Do I have to play the first game in order to understand the story?

  1. I've try to play dos when it first came out but didn't like the story. I like the combat though and heard that dos 2 improve the combat even more so I'm willing to give it a try but afraid that I won't understand the plot if I haven't play the first game.

    Also in case the story is connected, where should I go for a quick catch up of the main plotline?

    User Info: Areishia

    Areishia - 1 year ago

Accepted Answer

  1. No prior knowledge of Divinity: Original Sin is required to enjoy Divinity: Original Sin II. ~^_^~

    If you're keen on reading, the game explains much of the Divinity franchise's history in books and dialogue and only really elaborates on past details if they are relevant. There are a few re-occurring characters and themes from the first game, but the game doesn't expect players to remember them.

    D:OS2 actually takes place 1,200 years in the future after D:OS and chronologically occurs shortly after the events of the original main series's first entry, Divine Divinity and before the events of Divinity II, as such, it has a more relevant story to those games that sandwich it. A player interested in experiencing both D:OS2's past and future first-hand should be sure to check out those games, although given Divine Divinity was released way back in 2002, it might be more convenient to just catch a glimpse at the series timeline summary. It appears GameFAQS doesn't allow posting direct links in Answers, although you should be able to find what you are looking for via searching for "Divinity" and "Timeline". ^_~

    (NOTE: Since Divinity II occurs in the future, it may contain spoilers for D:OS2)

    User Info: TheSocialBunny

    TheSocialBunny - 1 year ago 0   0

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