happened. Duncan will criticize your action, but Corwin will still direct
everyone to prepare to move on to the Boareskyre Bridge. Rest, then leave the
area for the Troll Claw Woods. Hopefully you've already done the Coast Way
Forest, since once you leave you can't come back.

The Dig (BD1100)
- A short way in from the entrance are some dwarves, one of whom threatens you.
Respond as an ally and they ask your help dealing with some undead. Help them
out. After the undead are disposed of, Brother Deepvein talks to you and lets
you know of the situation. He also asks you to send Darin Highhammer back in.
Do so before venturing further into the cavern.
- Go to the northern chamber and find a giant being attacked by several undead.
Defend him and he tells you he's with the dwarves. Let him know they still live
and are near the entrance. He thanks you and leaves to find them (3000xp).
- There are two chests and some vases. One of the chests is locked, and
requires a special key.
  - East is a chamber with some carrion crawlers and minor treasure.
- Go back and down to another passage to the east. Check the barrel and table
for minor treasures. There are some undead, a trap, and a body with minor
- South is another tunnel leading east. No traps, but more undead, and a way
down to the next level. Don't go down just yet.
- Go south to another tunnel east, again with undead. After two traps you find
a chamber with carrion crawlers and umber hulks, and a body with a dwarven
- The level is now cleared, so go down to the next level.

Lich Outpost (BD1200)
- You find yourself in what appears to be the remains of an arcane library. The
passage goes east then turns south and back west. Two bookcases have some
unusual books and a couple of mage scrolls.
- An open doorway leads to a room to the south with a pool and several undead.
Another open doorway leads south into a large chamber with more undead and a
table with a silver scepter*. Beware the east wall. There are openings into the
next room which has several skeletal archers. You can shoot arrows and cast
spells into the room but can't melee the archers.
- There is a hall to the west, with burning skeletons and a fireball trap,
that leads to a summoning chamber which summons various creatures from the
plane of fire every so often.
- A door in the east wall leads to a hallway with two traps. There's a secret
door to the east and a door to the chamber with the skeletons to the south. The
southern door has a special locking mechanism, with the switch to open it
- The secret door in the east wall opens on a crypt full of undead, including a
level draining wraith. One of the tombs has another silver scepter*.
- Back to the hallway, then north and east down another hallway. The bronze
sentry is most vulnerable to blunt weapons, and carries a two handed sword
(troll decapitation +1). There is a door in the north wall, and another in the
south wall a little further on. The hall ends in a chamber with four pillars,
and is guarded by several undead.
- The north door leads to a laboratory filled with more undead. On the floor
are a dwarven clerics robes and a chest key. Further in are more undead near a
throne. A table in the east area has another silver scepter*, and a bookshelf
in the west has a note and a failed phylactery. Examine the throne, then use it
to find a lever to open the mechanically sealed doors.
- Return to the doors you could not pass before. If you didn't destroy the
undead while in the room to the west, you can finish them off now. There is
little here in the way of treasure.
- Return to the pool and use it. Each time you do a scepter is placed in a
holder on it. After placing the third scepter (3,000xp) you can use the pool to
scry on three different people: Imoen (500xp quest), Caelar Argent (500xp
quest) or the Hooded Man (500xp quest). After the first time you must use one
of the Essence of Clarity potions you have come across.
- There is one more door to deal with, the one in the south wall of the eastern
passage. When you try to pick the locked doors you hear a humming from the
pillars to the east. Each pillar has a symbol etched on a brass plate,
symbolizing the four seasons: cracked and fragmented leaf (autumn), a full leaf
(spring), a snowflake (winter) and a sun (summer).
- One of the books you found mentions something about thinking backwards.
Activate the pillars in the order of winter, autumn, summer and spring to open
the doors in the hall. Activate any pillar out of order and five mephits will
appear and attack.
- Before entering the now opened south chamber, go back up to level one and the
locked chest in the northwest corner. Inside are a note and Coldhearth's
journal. Take the journal to Brother Deepvein. With things now clearing up,
agree to deal with Coldhearth and he gives you three items called "The Secret
- With this last bit of work done, return to the now open southern chamber on
level two.
- When you enter the southern room you will find more undead to destroy. Go
south to another door, but watch for a trap in front of it. When you open the
door, you witness Coldhearth become a lich, and the lich who made it possible.
They have a brief talk before the greater lich vanishes.
- When you go forward Coldhearth will notice you and attack. You can't win as
things are right now. You have to destroy his phylactery first. There is a
secret door in the west wall that needs to be unlocked before it can be opened.
- Someone has to go up the hall behind the door to a room with several items
on the wall. One of them holds the phylactery. Take it to the summoning chamber
and use the flame in the center to destroy it (3,000xp).
- With the phylactery destroyed, Coldhearth is now vulnerable. Use the Secret
Revealed on him to make him even more vulnerable to attacks and take him down
(22,000xp, ancient key).
- Return to the first level and talk to Brother Deepvein. Let him know
Coldhearth is dead (scroll [greater restoration], helm of Dumathoin).

Coast Way Forest (BD7000)
- You arrive in the northeast corner of the map to see Skye kill a thief and an
ogre. She claims they were trying to poison the camp's rations, and she managed
to follow them here before getting caught. Send her back to the camp.
- Follow the path southwest to a camp with two adventurers, Irkros and
Isabella. They're hunting a vampire in these woods. At some point in your talk
with them, the vampire appears.
- You can try to get information from Tsolak, but in the end he will attack.
Once defeated he turns to mist and summons several dire wolves. Once they're
dealt with, Isabella tells you to go after him and gives you a stake to finish
him off.
- Follow the path northwest to a cave entrance, watching for traps in front of
it. Enter the cave and find his coffin. Use the stake, then check the coffin
and a nearby chest.
- Return to the encampment and talk to Isabella, letting her know the vampire
is dead (250gp, 9,000xp, shield +2 Suncatcher).
- In the southwest corner of the area are a group of orcs, who have just killed
a couple of refugees and raided their wagon. Take them out (dagger +1 Gemblade).
- In the southwest corner you can find Rasaad. He has some suspicions but can't
talk about them yet. You can have him join you, go to the Flaming Fist
Encampment, or return to Baldur's Gate.
- That takes care of everything here.

Waylaid by Enemies
NOTE: These four events happen randomly as you move between areas and after you
get to the Coast Way Bridge. The "Orcs and Trolls" appears to always be first,
but the rest may happen at any time and in any order between Coast Way Bridge
and before the attack on Dragonspear Castle.

#1: Orcs and Trolls (BD0060)
- Walk to the northeast corner of the area to find orcs fighting some trolls.
Take out the trolls and you have to deal with the orcs. There is a cave
entrance here
- Cave (BD0061) Several more trolls are here, and a dead body (171gp, 2 RANDOM)
with a book on Dragonspear Castle you should take and read. South of the pool
is a cache (winter wolf pelt). The pool is also an entrance to another cave,
though how to get to it I've yet to figure out.
- Cave (BD0062) Yet more trolls and some carrion crawlers and jellies await
you. There's some treasure on a body and a cache.

#2: Dragon and Giants (BD0064)
- When you enter you find two giants attacking a juvenile green dragon. Talk to
either the dragon or the giants, then kill the giants. The dragon then tells
you of a hidden cache of a dwarf in the northwest (Ioun stone, gems [beljuril,
kings tear, diamond], 1000gp).

#3: The Pit (BD0066)
- West of where you enter is a patrol of goblins, who have massacred a group of
- West of the goblins is a gaping pit. Some bombardier beetles are on the west
side. Some ankhegs are in the northwest corner of the area.
- Pit (BD0067): You are confronted by some myconid over a party of dead
adventurers (spells [lower resistance, teleport field, minor spell deflection].
Follow the passage around, through more myconid to another dead adventurer
(elven chain, long sword [+2 spellbreaker]) and a gem [star sapphire] hidden
under a stone.

#4: Dead Magic Pass (BD0063)
- This pass is a dead magic zone. You can't cast spells, but potions and wands
still work. You are confronted by four mercenaries and an assassin (arrows [20
biting, 20 piercing +1, 80 +1], bolts [20 biting, 20 lightning, 80 +1], axe +1,
short sword +2 Vexation, Shadow studded leather +3). Be sure to read the note.

CHAPTER NINE: Boareskyr Bridge
(Narration and cut-scene before returning to the game)
Troll Claw Woods (BD7100)
- Camp: The regular three, Mizhena (a healer), Thaird (sleeping quarters), and
Belegarm are here, as are those that can join you whom you sent to the
encampment: Glint, Corwin, Edwin, M'Khiin, Baeloth and Rasaad. Lieutenant
Otilda mentions some "irregulars" that have joined the expedition, half-orcs
she distrusts and would see gone. Bence Duncan will inform you on the current
situation with the Crusaders and Boarskyre Bridge.
  - When you arrive at the new encampment you get 10,000xp quest.
- Cave (BD7110): North of the camp is a cave guarded by several trolls. Inside
are several more, with two hidden stashes. Make sure to take the tinderbox.
There is a secret door to the right with a spectral troll inside.
- If you have the tinderbox and someone with infravision, they will note an
unlit torch on the wall. Light it and you'll find a body (medium shield +1,
necklace [locket of embracing]) and a chest (spell [enchanted weapon], wand
[fear, 5], gem [2 star sapphire]).
- East of the Camp are three adventurers, the "Irregulars": Kava, Rend and
Farrl. Farrl will tell you to talk to the others, Kava will talk if she gets a
beer from the Crusader camp, and Rend will talk if you can best him in
(non-lethal) combat. Of course they will be fighting lethal. Agree to Kava's
- Further east are a war party of orcs, one of whom carries a mace (+2 Glimmer
of Hope).
- Northwest of the orcs is a group of ogres, including an ogre mage. Its on the
top of a bluff, so you have to go back.
- Northeast of the orcs is a group of bandits. One recognizes you and flees,
with the others following.
- If you follow them to where they disappear, west of there are more trolls.
West of them is a patrol of hobgoblin scouts.
- North of the patrol are a refugee family. Give them 10gp and have them go to
the camp.
- North of the refugees are another group of trolls.
- East of these trolls, at the north end of the road, are a group of Bridgefort
refugees, including Jaheira and Voghiln, both joinable. Jaheira tells you about
a teleport circle east of the fort, but the wardstone needed to use it is
missing. Send them to the camp.
- Exit the area to the north. There are two areas you can go to, Boarskyre
Bridge and Bridgefort, and the Forest of Wyrms.

Forest of Wyrms (BD7200)
- Go east and find a hill giant with three dire wolves. An adventurer's body is
nearby (stalker's gauntlets, composite long bow +1, arrows [20 piercing, 5
- Return to where you started. Slightly south is Coogan. She'll let you know
about the spiders in the area and warn you about entering any caves.
- South of Coogan are four wyverns. Five more are further south. Go west and
you will see several small spiders who retreat into a nearby cave.
- Cave (BD0114): Follow the path up and around to a larger chamber. Just before
entering it look for a place where you can get some spider silk.
- From an eastern passage will come several spiders. The east chamber has
- There is a chamber to the northeast, with more spiders and another place
where you can get spider silk.
- At the entrance to the northern chamber, with more spiders including a
seven-legged spider (spider leg), is another place to get spider silk with
another inside.
- Follow the passage west, then south into another chamber filled with
spiders, and get three spider eggs.
- Once you get the eggs a mixed swarm of beetles appear in the main chamber.
Leave the cave.
- There is a path north on the east side of the cave with several phase spiders
where the path forks. The path north leads to another cave guarded by several
bugbears. Enter the cave.
- Cave (BD7210): A little inside the entrance you will see a sleeping green
dragon. Approach too close and it awakens and attacks, summoning two greater
wyverns to its aid (13,000xp, 2x2,000xp). Near the dragon is a body with a
cloak (sable) and its hoard (3,000gp, gems [3 emerald, 2 diamond, sapphire,
kings tear]). There is a tunnel down in the southeast corner.
- Cave (BD7220): This is a bugbear lair, including a shaman. further east is a
chest (potion [healing], gem [sunstone]).
- Take the passage to the south, then east through another group of bugbears,
with another shaman. A passage south leads to another group of bugbears.
- Follow the path east to another path down, and a cleric of Cyric who just
wants to flee the area. Let him go.
- Cave (BD7230): This is the ruins of a temple of Bhaal. A pit is directly
before you. To the east are three prisoners locked in cells. The one in the
center cell will tell you the cells can only be unlocked with a key held by the
priestess of Cyric. Do *NOT* use the lever on the wall.
- Go around the pit to another cell, this one with a blind priestess of
Bhaal. She can tell you about the kidnapping of some children of Bhaal, and the
fall of the temple to the Cyric priestess.
- Four cultists of Cyric are in a first side chamber, invisible stalkers are
in a second south side chamber.
- The hall west leads to several side chambers. The first on the north holds
four more cultists, the second a cultist who went mad (scrolls [cure serious
wounds, armor, blindness]), with three more [free action, cure serious wounds,
neutralize poison] in a bookcase.
- The hall turns north, with a side room to the east with a chest (), and one
to the west with some cultist guards.
- The chamber to the north has a half-dragon named Ziathar (3,000xp) whom you
must defeat to get the jail and ritual room keys.
- Release the priestess and the Crusade prisoners, then open the door in the
south wall.
- Inside are two cultists, one of whom is killed by a Neothelid causing the
other to flee. This is the guardian of the inner sanctum, has a breath weapon,
casts spells and has a powerful physical attack (20,000xp, gem [king's tear],
necklace [Laeral's Tear]).
- The passage to the south leads to a door into the chamber with Akanna, the
priestess. She (4,000xp, wardstone) is enough of herself to know she is being
manipulated before summoning two aerial servants (9,000xp each) and attacking.
Check the chest in the corner.
- Further down the passage is another chamber with a shelf and two tables
(potions [freedom, genius, strength]; potions [antidote, fire giant strength,
perception]; potions [fiery burning, insight, health]).
- Further west is another chamber with a door in the north wall. Through the
door is an illithid with several human guards. Once defeated, return to the
previous chamber and the wall with six masks in it.
- Remember Sarevok's note found while chasing Korlasz? Press the third, first
and fourth masks to open a secret door. Inside is a Shadow Aspect (6,000xp).
The chest contains a book and a short sword (+3 fractal blade).
  - With this done, return to the camp.

Boareskyr Bridge (BD2000)
- Go east and up to find a squad of hobgoblins. Further north is a squad of
goblins, including warg riders.
- Just north of the goblins is a bridge into Bridgefort (cut loose so it can't
be crossed) and a magic circle. Jaheira mentioned the magical way to get in,
and you gained the wardstone from the priestess Akanna. Don't take this way
just yet.
- Cave (BD2010): Just north of the magic circle is the goblin den. There's a
hidden stash here (circlet of lost souls, ring [jade], 300gp).
- Return to where you entered the area and follow the road north to the Crusade
barricade. Talk to the Crusade Sergeant and ask to see Kharm. Remember the
prisoners you released? One of them told her about you, so you are allowed
inside the barricade (3,000xp quest).
- Enter and go west to a series of cages. Two trolls are in the south cages and
ask to be freed, but you are warned by the half-orc Dorn Il-Khan in the west
cage not to. Find out how he came to be imprisoned and he mentions the Crusade
camp's leader, the Barghest, a powerful fighter. You can leave him, let him
join you, or send him to the Flaming Fist camp (6,000xp for releasing him).
- North of where Dorn was imprisoned is Vichand, a researcher and spellcaster.
You'll need him later.
- North of Vichand is the Boareskyr Bridge, with another barricade and more
- East of the bridge is Hormorn, priest of Caelar and Dorn's intended target.
- South of Hormorn is Kharm. Tell him you're the person who saved his nephew
(250gp). Don't tell him about the wardstone.
- South of Kharm is Delgar Munsch.
- Go north to find the Crusade seige line on Bridgefort. At the north end is a
catapult with Oloneiros. If you talk to him you can have him fight you. Now it
not the time.
- South of Oloneiros is the Barghest. There is a tepid mug of ale in the chest
near him. Take it to Kava.
- Kava tells you she hid some gold in Bridgefort, so she and the other two
are looking to free the place and recover their money. Accept her reason, then
tell Lieutenant Otilda they're no threat (6,000xp).
- Now that you know who and what's where, leave the seige camp and return to
the magic circle to enter Bridgefort (5,000xp quest).
- Bridgefort (BD2100): You are immediately talked to by Khalid, who gives you
the situation inside the fort and asks you to talk to Wynan Hess about the
fort's defenses, and Jegg Hillcarver about the supplies.
- In a cell to the south you can find Neera, even more scrambled than ever.
You can leave her or have her join you. If she joins, then you dismiss her, you
can send her to the Flaming Fist camp, leaving her gem bag with you.
- Nearby are Hoach Randymonk and Jegg. Jegg has a plan for the supplies if
the walls should be breached, and also has arms and armor for sale. She can
fashion your green dragon scales into either a shield or some dragonscale armor
(immunity to poison), and can also do the same for rhino beetle shells.
- Hoach Randymonk is a cobbler who can take the damaged "boot and a half" you
found and fix them for 1500gp and takes a full day.
- Go west to the upper section and talk to Friar Tajik, who has some healing
skills and potions. Junia is behind him and declares she has spent her spells
on healing the wounded here.
- In a room to the east is Wynan Hess, a mage who casts the wards protecting
the fort from catapult damage. While talking to him, another mage fights him
(mystically) and the defenses collapse momentarily, allowing a catapult stone
through and killing three refugees. Follow him up the stairs to the west.
- Hess is in an argument with Raylar. The dialog soon focuses on the catapult
stone in the room, with magic runes that drain the energy of everyone here.
Agree to find the original spellcasters' scroll.
  - Leave the fort by the teleport circle.
- Return to the seige camp and find Vichand. Ask if he has a planetar's
feather, and offer to buy it (500gp), then ask about the spell on the catapult
stone. Threaten him to get the scroll, then you can either kill him or leave
him with or without a threat. No threat and he sounds the alarm, he remains
silent if you do, so threaten away.
- Alternatively, if Vichand is at the meditation ceremony with everyone else,
go to where he normally would be. There's a guard next to a chest you can't get
into while he's here. Surround him so no one else sees and kill him, then check
the chest (planetar feather, scroll ofimpactful doom).
- Return to the teleport circle and enter the fort.
- Bridgefort (BD2100): Go west to Hess and give him the scroll. He casts the
counterspell (3,000xp quest), but releases a dark wraith (2,000xp). Check the
remains of the stone and gather the fragments.
- Go outside through the west exit and talk to Khalid. Tell him you'll get
the Flaming Fist to attack the main gate, and he should attack from the fort's
gate when he hears the sounds of battle. Back to the teleport circle and down
to the main gate.
- Choose where you want to start the battle, inside near the mages or at the
gate using it as a choke point, and station your party. Prepare defensive and
protective spells, including Improved Haste on your fighters if possible,
because it's going to be a tough battle ahead.
- Once the battle starts, it may take a bit but the Flaming Fist will arrive
to help. Once the last Crusade defender falls the gate to the bridge opens. A
Flaming Fist mage appears and tells you the last defenders are planning on
blowing the bridge.
- Quickly prepare and go onto the bridge. Take out the mage first, then her
- With the last of the Crusaders gone, loot the battlefield, then talk to
Khalid. Get him to tell you about his desire to make an anniversary gift for
Jaheira, from spider silk. You should have some, so talk to him again and give
it to him, then tell him he really should make the necklace he intends.
- Enter the fort and talk to Junia. She asks you to place the three dead
refugees on the altar. Do so. Talk to her again, and she'll ask you to tell
Tharantis of his sister's death. Agree. Note the Friar Tajik is not here.
- Tharantis is outside, just outside the main gate. Tell him his sister is
dead, then to honor her memory. He then asks for a chain she wore. Since you
didn't see one, tell him you'll ask Junia about it.
- Return to the fort and tell Junia you told Tharantis about his sister, and
that he wants a chain she wore. The conversation leads to robbing the dead and
a possible suspect, Ymori a Chauntea priest, who may be in the forest east of
the fort. Agree to find him. Use the teleport circle.
- North of the goblin cave you'll find a body. Pick it up and six zombies and a
wight appear. Once dispatched, you'll find Kendra's chain, Herdrin's short
sword +2, a gold ring and Ymori's head. Examine the head for clues. Dynaheir
also has something to say about the head. Return to Junia.
- Talking to Junia, confront her about sending you into an ambush. Push for the
truth and she attacks, summoning three wights. When you kill her, she also
becomes a wight.
- Talk to Tharantis and let him know what happened, and give him his sister's
necklace (3,000xp, +1 reputation).
- If any party members were level-drained, return to the Flaming Fist camp for
healing from Mizhena.
- With everything done, cross the Boareskyr Bridge. As you near the north end
you collapse (movie showing the death of Bhaal on the bridge, cut-scene as you
awaken on a still smoking symbol of Bhaal to talk once again with the hooded
- On the north side of the river is a hidden cache east of a well (1gp, gem
[moonstone]). Drop some gold into the well for Bless on the party (25gp), Heal
on the party (100gp), or put an item in the well. If you put an weapon in the
well, a water elemental appears, asks if you're challenging him, then attacks.
- As you approach the west exit of the map, Kava appears (if you got her some
ale) to thank you (300gp).
- Leave the area.

(Narration and cut-scene before returning to the game)
- Coalition Siege Camp (BD3000): Marshall Nederlok approaches and informs you
of the current state of affairs, including the Flaming Fist contingent's
attitude toward you after the Boareskyr Bridge event. Glint is also roaming
around the camp entrance.
- Helvdar, by the main gate, has lost a lucky charm. Since it's part of the
symbol of his patron god, he'd like some new boots, made of bear skin given to
Belegarm. A bear was seen in Dead Man's Pass.
- Go down the east road. Waizahb, a merchant on the east, sells some
interesting items, as well as fences stolen items. He'd also like you to
"acquire" certain items, five to be precise. A ring (2,000xp, 250gp), battle
standard (2,000xp, 500gp), holy symbol (2,000xp, ioun stone [pearly white]),
token of faith (2,000xp, 1,000gp) and a map (2,000xp, spear [+2 shadowed]), all
found in the Crusade areas. Let him know you got everything he wanted and he
gives you a little extra something (potions [storm giant strength, magic
shielding, power]).
- At the south end of this road is where the Flaming Fist contingent is based,
including any joinable NPC's you sent to the camp. The healer Mizhena is also
- There is nothing down the center road, but down the west side is Belegarm,
and Thaird if you need to rest. Just west and south of him are some Daggerford
troops being trained by Vigilant Halasan. Ask if she will have them ready in
time, then suggest you take over while she attends to some of his other duties.
- Talk to each of the six individually and have them attack one of the other
recruits. After a bit you can help them improve their combat skills. Garrold,
if Dynaheir is in the party, can give her opinion, which is he should study the
magic arts instead of combat. Viconia can help Hester gain better composure for
combat if she's allowed to speak.
- Talk to Vigilant Halasan again and she inspects the group. If you did well,
she rewards you (6,000xp, Commander's Chain Mail +3).
- Simonetta Twoedge is just south and east. A retired Waterdavian guard, she's
helping with the combat stratagies. She'll also suggest you talk to the various
soldiers to learn what they're fighting for. Return to her when you're done.
You need to talk to Belegarm, Halasan and Dosia (amulet [medal of valor],
6,000xp). Dosia won't answer you until you find the cure she needs.
- Just south and west of Simonetta is Jegg, in case you need something special
made, like armor for M'Khiin or from some of the other items you might find.
- Dosia is a healer south of Simonetta, and is currently dealing with an
outbreak of something. Ask to examine the infected person. Talk to them all.
- Xerra is burning with fever, but Viconia can make a salve to help bring it
down. Yestimell is feverish and agitated (let Minsc have his say) and will
attack. Zidrand is in the middle of everyone and her symptoms are more advanced.
- Return to Dosia and tell her what you've learned. You can try talking to a
rat (with Minsc) but you'll be interrupted by a wererat. Talk to the rat again
and learn of a tree mold that cures the rats. Viconia knows of a bark needed
for a salve. Either way Dosia asks you to find some and return to her.
- Hyreth, an Ilmaterian zealot, is sick. Convince him that healing isn't wrong,
and heal him, either with a healing potion or healing spell. He then regrets
his action and leaves you some items (gems [tchazar, kings tear], wand [magic
missiles, x], potions [health, 3 healing]).
- Talk to Marshal Nederlok to get the counsel started. You are to find the
secret entrance beneath Dragonspear Castle and get information, or kill,
Hephernnan and Caelar. Talk to Phossey Dugdeep, a dwarf near the camp entrance,
for an item that should help in the caverns beneath Dragonspear. When the
counsel ends, your map is updated showing Dead Man's Pass, Bloodbark Grove and
Underground River. You can go to the first two, the third can only be reached
through the first two.
- Find Phossey west of the main gate, but you'll have to wait until Torsin De
Lancie arrives. He wants you to take a barrel from the Boareskyr Bridge into
the tunnels under the castle to create an opening in the walls above. After he
sends Phossey away he also asks you to poison the water supply to the castle.
- If you refuse he'll tell you the poison is non-lethal. The moral high road
is to still refuse, or you can step into the grey areas and agree to plant it.
If you refuse he leaves you in a bad mood.
- At some point after arriving in camp, Safana mentions she "found" a book
(among other things) with compromising notes, as in spy. Get all the
information from her you can.
- Belegarm can identify the bottle as belonging to Helvdar. He says he lost
it to someone named Col.
- Mizhena wants to know how you got the candle. Try not to get in a fight
with her. Also ask her about how to get a cleric of the Red Knight to give up
his holy symbol. Her answer: beat him in a game of Coroniir, and she provides
her board.
- Halasan suggests you talk to Warden Twoedge regarding the page. After a bit
of debate, she tells you she lent the book it came from to one Malden Col.
- Malden Col can be found west of the tent near Belegarm. He confesses when
confronted and is arrested.
- Inform Marshal Nederlok of the spy. You can decline his gift (+1
reputation, 6,000xp) or acccept it (6,000xp, short bow [+2 fleshripper]).
- General Stonehand has issues with Torsin DeLancie, but also has a problem
with the start of a thieves guild in the camp.
- Talk to Waizahb and set up a meeting with the guild representative. Go to
the northern portion of the camp.
- Talk to Rhynwis. You can get her and the guild to help the coalition
against the Crusade, disband the guild or kill them. The first choice is best.
- Talk to General Stonehand again, informing him of the agreement, then
accept the 300gp offered (+1 reputation, 6,000xp).
- Near the gate is a gnome named Wilhelmina trying to get in. Buy a potion of
turnip extract from her and let her into the camp. Also you'll find Duncan,
agitated since Skie has taken off again in the direction of Dragonspear.

Bloodbark Grove (BD7400)
- Go south to find Lord Dushwick. Seems he's in need of help. Tell him you
can't help since you've business with Caelar Argent and he tells Chalmers to
give you a beating. Chalmers choses discretion and abandons Dushwick, dropping
all he has (gems [jasper, sunstone], necklace [pearl]). Frustrated, Dushwick
- Go east and you will pass four patches of beladonna. Beyond them is Onoroth,
who has a small store.
- Go to the east edge of the area and up to some beetles, a shambling mound,
and several dead bodies (wand [fear, 10], spell [conjure lesser earth
elemental], amulet [clasp of Helm]).
- Just west of here is the tree you need for the cure. You're also attacked by
several wolves, including two vampiric wolves.
- Further west is a basilisk (basilisk's claw), and a circle of stones guarded
by assorted skeletons.
- Behind Onoroth is a ruined house with a door in the floor. Read the book by
the woman's body. A low moaning comes from the well nearby.
- Basement (BD7410): There is a wolf to be dealt with. A box has a potion
[cursed speed] and arrows [20 +1]. The switch on the wall opens a secret door.
- Inside the hidden room are several dread wolves and a fledgeling vampire.
Watch for traps. Check the two chests (war hammer [+3 Sundermaul], small shield
+2, scroll [confusion]; gems [rogue stone, ziose, linx eye], 1,000gp).
- Return to the camp and give Dosia the cure (6,000xp, +2 reputation,
morningstar [+2 Martyr's]). Talk to Neera and give her the Planetar feather,
turnip juice and belladonna (6,000xp). Now rest before moving on to Dead Man's

Dead Man's Pass (BD7300)
- Move up the road a bit, then wait a few moments. Three refugees will appear
behind you, being chased by three wolves. Save them (112gp, +1 reputation).
- If you go east you'll find several displacer beasts, with a pack lord. Be
careful since these creatures are hard to hit.
- Further east are a gnoll and kobold named Gnaler and Kambolder. Talk to them
for a short and light hearted break.
- Still further east are some hill giants and a path up a hill. The path takes
you past some spiders to a bridge guarded by a patrol of hobgoblins. More
spiders are to the southwest, but across the bridge is a lean-to and a dead
body (spells [stinking cloud, sunfire], wand [paralyzation, 3]).
- Return to where you fought the hill giants. Just north of them is a tree with
a hole (coronetto [forest queen's benediction]). If you go west from the tree
you'll find Nuber (strange family that). Wait him out (1,000xp).
- Return to where you entered the area and follow the east edge up. Some ettins
and dire wolves are on the road. Further north are several ogres and half ogres.
- You'll soon hit the north edge, so follow it east to two shambling mounds and
a hamadryad (amulet [heart of the mountain]). Further east are some beetles,
then some worgs and orogs on the road east.
- Exit the area by the east road to get to the Underground River entrance.
- Follow the east edge south through more beetles and a hidden cellar.
- Cellar (BD7310): There are several undead hiding here (amulet [whispers],
spells [minor spell deflection, conjure lesser fire elemental]; spider silk;
spell [identify]).
- Go back west from here. Ephrik is on the road looking for the Crusade, but
when he realized who you are, he decides to leave the area. Further west you'll
find a cave bear (fine bearskin).
- Further south are several hill giants. Nearby is a path northwest leading to
a cave guarded by spiders.
- Cave (BD1010): The cave goes around to a cavern, through more spiders to a
chest. The chest is actually a killer mimic, and it summons several ocre
jellies and a neo-otyugh (longbow [+2 banshee], arrows [10 +3, 10 anti-magic
+1, 3 dispelling]).
- Back to the road, go south through more beetles and orogs. North of the orogs
is a crossroad and Horst and Stalia, who run a small store.
- If you exit the area by the road west of the merchant couple, you can get to
Dragonspear Castle. Now is not the time, so go to the camp instead. Have
Belegarm make boots for Helvdar, though it will take a day to do. Take this
time to visit Dragonspear Castle and rescue Skye once more. Then rest twice,
get the boots from Belegarm and give them to Helvdar.

Underground River Exterior (BD5000)
- Go west along the south edge, dealing with some greater wyverns, then north
along the west edge through some orc raiders to a couple of adventurers, Jamven
and Chorster, trapped in some vines.
- Talk to Jamven until he asks you to free them. To release them, attack one
of them. The first damaging strike breaks the vines on both.
- Now talk to them to learn they were part of a druid circle that's become
corrupt, the leader trying to mutate nature, beginning with the tree near them.
They have a seed that can reverse the corruption but need you to deliver it to
the tree's roots. Agree to help them.
- Return to where you entered the area. Slightly northwest is an ambush with
some goblin raiders. You don't have to fight them, in fact you can talk them
out of it (2,500xp, and another 2,000xp).
- Go east from where you entered the area. You'll have to go north to a dying
myconid. Once close enough you can talk to it, though you can't communicate
with it, and it soon dies. There is a hidden stash just east of it. More
myconids with an elder arrive. Try to talk your way out of combat (6,000xp) but
they soon attack (bloom sac).
- Go northeast when the path forks, until the path turns west and you encounter
some ankhegs and a dead adventurer (potions [invulnerability, 2 extra
healing]). The path ends at a baracade.
- Return to the fork and go west to an ogre camp where a debate is taking
place, about who will lead. They notice you and you have the chance to ask some
questions about how the current situation came about.
- You can fight for control of the ogres, but you have to take out the two
strongest ogres, and only one party member can fight. Anyone else joins in,
they all attack.
- After defeating the two ogres, talk to the ogre mage Murs. She can tell you
about the cavern layout, and you can ask their help in defeating the Crusade
forces when needed. Murs does ask you to free her husband and any other ogre
- Just south of the ogre camp is a path west. This leads to a Crusade guard
post, which includes a cyclops. Once these guards are dealt with, open the
gates and deal with another group.
- Just north of the second group are a warrior and a mage, Rigah and Julann,
Rashemi on a quest. Minsc and Dynaheir will have something to say with them.
They are considering joining the Crusade, but unless you find proof of the
Crusade's corruption, they won't leave. A crate nearby has a dagger +1.
- Enter the caverns.

Underground River (BD5100)
** NOTE: At some point a global will be set, though I'm not sure just what the
trigger is. The result is this: When you return to the Coalition camp you'll be
informed all the commanders have gone to Dead Man's Pass to parley with Caelar.
Though you are told you should go there immediately, you can continue with the
remaining areas of the Underground River and Dragonspear Castle. Do this before
going to the parley.  **
** NOTE: Under no circumstances tell anyone your name while in the areas of the
underground river. **
- There are several workers, Crusaders and mercenaries scattered about the
entrance cavern, and you can walk by them without combat. Do so and go west,
then around south and east to a door and Ferrusk, who gives you warning not to
go into the next large cavern, then retreats behind the door. Open the door and
follow him.
- Behind him is a tree and a container to place the acorn the druids above
gave you. Talk to Ferrusk after depositing the seed. He isn't with the Crusade,
but has an alliance with Hephernaan. Explain the Crusade and Caelar's intent to
open a portal to the lower planes. Learning this he turns against Hephernaan,
and will give you an amulet (abnormally awesome ankheg summoning) if you ask
for their help dealing with Caelar.
- West of Ferrusk are two dark treants, a corrupted hamadryad and a gargantuan
- Further west are more dark treants with a corrupted nymph and a gargantuan
spider near some ruins.
- Follow the path west and down to a couple of drow, Kaelet and Umar, who want
to know the way to the surface. Take out the ankheg about to attack them. Keep
things peacable and they'll leave in peace.
- The path curves back east. Near some mushrooms are four slime poisoned
Crusaders, one of whom mentions someone who scraped some lichen off the cavern
walls, and who might be able to cure them.
- Talk to Ferrusk. He has the cure, but will cost 2,000gp, then he decides
he'll only trade it for a myconid bloom sac, which you should have.
- Return to the Crusaders. Talk to one of them, he takes a sip and recovers
(don't let him know you aren't part of the Crusade), then helps the others. The
last one turns into a mustard jelly. Once it's killed, the last Crusader tells
you to talk to Ladle at the supply depot and mention you saved him, then he
gives you a seal of Caelar before leaving.
- Return to the ruins, and as you approach a spectral figure of a dragon
appears. Halatathlaer guards the entrance to Kanaglym, but if questioned
reveals she is bound here.
- When you try to pass her, she congratulates you on your courage, doing only
what she was commanded. She *cannot* tell you who commands her, but you can
find out and free her.
  - Don't enter Kanaglym yet, but rather continue on investigating this area.
- Go east and north, through some myconids. When you come to the river, you
will again be questioned by the hooded man. Your response to Torsin De Lancie
and the poison is mentioned here. As usual he speaks crytically about you and
Caelar, suggesting you may find a secret about her she doesn't even know
herself, and about the real threat you face before vanishing.
- The southern area of the caverns are finished, so return to the entrance.
- Leave and talk to the two druids about the tree, be nice and don't ask for
anything (12,000xp, +1 reputation, club [+1/+3 heart of the problem]). They
then leave.
- Return to the caverns at talk to Ladle. Tell him the commotion outside was
mercenaries, then about helping the poisoned Crusaders (potions [stone giant
strength, speed, absorption]).
- Go north and cross the bridge, then up some stairs to a door. Inside are
Gurgle and Floss, two sahuagin who will let you pass if you tell them a story.
Use your own (wand [water elemental summoning]), then tell them you might tell
them another when you return from the path behind them. There are two crates
against the north wall (potion [2 extra healing]; gem [sphene]). Go through the
door to the west.
- Follow the river west until you meet a red myconid and a gnome named
Bellowgulp Bluefingers (if you've been through the Black Pits, you know them).
He and the Concocter sell potions, including some of extra healing.
- A little south you'll encounter a Crusader patrol, south of which are some
steps down, and west of them is a door. Go down the steps and east to a cave.
- Cave (BD5110) - There are several undead here, wraiths, shadows and a greater
shadow (cloak [strange beast]). Beyond them you'll encounter some spectral
adventurers, Woris and Litla and three others. Calm them, then hear their story.
- They fell in a previous battle at Dragonspear Castle, and have become lost
in these caverns. They ask your help by taking their remains, and if you find a
way to the Fugue plane to place them there (ring [flame dance], gem
[bloodstone], arrows [40 +2, 20 piercing], throwing dagger +1). Get the bone
(ettin bone club +1) from the ettin's corpse and return to the main cavern.
- Cave (BD0113) - South of the cave is a glowing purple crack in the wall.
Dynaheir and Minsc will comment on a strange feeling they get. A moment later a
secret door is revealed. Enter and deal with the four blind albino wyrmlings,
then search for a hidden cache (journal of Ithtaerus, shadow gem). Return to
the main cavern.
- Return north. Open the door you saw earlier and you'll see some Crusaders in
combat with some drow and driders. They stop and begin to parley.
- If Viconia is in the party one of the drow recognized her. The drow party
is looking for two of their young ones, tell them you met them and they're
headed to the surface and the party immediately leaves to find them.
- After they leave, talk to Therli and she thanks you for saving their lives
(gargoyle cloak) before they leave.
- Return to the cavern and go west, past a mage summoning water elementals. If
you kill him (mage robe of cold resistance, dagger [+2 Elements Fury]), the
elementals will be freed and a neried will show up to give you a gift
(purification stone). Try to do this without any patrols about or you'll have
to deal with them as well.
- North of the mage is a camp with three Crusaders and a story to be told.
- Go south and cross the stones in the river. You'll be confronted with a ghost
ettin. Given a chance he'll talk to you. Convince him he's dead, ask why he
remains here, then agree to find his club.
- Once he has it he'll want to "scare scrawny humans," but remind him he got
it to cross over. He leaves, leaving his loincloth behind (3,000xp, cloak of
the strange beast).
- If you're using the stone dowser, you'll learn this is where you're to
place the barrel of bwoosh.
- Return north and past the camp to a door guarded by three more Crusaders,
guards for the door behind them. Turin Brassbreaker will ask your business.
*DON'T* reveal your name, but show them Caelar's crest and tell them revealing
your business to them will not be doing them a favor. They'll let you pass. Go
through the doors to the Warrens.

Kanaglym (BD5300)
- There is a trap near where you enter the area. Ignore the doors. They can't
be openned. To the west is a wall and rubble blocking your way east is a group
of undead and another trap before reaching the wall where there's a hidden
stash (spells [conjure lesser air elemental, minor spell turning]). This leaves
only south.
- Across the bridge you'll see two dark mages preparing to sacrifice some
beggers. However to the east are four more dark mages led by Kherriun, who will
attack if you interfer with the sacrifices. This is a very difficult battle
with enemies on two fronts.
- During the battle Halatathlaer appears, forced to fight but does so weakly.
Ignore her until the mages are dead. Focus on Kherriun (5,000xp, necklace
[amulet of protection +1], robe [evil archmagi], ring [wizardry], potion [2
extra healing], spells [animate dead, chaos, greater malison], wand [fire,
5/5], staff mace +2, darts [40 asp's nest +1]) who holds the ghost jar that
controls her. It will be broken in the fight and she will be freed.
- Talk to her. If you read the journal from the cave with the blind albino
wyrmlings, you can tell her what happened to here eggs. Ask who the mages were,
who they worked for and if Caelar might be aware of what happened here. Before
she leaves she asks you to deliver a message to her old friend Daeros
- Check the bodies (bracers AC 8, potion [2 healing], wand [frost, 2], dart
[20 wounding]; robe [fire resistance], bullets [20 electricity +1], wand
[paralyzation, 2], potion [2 extra healing]; robe [cold resistance], bullets
[20 +1], potion [healing], wand [paralyazation, 2], dagger +1; robe [fire
resistance], potion [2 healing], wand [fear, 1], dart [20 stunning]; robe [fire
resistance], bullets [20 sunstone +1], wand [frost, 2], sling +1; robe
[adventurer's], bracers AC 7, potions [healing, 2 explosion], darts [20
stunning]). Also check the chest (gem [bloodstone], Hephernaan's ritual notes).
- Approach the chasm in the floor and click on it to note it's a portal to the
Fugue Plane. Click on it again and throw the remains of the five spectral
adventurers in. They all appear and Woris thanks you before they all disappear
- Now talk to Julanne and Rigah just outside the cavern. Show her Hephernaan's
notes to convince her not to join the Crusade (6,000xp, two handed sword +3
dragon's blade).
- Go to Dragonspear Castle.

The Warrens (BD5200)
- To the west are some archers and recruits shooting at targets, to the east
are three ogres in cages. Pass by the ogres for now. Go up the east stairs.
- In the center of this area is a lift up to Dragonspear Castle's basement,
clearly designed to be worked by ogres.
- Go up the east stairs and talk to Crusader Priest Polvi, both for his story
and for healing if you need it.
- Go back down and up the west stairs, and up the next stairs. Talk to Rhonda
and learn she's a slave. Tell her you've cleared the way for her to escape and
she leaves (gloves [nimblefinger]).
- Now return to the ogres and talk to Slug in the middle cage. Tell him you
helped Murs and he'll ask to be released. Once released he'll tell you where
their treasure pile is, then they leave.
- Return to the caverns and Bellowgulp Bluefingers. Near them is the ogre's
hidden stash (flail [+2 Hydra], potions [fire giant strength, heroism,
- Return to the ogre camp and talk to Slug for his thanks (6,000xp, ring
[fire resistance]). You can also talk to Kaelet and Umar here.
- From here return to the Coalition Camp. Get the boots from Belegarm and
take them to Helvdir (6,000xp, potions [fire giant strength, defense]).
  - Return and enter Kanaglym.

Dragonspear Basement (BD4300)
- Move off the lift into the hall and you'll be confronted by a Crusader who
won't be bluffed, and inevitably he summons more to kill you. Cross the hall to
another room with supplies of water (if you plan on poisoning the Crusaders)
and a chest (potions [fortitude, absorption, freedom]).
- East of the lift room is another storeroom with grains and other supplies,
and a little troll named Bjarn Littleclub. He's harmless and hungry, so let him
be. Check the two chests (troll pen key; bolts [40 +3, 40 lightning, 40 ice
+1]) and shelves (book [the nine hells]; potions [5 extra healing, 5 health, 3
- Open the gate in the bars that cross the hall and go into the room in the
north wall. The great doors in this room Dynaheir senses as having great evil
beyond. In the room to the west is Hephernaan and two other mages talking to a
- Interrupt them and be prepared for a fight. Hephernaan escapes before being
killed, the two other mages don't (robe [adventurer's], wand [paralyzation, 4],
potion [extra healing], staff +1, darts [20 wounding]; robe [traveler's], wand
[frost, 4], potion [extra healing], staff +1). Of course this battle makes all
others on this level hostile, including the two stone golems guarding the way
up into Dragonspear Castle. Check the two chests (spells [spell immunity, lower
resistance, spell shield; book [magical entrapments], crown of lies, robe of
- Note: The first time I did this level I had not gone to the Dragonspear
Castle exterior. The second time I had and the mages weren't there. I suspect
it was because I was informed the parley at Dead Man's Pass was in progress.
- Across the room is a curtained alcove with a ghost, Daeros Dragonspear.
Talk to him about Hephernaan's plans, his attempt to use Caelar's blood to open
the portal, if your blood could, how he came to be bound, and how to free him.
Now free Daeros, and he tells you where you can find a special item (18,000xp).
- The symbol in the main hall now has a loose stone (Daeros's Full Plate +1).
- Outside Hephernaan's chambers you'll find more Crusaders and two stone
golems. Across the hall is another room with a chest (bullets [40 +3, 40 +2, 40
ice +1]).
- Another gate bars your way, so return to the Coalition Camp. Though you can
get through the Warrens without incident, in the underground river caverns
you'll be revealed and the alarm will be raised.
- Be prepared for heavy fighting to the exit. This also means you can clear
out the supply depot (potion [fire breath]; potion [strength]; gem [turquoise],
necklace [zios studded]), then return to the Warrens and clear them out.
- Make sure the Barrel of Bwoosh is placed, then head to Dragonspear Castle.

Dragonspear Castle (BD4000)
- ** Note: Under no circumstances tell anyone your name while in the castle. **
- Go to the right until you find Skie and several Crusade mercenaries. A fight
is inevitable when you interfer with her capture, so take them out. Talk to
her, find out what she's learned about the castle, then tell her the
information may be important and send her back to camp.
- Back to where you entered the area, then follow the road to the entrance to
the castle grounds. When asked if friend or foe, tell them you have the seal of
Caelar Argent and they let you pass.
- North of the entrance you see two Crusaders arguing, and their commander
calling for silence. Talk to Leopas and ask if you can be of help. He gladly
lets you investigate, telling you to talk to Ravoc, Delton and Damarr, the
colleagues of Valis and Corinth.
- Ravoc isn't very bright and doesn't think Corinth has the guts to betray
the Crusade.
- Delton tells you Corinth had family in Innisfall, but would never betray
the Crusade. Check the chest near him (scrolls [protection from fire,
protection from poison]).
- Damarr believes it's possible Corinth could have warned the people of
Innisfall of the Crusade's approach, but doesn't believe it warrants his death
since no one died. He also knows Valis hates Corinth, but whether enough to lie
to see him dead...?
- Valis knows about Corinth's family living in Innisfall, and saw him
stealing into town just before the Crusade arrived.
- Corinth can be coaxed to admit he warned Innisfall of the Crusade's
approach to protect his family.
- When you tell Leopas you've finished your investigation, he calls everyone
back. State the truth, that the evidence points to Corinth's guilt, but isn't
compelling enough to justify a man's death. Any other answer will result in his
death, either by his patrol or Valis in single combat.
- Talk to Corinth again. He realizes you saved his life, but wonders if it's
worth it. Tell him to make it worth something, and he states he'll abandon the
Crusade the first chance he gets and rewards you (longbow [Corinth's +2], +1
reputation). He then leaves, as does Valis.
- Go north, searching the rubble to the west (potion [extra healing], stone
- Continue north through the barricade, still searching the rubble (gem [star
sapphire]; necklace [pearl]). You also see two recruits, Kjarvan and Qing,
praying to a stone. Talk to them.
- It's a symbol of Tempus dragged from the ruins, and they're trying to get
his blessing with no result. Ask what you can do and they mention the two
pieces missing from the symbol might make it work. They suggest searching the
western rubble and talking to Morale Officer Deneld. They also suggest the
shards be blessed by a priest of Tempus.
- Once you have the two shards, take them to Mizhena in the Coalition camp,
then place them in the Symbol of Tempus.
- When Tempus speaks, say you are humbled before him, that your side will
definitely prevail, and ask to be tested.
- A Sentry of Tempus appears and must be defeated (6,000xp, shield [+2
bloodied guardian]; 5,000xp).
- Talk to the prone Sallo. He can't be awakened, though the two Crusaders near
him, Nan and Pedro, are trying.
- Seems he's supposed to take some wine and the morning reports to Commander
Dreon. Offer to do it and Pedro gives you an empty wineskin. Use the barrels
nearby to fill it. He also suggests wearing a new Crusade uniform, found in a
crate to the south. Check the nearby chest also (flail +1, troll shackles). Put
the Crusader uniform on.
- Down along the south wall you'll find Morale Officer Deneld, who will give
you the morning reports if asked. There's a chest to the south (gems [andar,
- Deliver the wine and reports to Commander Dreon, a little south and east of
Nan and Pedro. You'll have the option to ask for his ring to mark his reports,
or you can pickpocket it (for Waizahb). In the chest west of Dreon is a battle
standard you can take (for Waizahb).
- Talk to Nan and she rewards you (potions [health, absorption], 6,000xp).
Check the barrel southeast of Dreon (potions [3 extra healing, health,
- Tristan, north of Leopas, is a cleric of the Red Knight. Challenge him to a
game of Coroniir with his holy symbol (for Waizahb) as the prize. You have
Mizhena's game board, just don't loose it.
- There is a gate near the catapult. Inside you will find several veterans,
including two troll wranglers and a troll. Don't talk to Sindret if Viconia or
Baeloth are with you, she's a drow hunter and won't give any useful information.
- The last item in the camp is the table north of Deneld. It has a map,
annotated by Caelar, but if you try to take it (for Waizabh) the cleric near it
sounds the alarm and attacks.
- Once the alarm sounds and the fighting starts, you have to take the cleric
out to get the map from the table. It's a long and hard fight, with lots of
Crusaders and mercenaries, and they keep respawning.
- Wands of Fire and Necklaces of Missiles come in handy here. Stay long
enough to get at least one token of faith (for Waizabh) then head to the gate.
Other items you might gain are mostly healing potions and +1 weapons and armor,
except for one Ring of the Crusade, which you will need later.
- Most of the guards can be greatly weakened with fireballs (from wand or
necklace), but there are two stone golems and a mage that are harder to take
out. Once outside you'll also have to deal with Crusader scouts until you leave
the area. The scouts are dangerous since their attacks are equal to a thief's
- Head back to the Coalition camp.
- Coalition Camp: Once you reach the camp, a guard tells you the commanders
have gone to Dead Man's Pass to parley with Caelar. No rest for the weary. On
to Dead Man's Pass. But first...
  - You should have all the items Waizahb wants, so give them to him.
  - Also return Mizhena's game board.
- Rest and recover before going back to the underground cave if you haven't
already cleared them. This time be ready to fight every Crusader here on your
way to the Dragonspear Basement. One of the ogres in the Warrens has a pair of
Gloves of Gripping, which will allow you to work the elevator without them if
you need to.
- Dead Man's Pass: The parley is about you. Caelar will surrender all her army
if they hand you over. She intends you no harm. Do not accept. At some point it
comes out the attack in Baldur's Gate was to get your blood on a sword. If you
saw the enclave in the Dragonspear Basement you know why. When the parley
breaks up you find yourself at the southern edge of the pass (5,000xp quest).
Get back to the Coalition camp.

Seige Camp Under Seige (BD3000)
- The camp has been attacked, and the dead are everywhere and any NPCs you sent
to the camp are near the north entrance. Bence Duncan tells you to go to the
south edge of the camp and talk to Andrus.
- South of the fire pit is where you find Andrus. Between she and Garrus you
get the lay of the situation. You must protect Andrus and Garrus from Crusade
forces, and you can call on additional forces if the battle gets too intense.
If you did well in the caves of Coast Way Crossing, you also have an additional
group of dwarves, led by Brother Deepvein.
- You will take one group with you into each battle, but each group can be
used but once. Garrus leads archers, Auziel leads assassins, Mordaus leads war
mages, Stysich leads wizard slayers and Brother Deepvein the dwarves.
- At this point you will find all three roads north are blocked. Only your
party and the support squads you've been given will be available. But it also
means your enemies will be cornered.
- When Andrus finishes talking to you Dosia arrives with her healing abilities
at your disposal. Her special healing is very costly to her, so use it only in
extreme circumstances.
- Shortly after this Andrus informs you that a group of Crusaders, with trolls
in the lead, have breached the west path. You have your choice of squads to
help. I chose the archers with fire arrows.
- Return to Andrus, and heal as needed. Your next battle is with mages, up the
center road. I chose Stysich and his wizard slayers for this battle.
- Again return to Andrus and heal up if you need to. The next battle has
Crusader footsoldiers breaking through the east road. This battle I had Brother
Deepvein assist.
- Again return to Andrus. After a bit she tells you the center lane is clear
and you should attack the remaining Crusade forces and drive them back. Go to
the north end of the center lane and confront the last of the Crusaders in the
camp. Any unused squads will automatically follow you.
- After this Marshal Nederlok will arrive and inform you the Crusade advance
has been turned into a retreat, back to Dragonspear Castle, and once you get
what you need from the camp to go there immediately.
- Once Nederlok leaves, Ophyllis appears. Again, he had your money but lost it
to a Crusader. Before he dies he gives you his short sword +2.
- If you search the camp you'll find *everyone* is gone, so you may as well
rest and head on to Dragonspear Castle (20,000xp quest).

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Dragonspear Assualt
(Narration and cutscene before returning to game)
Dragonspear Castle (BD4000)
- After a cutscene of a failing assault on the gate, Torsin De Lancie asks if
you accomplished the tasks in the Underground River. If you planted the barrel
of bwoosh, he gives a command word and the gates explode, he casts haste on the
forces nearest him, and the charge into the castle begins.
- Inside the gates is a tough battle. Work toward the inner gates, then go up
instead of through them. Adras Ashatiel appears with several others and
commands her forces to stand down. She challenges you to single combat with no
help or the battle continues. Win and the Crusaders will surrender. She's a
skilled fighter/mage (5,000xp, adventurer's robe, golden girdle, cloak +1,
bracers AC5, ring [free action], small shield +2, potions [2 extra healing],
wand [frost, 5], mace +2).
- Now go to the inner gates and Caelar appears on the wall, once more stating
her intent. Nothing you say will stop her from opening the door in the basement
and leading an assault on Avernus. She then teleports away. A cutscene then
starts as Phossey Dugdeep approaches the inner doors and blows them open.
Anyone nearby takes damage.
- Enter the inner keep. You can talk to De Lancie if you want, though it's
unnecessary. He can tell you the Flaming Fist, led by Duncan, have entered the
castle to hunt down Caelar, that the Underground River is warded so she can't
escape that way, and the only way into the castle appears to be through the
- It's just as easy to go south and east to steps leading up to the roof.
Another set of steps take you to a room near the entrance to the castle. Dosia
is here if you need healing. Enter the castle.

Dragonspear Castle First Floor (BD4100)
- Go west to find Belegarm. Continue west to a small round room with two chests
(potions [5 extra healing, 2 storm giant strength, 2 clarity; arrows [40 +3, 40
ice, 40 acid +1]).
- Return east to a doorway south into a long chamber running east-west. There's
another doorway in the south wall to the west, even though you can see the
stairs down to the basement to the east.
- This is another long chamber running east-west with several book shelves
(spells [enchanted weapon, protection from fire, resist fear; protection from
fire, protection from poison, chaotic commands, free action).
- Another small round room to the west has a crate and chest (potions [5 fire
resistance, magic protection, magic shielding; 50,000gp, 18,476gp, note from
Ophyllis). Ignore the table to the east (scroll [cursed foolishness]).
- Go through the eastern doorway in the north wall and down the steps.

Dragonspear Castle Basement (BD4300)
- Move forward and open the now unlocked gate, then go north to the room with
the portal doors. There Bence Duncan waits with two mercenaries and a mage.
Caelar passed through the doors, and the mage detects a strange magical aura
behind them.
- If asked, the mage senses alteration and illusion magic tinged with evil.
The only other options are to take the lead entering the doors, have Duncan
lead, or take time to prepare before entering.
- Once you enter the doors, Caelar confronts you. She's ready to finish
things with you, but Hephernaan appears, casts a spell that immobilizes
everyone, including Caelar. Hephernaan strikes you for one point of damage,
then opens a portal to the Nine Hells intending on releasing another flood of
devils on the realms. He goes through the portal.
- Caelar, now realizing she was used and the danger facing the realms, takes
the crusaders with her through the portal.
  - Follow her (20,000xp quest).

(Narration before game continues)
Avernus (BD4400)
- Move north and across a stone arch to see Darnus, a Crusader Sargeant and a
Crusader Elite being attacked by abishai, lemures, imps and hellcats, and led
by Illaruel. Rescue them, then talk to Darnus and find out where Caelar went.
Get Illaruel's scroll and read it. There are references to two persons for
those unfamiliar with Icewind Dale and Shadows of Amn.
- Spectacles note: You'll see the spectral figure of Idyletia, a deva, so
don't bring her here. You'll gain nothing but an unnecessary battle.
- Go east and up some stairs to the entrance to the tower Darnus refered to.

Abysal Tower Bridge (BD4500)
- Finish climbing the stairs and deal with a force of abishai, imps and lemures.
- Continue across the bridge and you find Caelar and three of her closest men
finishing off more lemures. One of them confronts her about what she's doing
and the madness that seems to have taken her. She gives them the choice to
follow her or not, then tells you your part is done. No matter what you say she
states she took an oath long ago and must fulfill it before entering the tower,
followed by her men.
- Follow them, but before you can enter a gate opens and an abishai named Thrix
appears. He must keep all but Caelar from entering until his master has
finished with her, so he summons a mixed force of hell dwellers. Take them out
and talk to Thrix again.
- He is to bar all but Caelar from entering, unless... Agree to take out his
master and he vanishes, but not before summoning more hell dwellers.
- You can also wager one of the lives of your party for a chance at help in
the form of an item. The answer to his riddle is "murder" and the prize you
should take is the sword (long sword +3 tongue of acid). You need the +3 weapon
more than a helmet, and the staff is cursed. Thrix then opens the door and
vanishes without summoning more minions.
- Enter the tower.

Basalt Tower (BD4600)
- Move forward until you see a lift. Step onto it and activate the switch on
the other side to rise up the tower.
- Spectacles note: The spectral figure is a demon named Xhost. If you bring
him, make sure only one party member is visible to him since he immediately
becomes hostile. If you stay out of his reach long enough he asks for a truce.
You'll find he's unexpectedly happy to be here and will gift you a sword if you
end the conversation peacably (long sword +5 gift of the demon). It's powerful,
but requires a remove curse to remove it, and will strike five times before
becoming a simple +1 weapon.
- Lift (BD4601): As the lift rises enemies will appear on the platform. Take
them out quickly before others appear. This happens three times before reaching
the upper level. Have everyone drink a potion of clarity once the third attack
is defeated, otherwise you're likely to lose party members when the next battle
- Upper Level (BD4700): When the lift stops, you see Caelar and her remaining
allies in battle with more hell minions with Hephernaan and Belhifet. When the
battle's over, Caelar is stunned at your feet and only Hephernaan and Belhifet
- Your best bet is to have Caelar join you in your fight with Hephernaan and
Belhifet. Caelar will target Hephernaan first, even after he changes into his
true form. Belhifet is another problem, since he can only be hit with +3
weapons or better (and you have few of these) and has high magic resistance. He
can also gate in an erinyes or abashai, has other magics at his disposal, and
can teleport away burning anyone near him.
- Focus your attacks on Belhifet. Once Belhifet (45,000xp) is defeated, any
remaining hell spawn teleport away. Caelar then releases her uncle from one of
Belhifet's cages. They have a dialog which you can add your voice to, and learn
about what happened to Caelar to start her crusade. Once the Argent's finish
talking, you'll be teleported back to the portal to Dragonspear Castle. Caelar
stays behind to seal the portal.

Dragonspear Basement (BD4300)
- Talk to Darnas and get the key to the vault door. Open the door and you'll be
confronted by Torsin De Lancie. When he asks about Caelar, introduce him to Aun
Argent. De Lancie tells you to talk to Sargeant Dazzo when you're ready to
rest. Dazzo can be found on the steps up to Dragonspear Castle. Export (and
remove from the party) any non-game NPCs, then save before resting since things
are going to move very quickly once you do...
- Everyone is asleep but you. You walk into the center long hall in the castle
to see Skie and the Hooded Man. The Hooded Man changes Skie into an Unknowable
Horror, leaves and seals the room. The Unknowable Horror attacks you, and you
*must* kill it. It is also at this point any NPC's you created that are still
in your party will die.
- When the Unknowable Horror dies (and it dies easily), it reverts to Skie's
body and you pass out.
- Bence Duncan enters the room as you wake up. No matter what you say you
will be accused of Skie's murder. All your party members then leave (thus the
reason for any player created NPCs in-party being killed). Note that how you
answer the question of your guilt from here on will impact the events that

CHAPTER 13: Endgame
(Dialog and cutscene before returning to the game)
Flaming Fist City Exterior (BD0030)
- Cutscene: You are marched past the Sorcerous Sundries to the Flaming Fist
Compound where Belt hold a brief public trial.
- Bence Duncan recounts the events at Boareskyr Bridge and the mark of Bhaal.
Belt gives you a chance to defend yourself but in the end you'll have to wait
the Counsel's decision.
- At this time Entar Silvershield arrives. It seems Skie was killed by a
dagger and she can't be raised. When Entar leaves you have a chance to ask Belt
about the dagger and Skie's soul. Her soul is within the Soultaker dagger
(remember Durlag's Tower and the cult in Ulgoth's Beard?).
- You are then taken into the Flaming Fist Compound and placed in a cell,
your items all taken. (End cutscene)

Flaming Fist Headquarters (BD0104)
- While waiting, Corwin arrives and asks you to admit your guilt to save the
city further heartbreak.
- After Corwin leaves, Viconia (or your romantic interest) visits you. The
visit ends with a good-bye.
- Your next visitor is the Hooded Man. Now the truth gets revealed. After a
brief talk you pass out and have a dream.
- Here is where your previous answers impact the murder scene. If you kept
claiming your innocense the Hooded Man murders Skie, but if you admitted your
guilt you murdered her. He then leaves with a dire warning.
- You automatically rest. Depending on your answers to Corwin, it'll go one of
two ways.
- You're awakened by a thief sent by Imoen to break you out. He informs you
most of your gear is on the table in the main hall. Follow him and get your
gear. Then follow him to the basement where he opens a secret door to a section
of sewer. *Or..*
- Duke Belt appears and releases you on the idea you leave the city quietly,
lest a civil war breaks out. Your gear is on the table in the main hall, and a
guard will escort you into the basement and into the sewers.

Abandoned Sewers and Caverns (BD6000)
- If the thieves released you, you start in the sewers. The green slimes and
carrion crawlers are easily dealt with. At the first intersection go up and
around to a body (potions [extra healing, defense], rusty key). Go south as far
as you can, then east a short bit to a sewer with running water in it. Any
other side passage and you'll encounter Flaming Fist guards. Follow the flow
south to a drop off. Corwin and several guards appear behind you, so move south
and take the jump.
  - At the base of the drain is a pool. Move south then west to the exit.
- If Belt released you, you start at a locked gate in the cavern. The guard has
some words to say, including a regretted thanks.
  - Follow the steps down and west to the exit.

Sewers Exit (BD6200)
- You exit into a forest area where Imoen awaits. She leads you south to where
Jaheira, Khalid, Dynaheir and Minsc are waiting. After exchanging some
pleasantries if Belt released you (and some not so pleasant if the thieves did)
the party moves off.

The Ambush (BD6100)
- In another forest area Imoen asks to take a rest, as does Khalid. A mist
enshrouds the group and figures come from the trees... (to be continued in
Shadows of Amn).

Store prices listed are for a lawful good character with an 18 charisma, and a
reputation of 20. Higher charisma will lower the prices, lower charisma or
reputation will increase them.

Flaming Fist Healer, Korlasz Tomb (BD0120) (bdff1000.sto)
Cure Light Wounds	50
Cure Serious Wounds	100
Cure Critical Wounds	200
Slow Poison		150
Cure Disease		200
Raise Dead		1000
Lesser Restoration	400
Dispel Magic		200
Remove Curse		500
Healing (30)            61
Extra Healing (10)      369
Antidote (30)           82
Elixir of Health (20)   205
Clarity (5)             574
Freedom (5)             205
Mind Focusing (5)       410
Hill Giant Strength (5) 246
Perception (5)          287
Persuasiveness (5)      287
Greater Restoration (5) 615
Raise Dead (5)          410
Free Action (5)         328
Chaotic Commands (5)    410
Protection from
  Evil,10' Rad (5)      328
  Fire (5)              615
  Cold (5)              615
  Electricity (5)       615
  Acid (5)              615
  Poison (5)            615

Nantrin Bellowglyn, Katheera (Three Old Kegs) (BD0106)
Mead                    6
Evermead                30
Winter Wine             3
Berduskan Dark Wine     8

Halbazzer Drin, Sorcerous Sundries (BD0121) (bdsorcsc.sto)
5 Dart +1 (100)             32
5 Dart of Stunning (100)    410
5 Dart of Wounding (100)    205
5 Arrow +1 (300)            41
5 Acid Arrow +1 (80)        205
5 Arrow of Biting (80)      205
5 Arrow of Detonation (5)   1230
5 Arrow of Dispelling (5)   1230
5 Arrow of Fire +2 (100)    102
5 Arrow of Ice (200)        123
5 Arrow of Piercing +1 (50) 205
5 Arrow +2 (500)            73
5 Bolt +1 (200)             41
5 Bolt of Lightning (200)   123
5 Bolt of Biting (100)      307
5 Bolt +2 (100)             61
5 Bullet +1 (300)           32
5 Bullet +2 (300)           61
Fire Resistance (5)         328
Hill Giant Strength (3)     246
Frost Giant Strength (2)    615
Fire Giant Strength (1)     820
Healing (30)                61
Heroism (5)                 656
Invisibility (5)            205
Invulnerability (2)         984
Fiery Burning (5)           410
Speed (3)                   410
Elixir of Health (20)       205
Absorption (2)              492
Agility (3)                 246
Antidote (30)               82
Clarity (2)                 574
Cold Resistance (3)         205
Defense (3)                 574
Explosions (5)              369
Fire Breath (5)             205
Fortitude (2)               410
Genius (5)                  246
Persuasiveness (5)          287
Infravision (3)             82
Insulation (3)              139
Magic Protection (1)        820
Magic Shielding (1)         1025
Master Thievery (5)         328
Mind Focusing (5)           410
Mirrored Eyes (2)           328
Perception (5)              287
Regeneration (2)            410
Insight (3)                 246
Strength (3)                287
Freedom (5)                 205
Stone Form (5)              410
Protection from Fire (5)    615
   from Cold (5)            615
   from Electricity (5)     615
   from Acid (5)            615
   from Poison (5)          615
Agannazar's Scorcher (6)    164
Ghoul Touch (6)             164
Clairvoyance (6)            246
Dispel Magic (6)            246
Flame Arrow (6)             246
Hold Person (6)             246
Monster Summoning I (6)     246
Non-Detection (6)           246
Slow (6)                    246
Skull Trap (6)              246
Vampiric Touch (6)          246
Ghost Armor (6)             246
Melf's Minute Meteors (6)   246
Hold Undead (6)             246
Protection from Cold (6)    246
Grease (6)                  82
Armor (6)                   82
Burning Hands (6)           82
Charm Person (6)            82
Color Spray (6)             82
Blindness (6)               82
Friends (6)                 82
Protection from
   Petrification (6)        82
Identify (6)                82
Infravision (6)             82
Magic Missile (6)           82
Protection from Evil (6)    82
Shield (6)                  82
Shocking Grasp (6)          82
Sleep (6)                   82
Chill Touch (6)             82
Chromatic Orb (6)           82
Larloch's Minor Drain (6)   82
Blur (6)                    164
Detect Evil (6)             164
Detect Invisibility (6)     164
Horror (6)                  164
Invisibility (6)            164
Knock (6)                   164
Know Alignment (6)          164
Luck (6)                    164
Resist Fear (6)             164
Melf's Acid Arrow (6)       164
Mirror Image (6)            164
Stinking Cloud (6)          164
Strength (6)                164
Web (6)                     164
Ray of Enfeeblement (6)     164
Power Word, Sleep (6)       164
Fireball (6)                738
Haste (6)                   738
Lightning Bolt (6)          738
Protection from Normal
   Missiles (6)             738
Dire Charm (6)              246
Minor Globe of
   Invulnerability (3)      984
Monster Summoning II (3)    984
Polymorph Self (3)          328
Teleport Field (3)          164
Farsight (3)                246
Secret Word (3)             410
Contagion (3)               410
Remove Curse (3)            328
Otiluke's Resilient
   Sphere (3)               328
Spirit Armor (3)            328
Animate Dead (2)            410
Cloudkill (3)               410
Cone of Cold (3)            410
Monster Summoning III (2)   410
Shadow Door (2)             410
Domination (2)              410
Magic Missiles [10] (1)     410
Fire [20/20] (1)            7216
Frost [20] (1)              2460
Lightning [20] (1)          3280
Sleep [20] (1)              1230
Monster Summoning [20] (1)  4100
The Heavens [20] (1)        2460

Kazzrem, Sorcerous Sundries (BD0121) (bdkazzre.sto)
Scroll Case (1)                     164
Potion Case (1)                     164
Gauntlets of Weapon Skill (2)       3280
Bracers of Defense AC6 (3)          3280
Bracers of Defense AC5 (1)          4305
Bracers of Perseverance (1)         5535
Sidestep Slippers (1)               3690
Peacock Cap (1)                     3895
Flute of the Immaculate Breeze (1)  2460
Ring of Protection +1 (1)           2460
Amulet of Protection +1 (1)         2460
Cloak of Protection +1 (1)          2460
Mage Robe of Cold Resistance (1)    246
   of Fire Resistance (1)           246
   of Electrical Resistance (1)     246
Knave's Robe (1)                    492
Traveler's Robe (1)                 492
Adventurer's Robe (1)               492

Bartender (Elfsong Tavern) (BD0109)
Golden Sands Brews      2
Suz-ale                 2
Old One Eye Beer        1
Saerloonian Topaz Wine  2
Tanagyr's Stout Ale     2

Belegarm, Expedition Quartermaster
Weapons (bdbelega.sto)
Club (5)                  1
Club +1 (3)               816
War Hammer (5)            1
War Hammer +1 (3)         1020
Mace (5)                  5
Mace +1 (2)               1020
Flail (5)                 10
Flail +1 (13)             1360
Morning Star (5)          6
Morning Star +1 (3)       1224
Spear (5)                 1
Spear +1 (3)              680
Quarterstaff (5)          1
Quarterstaff +1 (3)       340
Halberd (5)               6
Halberd +1 (3)            1360
Dagger (5)                1
Dagger +1 (3)             204
Short Sword (5)           6
Short Sword +1 (3)        544
Long Sword (5)            10
Long Sword +1 (3)         850
Bastard Sword (5)         17
Bastard Sword +1 (3)      1700
Two Handed Sword (5)      34
Two Handed Sword +1 (3)   1020
Battle Axe (5)            3
Battle Axe +1 (3)         1020
Scimitar (3)              37
Scimitar +1 (2)           884
Katana (2)                340
Katana +1 (1)             680
Short Bow (5)             20
Short Bow +1 (3)          102
Long Bow (5)              51
Long Bow +1 (3)           1088
Composite Long Bow (5)    68
Composite Long Bow +1 (3) 1700
80 Arrow                  1
80 Arrow +1               544
80 Acid Arrow +1 (20)     2720
80 Arrow of Fire +2 (20)  1360
80 Arrow of Ice (20)      1632
80 Arrow of
   Piercing +1 (20)       2720
80 Arrow +2 (20)          979
Light Crossbow (5)        23
Light Crossbow +1 (3)     1700
Heavy Crossbow (5)        34
Heavy Crossbow +1 (3)     2040
80 Bolt                   1
80 Bolt +1                544
80 Bolt of Lightning (20) 1632
80 Bolt of Fire +1 (20)   1632
80 Bolt of Ice +1 (20)    1632
80 Bolt +2 (20)           816
Sling (5)                 1
Sling +1 (3)              68
80 Bullet                 1
80 Bullet +1              435
80 Bullet of Fire +1 (20) 544
80 Bullet of Ice +1 (20)  544
80 Bullet of
   Electricity +1 (20)    544
80 Bullet +2 (20)         816
10 Throwing Axe           6
10 Throwing Axe +1        102
5 Throwing Dagger         3
5 Throwing Dagger +1      51
80 Dart                   1
80 Dart +1                435
80 Dart of Fire +1 (20)   435
80 Dart of Ice +1 (20)    435
80 Dart of Acid +1 (20)   435

Armor (bdbeleg2.sto)
Leather Armor (6)             3
Leather Armor +1 (3)          680
Studded Leather Armor (6)     13
Studded Leather Armor +1 (3)  1020
Hide Armor (6)                4
Chain Mail (5)                51
Chain Mail +1 (3)             1088
Splint Mail (5)               54
Splint Mail +1 (3)            1360
Plate Mail (5)                408
Plate Mail +1 (3)             3400
Full Plate Armor (1)          4080
Buckler (5)                   1
Buckler +1 (3)                170
Buckler of the Fist +2 (1)    1700
Small Shield (5)              2
Small Shield +1 (3)           680
Medium Shield (5)             4
Medium Shield +1 (3)          1020
Large Shield (5)              6
Large Shield +1 (3)           1360
Helmet, Plumed (6)            3
Helmet, Winged (6)            3
Helmet, Plumed w/ Horns (6)   3
Helmet, Winged w/ Plume (6)   3

Scrolls and Potions (includes wands) (bdbeleg3.sto)
Magic Missiles [50] (1)       1700
Fire [50/50] (1)              14960
Frost [50] (1)                5100
Lightning [50] (1)            6800
The Heavens [50] (1)          5100
Sleep [50] (1)                2550
Monster Summoning [50] (1)    8500
Healing                       51
Extra Healing (15)            306
Antidote                      68
Elixir of Health (30)         170
Regeneration (5)              340
Strength (5)                  238
Agility (5)                   204
Fortitude (5)                 340
Genius (5)                    204
Insight (5)                   204
Persuasiveness (5)            238
Mind Focusing (5)             340
Hill Giant Strength (5)       205
Stone Giant Strength (4)      340
Frost Giant Strength (3)      510
Fire Giant Strength (2)       680
Cloud Giant Strength (1)      850
Storm Giant Strength (1)      1020
Heroism (5)                   544
Speed (5)                     340
Power (5)                     1156
Cold Resistance (5)           170
Insulation (5)                115
Fire Resistance (5)           272
Mirrored Eyes (5)             272
Defense (5)                   476
Invulnerability (5)           816
Stone Form (5)                340
Absorption (5)                408
Infravision (5)               68
Perception (5)                238
Master Thievery (5)           272
Invisibility (10)             170
Clarity (5)                   476
Freedom (5)                   170
Fiery Burning (5)             340
Fire Breath (10)              170
Explosions (10)               306
Protection from Fire (5)      510
   from Cold (5)              510
   from Electricity (5)       510
   from Acid (5)              510
   from Poison (5)            510
   from Petrification (5)     408
Restoration (5)               510
Armor (6)                     68
Blindness (6)                 68
Burning Hands (6)             68
Charm Person (6)              68
Chill Touch (6)               68
Chromatic Orb (6)             68
Color Spray (6)               68
Grease (6)                    68
Find Familiar (6)             68
Friends (6)                   68
Identify (6)                  68
Infravision (6)               68
Larloch's Minor Drain (6)     68
Magic Missile (6)             68
Protection from Evil (6)      68
Protection from
   Petrification (6)          68
Reflected Image (6)           68
Shield (6)                    68
Shocking Grasp (6)            68
Sleep (6)                     68
Spook (6)                     68
Aganazar's Scorcher (6)       136
Blur (6)                      136
Deafness (6)                  204
Detect Evil (6)               136
Detect Invisibility (6)       136
Ghoul Touch (6)               136
Glitterdust (6)               204
Horror (6)                    136
Invisibility (6)              136
Knock (6)                     136
Know Alignment (6)            136
Luck (6)                      136
Melf's Acid Arrow (6)         136
Mirror Image (6)              136
Power Word, Sleep (6)         136
Ray of Enfeeblement (6)       136
Resist Fear (6)               136
Stinking Cloud (6)            136
Strength (6)                  136
Vocalize (6)                  136
Web (6)                       136
Clairvoyance (6)              204
Detect Illusion (6)           204
Dire Charm (6)                204
Dispel Magic (6)              204
Fireball (6)                  612
Flame Arrow (6)               204
Ghost Armor (6)               204
Haste (6)                     612
Hold Person (6)               204
Hold Undead (6)               204
Invisibility, 10' Radius (6)  204
Lightning Bolt (6)            612
Melf's Minute Meteors (6)     204
Monster Summoning I (6)       204
Non-Detection (6)             204
Protection from Cold (6)      204
Protection from Fire (6)      204
Protection from Normal
   Missiles (6)               612
Skull Trap (6)                204
Slow (6)                      204
Spell Thrust (6)              204
Vampiric Touch (6)            204
Remove Curse (6)              272
Contagion (6)                 340
Emotion (6)                   272
Farsight (6)                  204
Fireshield (blue) (6)         340
Fireshield (red) (6)          340
Ice Storm (6)                 340
Improved Invisibility (6)     816
Minor Globe of
   Invulnerability (6)        816
Minor Sequencer (6)           340
Monster Summoning II (6)      816
Otiluke's Resilient
   Sphere (6)                 272
Polymorph Other (6)           272
Polymorph Self (6)            272
Secret Word (6)               340
Spider Spawn (6)              340
Spirit Armor (6)              272
Stoneskin (6)                 340
Wizard Eye (6)                340
Animate Dead (6)              340
Breach (6)                    680
Cone of Cold (6)              340
Domination (6)                340
Feeblemind (6)                340
Hold Monster (6)              340
Monster Summoning III (6)     340
Oracle (6)                    680
Phantom Blade (6)             680
Protection from Acid (6)      680
Protection from
   Electricity (6)            340
Shadow Door (6)               340
Greater Restoration (5)       510
Raise Dead (10)               340
Stone to Flesh (10)           102
Cure Serious Wounds (10)      272
Neutralize Poison (10)        272
Cure Critical Wounds (10)     340
Free Action (10)              272
Protection from Evil,
   10' Radius (10)            272
Defensive Harmony (10)        270
Champion's Strength (10)      340
Protection from
   Lightning (10)             272
Chaotic Commands (10)         340
Flame Strike (10)             340

Spceial Magic Items (bdbeleg4.sto)
Mage Robe
   of Fire Resistance (1)        204
   of Cold Resistance (1)        204
   of Electrical Resistance (1)  204
Traveler's Robe (1)              408
Adventurer's Robe (1)            408
Knave's Robe (1)                 408
Cloak of Protection +1 (1)       2040
Bracers of Defense AC8 (4)       2040
Bracers of Defense AC7 (3)       2380
Bracers of Defense AC6 (2)       2720
Amulet of Protection +1 (1)      2040
Ring of Protection +1 (1)        2040
Gem Bag (1)                      136
Scroll Case (1)                  136
Ammo Belt (1)                    136
Potion Case (1)                  136
Bag of Holding (1)               6800

Mizhenn, Healing, Encampment
Cure Light Wounds         25
Dispel Magic              200
Remove Curse              500
Cure Medium Wounds        50
Cure Disease              300
Cure Serious Wounds       75
Neutralize Poison         300
Lesser Restoration        750
Cure Critical Wounds      100
Raise Dead                1000

Thaird, Sleeping Quarters, Encampment
Peasant        1
Merchant       3

Herod, Burned Out Inn, Coast Way Crossing
Short Sword +1 (1)             656
Club +1 (1)                    984
Mosela's Cudgel (Club +2) (1)  4920
Short Bow +1 (1)               1230
Savage Short Bow +2 (1)        4510
Light Crossbow +1 (1)          2050
40 Dart +1 (5)                 262
40 Dart of Ice +1 (2)          262
Ring of Infravision (1)        615
Ring of Lock Picks (1)         2460
Traveler's Robe (1)            492
Healing (20)                   61
Antidote (10)                  82
Agility (2)                    246
Strength (2)                   287
Fortitude (2)                  410
Persuasiveness (2)             287
Stone Form (2)                 410

Jegg (Bridgefort, Coalition Siege Camp)
Battle Axe +1 (6)              1185
Battle Axe +2 (1)              2370
Battle Axe +2, Rhyte's
   Last Arrow (1)              4740
Flail +1 (6)                   1580
Flail +2 (1)                   2370
Halberd +1 (10)                1580
Halberd +2 (1)                 2765
Morning Star +1 (6)            1422
Morning Star +2 (1)            1975
Mace +1 (6)                    1185
Mace +2 (1)                    1975
War Hammer +1 (6)              1185
War Hammer +2 (1)              2370
Chain Mail +1 (6)              1264
Chain Mail +2 (1)              3950
Scale Mail +1 (6)              1580
Stalwart Scales +2 (1)         4345
Plate Mail (6)                 474
Plate Mail +1 (3)              3950
Full Plate Armor (1)           4740
Full Plate Armor +1 (1)        6320
Buckler +1 (6)                 197
Buckler +2, Steadfast (1)      2765
Small Shield +1 (6)            790
Small Shield +2 (1)            1975
Medium Shield +1 (6)           1185
Medium Shield +2 (1)           1975
Large Shield +1 (6)            1580
Large Shield +2 (1)            2765
Helmet, Horned (6)             1
Helmet, Winged (6)             3
Helmet, Horned and Plumed (6)  3
Helmet, Winged and Plumed(6)   3
Helmet, Horned (6)             3
Helmet, Large Winged (6)       3

Friar Tajik (Bridgefort)
Cure Light Wounds      50
Dispel Magic           200
Remove Curse           500
Cure Serious Wounds    100
Slow Poison            150
Raise Dead             1000
Healing (20)           61
Elixir of Health (5)   205
Antidote (5)           82
Strength (5)           287

Onoroth (Blood Bark Grove)
Healing                 61
Extra Healing (10)      369
Antidote                82
Elixir of Health (20)   205
Clarity (5)             574
Fire Resistance (5)     328
Cold Resistance (5)     205
Absorption (5)          492
Protection from
   Fire (5)             615
   Cold (5)             615
   electricity (5)      615
   Acid (5)             615
   Poison (5)           615
Greater Restoration (5) 615
Cure Serious Wounds (5) 328
Neutralize Poison (5)   328
Free Action (5)         328
Leather (6)             4
Studded Leather (6)     16
Hide (6)                5
Hide +1 (1)             1435
Ankheg Plate (1)        6970

Horst (Dead Man's Pass)
Gold Ring (1)         32
Jade Ring (1)         65
Bloodstone Ring (1)   49
Gold Necklace (1)     49
Pearl Necklace (1)    820
Chrysoberyl (1)       57
Pearl (1)             164
Healing (6)           61
Antidote (1)          41
Insulation (1)        139
Speed (1)             123
Stone Form (1)        410

Bellowgulp Bluefingers (Underground River)
Healing                    59
Extra Healing (20)         355
Antidote                   79
Elixir of Health (30)      197
Heroism (10)               632
Speed (10)                 395
Hill Giant Strength (5)    237
Stone Giant Strength (4)   395
Frost Giant Strength (3)   592
Fire Giant Strength (2)    790
Cloud Giant Strength (1)   987
Genius (10)                237
Mind Focusing (10)         395
Persuasiveness (10)        276
Insight (10)               237
Defense (10)               553
Invisibility (10)          197
Freedom (10)               197
Clarity (5)                553
Fire Resistance (10)       316
Cold Resistance (10)       197
Absorption (15)            474
Invulnerability (5)        948
Magic Protection (1)       790
Magic Shielding (1)        987
Power (1)                  1343

Priest Polvi (The Warrens)
Cure Light Wounds         25
Dispel Magic              200
Remove Curse              500
Cure Medium Wounds        50
Cure Disease              300
Cure Serious Wounds       75
Neutralize Poison         300
Lesser Restoration        750
Cure Critical Wounds      100
Raise Dead                1200
Sling (3)                 1
Sling +1 (1)              106
40 Bullet (5)             1
40 Bullet +1 (5)          339
40 Bullet +2 (5)          636
40 Sunstone Bullet +1 (5) 339
40 Bullet of Fire +1 (5)  424
40 Bullet of Ice +1 (5)   424
40 Bullet
   of Electricity +1 (5)  424
War Hammer (3)            2
War Hammer +1 (1)         1590
Staff Mace +2 (1)         3074
Boots of Grounding (1)    954
Girdle of Bluntness (1)   1590
Bracers AC 7 (1)          3710
Protection from Fire (5)  795
   from Cold (5)          795
   from Electricity (5)   795
   from Acid (5)          795
   from Poison (5)        795
Greater Restoration (5)   795
Chaotic Commands (5)      530
Raise Dead (5)            530
Neutralize Poison (5)     424
Cure Critical Wounds (5)  530
Healing                   79
Extra Healing (5)         477
Antidote                  106
Elixir of Health (20)     265
Fire Resistance (5)       424
Heroism (5)               848
Speed (5)                 530
Power (3)                 1802
Absorption (5)            636
Clarity (5)               742
Freedom (5)               265


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