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Girlfriend Rescue is a thrilling adventure by Aldorlea Games, where the gameplay of "Dragon Quest" meets the atmosphere of "Streets of Rage".

Innovative, mixing rogue-style RPG and Beat 'em Up atmosphere in a unique way, this game features a great deal of strategy through a mix of character selection and creative skills.


You have very little time to find where your girlfriend has been taken, and to defeat whoever did it.
It seems a tough and big task. But you want her.. death or success, what will it be?

Maybe YOU can decide on the outcome!

- Enthralling Adventure Set in a Modern World
- 50+ Achievements to Unlock
- Stunning Artworks from the Team Behind Moonchild, The Book of Legends and Undefeated
- Rename all your characters to yourself, your friends, your family - whoever you want, really
- 14 Bonus Items to Obtain Upon Completing Each World
- Innovative and Strategic Battles
- Original and Inventive Spells Unique to Each Character
- Incredible Set of Items, Weapons and Equipment
- Tons of Status Ailments to Enhance the Strategic Aspect
- 6 Modes of Difficulty (including Rogue, Maniac & Legendary, but also Easy)
- Visible Encounters, Auto-Save & Optional Mouse Control
- Great Replay Value with Tons of Possible Parties
- Cast of 9 Characters to Choose from, Not Including 4 Unlockable "Secret" Ones

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