How to unlock Sweet 16 and 99+ Equipment trophies easily/simply?

  1. Is there a place i can go to grind the two trophies (Sweet 16 and 99+ Equipment fusion)? Im still doing my first playthrough but i want to get as much out of the way in one go as i can.

    I can try equipping similar equipment and go slaying for a few hours, but im not sure where, or what normin would be best. If possible, any place that has enemies that arent casters like pixies, im struggling terribly vs them when i fight.

    Thank you for any help you can provide.
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  1. The 99+ equipment is best left for endgame or postgame. There is equipment in both the final and post-game dungeons that can be fused with any equipment of the same category and those are the ones you'll want to use. Using any other kind of equipment will require days of grinding. You can get started by picking the type of equipment you intend to use for this (I used swords) and fusing all the duplicates you have together. This frees up inventory space and the upgrade level will carry over once you decide to fuse everything together. For example, if you were to have a Languid Sword that fuses with any other sword and an Amber Sword +8, fusing them together would result in a Languid Sword +9. You can also buy all the equipment of your chosen type from shops whenever you visit one to help reduce grind time.

    For Sweet 16, I used low level equipment found mostly around the Ladylake area and used the Reziss normin to get the skill 16 times on Sorey. The Amber Waistcoat, Amber Boots and Fluoric Earrings all have Reziss as a base skill. You can use the Luring support talent to check what the local enemies drop most and lure the ones who drop the item type you want. The difficulty level you play on affects the enemies' level so it's possible you'll have to adjust it if the enemies are not dropping what you want. For example, if you're grinding for Amber Boots but the enemies are dropping Calcite Boots, they are too high level to drop amber quality items.

    While grinding, you should also keep an eye on your number of battles for the Micromanager achievement (fight 100 battles as each permanent party member). The Records menu only tracks your total number of encounters so you'll have to gauge whether or not you've done 100 battles with a specific character yourself.
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