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  • As its name implies, the Splinter Cell DLC features Sam Fisher, the main character of the Splinter Cell series. During the mission, Sam will ask Linda about another operative, an army infiltration expert who wore a bandana. Linda mentions that the operative finally retired. This is a nod to Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series, which was Splinter Cell's main rival in the stealth genre. Metal Gear Solid ended in 2015 with the release of The Phantom Pain. Sam's aged appearance and phrase, "they don't make them like me anymore" could also be a nod to Old Snake's elderly appearance in Metal Gear Solid 4, which is chronologically the final game in the main story. Sam quietly says,"it's only me" with a forlorn look on his face, sadly referencing that he's the last of the old stealth genre protagonists still active.

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