• Knife Glitch

    Knife's damage is determined by your Framerate Per Seconds. If you have 120 FPS, your knife can do more damage. You can literally defeat Birkin in your first encounter within 20 seconds with a knife

    Contributed By: itakwilsimanalo.

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  • Ghost Survivor Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Cat Ears Accessory (unlimited ammo)Complete “No Way Out” using 60 handgun bullets or less.

    Contributed By: Zimmer777.

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  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    ATM-4 Rocket Launcher (infinite ammo)Complete either Leon run on Hardcore with S+ Rank (S rank time, max 3 manual saves, no infinite ammo guns, can use infinite Combat Knife)
    Claire's Second RunComplete Leon's Story on any difficulty or complete Leon's Second Run
    Fourth Survivor ModeComplete either Leon or Claire's Second Run
    LE-5 Submachine Gun (infinite ammo)Complete the game on Hardcore with S Rank (under 2:30)
    Leon's Second RunComplete Claire's Story on any difficulty or beat on Claire's Second Run
    Minigun (infinite ammo)Complete either Claire run on Hardcore with S+ Rank (S rank time, max 3 manual saves, no infinite ammo guns, can use infinite Combat Knife)
    Samurai Edge Handgun (infinite ammo)Complete the game on Standard with S Rank (under 3:30)
    Tofu ModeComplete Fourth Survivor Mode
    Unbreakable Combat KnifeDestroy all 15 Mr. Raccoons

    Contributed By: Warhawk and DBM11085.

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Secret Items

  • Mr. Raccoon Bobblehead Locations

    Bobblehead statues of Raccoon City's mascot Mr. Raccoon are hidden throughout the game across both campaigns, destroy all 15 to unlock the Complete Vermin Extermination Achievement and an unbreakable Combat Knife. Here is a list of locations were they can be found. (Note: Listen for the distinct sound of it moving.)

    Mr. Raccoon #01RPD 1F - West Office. Atop a shelf against the wall, on a blue/white cardboard box.
    Mr. Raccoon #02RPD 1F - Break Room. At the foot of the bunk bed behind a duffle bag. (Leon Only)
    Mr. Raccoon #03RPD 2F - S.T.A.R.S. Office. Behind a monitor on a desk beside a cork board in the right-hand corner.
    Mr. Raccoon #04RPD B1 - Parking Garage. Sitting on the floor inside the Firing Range in the southwest corner below a silhouette target.
    Mr. Raccoon #05RPD 2F - Outside Chief Iron's Office. On a cart beside the foot of the stairs in the hallway.
    Mr. Raccoon #06RPD 3F - East Storage Room. On the left at the entrance to the room behind a locked (Heart) door, on the middle row of a shelf. (Claire Only)
    Mr. Raccoon #07RPD 3F - Outside the Clock Tower. On a windowsill at the end of the hallway.
    Mr. Raccoon #08Behind RPD - Outside the Orpanage Entrance Gates. Inside the bus on the dashboard beside the entrance. (Claire Only)
    Mr. Raccoon #09Orphanage 2F - Nursery. At the entrance on a shelf with building blocks on it. (Claire Only)
    Mr. Raccoon #10Sewers - Sewer Entrance. In the left-hand corner on the opposite side of the ladder, after you've escaped the Alligator. (Leon Only)
    Mr. Raccoon #11Sewers - Incinerator. On the ground on the right side of the Incinerator entrance. (Leon Only - As Ada)
    Mr. Raccoon #12Sewers - Outside the Supplies Storage Room. Up the stairs on the floor beside a table and 2 cardboard boxes to the left of the door.
    Mr. Raccoon #13NEST Laboratory - Cafeteria. On a table against the wall near the ladder beside a sugar shaker.
    Mr. Raccoon #14NEST Laboratory - Nap Room. On a shelf beside a bed on the far end of the room.
    Mr. Raccoon #15[2nd Run] - Starting Area. On the ground near the brick wall among the shrubs on the left at the entrance to the courtyard.

    Contributed By: Blk_Mage_Ctype.

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