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by nomercyrider

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Guide and Walkthrough by nomercyrider

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 10/25/2015
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Secret Zone Walkthrough (Continued)

Temporal Solution

HINT: Use symmetry and a blocking beam to reach the end.

Grab one connector and head to the right window. Target the red transmitter and receiver and place in front of the window. Repeat on the other side with the blue transmitter and receiver to create a symmetrical pattern. The beams will conflict, but we will fix that. Grab the third connector and walk to the energy gates. Target the blue transmitter and place the connector directly in front of the energy gate. This will cause the blue beams to cancel out and the first energy gate will open. Pick up the connector and head through the energy gate. Repeat the process, this time with the red transmitter, to open the final energy gate and gain access to the Sigil.

Double Trouble

HINT: A jammer maintains its target even if an obstacle obscures its view. Bring both jammers to the puzzle entrance. Use one to jam the blue beam energy gate (closest to you) and another to jam the red beam energy gate (furthest from you). IMPORTANT: Now pick up the jammer that is disabling the closest energy gate and walk past the turrets. Once youve passed the turrets, turn around and jam this same energy gate from the other side. Both energy gates should be disabled and you will be safe from the turrets. Allowing you to retrieve the final Sigil.

Tetris Puzzle Solutions

If you are like me, then you are ecstatic that there aren't as many tetris puzzles this time around. However, there are still two mindbending puzzles to solve. If you are stuck, I have the solutions for you.

Secret Zone Puzzle Solution.

Final Prisoner Lock Solution

Achievements List

The achievements for the DLC should be unlocked automatically as you progress through the story, but here they are in case you need help.

NameDescriptionUnlock Criteria
Welcome to GehennaGet your user profile.Unlocked once you complete the scenario in the terminal at the beginning of the game.
First!Free Garrett.Unlocked after you free the first AI.
AscensionInitiate the ascension process.Unlocked at the end of the game after freeing all AI's and using the terminal in the hub world.
Free AdminRescue Admin from his prison cell.To unlock this achievement, you need to collect 10/16 stars, reach the secret world, complete all secret puzzles, and free Admin in the hub world.

Easter Eggs

We all love the easter eggs that Croteam sprinkles throughout their titles. Keep on reading if you want to find all of the currently known easter eggs located in the DLC.


Did you complete the Gnaar statue scavenger hunt in C1 of the base game? Well get ready for Statue Assembly v2.0! The assembly location is right behind the entry portal, on a small pedestal. The locations listed below are in the order of assembly and the description is based on which of the three courtyards the object is located.

  • #1 - Left Leg: Behind a small pile of rubble in the center courtyard, to the right of the puzzle, Through a Window.
  • #2 - Lower Torso: Located behind a bush in the center courtyard, to the right of the puzzle, Through a Window.
  • #3 - Right Leg: Nestled in some rocks and bushes in The Swapper courtyard.
  • #4 - Mid Torso: Behind some rocks in the center courtyard, to the left of the puzzle, Through a Window.
  • #5 - Upper Torso: Behind some bushes in The Swapper courtyard.
  • #6 - Left Arm: Located in a dark crevice in the center courtyard.
  • #7 - Right Arm: Nestled in some rocks in The Swapper courtyard.
  • #8 - Head: Located behind a short wall near one of the corners in the center courtyard.
  • #9 - Hat: In a secret area of The Swapper courtyard, you need to jump on a square stone to reach the area.

Once you've completed the statue, you will hear the music stop, thunder roar... and then nothing else. What happened? Well, you've essentially unlocked something that will happen near the End Game. Trust me, this unlocked secret will be impossible to miss!

Leprechaun Object Locations

Leprechaun Object Locations

Leprechaun Object Locations


Bring the box from Open Field into the main hub of the level. This is done by setting it by the wall next to the puzzle entrance and use the box to hop onto the wall and into the main hub area. Once the box is in the hub, set it on the short wall to the left of the puzzle entrance to Open Field. Hop onto the wall, pick up the box behind you, and jump to the next wall. Use the box to reach the parapet and then the tower. Once in the tower, jump into the hidden courtyard to find the hidden dragon.


Solve Bunny Hop to reach the top platform. From this platform, sprint jump into the courtyard with the red and blue receivers (aim for the left pillar). Use the rock stairs to jump onto the wall to find a portal turret partially buried in the sand. Stand around and listen to several hilarious lines being delivered!


In the area between the puzzles Haircut and Cube Driver, you will see collapsed beams forming a ramp. Follow the ramp onto the top and jump to the next beam. Follow the path and jump onto the two columns, until you reach the ledge just below the large pillar. If you look carefully, you will see a blue floppy disk in the corner. Pick it up, bring it to any terminal, and load the thread to launch the game. Have fun!


In this level there are two "chains" of message bottles that contain maps/clues to the next bottle. Follow each clue to the final treasure.

Bottle #1.

Bottle #2.
  • #1: Located along the sandy beaches behind the puzzle, BFF.
  • #2: Using the clue, climb the rocks in front of BFF under the aqueduct to find the next clue. You will need to leapfrog from rock to rock in order to locate the bottle.
  • #3: Head to the puzzle, Harmony, from the entrance, walk under the aqueduct, over the hill and follow the bottom of the cliff face to your left. When you reach the scrubby tree, look up the cliff face at a fern bush. You will find one of the Croteam developers leisurely sitting down and enjoying the view!


In this level there are two "chains" of message bottles that contain maps/clues to the next bottle. Follow each clue to the final treasure.

Bottle #1.

Bottle #2.

Bottle #3.

Bottle #4.

Final Objective.
  • #1: The first bottle located along the sandy beaches close to the floating star.
  • #2: As the clue shows, follow the coastline until you see a dead tree nestled amongst three live trees. From this point, head into the water and look in the crevices between rocks and sand underwater. You will find this bottle cruelly hidden in a dark corner.
  • #3: Standing near the location of the previous bottle, look at the aqueduct while simultaneously looking at the clue. You should be able to pinpoint the exact location of the aqueduct where the bottle is located (located on the upper portion of the aqueduct, right next to the fan used to acquire the star). You will find the bottle cleverly hidden between a pile of rubble and the column.
  • #4: From here, head to the next location (you should be able to pinpoint the exact spot from the current location), near the tall tree in the distance. About 30 feet from the tree, jump up onto the rocks to find the bottle hidden amongst them.
  • #5: Located directly across on the other side of the channel, as shown in the map. This time you are looking for a gold ring underwater, so scour underneath the shoreline for a faintly glowing object. Pick up the object to discover an interesting side effect.


Located in Colliding Beams, head to the pool within the puzzle. Check out the gargoyles mouth to find a secret floppy disk. Boot up any terminal and load Jerusalem to start the game. There are three different stories, each with multiple branching paths. Each story has an impact on other stories and can eventually lead to all three characters reaching their goal. For example, taking the Minotaur's axe in the Artist's journey will help the Scholar cut wood to write longer.

To complete the text adventure, make the following choices during each storyling:

The Artist: Head across the Hills -> Answer Jerusalem to both questions -> (Receive flute) -> Continue to the valley -> Pass through the Labryinth -> Seek out the Minotaur -> Slay him -> (Receive Axe) -> Exit the Labyrinth -> Continue you journey Until End Condition The Scholar: Continue working until Look for Wood is an option -> (Use Minotaur's axe) -> Continue working until End Condition The Scientist: Enter Sage's Chamber -> (Use flute) -> Descend -> Enter Treasure Chamber -> (Take a coin) -> Descend until End Condition The Artist: Head by the river -> (Use coin) -> (Receive key) -> Walk by the Aqueduct -> Teach Exiles to rebuild (taught via Scholar's translations) -> Continue until End Condition The Scholar: Continue working until Look for Wood is an option -> (Use Minotaur's axe) -> Continue working until End Condition The Scientist: Descend into the Tomb -> Enter the Poet's Chember -> Tell the Poet about the Archive (Unlocked via Scholar's work) -> Descend and be lifted by spirit of poetry and wisdom -> Cross the bridge -> (Use key) -> Examine Seed -> Finished The Blacksmith: END


Located behind Colliding Beams, you will notice a floating island in the distance. If you zoom in, you will see it is full of bunnies. Head back to the main island and then jump into the fan that blows to the Colliding Beams island. If you bunny hop (perhaps this is pun intended by the developers?) as you land, you will preserve momentum and launch yourself to the bunny island. There is no way back, so you will have to reset once youve seen enough.


Just like the Goliath star, bring two boxes to the beam blocker closest to the puzzle entrance. Place one box immediately in the beam blocker's path to keep it as close to the far wall as possible. Place the second box on top of the beam blocker to create a stair step. Jump onto the wall and grab the box behind you. Follow the wall to the left until you reach an alcove. Use the box to reach the higher parapet of the wall, and then into the alcove. Use the box to reach the shingle roof and finally jump to the higher wall. Keep running past the location of the star and look for the wall at the end of the turret hallway. Use a sprint jump to leap over this wall, shouldn't give you too much difficulty at this height.

Inside the hidden courtyard you will find seven QR codes that can't be read in game. If you were to use a QR scanner, they would read: Happy, happy, boom, boom, swamp, swamp, swamp. This is a reference to the Harry Potter fanfiction, Methods of Rationality.


This requires you to have previously assembled the entire leprechaun statue in Zone 1. If you haven't yet, go do that now. Once you have freed all of the prisoners, head out to the hub world. Once you reach the center of the level, Irish music will start up and the freed prisoners will go into a hilarious River Dance routine!