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    This title has a total of 69 Challenges through Ubisoft's Uplay. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Challenge.

    A Good StartCompleted the first mission "Amaru's rescue".
    ArmoryUnlock base classes in Ghost War.
    Assault Rifle FanaticCampaign: Collected all assault rifle models.
    Bad HarvestCompleted Production in Ghost mode.
    Beat the BossDefeated your first boss.
    BorderlineCompleted Smuggling in Ghost mode.
    Brain BlasterCampaign: Made 50 headshots.
    Called ItCampaign: Shot a target marked by another player, from a distance greater than 300 m.
    ChampWin 3 consecutive games in Ghost War.
    Combat ProvenKill 25 enemies in Ghost War.
    CompletionistComplete all Classic Challenges offering Club Units in Ghost Recon® Wildlands.
    Deadly CuriousInterrogated 20 sources.
    Eagle-EyedCampaign: Marked 100 enemies with the binoculars.
    Enemy MinePlayed in a Ghost War game.
    FearlessSkydived 10 times.
    Got ThereA breath of thin air.
    Highway BanditTagged 10 convoys.
    Intelligence ExpertCollected 10 pieces of intelligence.
    Legendary HunterDiscovered all legends.
    Light Machine-Gun FanaticCampaign: Collected all light machine-gun models.
    Lost CauseCompleted Influence in Ghost mode.
    Man of actionPlay 50 Ghost War games.
    Medic!Campaign: Revived a fallen teammate.
    Mission-MindedCompleted 50% of all Story missions.
    No Better RebelMaxed out each Rebel skill.
    Only the BestCampaign: Bought all upgrades.
    Operation Fallen Ghosts: EfficiencyKill an ARMORED Extranjeros in one bullet
    Operation Fallen Ghosts: SkilledUnlock the first level of each new skill in Operation Fallen Ghosts
    Operation Fallen Ghosts: The AntennaComplete every SABOTAGE rebel op
    Operation Fallen Ghosts: The ChallengeKill Captain Ortega
    Operation Fallen Ghosts: The CrashComplete the introduction mission
    Operation Fallen Ghosts: The CrossKill Captain Cruzar
    Operation Fallen Ghosts: The EndKill Colonel Merlo
    Operation Fallen Ghosts: The Enemy's weaponsGet every weapon the Extranjeros squads use
    Operation Fallen Ghosts: The FilesComplete every HEADHUNTER rebel op
    Operation Fallen Ghosts: The LeakRescue agent Perez
    Operation Fallen Ghosts: The SpectreKill Major Rocha
    Operation Fallen Ghosts: The TiesComplete every SAVE THE REBEL VIP rebel op
    Operation Fallen Ghosts: The TowerComplete every TOWER CAST rebel op
    Operation Fallen Ghosts: The TrailComplete your investigation on the kill squad
    Operation Narco Road: Anybody blowsComplete Tonio's third mission
    Operation Narco Road: Burning with faithComplete Arturo's boss mission
    Operation Narco Road: Captain CookComplete all Amphetatruck Cartel Activities
    Operation Narco Road: Finders keepersComplete all Lost Car Cartel Activities
    Operation Narco Road: Fresh recruitFinish your first Cartel Activity
    Operation Narco Road: Hop on, TiggerComplete all Animal Traffic Cartel Activities
    Operation Narco Road: King of SmugglersFinish the game 100%
    Operation Narco Road: La moto del diabloComplete Arturo's introduction mission
    Operation Narco Road: Moon levelScore over 200m in an Electro™ Jump Challenge
    Operation Narco Road: One last SelfieComplete Eddie's boss mission
    Operation Narco Road: She's a lookerComplete Tonio's introduction mission
    Operation Narco Road: The DepartingComplete Eddie's first mission.
    Operation Narco Road: Theatre queenComplete all Airspray Cartel Activities
    Operation Narco Road: Toybox mogulComplete all Electro™ challenges
    Operation Narco Road: You DiedFake your own death
    Operation Narco Road: Your name is nobodyComplete El Invisible's boss mission
    Road WarriorDrove a vehicle for 100 km.
    Security BreachCompleted Security in Ghost mode.
    Shotguns FanaticCampaign: Collected all shotguns models.
    Show me the money!Obtain all Club Rewards in Ghost Recon® Wildlands.
    Sniper Rifle FanaticCampaign: Collected all sniper rifle models.
    Submachine-Gun FanaticCampaign: Collected all submachine-gun models.
    Teamwork!Completed 3 missions with another player.
    The ChampionCampaign: Maxed out your XP and levels.
    The EndFinished the story.
    The Power of FriendshipPlayed in a Co-op game.
    The Whole StoryFound all documents.
    Tricked OutCampaign: Fully customized a main weapon, including camo.
    WelcomePlay Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Wildlands.

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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