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Full Game Guides

  1. Guide and Walkthrough (PS4) by Bkstunt_31 HTML *Official GameFAQs Guide*
    *FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2019*
    v.1.00 | 2019 | 429KB
  2. Guide and Walkthrough (PS4) by chris-williams HTML *FAQ of the Month Winner: November 2019* v.1.01 | 4 months ago | 557KB

In-Depth Guides

  1. File Transcripts (PS4) by Reala HTML 8 months ago | 47KB
  2. S-Rank Guide (PS4) by chris-williams HTML v.1.01 | 9 months ago | 474KB
  3. Speed Run Guide (PS4) by Pappers04 HTML 2019 | 18KB

Foreign Language Guides

  1. Guide and Walkthrough (PS4) (Portuguese) by ALCAM HTML *Highest Rated* v.Final | 1970 ago | 451KB

Maps and Charts

  1. 4th Survivor / Tofu Survivor by Reala Interactive 2019
  2. Ghost Survivors - Runaway by Reala Interactive 2019
  3. Lab - Escape Route by Reala Interactive 2019
  4. Lab - NEST by Reala Interactive 2019
  5. Orphanage (Claire) by Reala Interactive 2019
  6. Raccoon Police Department by Reala Interactive 2019
  7. Sewer Entrance (Leon) by Reala Interactive 8 months ago
  8. Sewers by Reala Interactive *Highest Rated* 2019

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