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Reviewed: 04/15/00 | Updated: 04/15/00

Could of been SO much better its a shame

Diplomacy. I basically got a new PC, FOR this game. I love the Board game, and my mouth dropped
when I saw the game, and I knew i HAD to get it. I loved the backstabbing, the strategy, the diplomatics
around the Game. I then played it for a week, and haven't touched it since, Why? I'll sum that up in my
Graphics 9/10
The Graphics are Beautiful but yet simplistic. Europe is very nicely Designed and Very Maplike. There
are 4 different Maps of Europe, some look nice some are simplistic and easier to plan strategy on. Unit
Markers are real understandable to see, Stars For armies and Anchors for fleets, and movement arrows
and support arrows are Also really easily to look at and describe. The graphics, are well done, and the best
part of Diplomacy PC..
Sound and Music 4/10
The Music is the only reason this game Got the 4 Out of 10, Each of the seven Countries has a distinct
theme that suits their country, the major Problem with this though is that its very quiet and soft, you could
hardly hear the music. It should have been a little louder in my opinion..
The Sound To this Game.. what sounds?? There is about 10 whole sounds to this game, which is not
cool..there could have been so much more, like anytime an army moved you hear Footsteps, support would have
been like artillery fire and the ships should have had some ship noises, the only time you hear stuff like that
is when you place armies and fleets, even then they sound weak. They could have Done So much more
Gameplay 3/10
And this is being Fair.. I bought diplomacy for a challenge.. I love games where you talk and negotiate
alliances.. This game is so easy, you teach a 7 year old how to play it and they can beat it on probably
intermediate with England or France. I have beaten this game on All levels with all countries (Even
Austria-Hungary, arguably the weakest power in the game) Its really a shame, they could have done this
whole game better, and harder and I would still be playing this game to this day. The only good thing about the
gameplay, is it did give me good plans for when I play against human opponents (I must say I'm quite the
powerhouse when given the French :) And there are some small variants, but nothing big.. This is really
disappointing.. I looked so forward to this game..
Multiplayer 3/10
I played Multiplayer once, and this was a while ago.. but I have not seen no new patches for this yet, so I'm
assuming its still the same.. but this is so buggy, its impossible to have chat conversations with other
people, everyone sees it, so you cant really plan strategy like this. Like once, I found out England was
going to stab me in the back, he did not know I could read his plans.. and I was fully prepared for his
assault.. This COULD be changed though I do not know.. but like I'm saying I haven't seen any new
patches for it.. So I'm still gonna stick to my belief that Multiplayer is horrible..
Overall 5/10
This game should have been so much better, I should still be playing it to this day. I am a HUGE diplomacy
fan. The Computer AI is a Dumb as a brick, The Multiplayer is no fun, I would say the only good
redeeming quality of this game is Good for beginners to learn. Its a Shame..

Rating: 5

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