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    Creature Guide by dk2player2

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                          D U N G E O N
    K  K    EEEEEE   EEEEEE    PPPPP   EEEEEE  RRRRR   222222
    K K     E        E         P   P   E       R   R        2
    K K     E        E         P       E       R    R  2
    K   K   EEEEEE   EEEEEE    P       EEEEEE  R     R 222222                 |
                       *Creature Edition*    
    By: Dk2player@gmail.com
    TOC. Table Of Contents
    Table Of Contents......(TOC)
    The Guide..............(TG)
    Cheats, Tips, ect......(C)
    I. Intro
    Dungeon Keeper 2 is about 10 years old, and belive it or not, there
    are still people who play it. Because of this, I thought I'd make 
    it easier on new players and help describe all the creatures and heros
    found in DKII. 
    Without forethere adue, lets get to the guide.
    O. Outline
    This is what the guide will look like.
    Name: The name of the creature.
    Spells: Any spells this creature may have (N/A means not spells,
    not attacks)(the number is the level gained)
    Does: Any jobs this creature will do when idle.
    Attracted By: the room need to get this creature.
    Elite: The elite of this creature
    Elite Room: the Room needed to get the Elite
    Backround: A creative descrition about the creature.
    Special: What makes this creature special.
    Rate: a number out of 10. 1- Awfull
    2- very bad, 3- pretty bad, 4- somewhat usefull
    5-could go without, 6- does a good job, 7- pretty good
    8- try to get, 9- keep forever, 10- Pure awesomeness.
    TG. The Guide
    C. Creatures
    Name: Imp
    Spells: Haste Self(4), Teleport(8)
    Does: Digging, Minning, recueing Wounded creatures, ect...
    Attracted By: 4 free from Dungeon Heart, anymore must come
    from the "Create Imp" spells
    Elite: N/A
    Elite Room: N/A
    Backround: The Imp is the most improtant creature you have.
    They are made of mana, so every imp you have is -7 mana you get
    per secound, so you can't have too many. If your mana levels
    are too low, they start to disapear 1 by 1. And they are very
    usefull, without them, you couldn't earn any money, no digging,
    no claimming anything, nothing. So keep them alive, and they don't
    fight anything other than other Imps.
    Special: made of mana, so they will automatically reheal when on
    your land
    Rate: 6/10
    Name: Goblin
    Spells: N/A
    Does: Trainning, Gambling.
    Attracted By: N/A/Lair/Hatchery
    Elite: Grubb the Goblin
    Elite Room: H L H
                L L L
                H L H H= Hatchery, L= Lair
    Backround: The Goblin is one of the weakest of your fighting creatures.
    But they are still usefull in the campaing, but  in skirmish and
    multiplayer, you might want to throw them away. But, if you have a Temple
    then you can just sacrafice a Goblin and Create Imp for a Dwarf.
    Special: Works great in groups
    Rate: 4/10
    Name: Warlock
    Spells: Fireball(1), Heal(2), Super Fireball(8)
    Does: Researching, Praying, Trainning.
    Attracted By: Library (3x3)
    Elite: Almerac the Warlock
    Elite Room: Lia Lib Lib Lib Lia
                Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib
                Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib
                Lib Lib Lib Lib Lib
                Lia Lib Lib Lib Lib  Lia= Liar, Lib= Library
    Backround: The Warlock is one of your best researchers you have.
    And they are very easy to both kill and level up. They do very little
    damage, but they are vital in the dungeon, especially when you are playing
    the campaign.
    Special: Uses spells more than close hand combat.
    Rate: 6/10
    Name: Firefly
    Spells: Hurricane(8)
    Does: Explore, Trainng, Gambling
    Attracted By: N/A, Lair, Hathchery
    Elite: Bzzzt the Firefly
    Elite Room: L H L
                H H H
                L H L L= Lair H= Hatchery
    Backround: Fireflies are the weakest of your creatures, and the most
    useless, unless you need to see a specific area of the map you can't find
    on your own because your lazy.
    Special: Can fly
    Rate: 2/10
    Name: Troll
    Spells: None
    Does: Manufactoring, Trainning, Gambling.
    Attracted By: Workshop (3x3)
    Elite: Knud the Troll
    Elite Room: L W W W L
                W W W W W
                W W W W W
                W W W W W
                L W W W L
    Backround: The Troll is the fastest manufactorer you have, but thats all
    its good for. they are weaker than the Goblin in combat, and they are 
    terrible at anything other than manufactoring.But they do take traps down
    faster than any creature
    Special: Can see concealed traps
    Rate: 6/10
    Name: Dark Elf
    Spells: Arrow(1), Knives(4), Guided Bolt(8)
    Does: Guarding, Trainning, Gambling
    Attracted By: Guard Room(1x1)
    Elite: Zenobia the Dark Elf
    Elite Room: T T T T T
                T G G G T 
                T G G G T
                T G G G T
                T T T T T
    Backround: The Dark Elf is just like the Warlock, except she likes to 
    guard instead, has arrows instead of spells, and will guard forever.
    She Loves to guard, and doesn't do anything else.NOTHING!
    Special: Has "Sinper" ability.
    Rate: 6/10
    Name: Skeleton
    Spells: N/A
    Does: Trainning
    Attracted By: When an enemy creature dies in your prison.
    Elite: Bane the Skeleton (collects pay)
    Elite Room:  T P P P T
                 P P P P P
                 P P P P P
                 P P P P P
                 T P P P T T= Treasury, P= Prison
    Backround: The Skeleton is the dumbest creature you have, literally. They
    have absolutly no fear, or brains. Good: they have no need for beds, pay
    or food, and will attack everything; Bad: they attack EVERYTHING.
    Special: No fear at all.
    Rate: 5/10
    Name: Salamander
    Spells: FireSpit(4), Fireball(8)
    Does: Trainning, Gambling
    Attracted By: Trainning Room(3x3)
    Elite: Furnance the Salamander
    Elite Room: L T T T L
                T T T T T
                T T T T T
                T T T T T
                L T T T L T= Trainning Room, L= Lair
    Backround: The Salamander, gracefull lizards of fire. They are great for
    attacking your weaker foes, or to get past lava, but that's it. Like a 
    better Goblin.
    Special: Can Walk through lava.
    Rate: 6/10
    Name: Mistress
    Spells: Lightning(4), Freeze(8)
    Does: Torturing, being torured.
    Attracted By: Torture Chamber
    Elite: Dominique the Mistress
    Elite Room: T T T T T
                T P P P T
                T P P P T
                T P P P T
                T T T T T T= Torture Chamber, P= Prison
    Backround: The Mistress loves pian, I mean really loves pain. sometimes
    too much. She will head right over to the Torture Chamber right away,
    and will sometimes never come out. But in battle, she can strike hard and
    fast, but can't take much damage.
    Special: Takes no damage from being in the Torture Chamber.
    Rate: 7/10
    Name: Rouge
    Spells: Invisablitity(8)
    Does: Exploring, Trainning, Gambling
    Attracted By: Casino(3x3)
    Elite: Greverance the Rouge
    Elite Room: T C C C T
                C C C C C
                C C C C C
                C C C C C
                T C C C T C= Casino, T= Tresury
    Backround: The Rouge is probabaly the best creature to have so early in
    the campaign, he can hit creatures very fast and hard, can turn invisable
    when at high level, and can explore the watery depts and kill the good on
    the other side of the water.
    Special: has the " desgise" ability
    Rate: 7/10
    Name: Bile Demon
    Spells: Fart(4), Fart Dart(8)
    Does: Manufactoring, Trainning, Gambling, Eating, Eating, and Eating
    Attracted By: Workshop(3x3), Hatchery(5x5)
    Elite: Bloz the Bile Demon
    Elite Room: W W W W W W W
                W H H H H H W
                W H H H H H W
                W H H H H H W
                W H H H H H W
                W H H H H H W
                W W W W W W W W= Workshop, H= Hatchery
    Backround: The Bile Demon is the 3rd most powerful creature in your
    aresenall. It can take on a Dark Angel and live for sometime. 
    Unfortunatly, it eats alot, and is really slow. You have to keep an eye
    on it, or it WILL get hungry, very often.
    Special: The most Health of any creature in the game.
    Rate: 9/10
    Name: Vampire
    Spells: Slow Creature(4), Bite(8), Raise Dead(10)
    Does: Researching, Praying, Gambling
    Attracted By: When enough corpses have rotted in your Graveyard
    Elite: Kelsser von Doom the Vampire
    Elite Room: L L L L L L L
                L L L G G G L
                L L L G G G L
                L G G G G G L
                L G G G L L L
                L G G G L L L
                L L L L L L L L= Library, G= Graveyard
    Backround: The vampire is a strange creature. First off, he love
    researching alot, and praying. Secound, he hates trainning, and won't
    do it unless you tell him to. Third, when he dies, he will come back 
    in the nearestGraveyard, But if he meets a Monk, or is level one, 
    or you don't have any Graveyards, than he will dissapear in a swarm 
    of bats and won'tcome back. What makes this special is that they 
    do need a lair and pay, but no food.
    Special: Has "Turn into Bat" and "Hypnotise" abilities. Can reserict
    in nearest graveyard.
    Rate: 8/10
    Name: Black Knight
    Spells: N/A
    Does: Guarding, Trainning, Gambling.
    Attracted By: Combat Pit(3x3)
    Elite: Kaleb the Black Knight
    Elite Room: T T T T T T T
                T C C C C C T
                T C C C C C T
                T C C C C C T
                T C C C C C T
                T C C C C C T
                T T T T T T T T= Trainning Room c= Combat Pit
    Backround: The Black Knight, champions among the dark ages. These
    once good heros turn bad. They will serve you very well, if you
    can keep them happy. They have no spells, but do not underestamate
    them. Their armor is very tough, and they strike hard and swift.
    Spcial: High Health
    Rate: 9/10
    Name: Dark Angel
    Spells: Disruption(4), Hail Storm(8), Skleton(10)
    Does: Researching, Trainning, Gambling.
    Attracted By: Temple(2 per every "hand" in the Temple)
    Elite: Zacariah the Dark Angel
    Elite Room: TE L  L  L  L  L  TR
                TE T  T  T  T  T  TR
                TE T  T  T  T  T  TR
                TE T  T  T  T  T  TR
                TE T  T  T  T  T  TR
                TE T  T  T  T  T  TR
                TE TC TC TC TC TC TR TE= Tresury, L= Lair,
                                     TR= Trainning Room, T=Temple
                                     TC= Torchure Chamber
    Backroung: The Mighty Dark Angle. Champion of creatures, 
    Great enemy of the Hero, and The Dark Gods themselves.
    'Nuff said. Get 'em When you can.
    Special: Is one of the toughest creatures in the game. Very rare.
    Name: Horny the Horned Reaper
    Spells: Fire Stun(1)
    Does: Kill, Kill, and Kill.
    Attracted By: The "Summon Reaper" spell.
    Elite: N/A
    Elite Room: N/A
    Backround: The Horned Reaper himself, Horny is a ledgend.
    His killing frenzy is only matched by his undying rage.
    If you get on his bad side, you better run like hell.
    Specail: It's Horny, nuff said.
    Rate: 11/10 Yeah 11. It's that good.
    Heros are you enemies. They are the white guys. And they are tough.
    Name: The Name of the Hero
    Spells: Any spells this hero may have.
    Does: What they do when converted to evil
    Attracted By: In the 1.7 update, there are 3 levels in Skirmish
    where you can get a mercenary portal. These are the rooms to get
    the heroes from these portals.(you can get elites from the hero
    portals, but can't get heros out of the regular portal)
    Backround: Same as before
    Special: Same
    Rate:*look above*
    H. Heros
    Name: Dwarf
    Spells: N/A
    Does: *Look at Imp*
    Atracted By: N/A
    Backround: The Dwarf is pretty much the same as the Imp, only
    stronger. They are better at breaching dungeons faster than
    Imps, and don't cpst mana. However, they don't heal, so keep
    that "Heal" spell handy
    Special: Can break down walls faster than imps, and holds
    6000 gold
    Rate: 6/10
    Name: Knight
    Spells: N/A
    Does: Guarding, Trainning, Gambling
    Attracted By: Combat Pit(3x3)
    Backround: The Knight is the Black Knight's archenemy.He's
    much stronger but doesn't hit as fast.They are loyal guards,
    and great fighters.
    Special: More health than Black Knight
    Rate: 8/10
    Name: Thief
    Spells: Invisability(8)
    Does: Trainning, Gambling
    Attracted By: Casino(4x3)
    Backround: The Thief is very simular to the Rouge, except
    much sneakier, and stronger. Still, try to avoid, it makes
    a much better Skeleton or Vampire.
    Special: Has "Steal Gold" ability
    Rate: 6/10
    Name: Guard
    Does: Guarding(duh), Trainning, Gambling
    Attracted By: Trainning Room(3x3)
    Backround: The Guard is simular to the Knight, but with a 
    funnier walk, and less health. Still, try to get them, 
    they won't dissapoint.
    Special: Works like a Knight
    Rate: 7/10
    Name: Wizard
    Spells: Fireball(1), Firebomb(4), Super Firebomb(8)
    Does: Researching, Praying, Trainning, Gambling
    Attracted By: Library(3x3)
    Backround:The Wizard is the Warlock's worst enemy.
    Keep these two apart at all times, or else your dungeon
    will go up in flames. The are amazing battle-ers and 
    great researchers
    Special: Has more damaging spells, but no heal.
    Rate: 7/10
    Name: Giant
    Spells: N/A
    Does: Manufactioning, Trainning, Gambling
    Attracted By: Worksop(3x3), Hatchery(5x5)
    Backround: The Giant is very simular to the Bile Demon
    except he can walk through lava. They are tough and
    strike fear into any creature that comes into their 
    Special: Can walk through lava
    Rate: 8/10
    Name: Elvan Archer
    Spells: Arrow(1), Guided Arrow(4), Bomb(8)
    Does: Guarding, Trainning, Gambling
    Attracted By: Guard Room
    Backround: The Elvan Archer is the enemy of the 
    Dark Elf. They are natural Archers, and can never
    be seen alone. Keep your eyes on these little 
    pests, as they have been known to kill entire 
    armies in a matter of minutes,
    Special: Has "Snipe" ability
    Name: Monk
    Spells: Heal(1), Haste Creature(4), Armor(8)
    Does: Researching, Praying.
    Attracted By: Graveyard(3x3)
    Backround: The Monk is one of the mortal enemies of
    the Vampire. They are the only ones that can kill the
    Vampire without being reserected. Keep them, as their
    spells can keep your armies alive.
    Speical: Has "Pray" ability, can kill Vampire.
    Rate: 7/10
    Name: Fairy
    Spells: Lightning(4), Aromor(8), Hurricane(10)
    Does: Researching, Exploring, Trainning.
    Attracted By: Temple(3x3)
    Backround: The Fairy can be found to be 
    underestamated very often, but don't let her
    size lwt you down. Her range of spells and
    speed can make her a very fierce enemy, and can be
    unstopable when in groups
    Special: Can fly.
    Rate: 8/10
    Name: Royal Guard
    Spells: N/A
    Does: Guarding, Trainning, Gambling.
    Attracted By: Torture Chamber(3x3)
    Backround: The Royal Guard is just like the Guard
    but much more suited to guarding more important
    figuars like the king and Lord of the Land.
    Special: Much stronger Guard
    Rate: 9/10
    Name: Stone Knight
    Spells: N/A
    Does: Manufactoring
    Attracted By: N/A
    Backround: The Stone Knight is your worst 
    nightmire, and the only way to wake up, is 
    to call on the famous Horned Reaper. They
    are invinsable to all creatures and heroes,
    except the Horned Reaper. You can only get them
    if they are neutral. 
    Special: Invinsable, can't be healed
    Rate: 10/10
    Name: Lord of the Land
    Spells: N/A
    Does: Gambling
    Attracted By: N/A
    Backround: The Lord of the Land is usually
    your objective. They are stronger than Knights,
    but they die instatly, so no torturing them.
    Special: Dies insantly.
    Rate: 10/10
    Name: King Reginald
    Spells: N/A
    Does: Gambling
    Attracted By: N/A
    Backround: The ruler of the land, the King
    himself, King Reginald is 2nd to none.
    Kill them fast, because they do heal like
    Special: Can Heal
    Rate: 10/10
    Name: Prince Tristan, Prince Bolder, Prince Felix
    Spells: N/A
    Does: Research(Tristan), Trainning, Gambling
    Attracted By: N/A
    Backround: The sons of the King, the prince is one of the 
    only special creatures that DON'T instantly die. Which is
    very good, 'cause you want to get them. They are really useful.
    Special: Very strong.
    Rate:10/10, 10/10 and 10/10
    C. Cheats, Tips, Ect...
    These are the cheats are activated by pressing ALT-CTRL-C and typing:
          Cheat        |   Effect
    ha ha thisaway ha  | + 1,000,000 mana
    ha thataway        |
    show me the money  | + 100,000 gold
    this is my church  | All rooms
    feel the power     | All creatures lvl 10
    i believe its      | All spells
    magic              |
    fit the best       | All Traps and Doors
    now the rain is    | No fog of war 
    gone               |
    Here are 10 of the best tips I can think of that may help you with your
    1.) If you have more than 1 Dark Elf, Warlock, Elvan Archer, or Wizard,
    then you can just put all of them in the Combat Pit. They are all weak
    and they can't kill each other as fast as others can. you can just
    heal them if their health falls down to low.
    2.) The Goblin is weak, but if you have a temple, try to keep them. They
    can be sacraficed with "Create Imp" spell to make a dwarf. Much better
    than the Goblin.
    3.) The Imp takes mana to keep alive. 7 mana per Imp, so don't go over-
    board with the spell.
    4.) Use the Monk in big battles. they can keep your creatures healed, and
    can give them a little "protection", but not fight well.
    5.)You have the ability to slap creatures to make them faster. Use it,
    except in battle. 
    6.) Keep an eye on the Dwarvs and Skeletons. They don't heal by themselves
    so keep that spell handy.
    7.) Imps only fight other Imps. Keep them away from battle, you NEED them
    8.) The Mentor can tell you when a creature becomes unhappy or angry,
    but not every creature. if you click the button that has a smile on it
    (next to the Imp creature portrat) you can see all your creature's moods.
    9.) Don't attack untill you have all rooms and your creatures are atlease
    lvl 4.
    10.) Build all your rooms before you get your portal, you get much
    better creatures that way.
    In Level 20- Regincide, you may have noticed that there's a level 10
    Dark Angel stuck on Good land and Solid Rock. The only way to free
    him is to:
    1.) Dig out the 5x5 area next to him.
    2.) Build a 5x5 Temple
    3.) Sacrafice a Firefly, a Warlock, and a Black Knight into the pool
    If your are fast enough, you may get the mighty Zacariah.
    In Level 9- Ambush, there is a level 5 Mistress traped by Solid Rock.
    To free her, look at this pic:
    R R R R S S S S R R S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S
    w w w R S R S R R R R S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S
    w w w R R R S R R R R R R S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S
    w w w R R R R R R R R R R R R S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S
    R R R R R R R R S S R R R R R R R R S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S
    R R R R R R R S S S S S S R R R R S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S
    R R R R R S S S S S S S S R R R R R r S S S S S S S S S T T T S S S S S
    R R R R S S S S S S S S S S R R R R r R S S S S S S S S T t T S S S S S
    R R R S S S S S S S S S S S S R R R r S S S S S S S S S T T T S S S S S
    W= Workshop, R= Wall, S= Solid Rock, T= Torture Chamber, r= Dig out and 
    make a 3x1 Torture Chamber. t= The Mistress
    CR. Copyright
    This is under Copyright (C)Dk2player.
    The following people may use this:
    that's it. if you need to use it, you may, if I give you permision.
    CE. Credits
    This is placed in for anybody who may have helped me in anyway. To
    help me [like you may have a special way to do something better, or
    you found a flaw, contact me at the e-mail above (under the title)]
    The following helped me:
    Me- Made what your looking at.
    GameFaq's- hosting it
    Keeper Klan- for keeping the game alive
    The End?

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